Is it Time to Give Up?

Is it Time to Give Up?

I have played this game daily for nearly 3 months. I am beginning to feel like it is time to Give Up. We have 6 Free rooms. The cost of everything is exorbitant.

Opening Rooms

I’m stuck in The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS because I can’t open any rooms. Not that I would have keys to search them. I have reached Level 34. This means all rooms are now available for me to open except the Elevator.

I did a little calculating this morning and updated the Oceanic Room and Laboratory with how many diamonds you need to use to open these rooms. And how much money those Diamonds are to buy. I will not spend $50 to open the Laboratory! I will Give Up first.

I have quests to open Room 51 and the Sakura Room but they require charging an Artifact that there are no quests to obtain the collection items for. And when you could have earned them at 5 Mastery Stars those stars were taken away from you in Version 2.12.0.

The new Bedroom has items so small as to be indistinguishable as to what they are and I am zoomed in on a 12″ iPad. I can’t see to explore this room. I will have to give up on those searches until I can bomb or pointer my way through.

Guild Reward Expanded

The Guild Event lasts for 3 days with 1 reward at the end. These rewards are such a small number of items that I will not be using my valuable search energy. I will Give Up the Guild Events. Where are the diamonds or very hard to come by keys to search the rooms. Remember in the original Mystery Manor for the iPad how we could earn 100 keys for each of the basement rooms 3 times over the weekend? And we could purchase items for as little as 150 Guild Points.

The Guild Rewards had a scale of 40 and up. Here is what I noted about the rewards our guild had a low participation of 5 players this weekend and me made it to 200 Searches or 4 chests. Judging by the lack of decent rewards it seems like a waste of our Energy to do Guild events.

  1. 40 searches
    • 25 Guild Points
    • Firecracker
    • Inflatable Hammer
  2. 80 searches
    • 40 Guild Points – 65 total for 2 chests
    • Bomb for Match Three mini-game
    • 2 Pointers
  3. 150 searches
    • 100 Guild Points – 165 total for 3 chests
    • 5 Diamonds
    • Cup of Coffee
    • Suction Cup Gun
    • Horn
  4. 200 Searches
    • 50 Guild Points – so a total of 215 for the 4 chests.
    • Toy Pistol
    • Wooden Saber
    • oh! and the 2 Pointers we received for doing 80 searches last weekend have disappeared.

And then you Step into the Guild Shop!

Let’s talk about needing to do Guild Events for 4 months at this level in order to buy a Hot Dog that restores 80 Energy for 4,000 Guild Points! Even if you get more chests for searching the increased reward is pitiful.

Compare that to the 300-500 Guild Points you could earn in 3 events in the Original Mystery Manor iPad and purchase that same Hot Dog that restore 80 energy for 150 Guild Points!

Do I need to say how I feel about this?

Outrageous Conduct By GI

I personally think the names for the new snatchins should be Grubby, Greedy, Thieving, Stingy, Deceptive and Cheating.

The Mastery Star calculations were changed to make you move up stars faster according to GI. However all of my over 5 star rooms dropped to 4 and 20 searches moved me up 3% instead of 20% like it was. Plus, the move you up faster is the 2 searches to complete 1 Mastery Star and 3 or 4 to complete 2 Mastery Stars. My 1 star rooms that take keys all jumped to 3 stars. So, from 10 keys per search to 30.

I know they will tell you that is because the game is being actively developed but they need to tell us exactly how many points it takes to go up 1% in the game, or each star level. Oddly at the same time they made it impossible to earn as many points per search.

When you look at the reviews on the App Store GI is responding with statements like:

  • Thanks for the feedback! It will be taken minor account. You can play the game without spending money. This is a game of patience and long-term play.
  • Thanks a lot for your feedback! The game is being actively develop now, so there will be added a plenty of features and changes. Stay tuned for updates!
  • Dear player, than you for the feedback. In future updates we are going to add a lot of opportunities to get free energy in the game. Do not forget, that the game is being actively developed at the moment and it is not the final version.
    • This was on June 15. How many players are getting free energy? Do you get the video offers?
  • Regarding the original Mystery Manor: Right now we’re not planning to update Mystery Manor, but we will provide technical support for the game and will continue launching special event and competitions.
    • Anyone see an event? I asked for the Back to School Event but no go.

