Evil Forces at GI Strike Again, Version 2.21.1

Evil Forces at GI Strike Again, Version 2.21.1

Version 2.21.1 Released February 25, 2019. DON’T DO IT!

The popup window when you open this version after update starts by saying, “Evil forces jinxed Match Tree tools….” GI is the Evil Force in this case and they’re taking more stuff away. Things many of you may have purchased diamonds to buy.

If you spend money in the game I feel like this is a complaint for Apple or Google Apps. When you buy items in the game with real cash money then it’s taken away you’re being ripped off.

Take a screen shot of the entry window that shows what you had in the Tool Switch window and keep it for your records. I have opened an issue with GI about this blatant theft of our tools!

What GI Tells us about Version 2.21.1

Detectives, the new version is here!


  • New tools instead of old ones! We’ve changed the animations and added awesome effects.
  • Improved controls! Playing is as comfortable as ever.
  • Increased stability! Fixed the crashes that were related to the Underwater Treasures event.


  • Fixed the issues with the Silhouettes mode in the Kitchen.
  • Added the Contact Support button to the loading screen.
  • Fixed the crash that happened when you switched between the bank and the collection window.
  • Fixed the crash that happened because of incorrect animations.

What GI Stole From Us in Version 2.21.1

  • They list this as “New Tools” in the Match Three Mini Games but really they just took all the old ones in our inventory away from us.
  • The Tool Switch popup window says: Evil forces jinxed Match Three tools, rainbow lightnings and mines, making them unusable! We removed them from the game and gave you rainbow mauls instead.
  • My tools worked. I used them just yesterday with no problems!
  • The trade is actually the Hammer tool and it looks like they give you 50% in hammers what you had in rainbows and mines. I had 15 rainbows and 12 mines, so 27. I got 13 hammers.
  • The trade should have been an equal number of each mine for torpedo and rainbow lightning for rainbow maul.
Tool Switch Version 2.21.1
  • That Hammer doesn’t look anything like a Rainbow Maul so I went to my inventory window. I see I now have 20 Hammers, 2 Torpedos (mine) and 2 Rainbow Maul (rainbow lightning).
Tool Inventory Version 2.21.1
  • I played the game fairly and earned every one of those Rainbow Lightning and Mines I had in my inventory. I saved them for the really tough rounds I could only get through by using them.
  • If I go to the Shop to see what the cost of them is it’s a huge difference. I basically received a trade of hammers worth about 75 diamonds for the Torpedos and Rainbow Mauls they removed worth about 600 diamonds.
  • Do you buy diamonds in the game? If so, you just had your diamond purchases invalidated and you should seriously file a complaint with your App provider; Apple or Google.
Shop Version 2.21.1
  • They have taken away many things from us in the game before. When they redesign a room they take away all your mastery stars and if a room that requires keys for entry and you purchased keys to search then you lost the money you paid for diamonds to buy those keys.
  • The compensation in keys they give you every time they do this is minuscule compared to the cost of keys in the Shop.

What Else we know about Version 2.21.1

  • New Controls? I don’t know what that means but their Facebook page says “friendlier controls”. The only thing I can think of is maybe they let us place the Torpedo where we want it to explode and we get to pick the color the Rainbow Maul destroys. I only have 2 of each now so I’m not going to waste them to find out.
  • The Daily Goals still show the Rainbow Lightning as a reward for completing something. Again, I submitted a ticket. What will I get when I collect this reward?
  • The Underwater Treasures Event has been missing for 2 weekends so perhaps now it will return. It is not there at this time so you’re not missing anything if you wait to update.
  • The Contact Support button is in the lower left corner on the loading screen. This will help if your game crashed when you try to enter to play.
Support Loading Screen Version 2.21.1

I haven’t been playing this game much. I like being able to complete quests and that’s the one thing that is impossible to do. I am unable to open rooms and don’t have keys for the rooms I have open. I won’t buy diamonds because they keep taking things away in the game.

I did the competitions under the horn on the right to see how they worked but doing them, much like doing the Guild Events, is mostly just searching the same room repeatedly. I don’t want to spend days just searching one room. It doesn’t help with my quests that pile up on the left at all.

There are other options for games out there. Many of you are still playing the Original Mystery Manor which can be fun, especially if you haven’t finished all the quest strings or are in a great, active Guild.

I’ve been playing Seeker’s Notes. I enjoy it because I can complete the quests.

I want to thank everyone for continuing to Support this site by shopping on our Amazon link or being a Super Sleuth. It helps pay the costs of keeping it up and running.

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My game won’t open anymore. It crashes after 5 seconds of white screen. I’m done


    I understand. You have been so faithful with the old and new MM over the years and you have had endless problems for at least the past 2 years. I think you have stuck it out long enough!


It is ridiculous that GI can take away items that players have accumulated or purchased. I guess they must have had complaints because I see they gave 5 more of the new items today. Instead of fiddling about with things why don’t they focus on adding more quests? One of the daily quests some days is to complete 3 quests which is impossible.


    If you send a support ticket they will give you what they took away. I have now received all of mine and so has Keggy.

    I was playing the Competition under the Horn on the right last night and noticed that no matter what I found for items searching the bathroom I received an increase of 18 in my score. I have been trying to work out how they give credit so I could write a post. I thought about using a charm to increase the chance to find an item but it seems a waste.


I have refused to download the new version of MM and it appears that I have made a good decision. I am still hanging with the old version as my friends are what is really important to me. It seems that GI is doing its best to see that the old version eventually starves to death.
I am really enjoying Seekers Notes as the quests are easier to complete and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the game. I am looking forward to when they open up guilds though. Diane


I want to thank both you and Ken for all you have done throughout the years including the old MM. I have been playing the small personal Mini Quests for the new MM, and unfortunately I had my IPad in automatic updates, but major thanks for the heads up! It is bad enough GI were so greedy in the old MM and to turn around and do this! I will also write to support and Apple!

I too, will not be wasting my time on this game. Thanks again


Wow! I think it’s finally time to delete this game! I’ve held on(though only doing a few guild events bc it won’t let me just opt out) hoping it would get better but every update and room change just gets worse! It’s hard to believe this is the same G! That gave us the original MM. I so loved that game until…
I’m also playing Seeker’s and I still check in the old game to say hi to the few friends that are still playing and to communicate with friends that are playing SN!
A big thanks to you and Ken for all your hard work and help over the years!


    Thank you! The analytical side in me comes out when this stuff happens! I just have to break it down.

    I keep the game just to let other players know what’s going on. I’ve grown so attached to all the regulars from the Original MM.

    I visit you regularly in Seeker’s Notes. I love being able to complete the quests and the events they give.

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