The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.18.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.18.0

With less than a week since the last update GI released Version 2.18.0 on Wednesday, December 19, 2018. They call this the Winter update and it brings snow to our manors. We also have a new daily contest system and an extra chapter in the Full Moon Event.

What GI tells us about Version 2.18.0

Massive update! Nothing like you’ve ever seen!

☃️Completely reworked interface! Prettier and more player-friendly.
☃️Real-time ratings! Keep your eye on the ball.
☃️Group and league allocation! Now every player can fight for the first place.
☃️Amazing prizes! Dominate the competition and be the best.

☃️Find out about Sybille’s past and the unknown curse!
☃️Charge new collections and win prizes!
☃️Complete quests and finish the new interactive scene!
☃️Finish the chapter in time to receive the ultimate reward!

☃️Winter has come to Mystery Manor!

What we know about Version 2.18.0

The New Competitions

  • What is a competition? Competitions are contests between groups of players that happen in real time and the groups are formed randomly. By participating in the competitions, you can test your strength and win prizes.
  • How do I start a competition? Competitions become available when you reach level 5. You will be notified about the start of a competition by the horn icon on the right hand side of your game (where you get the dragon and special offers). You will also see a window explaining the requirements for the competition-this gives you a test of strength which you must complete before you enter the actual competition. You must hurry to complete the entry task in the given time as many times as indicated in the progress bar and then the competition with other players becomes available.

  • How do I know the goal of the competition? The goal can be seen in the competition window. Reach the goal as many times as you can within the given time and then the player who completes this goal the most times will be the winner.
  • What are competition ratings? You will be able to see your rating/ranking against others players in real time which means it will be constantly updating to show your exact position. The higher you are in the ranking, the better reward you will get.
  • What are leagues? The leagues are another indication of your skill. There are a total of 5 leagues that players enter depending on their success in the previous competition. All beginners start in Wooden League and the highest league is Golden League. In the ranking table it will show a green arrow next to the players who are eligible for promotion to a higher league and a red arrow for those who will be demoted to a lower league. This will update in real time and it is only the position of players at the end of the competition that decides who will be promoted and demoted.

At the moment a new competition has not started in the game so this post will be updated with more information once we get to play it.

Other changes in the update

  • Snow has arrived in the manor! We were able to remove this is the old game but as far as I can see this is not possible in the New Mystery Manor.
  • Our old silver/blue competition medals have been removed and replaced with gold/red ones. I seem to have more of the gold ones than I did the silver ones so I’m not sure of the formula they used to convert them.
  • Extra energy that was previously for sale in the shop for the silver competition medals is now available for gold medals.
  • A third chapter has been added for the Full Moon Event. This event has not started at the moment so we don’t have any further details yet.
  • If you notice anything else, please let us know in the comments below!


I assume this is the last update before Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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The next update is out. 2.19.0 as of 1-18-2019


    We’re working on the post for it. We were busy doing website updates so the system keeps running smoothly this weekend.

    And I just found a problem where I’m having trouble replying to comments on my admin feed. Will,have Ken take a look.


      Thanks – but don’t hurry on my account. Since I’ve updated, my game crashes while loading. I’ve only managed to get in and play once. Then it crashed again and took all my progress as well as some diamonds that I foolishly spent while in-game.

Sue (aka Kiki)i

I am unable to collect my daily diamonds from the dragon. Just tells me to come back later. I’ve been trying all day


    I guess they quit working in the new year. Submit a ticket and rate them in the App Store. As long as people keep downloading and paying they are not motivated to fix anything.


The new hunting room keeps crashing upon completion of quest searches,taking away bullets, energy and the found quest item. Makes it very hard to progress. Mini games crash. Video ads crash the game and delete the previous game play. Patience is wearing very thin.


    What device and OS are you using?


      Using iPad Air with iOS 12.1.1. Game crashed just now again after I played the library, taking away items won, keys and energy. Have submitted several tickets. Am told every time to wait for the next update. The next update never solves the problem. Am never compensated for what I lost.


        Wow! You should not have those problems onthe newest iOS. There is no excuse. Keep submitting tickets.


What magic do I have to perform to get rooms in zodiac mode?


    Try looking at the Zodiac Quest Page


      I have looked and completed everything in the seven steps except the DaVinci collection because no matter how many times I complete the fortune teller’s roon in silhouette mode…bupkis. Is completing that DaVinci collection the key here? And if so, how many more stinkin times do I have to complete the aforementioned room/mode?


    Zodiac Mode is no longer available in the New MM.


      Oh, I forgot they took it away!


        Nice…I have received a plethora of missions in the last two weeks; the completion of those are dependent on me finishing rooms in the zodiac mode. Great…


          You shouldn’t even be receiving those missions.


            One after the other…


I don’t have the Horn Icon! Other than snow flying around, I don’t see much difference in anything!


I did notice that the old competitions weren’t working and now this new thing appears. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m not holding my breath.
Anyone else finding this new update to be a good thing – or just more of the same?


    The first competition was to find 10 items in rooms which I completed in one search of the kitchen and the reward was unlimited energy for 15 mins.


      Hi snow doll. That wasn’t the competition, that was to get you access to the competition. The first competition is to find as many items in the rooms as you can (no upper limit) and it runs for several days.


I’m having problems with a quest I just completed.
It has a brush that you have to move over into a teacup to brush away the coffee beans.
I keep moving it but nothing happens and now my iPad is stuck on that screen so I can’t do anything


    I had so many problems with that quest and opened a ticket. You have to quit your game and restart to get out of it. They just kept telling my to keep swiping. After about 100 times I got it to work. They claim it’s not their problem but I think they have it set up so that the swipe has to be so exact or it won’t work. Those quests are just garbage. I had trouble with every one that wants you to swipe.

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