Version 2.14.0 The New Mystery Manor Update

Version 2.14.0 The New Mystery Manor Update

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS released an Update Version 2.14.0 today. For those of you that complained that the game seemed childish GI put their efforts into updating the images of the characters on quests to have a more adult view.

What GI Tells Us About Version 2.14.0

Detectives, get ready for another amazing update in Mystery Manor!

Thanks to your feedback:

  • We’ve made fantastic gameplay changes! Now one point of energy is replenished every THREE MINUTES instead of five!
  • You can zoom in more when exploring rooms. There’s no hiding from you now!

And that’s not all:

  • The game got prettier! Your favorite characters are now sporting new looks. We’ve changed the art for nine of the Manor’s characters.
  • The game got more convenient! There’s now a text search in the collections window.
  • The game got more interesting! The Pirate Brig, Island, and Flying Saucer locations can now spawn phenomena.
  • The game got more stable! We’ve fixed the bug with the Hoarfrost phenomenon. The ice no longer keeps spawning while the game is paused.​

What We Know About Version 2.14.0

  • Ok! Now maybe we can play more than 30 minutes a day with the increased energy replenishment.
  • Yes, you can zoom in more in the Bedroom and Dressing Room but the room for the Daily Contest is the Dressing Room today. I took some screen shots of zoomed in items. The zoom doesn’t really help. They put items in really dark corners that don’t really have a shape.
    • In this Silhouettes image we are looking for the Shaving Brush, described as a Brush in the game. Shaving Brush behind Manequin
    • Here is the Bottle on the top shelf.Bottle on Top Shelf
    • And this is the Boot at the Top of the page. The image you see is zoomed in on my editing software, not the game. It just looked like a fuzzy red fabric to me while playing.Boot Under Top Edge
  • I will admit, I don’t have perfect vision. But keep in mind I play on a 12.9″ iPad. It’s like being on a laptop my screen is so large. I have taken to taking a screen shot of the room and going into my photos app to look for the items on the list. The game pauses while you do this. Then I go in and tap the items and take another photo if I can’t find them. I know they wanted to make the rooms more challenging but they could just do a better job of blending the item into the room than making it tiny and blurry.
  • Okay, more work going into the graphics for the game. Let’s give the characters that show in the quest a more hunky or sexy look. That way no one will complain that it looks like a children’s game. I sure wish they’d put their efforts into something else.
  • The Underwater Treasures Event appeared with an Infinity Sign. I’m guessing that means you can take as long as you’d like to do the 10 levels. And each level only took 3 Fish Feed for the first 5 and 4 Fish Feed at Level 6.
  • The rewards for the Underwater Treasures Event have been greatly decreased. Here’s the comparison. I’ll list the new reward and then the original.
    • 2 Keys – 3 Diamonds, 1 pointer, 20 Energy vs. 5 Diamonds, 2 Pointers, 2 Mines
    • 6 Keys – 1 Inflatable Hammer, 1 Hammer for the Match 3 game, 30 Energy vs. 10 Diamonds, 1 Copper Sun, 2 Rainbow Lightning, 2 Compass
    • 10 Keys – 10 Diamonds, 1 Hammer for the Match 3 game, 50 Energy vs. 25 Diamonds, 2 Bomb, 2 Chocolate, 1 Silver Owl of Wisdom, 1 Hammer
  • So a Maximum of 13 Diamonds in the new Underwater Treasures vs. 40 Diamonds before.
  • I don’t know what their plan is on the Underwater Treasures. Maybe we can do it as many times as we want over and over and get the Energy instead as we go along. I haven’t done enough searches to get to 10 yet to see if I get to trade Fish Feed for Energy still. I’m at 6 now.
    • Well, here’s what happened. I finished my 10 keys and any extra Fish Feed went away. So, for me it’s actually less energy and less diamonds than before. That stinks!
  • Collections Table Changes – they have given us a search box and changed the check box names at the bottom of the table.
    • By readiness – anybody know what that means?
    • Quests – These are the collections you are searching for items for in quests
    • Not Charged. These are collections you have never charged.
  • Now when you charge a collection and reopen the collections table it opens to the one you just charged. That’s an improvement to having to scroll all over again when you’re looking for collections to charge for energy.