Yes, this post is a huge rant. I’m angry. I was so angry when the Guild Event ended last night and the reward was so pitiful I sent a very nasty message to GI. Plus, that small compensation they gave us Friday included the missing Guild Reward from the Bedroom search last weekend. Where are the Guild Points? None! And EVERY player got the same reward no matter their level or participation. This means players under level 10 that haven’t been automatically assigned a guild yet.

I’ve asked for a list of what you get in each chest. Oh, they wouldn’t want us to know that! Even playing you can only see 3 Guild Chests on the board at a time. We would all Give Up trying if we knew it would be so bad.

Website Status

So now that you all have just heard my rant about how awful I feel about the new game and the old here’s my plan. I am not actively playing the Original Mystery Manor. I will keep it up so I can see events, etc.

I am going to use my energy every day in the new game and have an honest talk with my GI contact when he returns from vacation in 2 weeks.

We will change the Super Sleuths Membership to be on a monthly basis only. I’m not going to close the web page at this time. However, when it’s time to pay all my renewal fees I will take a serious look at what to do.

I feel the players still need this page for some things and I’m not going to just quit on you on the page. Help each other out and answer questions. I’ll put information up as I obtain it. But I’ve got to put my energy into something more positive in my life.

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Detective V

I am not at all enamoured of the new MM.
However, after changing guilds many times, I am now in a guild with 9 of 10 players actively playing 🤗 and, we are getting some chests 👍
I am only playing daily contests and guild and treasure event when on but, prepared to keep a watching brief whilst doing these.
Tried seekers notes and secret society. Doing a bit of seekers but could not find the items on society so deleted.
Still doing some old MM.
Just thought I would put my pennyworth into the mix


I’m going to preface with I’m an analyst with an undergrad in accounting, so please bear with me. Also, I’m a HUGE procrastinator and there is something I really need to be doing, but, this is more interesting…

This morning I had the idea that I was going to do 2 identical searches of the living room. The first set I would run the best charms I had, and the second would be with none. I wanted to be able to prove the number of searches, so along with taking a screenshot at the end of each round, I started with a screen shot of the daily count, another at the end of the first and so on.

I completed about half of what I really need to be working on this weekend and then compiled this:

Silver Clover-50% higher chance of finding prizes
Silver Owl- 20% more experience
Copper Sun- 3x Energy recovery
Starting Energy 274
9 searches, 20 minutes one search in Mist

Collection Items- 14; 1 duplicate
Weapons 10; 3 suction cups, 2 sabers, copper horseshoe, oil cans (3), Golden Doubloon, magic staff
Experience- 423

On the second go round I actually started with 294 and was able to complete 10 searches, but I only used the first 9 for comparison. One search in W-O-W

Collection Items- 10
Weapons-9 BUT; 2 Printing Sort, 2 hot dog, suction cup, rubber hammer, horn, firecracker and magic staff
Points- 251466

My total points were 2% less when I was running the charms. However, my experience was only 13% greater with a charm that was allegedly giving me 20% more experience. Without the charm I somehow received better weapons and 14% more energy.

Without the charm 10 collection items, with 14, but 1 was a duplicate. So a 50% higher likelihood of finding an item yielded 4 extra items. A closer look at the individual searches shows that each search with the charm did yield a collection item. There was only one search that gave a zodiac item only, On 2 other searches with the charm, I received a collection gift as well as either an item to assemble the lab or zodiac things. There were searches without any charms that returned zero collection items. The one zodiac item I received in that set came along with another collection item. So, now. thinking this through even more, if we remove the assembly items from the collection items received, you come up with 11 with the charms and 9 without.

My opinion is the charms are minimally useful for finding things and useless for accumulating energy. If I have time tomorrow, I may try to do 9 more searches of the living room without charms, just to see what happens.

Oh…and not a single jug of milk!

I have a spreadsheet and screenshots if you want them Sharon!


    That is awesome. Sometimes I get into trying to analyze things. I’m a retired software engineer and I managed QA departments for years. I’m good with numbers. I appreciate the time you took to do this. You can email me the spreadsheet when you’re ready. I can put it up in a post.

    It’s a good way to procrastinate the work you’re really supposed to get done. I get obsessed with things that are wrong and how to fix them. I’ve been procrastinating finishing my cookbook for years! I write a food blog and recipes at No Shortcuts Natural Ingredients.


      Got a response from GI….This is not a glitch, it is working as designed.

      Alas, another diminished feature.


        So, you showed them the math versus the results and they said “yes!”….smh…

        Here’s the thing, and surely they are aware, we have laws against deceptive advertising. Of course, I don’t know that anyone actually purchases the charms… I also don’t know how long they will be able to hide behind their 2 favorite replies….the game is in active development and not being able to answer questions because it would divulge proprietary information.

