The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.21.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.21.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.21.0 was released with the Library replaced and an updated list of items in the Kitchen. Videos for Energy now appear to be available for all players.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

What GI Tells us about Version 2.21.0

Hooray, the update’s here!
• Updated Kitchen and Library! New looks with new items to search for.
• New competitions are on the way! Get ready for an exciting adventure.
• New Full Moon chapters! Learn how the mysterious story continues, visit outer space, and fight an unusual opponent.
• Signposts on the Manor’s map. Handy and informative!
• Fixed the crashes caused by launching the game in portrait mode.

What we know about Version 2.21.0

  • There’s a Valentine’s Reward link of the The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Facebook page. I don’t know what it is because I already had 2 1/2 hours of infinite energy today and I’m afraid it will give me more.
  • The Kitchen has an updated list of items to find. During multiple plays I found myself needing my tools since I still needed to find 22 items but didn’t yet know what they all looked like. I was in a phenomena for the first one so it really slowed me down. We retained our Mastery Stars for this one.
  • Here’s an image to help you look around at the new items.
Kitchen Version 2.21.0
  • The Library has been replaced. We go back to zero Mastery Stars. We were given 30 minutes of free play (no energy consumed) and 200 Library keys.
Library Version 2.21.0
  • It is of course not the Full Moon yet so we don’t know what’s new in store for the New Chapter.
  • I started playing in the competitions under the Horn icon on the right side of the manor. Rewards can be very nice. However, one of the big rewards is that you get Free Energy for a certain amount of time if you place high in the list. This energy is given to you and must be used as soon as you open the game. It’s a shame we can’t elect when to accept that reward so we have it when we’re ready to play.
  • The Videos have been repaired.
  • You can again get a video for 3 extra moves in the Match Three game. this will only occur once a day.
  • The videos to get 50% off Energy for a limited time are working again. Not only that, players that have paid money to play the game and never received the videos before get them now. I am thrilled to see they are finally being fair to all players.
  • The down side to the video is that previously it was 50% off for 30 minutes, now it is only for 10 minutes.
Video Version 2.21.0

Other Tips and Notes on the Game

  • It would be very difficult to play in a Guild and do the Competitions listed under the Horn icon. They are often 2 entirely separate set of tasks so dividing your time would be difficult. I did have one round where you just needed to find items in any room.
  • When you have Free Energy, the Infinite Energy award, from any award you can banish the Gypsies without using Energy. This is great if you have a lot of horseshoes like I did because I never wanted to waste room search energy on a Gypsy. The Gypsies reward you with collection items that will give you Energy and Coins.
Gypsy Collections

Now that we have Chests in the Shop that we can use to Coins to buy we need a way to earn Coins. Here are some observations on getting and using Coins.

  • First, the number of Coins you have to pay for a Chest is based on your Level. When I went from Level 49 to 50 each of my Chests prices increased 5,000 coins.
  • Every time you purchase a Chest the price goes up 2,000 Coins.
  • Room searches only yield 20 – 60 Coins so it takes a long time to gain even 100 Coins. I asked GI if they would start making more ways to earn coins and they did not know if they would.
  • You can get Coins by charging Collections. Those gypsy collections are good for that giving 280-340. They also give Energy.
  • I purchased 5 chests as soon as they became available trying to get Hunting Room keys. I now need to gain more coins.

I have updated the room images on the First Floor Rooms page.

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I was finally able to get my game back after 45 days of not playing. I found that I didn’t really care very much one way or the other. The game still crashes frequently with loss of keys, tools, rewards and progress every time.

The old game will never be updated again and any problems will probably not be resolved by the ‘help’ desk. I have several problems with the old game including: I cannot visit with immediate crashing which then corrupts the game to the point that it will no longer load; I only have 11 helpers and will never have any more; I never get the trader snatchin’ anymore to unload useless items – he is announced but never appears on my manor; etc etc etc.

Melanie Thomas

Will they never, ever just fix the old manor, I still play and live in hope, I’m never going to quit it until they close it up themselves as I’ve gone so far and collected so many diamonds etc 😪😪😪


    They technically cannot update it. So, this is all you’ll ever get. Such a shame.


Is the weekend match 3 underwater quest cancelled? It always started on fridays and it provided a Lot of necessary diamonds but now it’s saterday and it’s still not there 😕


    I don’t know. You can go to the New MM Facebook page and ask them. There’s a link in the post.


Oh and Full moon quests started today, I do like them, seemed to get what I needed first search.


Thanks for the link, it gave me 14 diamonds, a chocolate and 15 min of infinite energy. The kitchen changes really threw me for a loop, I was in a silhouette mode where I couldn’t figure out what I was looking for! After many failures I began doing the room with screen shots, seems to be the only way I can finish the dressing room too. Why are the items so tiny? I was really liking most things about the game. By the way I got my account reinstated, and have been trying to do daily quests, plus the horn quests, in silver league now.


Why, why did they remodel the library when it was already different from the one in the old manor? I was at 84% of the 4th star, so there was light at the end of the tunnel to be able to open Room 51. Now it’ll take forever to get back there!


    Oh that’s terrible! I hadn’t realized that’s what you had to do to open Room 51.


    On the plus side at least the keys they give when they remodel a room have enabled me to finish some of the long outstanding quests for those rooms.

Lisa ritchie

I was trying to hang on and play this game but I am done. I can’t explore 2 rooms before it crashes. I will find an item I need and it crashes and that item his gone. Every time I play the match 3 it crashes And I still have quests from the beginning and I don’t think I will ever open the lab unless I pay real money and I refuse. I miss the old manor😞

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