Other Things in The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS

  • I have to redo the Achievements table because they all changed with the new phenomena in the last update. Sorry, I just haven’t had time.
  • I still have a horrible time clearing the Hoarfrost phenomena. It freezes up (no pun intended) on me as I’m swiping. Then I can’t clear anymore of the screen. If I pick my finger up and move it I get dinged for not tapping on a list item. It’s very frustrating.
  • I do notice that weapons for the Creatures that give keys have been dropping more frequently but I still don’t have enough keys to complete the quests.
  • I mostly do the daily contest, the guild search and Underwater Treasures. The Cards move to fast for me.
  • Speaking of Cards – Has anyone had Batteries for the Laboratory drop when playing them. They don’t show as findable and I haven’t gotten any.
  • Speaking of the Laboratory – I was able to begin assembly on July 12, 2018. As of today, 3 months later, and doing between 20 and 40 searches a day I do not even have half of the items needed to open it.
  • In order to open the other rooms I have quests that are impossible to complete.
    • Oceanic Room – need to search the Lab to find the boots – or PAY!
    • Sakura Room – Need to charge an Artifact that I am unable to even charge the collections to fill.
    • Room 51 – Need to charge and Artifact that I am unable to even charge the collections to fill. though I see they finally gave a quest string to fill the Great Writers Collection.
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In the new mm, it seems as one person is responsible for maintaining a room. In one room ‘brush’ means hair brush while in another it means ‘paint’ brush. Lousy graphics in the dressing room and bedroom. Oh, in one room ventilator means table fan. Could it be GI doesn’t know about English/Russian dictionaries. The tiny reward for completing an exploration in experience is ridiculous. So sad. I guess it must be really hard to keep up with iOS and Android operating systems with the constant updates.


I have not played or intend to play the new version , especially after reading all these comments . Came by chance on them well researching which collections one of my guild members need for keys for today’s old school mystery manor event . Thank you Sharon, and your faithful sidekick you did a great job on the old version 😘 with all the frustrations I see 😏is it worth it on this new version , was giving up your friends , guilds etc. Worth it ??? I 🤔🤔🤔😏not .. I may not have received an update in over a year but at least I got the peeps who made me enjoy playing everyday 😉 maybe a mass exudes from the new version is what the doctor ordered . To get GI to smarten up ? 😏


    I do sometimes go into my old MM and message with my friends. I have many friends I chat with on Facebook Messenger. Everyone knows how to find me should they wish to connect outside the game. I just feel like GI has picked up,the mantra of “your opinions will be taken into consideration.”


    I agree with Falconcres, my freinds and effort mater, not them making money. Some are willing to pay no mater what. I tried the new game and was not even close to being satisfied let alone impressed. The fact that we can not transfer everything from this version to the new one makes it a joke. Why have people who in some cases have played for 6years start again 🤯🤯🤯🤯really 🤬people are leaving to other games that are associated with GI.
    Wake up GI!!!!


      I am bored and frustrated with the new game.i still can’t see items clearly in the Bedroom and Dressing Room. The objects are just not drawn clearly enough. If you’re going to make a comb then make it look like a comb, not a fuzzy shape. Even when I take a screen shot and zoom in on my iPad it’s still fuzzy. Along with that I feel like if I put any effort into searching these rooms GI will come along with a new version of them and take me to tiny, unseeable objects and zero stars. Plus in all this time there is nothing to do with coins, I have quests that are months old and not enough keys to search. And then there’s the Guilds! We could have a good one if players were forced to opt in. Our guild has more than half that open the game about once a week so just stay in the guild. It’s unacceptable. They didn’t ask to join that guild, they probably aren’t even aware they’re in one. A few of us are actually using the guilscwall to chat about Seekers Notes. Of course you have to learn to read redacted texts because everything is censored. I never even heard of some of the words they’re *** out!


So today I received a new update. I think it’s 12.4.3 maybe and I can actually do the bedroom now. I haven’t tried the dressing room but they’ve increased the sizes. I still need to expand but I was surprised I can actually do that room now


    I have 2.14.2 and the items in my Bedroom and Dressing room are not any bigger. I’m on a 12.9” iPad. What are you on.

    I checked the App Store and it’s the update that says they are bigger.


      I’m just playing on a regular sized iPad not the larger one


      I update my iOS this morning and rebooted my iPad. I do see some items in the bedroom are improved. Still too tiny for my eyes and the strain just gives me a headache. If this is what they do to all rooms I definitely won’t continue. I’m just hanging in there for my commitment to the web page now.


Did GI remove the ability to contact them through the new game? I looked under the gear and the “contact us” button is gone. Thanks for all the help you’ve provided to make nagivating this game easier.


    Type something in the search window and the Contact Us link will appear. Now they ask you for your email address before they will accept your ticket.


Does anyone know what the 2.14.1 update did?


    No idea what this update did. I do know that since 2.13 when the phenomena were switched, I have explored more than 200 rooms and no phenomena has appeared.


      Do you have phenomena in 3 other rooms? I went 2 days, about 60 searches with no new phenomena and then realized that since I had 3 in rooms I wasn’t going to get anymore. Sure enough as soon and I got rid of one of those phenomena I started getting them again. This will make it tough to summon phenomena to a room for a quest.


        Thanks, after I harassed GI, they indicated as such. They said the reason is to keep players from getting stuck with a phenomenon in the room.

        Just another reason that makes no sense as it eliminates a strategy of filling all rooms in order to target a phenomenon in a specific room to complete a specific need on a quest.

        Pretty lame…..


          There’s a good reason to never siummin a phenomena. I can see that vicious cycle in my head already.


            If you have 3 phenomena in your rooms you can still summon more but you don’t have additional phenomena showing up randomly and that is OK with me.


              I agree, I prefer it limited to 3


    It’s a stability improvement but players games are still crashing. Whenever they put something other than a zero in the last number that indicates some kind of fix but no new content.


