GI Corrects Trade Error on Tool Switch v. 2.21.1

GI Corrects Trade Error on Tool Switch v. 2.21.1

When version 2.21.1 of The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS was released all of our accumulated Mines and Rainbow Lightings were removed by Evil Forces and substituted with 50% of the total in Hammers.

However, the text read that we were being given Rainbow Mauls.

Tool Switch Version 2.21.1

I promptly sent screen shots and complaints to GI Support and was given the comment that my “opinion about the exchange rates will be taken into consideration”. This is a standard response about everything sent or any criticism.

This morning when I opened my game I received an Information popup that said, “Detective! Please accept these new “Match Three” tools, so you may find out how awesome and useful they are! Enjoy the Game!”

Bonus for Trade Error Tool Switch

The reward was 5 Diamonds, 5 Torpedos and 5 Rainbow Mauls. The new benefit of the Torpedo and Rainbow Maul is that they can now be directed. Now, when you elect to use one you are able to decide where to place it or what color to destroy. This is a huge advantage over the old Mine and Rainbow Lighting. Those Mines never went where I needed them.

My next reply from GI when I opened my Support window said, “We have sent additional Match-Three tools to your game. You should receive the amount of Torpedoes and Rainbow Mauls which is equal to your old exchanged tools.”

I opened my inventory window to see that along with the 5 each from the Information window I also received 15 Rainbow Mauls which is a correct exchange for the Rainbow Lightning but no additional Torpedos to replace the 12 mines removed. On the bright side they didn’t take my Hammers away.

Trade Error Tool Switch

Player, and web contributor, Keggy went in and updated her game to version 2.21.1 after this credit was given. When she opened her game she received the Tool Switch popup and then the Information popup giving the 5 each bonus. She checked her inventory and did not have an adjustment for the correct number of Mines and Rainbows previously in inventory.

If you have waited to update you will need to make sure you take a screen shot of the Tool Switch screen and open a ticket to Support. I am waiting for a response to my request for the missing replacements for my 12 Mines.

I often feel if the Mystery Manor team would just run a few tests before they send updates to the app stores players would be much happier. I usually find bugs in the first 15 minutes of play.

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