        And the sad part is, I don’t believe anyone begrudges them making their money on the game. There are plenty of us willing to spend $$ for the entertainment. The only other game I play is candy crush. I’ve made my fair share of micro purchases in that game to finish a level….me and millions of others. As I’ve mentioned before, in the old game, when I didn’t have enough keys and the $.99 merchant would pop, I couldn’t tap on him fast enough, lol! But I’m thinking before I spend $6.99 and the answer is always “No!”.

        I’m hoping at some point in the near future they realize this.


          This is a Russian company. Do they have the same laws we do? We can complain to Apple if we didn’t get what we paid for. We can give them low ratings and write up logical reviews. If you buy diamonds and use those diamonds to buy charms that don’t work then you should ask for a refund.

          Here’s something I’ve noticed. There is a posted amount of experience earned for each search. However, depending on how fast you do that search the final number after your search is not always the same. Is it less? I’ve never seriously tracked it to find out. Eventually I keep track of these things but I haven’t done so in this game yet.

          I do know that when I use a charm to banish creatures there is never more given than if I didn’t use the charm.


            I quit wasting time with charms in this game early on. You can’t ever play long enough to “get your money’s worth”, and I agree that they just have no noticeable advantage in this version. I heavily relied on charms in the old game. If you used one, you could tell it was working. Nothing in this new game makes sense to me…except that GI wants my money. I have quit playing for the time being. I just don’t want to put forth the effort if it is going to stay this way. The old game used to be so fun. I had such high hopes. Sadly I will have to find a new game. I have read some suggestions on here. What are some good games with communities of people like this one???


              I started playing Seekers Notes after seeing someone here suggest it. You can have friends but can’t chat with them. There is a guild area that says will be active in future updates. It is very similar to MM, but so far you seem to get more play time. There are many ways to earn in game currency (rubies), it starts easy and gets progressively more challenging. Coins can be used to create charms and items for trading and banishings. The hidden objects scenes can be zoomed up close for those of us with less than sharp vision. I like it so far, but I need friends. My friend code is OBKDOY, or 0BKD0Y…I can’t tel if they are O’s or zeros. 😂 If anyone is playing or starts playing please send me a friend invite.


            I’m trying to get a handle on the relationship between, speed, points, and experience. I’m fairly certain energy is just something you find, but not ruling out that it is also part of the equation.

            I messed up when I screenshot this morning, so I’ll have to try again….


              Here’s the thing, you gain energy as you go along and if you mess up it doesn’t get taken away. I seem to get more energy in night mode. Maybe it’s because I find things faster in relation to how many minutes I have to search the room. I know they give you extra time in night mode but I haven’t paid attention to how much. And sometimes I do really well, I get 11 energy, experience and coins and nothing else!

              I get engrossed and mess up my screen shots all the time.


    I logged a ticket yesterday with GI regarding the clovers.

    Golden Clover (90%) does not increase the percentage for quest items when exploring rooms and barely increases rate for findable items. This makes Clovers less useful. As an example, the Golden Clover increased a findable item from 2.5 % to about 4.75 % if you do the math .9 x 2.5 = 2.25 + 2.5.

    With no increase in the quest items, this is almost useless.

    No comparison with the Golden turtle.

    No response, yet.

Pat H

I have had it with this crap. I searched the living room an additional 10 times right now and got zero credit. I am tired of this halfway done game. This is beyond ridiculous. I am with you Sharon, it is time to quit. It is not my guild, it is the stupid game and it’s developers.


