The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.20.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.20.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.20.0 was released with our 6th revamped room. Before I tell you about the new game stuff I want to take a minute to talk about Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook and Messenger Information

Facebook and Messenger are Apps used by a lot of players in this game but it is not required to have a Facebook page to play the game. Many people choose not to have Facebook pages for privacy reasons and they have very valid reasons for this.

I know The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS does not have a Friends feature or a way to communicate with others inside the game except for your personal Guild members. And it can be frustrating to have your words censored all the time but most players can still get the message even if GI censors it. Now that we can select our own Guilds and members, keep in mind that not all players will use Messenger or any other form of outside chat. Respect others privacy and don’t ask players in the game to do something they’re not comfortable with. If you want to create a maintain a great team communicate with your Guild on the Guild wall.

Ken and I have followed the news on Facebook for many years, even known some people that work for them. My prime reason for having Facebook initially was to share pictures of my family. We lived in Hawaii and didn’t get to see them very often. This was when Facebook was new and small. As the years went by I stopped posting on my Facebook page because I didn’t trust the security of my information. Now, I only keep a personal page because I need it to have business pages and would have to close down the Fun Page Facebook otherwise.

I use the Messenger App, which is part of Facebook and you are not required to have a Facebook account to use. Here’s an article on how to set up Messenger as Stand Alone. I chat with many people I play Mystery Manor with using this App. You don’t have to be Facebook Friends in your personal Facebook page to have Messenger conversations with other Facebook users. However, when you create a messenger account you are required to give your phone number. Even a “fake” Facebook account has certain information about you in it. Plus, they track everything you do. I use my Facebook account knowing this is a fact and it’s hard to change. Facebook constantly asks for my phone number and I don’t give it to them.

Very recently, Ken came across an article about Facebook practices. Take the time to read this article and pay attention to the different things that happen. You may want to think about how badly you want to keep your Facebook account, check to see if anyone in your family is using any of the Apps mentioned, and consider who you’re chatting to.

If you’re not on Facebook you can still access bonuses and read Facebook feeds from Mystery Manor. The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Facebook page and the Original Mystery Manor Hidden Adventure Facebook page are accessible. If you’re a Facebook user you can message the Moderators on these pages. It is useful for the Original since you can’t open a Ticket inside the game anymore but you can still contact Game-Insight on their website without a Facebook page.

One more interesting piece of news I heard on NPR the other day is that many parents share a lot of photos and personal information about their children on Facebook. The thought is that one day these children will say that it is sharing too much private information. Can you imagine getting to be a teenager and finding there are photos and stories about you that you feel are private. I like my privacy. I’m pretty open on this page about my feelings and thoughts but there is also a limit to what I’ll say.

Thank you for reading this and considering the information I’ve given.

What GI says about Version 2.20.0

Here’s the paragraph from their Facebook page. I tried to comment on it but don’t seem to be able to. It appears they have blocked me for no reason. I have sent them a message but I have never posted anything in violation of this page. This is not an Ironing Room.

Get ready for a new Ironing Room. It offers completely new items, as well as an updated, mysterious look. You can also start spending your coins at the store! For example, you can purchase chests full of useful exploration items. Onward, to new adventures!

From the App Store Description:

Detectives, we’ve got big news — now you can SPEND COINS! 

  • Chests for Coins! You can purchase chests full of useful items for room-exploring at the store.
  • Updated Fortune-Telling Room! Check out the new items and the new look of the room. 
  • Less energy for the Match Three mini-game! The access requirements are as low as ever.
  • Fixed some crashes related to Match Three levels, as well as other bugs!

What we know about Version 2.20.0

  • I really like the new Fortune-Telling Room. It is so much brighter than the old one.
New Fortune Telling Room Version 2.20.0
  • My Energy needed for the Match Three game dropped to 25 where it was about 70 or 80 before.
  • We finally have a use for the coins. Each chest will give you randomly 1 of 3 listed items so you could have to buy many to get the actual chest you want. You will get 50 keys.
  • When I compared my cost of chests with a player in the UK hers were priced higher. I do think they are fairly expensive as it’s 115,000 for one chest and after all the time I’ve played I only have 705,000 coins.
  • I also pulled up the option to purchase diamonds or coins and at this time you can only purchase diamonds in the game so you have to earn your coins.
Diamond Purchases Version 2.20.0
  • I played the Match Three game and when I wanted to watch the video for 3 extra moves there was an error and it could not be used.

