Halloween 2018 Arrives in Mystery Manor iPad

Halloween 2018 Arrives in Mystery Manor iPad

The Halloween 2018 Event has arrived in the original Mystery Manor iPad for those of you still playing. I show 34 days for this event so it will end on November 13, 2018 if I’ve done my calculations right.

Currently my manor only has the Trick or Treat Event on the right, the Witch’s Athenaeum is open for me to search and there are no new quests for me on the left. I don’t know if this is because I completed all the quests but we previously had Pumpkinshadow Castle to explore.

You can use the links to get to the pages for the previous events. Help each other out. The quests may be different from what’s posted but since there doesn’t seem to be much effort from GI to do new stuff I doubt that it’s much.

The New Mystery Manor for iOS and Android

I don’t really have any news here for this game. When I asked last week about an update I was told there might be one this week. That’s it! They’re not sharing any information about what might be coming.

I personally am still trying to open the Laboratory and am very discouraged by the lack of progress in this game. They did release version 2.14.2 which had larger objects in the Bedroom and Dressing Room but those objects are still so poorly drawn I just can’t make them out. I avoid searching them at all and since so many Guild Events make us search those 2 rooms more than others our Guild has dropped down to not doing much.

Also, players on iOS 9 state that their game constantly crashes. So, they don’t play anymore.

I check in daily. Sometimes my Original Mystery Manor iPad game goes to sleep because I’m not motivated by the lack of things to do. So, in the old game I no longer have new things and in the new game I have quests that have sat there for months and can’t be completed so I have lost interest.

I am still really buried in personal stuff but try to keep up with the new stuff. The readership of the pages has dropped down from 3,000 to 5,000 views every day to less than 500 most days. This is a sign that players are quitting. Also, many players have moved to Seekers Notes and I put up a page to share friend codes for anyone interested. My code is in the body of the page so go ahead and add me if you’re playing.

Most of all have fun playing whatever you’re playing!

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Question. How do you contact GI from the old Mystery Manor. Our guild has a technical issue to ask? Our leader wants to quit can we replace the leader do our guild? If anyone knows I would appreciate the help


    You have to go to the Game Insight website and open a ticket. I don’t have the direct link anymore. Or go to the Mystery Manor Facebook page and send a message.


Hello Sharon, I am still hanging in there with the old MM but I have not (and will not) download the new version. I am enjoying Seekers Notes and I would love to add you as a friend. Thanks for keeping this site going. Diane (McCoy).

Rose Vedder

I cannot enter the Witch’s Emporim. The game says that I have to complete the Rumble in the Pumpkin Patch quest first.

I have no idea where this quest is. Searching that room is the next task in the current quest that I am doing.

What should I do?



    Go to quest 4 on the Pumkpinshadow Castle Page. This is the page that tells you how to open these things.

    When you want to find a particular quest you need use the search box on the right column and type the quest name in. Occasionally I have to look at more than one page but it usually brings it up right away for me.


The Facebook button for the “weekend” diamonds just showed up in my game (Monday morning). Thank you again for this site. I still play occasionally and this site is a wealth of information for me. I hardly was playing even a year ago. I didn’t do the Halloween event so it’s new to me this year.


Where is the leprechaun gone? Also, no Friday diamonds???


I completed the entire event last year and I got the same first quest this year.


My quests, both right & left, showed up about 24 hours after the Witch’s Atheneum appeared. That when I noticed the pumpkin castle had returned as well.


I didn’t get the weekend chest of 5💎? Are they stopping that, also?


    I just posted in my MM comment box, asking the same thing. What’s up with that?!


    Me neither and no leprechaun?


    I messengered the game thru Facebook to ask why no 💎reward last Friday. They responded that they found the error and you should now have it on your right side of manor, like usual!


I know I didn’t finish the Witch’s Anetheum left side quest last year but it didn’t come back for me. Do you know if there is anyone I can contact to get it?


    I rebooted my iPad and restarted the game and it now shows up


Thanks Sharon for all you do for us and these games. I am also enjoying Seeker’s Notes and still playing the old MM. My code inSeekers is 0bzd1s please add me. I am still trying to learn all the ins and outs of this game but it is enjoyable. I wish they would add a chat feature. My game name is moondancer


Still playing but not as much. Hugs to you. I understand what you are dealing with. Hugs to you. Always here with an open ear.

