The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.17.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.17.0

Happy Holidays! GI released Version 2.17.0 on Friday, December 14, 2018. Again there is a redo on the Hunting Room so back to zero Mastery Stars, it also mentions the full moon event being added but that was done a few months ago so we will have to wait to see if that has been changed at all.

What GI tells us about Version 2.17.0

Detectives, get ready for a new update! Very soon the Full Moon will rise above the manor. Get your stakes ready!

🔹Fight evil and save the manor from total destruction!
🔹Charge collections and get prizes!
🔹Complete quests and interactive scenes from each chapter!
🔹Banish monsters and receive rewards!
🔹Finish all the chapters in time and get chests for each one of them!

🔹Updated Hunting Room. It’s as interesting as ever!
🔹Updated phenomena! Now the Poltergeist and Reflection look much more beautiful on the map.

🔹The map no longer blocks after the Cards mini-game!
🔹The game doesn’t crash when you interact with the event panel.
🔹The game doesn’t crash after you contact support.
🔹The game doesn’t crash once you’re done exploring a room.

What we know about Version 2.17.0

The New Hunting Room

  • We now have our 4th redesigned room and this time it is the turn of the Hunting Room. Once again we have lost all progress and mastery stars but we were given some compensation for this, including 200 bullets.

Version 2.17.0

  • The new Hunting Room looks must nicer than the old one but as usual it will take us a bit of time to work out what all of the items look like and where to find them.

Hunting Room Version 2.17.0

  • The new Hunting Room also gave us a new quest string. I’m not sure if these replace the previous string for the Hunting Room or if they are extra.

Hunting Room Quests

    1. Creaking from Nowhere– Explore rooms in the manor and charge the Golden Maid collection (you probably already have all of these items)
    2. Button Trail- Explore the Dressing Room with hoarfrost phenomenon and the Japanese Garden in Anagram mode.
    3.  This is as far as I have got at the moment

Other changes in the update

  • I notice the portrait in the Living Room changes.
  • I received an option to watch a video for 3 extra moves in the Match Three Mini-Game.
  • The Welcome Sign now has a countdown timer showing when the next reward of the day is available.
  • New display of Reflection and Poltergeist  Phenomena on the Map.

I am still working through this update so will keep adding information when I have it. Please add a comment below if you notice anything different since the update.

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Another update for new MM today! 2.18.0! Thanks for getting the end date on Christmas Event on Original MM!


This question is for the original MM game! Does anyone know when the 2018 Christmas Event will end? The quests are the same as 2017 for Santa Claus House.


    I don’t have any right side quests to know. They a;ways say how many days are left. I’ll send a message and see if GI reaponds.


    They told me it was 34 days but I don’t know when it started. I requested an end date.


    January 9, 2019! Wow! This year is gone already.


My game now crashes even worse than before. Last time it crashed while I was playing match-3. The crash took away about 65 diamonds worth of purchases, the win I had and those rewards attached to it, and the rest of my patience with this game.
I filed a ticket with Gi and appear to have gotten most of my diamonds returned. For that, I am grateful.


Thanks for the information.I had to go to the App Store to get the update. Did not auto update nor did it show on update tab in App Store.


where is the update ..?
on android I did not get the update .. 🙁


    Maybe it will release on Android Monday. I know on Apple when GI puts out an update it’s not given to the players until Apple approves it. But I sure wish they wouldn’t release them on Friday because GI doesn’t staff the help desk, or developers to fix bugs on the weekend. So we lose rewards.


That’s great that they have changed the compensation based on what mastery level you were before- I always thought it wasn’t fair when everyone got the same for previous new rooms.
Most rooms have a new quest string when they are opened, the quests you have to search the hunting room are probably quests in different strings.


I think your compensation in the Hunting Room was based on how many stars you had, because I got 410 bullets which I appreciated. As for the Hunting Room Quest string who knows. How can you tell? I currently have 3 quests to search that room for different items

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