The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.19.0

GI has given us the first update of 2019! Version 2.19.0 of The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS was released on Friday, January 18, 2019. This update brings one big change and that is a redesign of the Japanese Garden and of course that means we go back to zero Mastery Stars again.

What GI tells us about Version 2.19.0

The long-awaited update is here! Get ready for:
🔹Improved Japanese Garden! The room is even prettier and houses new items.
🔹Better gameplay! Now if you find a quest item in a room, you’ll see a special animation on the upper panel. 
🔹Optimized Darkness phenomenon! It’s easier to control the spotlight while searching rooms.
🔹Updated Bank! Find what you need at a glance! 

And there’s more! 
🔹Thanks to your feedback, we’ve fixed a few bugs. For instance, the game no longer crashes when you view or receive rewards for Guild Events.

What we know about Version 2.19.0

The New Japanese Garden

  • We now have our 5th redesigned room and this time it is the turn of the Japanese Garden. Once again we have lost all progress and Mastery Stars but we were given some compensation for this including 30 minutes of infinite energy. The amount of seeds you receive will vary depending on what level mastery you were in the original room.
  • The new room seems a little flat, not enough depth to it. The first thing I went to look for was the Thermometer and I thought it was very small. However, other items in the room were quite large. I only did 2 explorations because I didn’t want to waste my keys for no quests so I don’t know if items will get smaller as the Mastery Level increases.
Japanese Garden v. 2.19.0
  • We did not get any new quests with the redesigned room.
  • MAD49 plays on an iPad 2. GI claims they are supporting iOS 9 but she still has problems as do many other players. She reports on this version; Since I’ve updated, my game crashes while loading. I’ve only managed to get in and play once. Then it crashed again and took all my progress as well as some diamonds that I foolishly spent while in-game.

Other changes in the update from Sharon your admin

  • Please let us know if you find anything new or interesting in this update. We’ll add things if we see them.
  • Please thank Keggy for continuing to play and update the website. I am only going in when there’s an update and haven’t been playing. I played about 2 hours yesterday and found that I still can’t get items to drop to open the Lab and the Mini-games Treasure hunt just takes so many tries or tools to get through that I’ve quit going in.
  • Another thing is that they have given us the ability to switch guilds or be in a particular guild but we cannot opt out of being in one.
  • The reason GI created a new Mystery Manor game was so,that the Android and iOS players could play together. However, the new MM was released Arbuthnot June 1, 2018. Asian players could not download and play it. Friends are not available in the game and a comment was posted by them in the Apple store feedback that they;re not planning on adding friends at this time. So, why the big deal for all of us to play the same game? Oh, I know, it’s only one game for them to develop. I get that. So then develop it already! Quit putting out the same rooms with a new design. Give us real features and rooms we can open and quests we can complete. I still,have quests from 5 months ago I can’t complete because I can’t get the collection items to charge Artifacts!
  • Ok, thanks for listening/reading my opinion on this.
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Totally agree!


I agree about still having quests from months ago. I have Room 51, the Flying Saucer, and Sakura room ready to open, but can’t charge the artifacts necessary, or don’t have the proper quests. Gotta say, though, that I’m coming back to MM more since Seeker’s Notes has started drowning us in special events with the last update.


    You can ignore those special events in Seekers Notes and still progress on opening your rooms and completing your quests. When a new room comes if you just open it and leave it you will still be able to search it when the event is done. It doesn’t go away and it’s not a nightmare to open a new room. If you want to do some or all of the event then you get bonuses to help you in the game. But you can play without them.

    I used to play the New MM for hours everyday and I never got anywhere. One of Artifacts that needs charged requires you to charge a collection with items you get from the Japanese Garden. But there are no quests to get the final item so you can charge the collection. And you have to have 5 mastery stars to get that final item in the collection. So, after working and working towards getting 5 stars with keys that are very hard to get they drop you back to no stars and you have to start over. I really gave up after trying for months to open the Lab and then they started replacing rooms. The drop rate for the Lab items is extremely low.


Let me know when I can make a donation to your hard work. Hugs to you.


    You can still be a monthly Super Sleuth. I don’t want to open the annual Super Sleuths up because I’m just not sure how long I will,keep,the website running. The number of players that still use the page has dropped drastically.

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