Thank you all for your continued support. Even the monthly subscriptions from the Super Sleuths help keep this page up and running. Kelly has done a great job helping me out with the posts for this page. I managed to get this one done on my own. You have all been very supportive and I am looking forward to a great 2019.

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I was not able to play the video for 3 extra turns in the Match Three. Kept saying that there was an error and to check my internet connection – which was just fine.
Also, my game crashes by the end of the Match Three every single time.
Also, there are several places to visit that cause the game to crash sooner rather than later…..


    They put a post up on their Facebook page that said there was a problem with the videos.

    I don’t know why they say iOS 9 is supported when those players always have crash issues.


does anybody have problems with the game crashing especially after playing match3 game?
I play on two ipads one ipad mini and ipad 2.
I did put the question to GI and they came back with its a problem with my ipad.


    Their standard response is always that it’s the players fault. I think that shows how little they care about players that have issues and how poor their ethics are. When you have a problem, admit it, and try to make it right. The game could be so much better if they did. The bottom line is money and they figure there will always be new players that come in. I’d love to see the number of downloads compared to how long each player sticks with a game.


They are charging me 362,600 coins for each chest. The price did increase by 2000 for the next one after I inadvertently bought one. Very disappointing.


    Where are you? What device are you using? And a more interesting thought, have you purchased items, like diamonds, for real money in the game?

    Oh, what Level are you? One guild worked out the higher your level the more you pay for a chest.


      GI told me that the higher your level the more the chests will cost. I just leveled up to 85 and the starting price for a chest is now 371060. Also the more chests you buy the more expensive they will be. I’m using an iPad. I usually buy a dragon. I’m in the U.S.


        Before I leveled up the chests were under 100,000 coins. With my recent level up, the cost is now well above 100,000 coins per chest…and I have not even bought one yet.


I bought three Explorer’s Chests for coins and the price goes up by 2000 coins for the chest after each purchase. You would think the price would decrease to encourage you to buy more! I got the same keys each time – unfortunately not the ones I was looking for. Also, be careful as it does not ask for confirmation, I inadvertently bought the third chest by clicking too quickly.


I had the same issue with trying to watch the video to get the three extra moves.


    Same here


I had deleted the new MM app until a couple of days ago. I was pleasantly surprised that I had more than one infinity energy, it updated again and I got one more. Today I tried to collect from daily bonus and it says I’ve been banned from social interaction due to cheating! I contacted them, if they don’t fix it I’ll delete forever! Frustrating!


    They did unban me from their Facebook page after I sent them messages telling them I was never rude or inappropriate. You can’t just ban people that make negative comments about a feature or product.

    They create bugs and I’m sure part of them trying to catch real cheaters caught you in that because you hadn’t played. I’m sure they’ll fix it for you. People cheat at these games. I don’t understand why. The whole point is being able to do things on your own, with work and good playing ethics.


      It will probably take a day or two, if I remember right they were never fast. Thanks Ms Willow.


Thanks for the Facebook info Sharon. I don’t use the app but my husband does and I was horrified to discover that you can inadvertently give it access to your entire camera roll if you are not au fait with using it. He doesn’t use it often, just to keep up with the boys’ activities as they are on the other side of the world. I asked him to delete it and use the web login as I don’t want the risk of our photo’s being uploaded unwittingly.

I haven’t played NMM for ages but might reconsider in the future. As you know I’m busy elsewhere 😁.


    Yes, you know Ken is a security buff and we take these things seriously. We like to make sure others are aware. Apple is doing what they can to stop Facebook from their abuses with their apps.


Just checked the title screen of the page and I’m still running 2.19. No more updates to install. Guess they are doing a staged rollout?


I just ran the updates and no new ironing room or updated fortune tellers room?. Also shut down and restarted game—no luck. Where is the ironing room?


    There is no ironing Room. GI made a mistake on their Facebook page. The Fortune-Telling Room has been updated. When you open your game see if it says version 2.20.0. Otherwise try to get the update again.


Is there a reason we aren’t getting Facebook items every week. I haven’t had them for awhile.



    We share them on the Fun Page Facebook page as soon as we see them.

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