Rita Nordheden

I am still playing some but not like I used to. I have been waiting to see if they will invest anything in the old game ant give us new quests and collections. I will do reruns until they start to cost. I have completed almost all of the original quests so there is not reason to do them again. I do assist with Guild events to help out others. I have played the new game but do not like it. It is structured so they control the way we play. It is not fun and does not give us any opportunity to figure out new approaches. It is also two slow because of meaningless communication. I assume they think they are cute. The reason I don’t visit your site as much is that they are not giving us new quests,collections. The old interaction was really helpful. I am ready to give up,on both games. I have only stayed this long to finish a couple of right hand quests that are incomplete. I really appreciated the help that you and previous hosts provided when they properly updated the game.


    There will be nothing new in the Original iPad game. They have said they will support it and push old events put but those are not the full events.

Linda Greene

.Ms Willow i can’t find your code for Seekers. Please let me know


    It’s on the Seekers Notes Page, not this one.


I agree with all of your comments above. I tried to play all 3 games as much as I was able over the weekend as I had some downtime at an event with free WiFi. I was able to complete one of the guild quests for our team since I finally had the necessary resources. However, only 2 of us were able to participate. We are at level 311 among the guilds and we have been hanging in that vicinity for quite some time. I find that fewer and fewer seem to participate. However, in general, I think that I am clicking on charger requests as much as ever. In the area of actual collection gifts, it has been quite some time since I have received any.

Regarding the “New” Mystery Manor … really, it bombards you with purchase options more than ever! And, I don’t think that it is really possible to advance very much without giving in and purchasing some rubies. I miss the weekly gift of 5 diamonds offered in the original game. In regular room play, there are just too many objects in some of the rooms and some are just way too small. I have the largest version … 12″+ iPad Pro. And, I am still getting time penalties as I attempt to move around the room. I enjoy the match-3 game and spend some entertaining time playing that. But, that is not “exploring” rooms and moving forward in the game. As for the assigned guilds, the one that I am in has some very active members and I have tried to help as much as possible when the rooms are “right” for us. We are presently in 4th place. Again, that directed focus on guild events does not really advance any of us forward in general. Yes, we are advancing in levels.

I am playing Seekers Notes as well, and you, Ms Willow, are among my friends. Another of my original Mystery Manor friends is with me here at Seekers Notes, too. I’m sure that there are others as well.

I’m trying to participate in the Halloween event but think it is quite difficult to achieve & win the needed things to trade in for the things you need. And again, they bombard you with “offers” to “upgrade” and get ahead along with “are you SURE you want to give up” when your time has expired … just “click here”, spend a little so you can continue with more time. The graphics are great but I find the premise of the game just about the same as Mystery Manor. I think I will continue with this for the time being.

My friend code is: 0bq9oy
Join me! I’m at Level 26.

I’m also trying Secret Society. It is slow going and I only have one friend! I think that there is a serious bug in the add friends interface. As with the other games, as one searches the rooms, sometimes objects are basically invisible or there are simply too many. I’m finding the “Japanese House” really difficult, for example.

I’m at level 19. I’m not certain that I will hang around this game too much longer but I wanted to give it a chance.

Connie (porcherc)

    Mary Maid

    Hi there Connie. I too am playing all three games and just joined Seekers a week ago. I just sent you an invite and hope you accept. I too think something is wrong with the Friends interface as I have 14 invites waiting for response; all through the “Invite Friend” option that gives you 3 random Friends to invite. None have responded. The only Friends I have are old Friends from MM game who sent me invites or their Friend Codes. I also am experiencing same problem with Guild and changed 4 times and finally found one where 4 of the 10 actually play so we can at least get the second chest. I too am finding it very difficult to finish most searches without using charms and find many chances to spend $$. I am trying hard to not do so.


      I have never had any names show up in my random add a friends list. Also, with the last update my videos have gone. I was lucky to get 1 a day. There was an update yesterday that was supposed to fix it but still I’m not getting videos.

      They did however make friend codes easier. There are no longer capital letter so if it big, 0, it’s a zero.

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