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Super Sleuths Changes

I doubt I am going to stick out these two games much longer so I am making some Super Sleuths Changes. I don’t want to take fees for an annual membership if I won’t be here next year. So, you will only be able to purchase monthly memberships.

I looked through the services I pay to keep this website running and some of them are up for renewal in April of next year. I will keep the site up and going until at least that date since that’s when the big renewal bills hit. If GI actually gets their act together and makes huge improvements in the game I will consider keeping it going.

While we wait and see I don’t want to take money for an annual membership and not be there for the entire year. It wouldn’t be right.

What to Expect if You’re and Annual Member

If you are an annual member when your subscription is due to end you will be required to go into the website and select a monthly membership and purchase that if you wish to continue. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

You can still support the site with Amazon Purchases

We have an Amazon Link that gives us a small amount of money when you use our link to make your purchase. Go to the Support the Site page or use the Amazon link on the right side menu whenever you purchase.

Zodiac Mode Stops Game Play

Many of you have now collected all the items to collect your Reward of the Ocularis Spiritus from the Mystical Zodiac on the right side. Please read the notes on the Ocularis Spiritus Quests page before collecting this reward. You will immediately get Zodiac mode in your rooms and won’t have a chance to collect Shatters to explore the room. You do not have to collect this reward immediately. You will however not get any further Zodiac Quests. I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is. There are no collections that give Shatters.

We have had players get stuck on doing the Daily Contest room searches and the Guild Event room searches because they had Zodiac mode in the room and no way to search it. You can purchase Shatters in the Keys tab of the Shop Window. There is not deal on them: 10 for 18 Diamonds, 50 for 85 Diamonds, 100 for 160 Diamonds. So at the least 80 Diamonds for 1 search!

Mystical Zodiac

Guild Business

So, now we have had Guilds for 2 weeks. This is the time that GI gives for when inactive players will be removed from a guild. I asked for clarification on this so we would know what to expect. In order for a player to be removed from a Guild they cannot have opened their game in 2 weeks. So, even if they’re a daily player but have no interest in the Guild they will remain.

For Players That Have No Interest in a Guild

If you’ve reached Level 10 you’re in a Guild. I know, you don’t want to participate. But many Guilds have players that want to do the Events. My Guild has 5 players that really put forth an effort, one that comes in does just enough to get the chests we’ve worked so hard to earn and the rest that pretty much do nothing. If you’re going to do nothing leave that active guild. On the first guild page there is a settings button. You can ask to leave. You will go to another Guild. Once you’re in this other Guild check to see if its active. If so keep switching. You will end up in a Guild with players that don’t want to do anything.

This is the best way we have right now to give the players that want to do stuff a chance to work with others that want to. GI tells me they are working on a way to customize a Guild. I don’t know what that will look like because this random guild creation is a dismal failure to me. Just put an option button out there that says. NO GUILD. Like turning on notifications, sound and music! Or perhaps just make people go to the Guild and elect to be in one! Seems like they’re taking away our Freedom here!

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I got a new quest today in original MM game A Time to learn, a time to teach to search Bunker with a bell for the quest string in small circle. Anyone know what it is for?


    Here’s the 2107 Back to School Page.

    I’d been asking for this event to be released for a month!


This is NOT what I expected…seems like l loose points instead of gaining them. Seems like we play the Guild constantly and cannot play any quests! What is going on? The ENERGY does not even allow us to play anything….I play every energy booster I win but it is NEVER enough. I think I’ve had about enough of this BS…They are sucking the life out of this…THIS IS NOT FUN! THIS IS A FRUSTRATION!..I will soon quit if nothing is done to,correct this..NOT WORTH IT!


About my monthly charges for you. I’ll stay even if you have to raise your rate.!


    Thank you! If I see major changes I may keep the page going but there response so far has been dismal.


I finally made i to level 333 and was offered 50 compasses for 1/2 price. They took my money but I didnt get my compasses. Where do I send a letter to get this resolved? I tried to open Game but that didnt work. Do I need the http\\ in front of it?


    For the original Mystery Manor. It’s That usually works for me. That hypen has to be there. Or go to google and type Game Insight Support.


Has anyone else had problems lately with receiving the proper rewards in the daily contests on the original game? I didn’t get the 50 diamonds for one contest or the chest for beating a boss.


Do you know whether or not GI has any plans for the original MM? New stuff was promised, but has not appeared.


    They say NO updates! They claim they will continue to support but you must go to their web page for support. They also say they will release events…. as long as you don’t need an update….. so they will be repeats.


I am so fed up of the NMM and have left a review on the App Store:

New players Beware

I play the Original MM which I really enjoy. There is no joy playing this game. Constantly blasted with offers to spend money. Energy restoration is ridiculously slow. Mastery stars take forever to gain. You need these stars to open more rooms. Once you have opened these rooms you find you have no keys to enter them and finding them is nigh on impossible.

