Happenings at the Fun Page!

Happenings at the Fun Page!

Notice how I called this Happenings at the Fun Page and not anything in particular about Mystery Manor! I’ll get to that but I’m more interested in facilitating communication between the players of all games right now.

Seekers Notes and Secret Society

Many players have moved over to Seekers Notes and Secret Society so I thought I’d help by giving them a place for their friend codes. Here’s a page just for those Friend Codes and comments and communication.

I’m only going to be a casual player in Seekers Notes and just enjoy a little bit of time here and there.

Original Mystery Manor iPad

The original Mystery Manor iPad has finally put out the Back to School Event. I put the page from 2017 up for reference. I have a quest on the right side of my manor but nothing on the left.

GI has not communicated anything to me about this event and I’m not really playing the original game anymore. I have no quests to complete and GI is only going to push out old quest strings.

If you have problems and need to open a ticket for the original Mystery Manor iPad you will need to go to the Game Insight website. I noticed as I was looking for the specific link to Mystery Manor for the iPad that it is not an option. I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you about filling out a support ticket.

I do know for a fact the the big red G! inside the game will just lock your game up and you will have to reboot. So, while they have clearly told players they will NEVER update this game but will provide support and repeat events it doesn’t look promising.

The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS

The improvements in this game seem only to be for the income level on their end increasing. I’m sorry to be so blunt about this but they have taken 2 beautiful new rooms and turned them into horrors to search.

The Dressing Room and Bedroom have a list of changing items which is okay with me. However, when they make these items so tiny as to be a blob or shadow and expect us to distinguish them it’s crazy. We all gave them our feedback on the Bedroom and yet they still released the Dressing Room. This is a sign to me that they aren’t really listening to the players.

And let’s talk about new Phenomena. I have pictured the Bedroom in upside down mode above. I actually lock my iPad screen and turn it over to play. Already I’m dealing with items too small.

And then there’s the non-functional Hoarfrost. I have played this phenomena several times with the same result. I look at my list, you can pause the game and read the list if it helps, and then I swipe the screen to find items. However, I find I can only clear so much and it stops. I have to pick my finger up to start swiping again. This causes a tap which will deduct 15 seconds from your search time. Hoarfrost

Seriously, they must not test this stuff or play it. And they must be developing on a large computer monitor to think those items are even close to findable.

I am told they are working on customized guilds. How hard could it have been to make people opt in to a guild. We have 5 good players in our guild. The rest never in come in to do anything. If you’re not going to participate in a guild and your guild is working on events then do the decent thing and leave so that maybe the guild playing can get playing members. Though it’s tough since it’s random. Who ever had the bright idea that this would be fun?

I am not enjoying the new game. I feel like if I make progress in any of the other rooms the next update will just wipe it all out. I don’t trust GI! There needs to be some significant changes to benefit the players before I would trust them to do the right thing.

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This sucks, so many friends that will be lost because of mm greed. I will not play any game associated with them again. I still play but don’t spend only because of my friends do I play but, as they move away so will I 😢🤬


I wonder why a new friend I acquired in Original MM would NOT have any helpers? They are at level 74 and have 60 friends.


    If you leave one locked in a room you won’t get anymore. Mine are slowly disappearing again.


I stopped playing the mmipad version after reaching level 500 with no new updates, I too am finding the newer version frustrating and have stopped.

On the other hand I have been playing Seekers Notes for a few months now. Found I had downloaded it once before and stopped. There are many helps found on a FB page which I found. Number one is take a screenshot to look for items, it’s very valuable. I never tried that on MM Time Travel is doable, I don’t know if the developers can’t stop it, but many are able. Good Luck with your new games regardless.


Tried Secret Society but objects difficult to find. I’m enjoying Seekers Notes (shame there’s no wall to chat on).
Friend code is OBXRMR (O or 0?)


    Try the Facebook page Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Super Seekers. I’m LDaylily and I’ll add you to my game.


I tried out Seekers notes, found it incredibly boring and too much trouble as the items continually change appearance. It’s a game which implies fun should be involved somewhere. Deleted it after two unproductive weeks.
I will check out secret society, but I’m coming to the realization that the searching games I used to enjoy are a thing of the past. They will go the way of all my angry birds games. Eventually I’ll have very little need for internet service, that may be a good thing. Oh well, maybe someone will eventually learn & turn it around.


    I decided to just be a casual player in the new games. I find I’m getting other projects done around the house instead of being stuck on my iPad. I have games I haven’t opened in such a long time they don’t make them anymore!


Ditto … that code is not working for me either. Mine is 0BQ9OY First character is zero


I agree with all these comments, GI Has ruined both MM games. It seems all GI cares about is making money well they are losing many good long time players due to their greed. So sad!
I just started seeker’s notes my code is 0BZDIS.
Game is telling me to trade with flower girl but I do t know how to find the flower girl???


    The arrow should point to her when you say accept the quest. She’s a roamer, very tiny.


