The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.16.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.16.0

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS Version 2.16.0  was released on November 20, 2018. They seem to be making the big updates every month now so hopefully there will be lots more to come from the game.

What GI Tells Us About Version 2.16.0

The long expected update is already here . It tops all you’ve ever seen!

🔹Create your own guild and become it’s leader!
🔹Call on your friends to join your Guild. It’s more fun playing together!
🔹Choose the Guild you’d like to play with!
🔹Become a member of a private Guild or join a public one!

🔹The Bathroom is upgraded! More beauty, more fun!
🔹The collection reward window is upgraded, You won’t believe your eyes!
🔹The Match 3 exit window was updated. You’ll surely want to come back!

🔹It is now much more comfortable to handle the picture of a room with the Darkness Phenomenon.
🔹We have fixed the problem that prevented you from taking both the chest and the reward for your Daily Quest.

What Do We Know About Version  2.16.0


Create Your Own Guild

The new update allows us to finally create our own guild and gives the leader more control but they haven’t made the process easy for us!

  • How do I create my own guild?

Go to the guild section and press the gear icon. In the next window select Create Guild. A window will pop up where you can choose a name, emblem, a type, a required level and write a description for your guild. Once you are done press the create button and you will automatically become the leader of the guild.

  • How do I invite players to my guild?

This is where things get a little difficult! We are still not able to add friends in the game and so the only way to add players to your new guild is by searching for their name. Only leaders can invite players, in the guild section there is a button called invite and when you press this you can narrow down the list by name or level. If players have very common names then it will be very hard to find them in the list. It would be a good idea to change your name to something unique if you want a friend to invite you. It is only possible for a leader to send out 20 invites at a time.

  • Can players be kicked from new guilds?

A positive thing about the new guilds is that the leaders have much more control over who is in the guild. As well as inviting players to join your guild you can also kick them out. To do this find the player you want to kick out in the guild list, press the button with the three dots and select expel from the guild.

  • Can I kick and invite players from my existing guild?

This is extremely annoying but unfortunately we can’t. To be able to manage the players in your guild it can only be a guild that was created by a player and not one that was created by the game. If you are in a guild that was created by the game but it is a successful guild and you have good communication between the players then it might be a good idea to create a new guild and invite all the current members over to it as you will then be able to kick and invite players in the future if needed.

The New Bathroom

  • Once again a room has been completely redesigned and it is now the turn of the Bathroom. This means we have lost all progress and mastery stars but we were given some compensation for this.

  • The new Bathroom is much nicer looking than the old one. The items seem large enough to find but of course it will take a bit of time to get use to what they look like.

  • I did not get any new quests but this might have been because I had already finished the string of Bathroom quests. Did any of you get new quests?

Will we ever be able to add friends in the game?

  • The one feature everyone keeps asking about is the ability to add friends. In the old game this allowed us to send gifts, invite players to our guilds and write messages on each others walls. When asked in the past GI have always said that this feature was something they are working on but its seems things have now changed.  On the official Facebook page when asked about the friends feature they have responded with the following “at the moment we do not plan adding feature”. This is very disappointing to see and I hope they find another way to enable us to get chargers as this is almost impossible at the moment.

I am still working through this update so will keep adding information when I have it.

‘Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends. 🦃

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Hi! You might remember me as LaChercheuse and Jelly from the old game. I’m Jelly on the new game too, level 34. I’d like to join a player created guild on the new game.


Well, today if you explore a room, the first Santa Claus’ House quest will appear named “ Snowfall for Katherine “. Yeah! Something to do!🎄☃️


    This is for the original MM game!


Are there any Friday gifts for the new game? I didn’t see it listed.


    No, they have a Facebook page but no sign of Friday bonuses.


      I give up. Tried the game for a few weeks, but it is useless and a sad replacement for the original. I’m at level 22 and unless I want to spend real money, it’s impossible to make any progress. I could go on forever about all the problems, but there is no point. You mentioned somewhere a new game you play. Could you share the name again? Thanks.


        Seekers Notes. You’ll find friend codes from players that have switched on THIS LINK.


    GI have finally added a Friday bonus for TNMM this week.

Cookie jo

Any idea what happens to all the points we worked so hard to earn in our forced guilds, when we start up a new guild


    You take your individual points with you when you join a new guild


Howdy! I’m trying to find a friend on new MM that left to set us up a guild and I have never got an invite. Does anyone have a friend named Italian Manor? Does anyone know if these guild invites are even working? Thanks


    Hi Kimber. I can see a player called Italian Manor when I search, they are level 46 but it doesn’t show we what guild they are in. Did they tell you what name they were going to call their guild?


      Yes…I believe it’s going to be “perpetual motion squad”. Unless she ran into trouble with that. If I leave my current guild will I be able to send a request to join? Thank you so much for the information.


        Yay!!! It worked. Hopefully the others can do the same. PR…come find us.


          That’s brilliant you managed to find her. Did the invites not work when she did it?


            I’m not sure.


          Thanks for the help! We did reconnect and are ready to shake up our new guild, Perpetual Motion Squad.


They are making it very easy at first, to introduce us to the new items. Seem to be reasonably sized and once identified, findable. Also being very generous with stars early on to try and give back, on that room, what the update took.

Q: What is the golden orb quest? I’m past level 26 but have seen no mention of a golden orb quest so can’t even try to unlock one of the rooms.


    Even In The original manor the Golden Prb quest took forever to get to. I think there’s a link on the page for the flying saucer that gives the original quest string.


Ms Willow….did you delete the old MM game? You are not in my friend list any more. I realized this several days ago. I don’t play near as much as I used to. We are friends in Seekers!!! If you narrowed your friend list in the old game, I understand and my feelings are not hurt…LOL. I try to keep up with you, knowing you have real life family issues.


    I might have deleted you. I keep the old game with a few friends just in case they need something, like my old guild. But you can always send me a private message on the contact us page or at my email.


I’ve downloaded but won’t have much time to explore until after Thanksgiving … they just keep “making it better” don’t they? LOL I’m about ready to quit.


Good grief! That was the one room that I only had 20% left to completing all of the stars because that always gave 6 fish food cans!


Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁

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