I have been playing the old MM since 2011 and am now trying the new MM. I don’t see a lot of difference in the start up process between the old MM and the new one as far as the time it takes to progress. I remember when I first started playing the old MM that I could only play for short periods of time. I loved the full moon events back then because some of the monsters gave chocolate and coffee for energy (hint..hint..!)
Opening the rooms of the first floor took some time. It took forever for me to open the island but by the time I did open it I had lots of keys. Same for the new MM. I’m at level 37 and only have the twelve rooms open…but as I play I am accumulating keys for the other rooms (presently I have the following keys in inventory Oceanic – 101, Sakura- 84, Room 51- 193, laboratory-241, etc). I have noticed an increase in the amount of snatchin weapons that drop on room searches.
I enjoy playing this game or I wouldn’t keep playing it for seven years. I think it’s great that GI has decided to start a new game since they are unable or(unwilling??) to update the old MM.
I think GI is listening to us. They wouldn’t have started a whole new platform if they weren’t trying to keep their fan base. In the last three months we have had numerous updates… each time giving us a little more of what we are asking for. I say keep up the good work Sharon!
I agree with a lot of the comments here… We should be able to choose our guilds… my guild presently only has 5 members that are active! I don’t like that the guild doesn’t automatically get the guild points at the end of the event. We have to wait for the members to log in again before receiving the points. I also agree that the reward should be much more…where are our room keys or at the very least how about some energy rewards!
I have also never received the video offers😕.
I think the best thing GI could do right now is to give us the ability to have friends, exchange chargers and collection items and visit each other so we can “ kvetch ”… it would go a long way toward the social interaction that we are used to! Also agree it’s boring… maybe the daily contests could give guild points to help with the high price of the items in the guild store. Need more to do while we wait for our energy to restore..and please, please, please lower the amount of time it takes to restore energy.
I really don’t like that you have to use your room keys when there is a phenomenon present.. doesn’t seem fair to have to pay the higher energy it takes and use up our room keys too.
I miss that you can’t purchase a chest…rooms keys are way too expensive to purchase. You know the old saying “ask for less and get more” I would be more willing to spend my diamonds on room keys if they included the chests we are used to.
I do spend money on this game but I am budget conscious about it.. I do purchase the dragon because it lasts all month.
GI IS being very greedy in this game…but we don’t have to spend if we don’t want to. But I also realize it must cost a lot to build this new I spend only what I’m comfortable with (no regrets ) it’s entertainment.
I’m going to give it a little more time and hope that all of Sharon’s hard work on getting GI to listen to the changes that need to be made will pay off. It seems to be working..hence all the updates in such a short amount of time.
Don’t give up on us Sharon you make a “huge impact “one step at a time! I say you’re making progress..keep it up. I love this website and I do subscribe to help support it because I think it’s well worth it!
Hope to see all my long time MM friends at our usual high achiever levels in the new MM in the near future!


    I agree with you whole heartedly. I’m at level 35. I have to say I don’t have anywhere near the quantities of some of the keys. But, I also won’t trade with the roamers until I get the rooms opened because undoubtedly there will be a quest to trade, so I’m hoarding those weapons.

    Some things to add to the “list” 1-the duration and effeciveness of charms. Most specifically the golden sun. In the old game the golden Phoenix increased energy restoration by 85%, or, it if you watched, it just ticked along until you were at your max. With the golden sun and 10x restoration, your still waiting over a minute per unit of energy. 2- hearty dinner in the old game 60 diamonds increase your energy by 10 and fully restores it. New game 190 diamonds, only increase you by 5 and only gives 400 energy. Not really sure why anyone would by it.

    The prizes in the guild event are a joke. The only way I participate is if it happens to be the room of the day, which so far, one of the days has been in each event. But really, it’s the definition of insanity. You keep exploring the same room for these chests, that once you attain the chest, the contents changes. We have made it to the third and forth chest in each even so far and haven’t seen a diamond. I have 125 inflatable hammers, I really don’t need anymore, thanks!

    The biggest frustration is searching with no reward. They really need to work on their algorithms. I don’t mind if the game is hard. But you need to reward each search with something other than useless coins…do no get me going about the coins….


      You should be getting 5 diamonds at 3 chests. If you’re not open a ticket. I listed the rewards I knew in a previous post. I have asked for the entire list. Even with 10 searching how would you ever get to 24 chests in 3 days? Regardless, they should be up front about what’s in each chest. They need to commit to something and stick with it.


        Nope… mpruggiero has it correct. My guild has presently received chest three and almost at chest four. The rewards change once you get to chest three and the reward you were going to get moves. Right now the 5 diamonds and 100 points moved to chest five (280 searches). For chest three we only received 25 points and chest four will be 40 points.


          Yes I see the current line is 40, 80, 150, 200, 280, 380, 460 but the rewards are not shown. Alwaysonly the first 3 Chests Fred left to right.

Detective V

I gave up and deleted the original MM after the debacle towards the end of last year (having played for many years) when I lost many levels, quests completed, and the first money I had spent, on the 99 chest. At that point I didn’t have the will to go on.
I have tried the new MM and find it very, very disappointing, not at all a production game looking for players.
So, I went back to the old MM as a new player starting from scratch.
That is not enjoyable either. There is no continuity to the game or quests at all. It is very confusing being asked to explore rooms, as a new player, you have never heard of, basement, boss rooms, space, flying saucer, zodiac, when you are under level 50. The old MM should not be marketed to new players, especially if going nowhere.
I think GI must be on the way out of MM games. Haven’t tried any of their other games, none appealed to me.