Looks like they restored the rewards for the Underwater Treasures back to previous.


    Yes, their response to me this morning was the one with less rewards had easier levels. But you have to finish the first one before you get the next. I also notice it was only 4 days instead of 5.


      Okay, I thought it seemed a bit easier but I’m still struggling!

      The lack of keys is hugely frustrating. I have at least 4 quests for the Hunting Room and only 10 keys. Banished Corgis and managed to get enough keys for one search but no quest items dropped … but wait … there’s a sale and I can buy 50 keys for 80 diamonds which will let me do 1.6 searches … what a joke!


        They are still not enough keys to make the rooms doable. The game is not enjoyable if you can’t come close to completing the quests. And I actually enjoy the tasks in the game not just buying my way through.

        I’m done in less than an hour every day. My guild won’t do the events involving the bedroom and Dressing room. I had 3 Dressing room quests before I searched it.


I have complained to GI every day since they updated the bedroom and the dressing room. I agree with the comments above regarding the size of the objects and their ever changing looks. GI say my comments have been noted, but I bet they don’t change it. I like the underwater game but not cards. I find it frustrating that the quests are impossible asking you to charge the artefact collections to get to move on when I haven’t filled the collections to do so. I also find it frustrating that trying to open the laboratory is impossible. Guilds make me fume. I’m on my 17th already. Trying to find one with players that actually play is so hard. I also think some players don’t know how to leave. The new MM is too money driven. That makes me cross.


Card game still freezes. Frost and zoomed screen don’t both work at the same time, it doesn’t know whether you are zooming, moving around or clearing the frost. I agree with your other complaints.


I so agree with all your comments. I was quite enjoying the underwater game and managed to get to 10 most times but dropping so many gifts is just not on!😡.
Rarely play the card game (which I prefer in old MM game) as they move so quick I can’t complete without mistakes and the prizes are minimal.
Rarely do bedroom and dressing room for your valid reasons but they are most often the guild rooms so feel obliged to try to support the team! Vicious circle.


I’ve just noticed something very strange. They have deleted the Facebook page for the new game.
They might just be changing things on it so have disabled it but it’s very odd that we can no longer see it.


    Maybe they are overwhelmed by negativity, which would not be surprising given how the majority of players feel.


I closed the game down. Had lots of collections to charge to complete quests but never got chargers to do that unless I paid for them. This isn’t a game it’s a business!


Re batteries, as you know I barely look at the new MM but just checked and I have 186 batteries, not that are much use to me! The rooms I do have open I have next to no keys.


    I’m looking for the battery required to open the Laboratory. Not the energy cells used to search once I have it open. I have 260 of those.


      Ah okay, I have zero of those. It looks pretty impossible to open! My goodness Sharon, you are up in the wee hours


      It’s going very slow to assemble all the parts, but I’ve got 10 of 35 batteries. You find them with the television bot.


        I see that now. For some reason I thought they were coming from the Cards game.


I too,am no longer playing that game. To be able to stay in any room longer than 3 times before you run out of keys to use,to get into the every room is labeled with ABCto let you know how the room will be searched. As far as the hoarfrost condition , after the first quick rub I found using the tool to change the room to daylight from night works great.

As far as that fishing place goes, they tell you to go there to find a certain item which I can’t remember now, to finish a quest. I did that fish thing so many times and spent so much in diamonds and still didn’t get the item.


I just deleted the New MM…all its caused for me is frustration with the rooms I couldn’t see the items…they gave us the big view but still couldn’t find much cause of them changing how the items looked…You use the pointer and compass and they don’t play by the rules which causes low points…it just a piece of (excuse my wording) crap. I am no longer in THAT game! They put so many restrictions in place they forgot that people were playing it!

No offense intended but I will stop reading this site…


    I am not offended. Find something you enjoy!

Linda Greene

I think mm might have destroyed itself


For both the bedroom & dressing room, in addition to the objects often being tiny & mostly obscured, they often change what they look like, from search to search. For instance, I never know what the vase will look like. Sometimes it’s blue & wider, other times it’s a different color & narrow. The tie might be rolled up & is usually blue, but sometimes red. The star used to be blue & 3-D with many points. But it can be flat & gold with only 5 points. Those are just some of the many examples from one or both rooms. It’s incredibly frustrating — not to mention not knowing many times what the silhouette of an item is supposed to be. I’ve stuck with the new game up till now, but I can’t imagine staying with it over the long haul, without major changes — except, perhaps, as a very casual player.


I gave up on the new bedroom could not identify anything, costing me too much in tools to complete the room. Also the description of what you have to find doesn’t seem to match the item.
In the bedroom especially they put items under the banner at the top of the screen and if it’s a small item you have no hope of finding it.


    We need to leave reviews in the App Store to complain. They think the better zoom makes the items easier to see.

      Dianne Blower

      When I powered to the next level, I only received 5 extra energy is this correct?


        Yes, they only increase it by 5 in the New Mystery Manor.

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