Objects in some rooms are so small, even on a 12.9 iPad zoomed in.

Then there is the issue of only some people having the option to view videos with an energy reward. Regardless of what GI say about it being random, the consensus is that if you are stupid enough to spend money then you won’t receive them.

GI haven’t listened to their customers in the original game. All they have done is create a new game with limited social interaction (trying chatting on the guild wall, practically every innocent sentence you write is deemed inappropriate). The guilds are a joke, you are in one whether you like it or not. You don’t get to choose who you play with.

GI’s hollow promises of players wishes being considered are just that, empty. The Original MM has/had a loyal fan base, I cannot see it being the same for the new version. If you have money to burn to get ahead, then this is the game for you. If not I’d forget it.


    That is a brilliant review Finnty and I totally agree. I hope they read it and really consider what you have said.


    Well said!

    Saturday cannot be written in the guild wall. I tried to tell my guild I was out most of the day!

    I’m hanging on for the web page but there’s no enthusiasm!


      Reply from GI:

      ***Thank you for your feedback! You can play the game without spending money. This is a game of patience and a long term play. Game is in the active development state. Your opinion about the situation in the game will be taken into account. ***

      A game of patience? A game of trying your patience more like.


Deleted the new version – nothing to make me want to spend money or keep playing, bored with the original as no updates, haven’t spent money or much time as nothing new to do


I will continue to support this site because you offer information of value. I don’t have a problem paying for that. I really want MM to get their act together in either the old game or the new., or both. I really feel sad about seeing it come to an end. The old game has become so boring, and more and more people aren’t really playing which is making it harder and harder to get anywhere without the help of friends. I have 2 right side quests and short of the Alchemist, Labrinth, and Fortress collections I will be done with the old game. As for the new, I am one of those at level 35 and in zodiac mode and stuck.


    Yes, I’m at Level 35 too. All I’m doing is searching the room of the day and the Guild Events. 45 searches today yielded 3 Printing Sort. I’ll never have keys to search those paid rooms at that rate. At the most that would get me 9 Library Keys if every Vaishak gave them. At 30 per search I could search the Library once a week.

    We have a few Guild Players that really put an effort in so I want to support their efforts.

    It’s so discouraging!


When I was first assigned a Guild none of the players were active so I left and joined another. Not much improvement. We have two active players..three that do the minimum and receive full credit and five not participating. When I tried to leave this guild the system wouldn’t let me… said you’ve already switched guilds try again later. So I’ve stayed.
Please remind players to check back in when the event is over! All three of our minimum players didn’t check in for several days so the guild didn’t receive their points until they checked in again…. so not fair!


    Oh that is good to know. GI has not told me this. I will make sure to point that out to them!


      Yes.. if you notice when a player checks back in after the event it shows the full points..five for the daily check in plus whatever chest points the team earned. When they check back in after the event that’s when the guild gets the points! If they don’t check in for a few guild points😕
      As far as leaving the guild I tried to do it the same day…so I don’t know if I could have changed guilds again after a certain amount of time passed. Wonder if anyone else has tried to change quilts more then once?
      I’ve now invested too much in the guild I’m in.. so I won’t try to change now.


    This is my write up to GI. I’m sure it won’t be read until Monday. Did I miss anything?

    So, I’m reading the players comments. Funny that’s how we have to learn how the game works. Here are some things that should be changed.

    You have dumped players into Guilds with a bunch of players that don’t do anything. How hard could it have been to let players join a guild if they wanted to? You already knew how to do that! I can’t even say how stupid this concept is. What happened to Freedom?

    You tell players they can leave a guild but they’re put into another one and find out they’re a bunch of non-players again. But that’s it they’re stuck! How long until then can move again?

    Oh, an no one can collect their guild points and reward until everybody that played checks in? Really? That’s BS!

    This system is so wrong! Also, the players want a list of what rewards are in each chest! You could give that to us since you can’t seem to get it published on the Guild Event.

    Oh, and players should be required to do 5% to get the reward. This I did 2 or 3 searches and it’s 2% so I get the same reward as everyone that did 50+.

    Whoever did the write-up in the FAQs about Guild Events sure missed the part about giving the actual information on how it works.

Detective V

I do wonder if the tragic accident with the loss of their major developer had a big impact?


I really hope the powers that be at GI read this site and realise that people in general really don’t like the all new MM.


    I sent them the link to the last post. I know someone reads it but they need to pay attention.


I think I’m one of many that think this new game is nothing but $$ and have gone back to the old game. At least we can get chargers and exchange gifts and message. The new game has nothing to offer in my opinion. Even this guild thing is a laugh! GI has really made a mess of things.

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