    You didn’t get a list of 50+ quests on the left to complete? When I started over there were too many quests and some of them couldn’t be done until you were at least level 100 and had completed zodiac, opened all the boss rooms and crazy stuff.

    I played Mirrors of Albion before this one and quit because of all the bugs. 3+ years ago when I took over this website I had actually quit playing I was so disgusted with the problems. However, I’d done a little bit of posting for the previous owner. I’d created the collections table and I hated to see the site shut down because it was so useful for players. I’ve put a lot of hard work and time into this site over the past 3+ years. It’s what’s kept me going in the game.

    I have never given GI a penny of my money. They’ve never given me any money. But I’m sure I’ve made them a lot by keeping this valuable resource going for the players.

    But I believe in honesty and being ethical in the way you treat people. I don’t think the players are being treated with fairness and respect. They are preying on people with addictive personalities to pay, pay, pay. Shame on them!


    I didn’t get caught in the debacle last year, but it was only because i kept my game turned off for 2 weeks.
    However, my mother started up the game so she could play along with me. It bewildered her with all the quest icons on the left. She still hasn’t gotten past the Zodiak part – but is grateful for that.
    If my game had been lost in the debacle, I would not have started over.

Lisa Ritchie

No video for me either. I think I am going to play out my diamonds and give up the goat.
No matter what we ask GI we never get a straight answer. I have quest from day one that I can’t complete because I am not paying for chargers. I might now.
Then be done.


    if you’re giving away a goat, I know someone who will take it! They’re great for over growth management.

Barbara Baverstock

No video here either


I got a note back from MM about the fact that I have never gotten the video for extra energy.
It basically says that who gets the video is random and that I will get it again some day. Again? AGAIN? I never got it in the first place. They certainly didn’t read my email/note.


No video here either. Following is comment I sent to nmm game help. The response was thank you we are working on improving the game. Lots of work ahead fir them I say!!
‘You can make the game more enjoyable with achievable objectives. So much potential here but you’re not focussing on keeping players interest so they keep buying energy to progress. No fun in just buying way into rooms. I.e. laboratory requiring 35 of each of items that never drop. How to open other rooms requiring items from mastery level 5 in paid rooms and no opportunity to get the items to progress in mastery of those rooms without spending volumes of $ on keys!! Would love to delete game but have spent so much money already hoping for some improvement to get back a bit of fun value for the money already invested!!!
Seriously – forget the money – this game is totally boring with no achievable quests.
Bring back events in original mm – what happened to St Patrick’s Day and Back to School for starters!!!


    That was a great comment. It pointed out the key to this game being fun. We need to be able to achieve something, not just buy our way through.

    I sent them a link to this post and asked them to be sure and read all the comments.


I am in total agreement. I will no longer buy anything that takes $. I spent my diamonds on leveling up rooms with 35 diamond silver sun. Just to have all it taken away. I still see some players with 80,000 points on the board. I can barely get 30,000 points. I am playing in guild events until my diamonds are gone. Then I am done. Also the match three event, you no recourse to keep your keys. You have to take the piddley energy. So generous, not. I have plenty of collections that need charging, but can’t because the chargers don’t drop. Of course we can buy them. No! I don’t mind working hard at searching, but we canieven do that because energy recharging stinks. I am now playing G5 hidden adventures. It is harder to find items, but rewards are great, daily Useful items given. G5 will get my money now.
Most of all thank you for your great, and wonderful work Miss Willow, many hugs.


    I play both Secret Society and Paranormal by G5. Both are more fun at this point.


I’ve never had a video


Personally I never opened the New Mystery Manor. I was so disappointed that GI chose to go the route of creating a new version of the game rather than making updates and improvements in the original game. I may be in the minority but I have never spent a penny on the game and do not intend to, so my progress is slower than some. I play on an iPad mini and already have difficulty discerning some details in the original MM, names of players being one thing. I still have quests to complete so I have goals, but I can see how players who have already completed all or most become bored. As it is, I spend an exorbitant amount of time gifting and visiting my friends, with little time left to actually play the game. Improvements in the area of gifting would be welcome. Friends I have made are what keep me playing the game.