      Thanks! I keep accepting the quest but can’t see a flower girl. I guess I’ll get out a magnifying glass? Sharon do you share your friend code, would love to be friends in Seekers. I’m just beginning nd trying to learn the game Tks again for all you do for us and the games we play


        I’ve posted my friend code on the main body of the Secret Notes page.

    Linda Lovelady

    I can’t get your code to work. Mine is 0BWYMG. Game name is jalgal.


    So it seems that my code for seekers notes is OBZD1S. Please add me. I am still learning the game. Is there a site with more I formation about seeker’s notes?


      Go to the Seeker’s Notes page I created. There are friend codes and a link to the wiki page.


I’m new to Seekers Notes, so don’t have any real input. Haven’t been asked to spend money yet, so I like that.

I too gave up on the new MM. It’s ridiculous! No keys and purchasing them is way too expensive.

Anyway, my code for Seekers Notes is OBXPER. Or 0BXPER. I’m still learning the game but will be a good friend once I figure out how, haha.

    Linda Lovelady

    Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Super Seekers

Tues PM

I’m fed up with the new game, it’s expensive and not fun. Gave it a go and got to level 27ish, and just deleted it. It’s a shame, it could have been a lot of fun.

Golden girl

I wonder, with the old game not supported much and GI not making the new game better for players and more expensive, is there another similar type game out there that anyone has found/people are moving to? I enjoy the original game, but if the support is going away, I hate to say it but should probably look for something else -not really interested in another GI game….I feel my “support” of their game has not really been returned, and in moving to another one I would just be in for more of the same.


    The 2 games listed here, Seekers Notes and Secret Society, are not GI games. They are made by Mytona. Follow the link for the Friend codes if you decide to download one of those games. They are hidden room games.

    Linda Lovelady

    Seekers Notes


I completely agree with the assessment on the new MM, I only check in to get the daily freebie and have almost stopped playin. I am still active in the original MM and members of our guild are still active and I want the original to remain supported.


I just signed up to play Seekers Notes! My code is: OBYBTK. I’m not sure if it’s an O or a zero!


Please note that for Secret Society that the gamer ID changes after every 3 or so uses. Very inconvenient.


Game name Marsuess code OBXZWE , Seekers Notes HIdden Mysteries, Add Me Please


I can not even play the game because it keeps on kicking me out. I have voiced my concerns to GI and all they say is to be patient. One more update then if things do not get better I will quit. May even leave the original game. I will have wasted four years of my life playing it.


I could not find the link stated for seekers notes. My friend code is 0bqt3s. As with everyone else the first is zero


Thank you so much for this. Just started! My code is 0BXY1J. I wish they didn’t use zeros or ones! (Zero)BXY(One)J


@MM_Admin, I followed the link to add our Seekers Notes and/or Secret Society code, but there is no “comment” field.

I am a Long Time lurker, first time commenter. Thank you for all you’ve done! If it had not been for this site, MM would have been more confusing than it was! You have been a Great help! It is sad that GI has all but abandoned the original MM and I fear the final days are coming Quick! I, too, will miss the internet friends I have made when it finally shuts down.

I’ve picked up Seekers Notes to fill the void.

ID: 085D28 (pretty sure it’s a Zero)

Thanks again!


    So sorry, I was in a hurry to put up the page and forgot to check the box for comments. I’ve got them turned on now.

Pat Hilliard

I echo your comments of both MM games. Last night I put a comment out to my guild that I hate the game and especially the hoarfrost, which in my opinion should have been named whorefrost. It is only possible to get rid of it if you banish it. And you have to buy the fix to banish it. I have had the same issues, Sharon. I did buy a dragon but probably the very LAST $$ I spend on either game. That one developer who lost his life in the car wreck must have been the only heart and soul at GI. Their only concern now is how to make more $$. And their support is horrible. I am not going to get involved with another object search game. I just don’t have time or the desire any more. Thank you, Sharon, for your honesty, amazing work to keep all the 1,000s of pieces of info about the games organized and easily searched to assist with game play. You are a gem.


    Thank you! I am feeling so let down by this game I have days when it’s hard to open. But I made a commitment to the players on this page and will stick it out until the bills are due to pay for it again. I think it is in April.

    I feel really bad for the new players that started the original MM and got involved. There are not many of the old players around to help as much.

    And suddenly when I went to write to support in the New MM I was asked for my email address before I could continue. I didn’t give it. I wanted to hit the delete key right then and there. GI needs to give real information about what’s going on in the game. Not just that our comments would be taken into consideration and they might make changes some day!

Linda Lovelady

My Seekers Notes ID is 0BWYMG, jalgal.


    There’s a link and a menu item to put your Seekers Notes comes on a separate page where everyone can find it!


My Seeker’s Notes code is 0BQ9OY (first is a zero, second, an “oh”)


    There’s a link and a menu item to put your Seekers Notes comes on a separate page where everyone can find it!


I am not playing the new game & it looks like the old game will not be supported soon. Will hate losing all the friends I have made in the game (esp. guild members past & present). Oh well. Spend too much time on my iPad as it is.


    I second your comments, Nancy … I made so many wonderful friends. I already miss many of them as they have begun to stop participation.

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