I’m level 27, am chatting with guild mates and that is the only pleasurable part. Seven of my eleven left hand quests deal with the Library or Hunting Room. I refuse to pay money on a new game that moves so slowly! I spent way too much money on their original game but I really enjoyed it! The quests I have finished made me feel like I was twelve when their “interactive” sprinkle the color dust on the card happened. In the old MM I do so love the guild events and wish they would provide more old seasonal quests so I could finish a few collections up! Our guild has really moved up – probably because the top hundred are imploding… thank you for all you do!

Eric curran

I find that I get the video twice a day and thats when I play the game,I now have 300 diamonds and have not spent a dime,I don,t know if we all have the same but find that I am quite content with this


    I have never gotten a video. I have spent a few dollars and my diamonds are few and far between. It’s really not fair. I wish I knew how they choose who gets the perks and who doesn’t.


      I have also never got the videos and that really is my biggest issue with the game at the moment because it is so completely unfair that it is not equal for all of us.
      Yes there are lots of other issues in the game as well but at least everyone has those issues.
      I spent real money months ago to get a cheap dragon and GI have rewarded me but not allowing me to get any free energy- I guess they think I will use more of my money to buy some but there is no chance they are getting anymore of my money.
      If they fix all of the issues in the game but then still don’t make the videos available to everyone, I will not continue playing.


    I have never gotten that video.


    When that video disappears how will you feel about spending 100 energy and 50 keys to search a room? Will you get your 20 searches a day in to gain diamonds? How long will those hoarded diamonds last?

    Honestly, I think everyone should get the same videos! It needs to be and equal game for everyone.


I would enjoy the NMM if it weren’t so explensive and since I can only play about 20 minutes at a time.
The Old MM has gotten so boring. All we do is the guild events and the every other week token event.
And we don’t even do all the guild events anymore, especially those that take 3 hours or more to finish.
If it weren’t for my great guildie mates, I would quit now.


Ok things are getting worse. $50.00 for 50 seeds , 5 dinners and some chargers. Lol They must be out of their minds and laughing at us.


Deleted the new game. I have a lot of patience, but the game is just not fun. Will play the original mm for now. Also will consider joining mm friends on secret society. I fail to understand why anyone would continue playing if they are not enjoying the game.


    We have all been hoping for improvements but it seems they are focusing their attention on how to make more money. Bugs from the beginning of the game have never been fixed. You can’t scroll the collections table for anything!

    They push out a release with features that haven’t been tested on Friday when there’s no support on the weekend and no developers to fix bugs. I have offered to test this game many times before release but they just don’t want to do that. I have a background in testing. I think players would rather wait for a feature than have it not work and waste all their resources. We would all have rather waited for the Friends so we could pick our own Guilds.

    I was giving them a chance but no money!


      Yes, I agree, I don’t understand why they didn’t test the game before releasing it instead of trying to fix and change things as they go – this is only going to upset players. At the very least they should advise people when they download the game that is is still under development.


I am totally fed up with the new MM, not only does it keep crashing on my old iPad which means I have to use my phone which makes searching so much harder, I feel I am getting nowhere. Still playing the old game as I am in a guild but much prefer that to the new one. I will use whatever I have on new game but will not spend any money in either game. Thanks for all the help you have given.
Frustrated Dot


I am totally in agreement with the cost of,the game and if you have no diamonds you really can’t play.
I just keep complaining to them.


I have been overwhelmed with the cost of this game as well. What a disappointment.


One event you needed to get an item from a sea game. It,was thee only place to get it. To start you got 25 tries, but the game Level 38) is hard. If you don’t finish in 25 moves, they offer you 5 more tries for 25 diamonds, then again if after 5 tries, it’s not finished, you,are,offered 9 tries for 25 more diamonds . It becomes, very,expensive. I wrote to them with my complaint and their reply,was they are,working,on it. And to top it all, I still didn’t get the item.


Ahh! So they finally admitted they’re not going to update the game! What a deceptive, shady group! I should ask for all of my money back!


I totally agree with you, I can imagine your frustrations. I tried the new game, saw it kept wanting money and was so slow..went to level 14 only. I just check in, played 1 guild event where 5 peeps only played. You have gone way beyond the scope of trying to help and lead us in MM and the new MM. I would like to thank you very much.

I started playing Secret Society. Our whole Guild is playing SS plus we set up a chat between other players that use to play MM plus a page for tips, so we do not miss MM or the new MM. One of the players in our Guild who is very knowledgeable and has been helping us with SS is also playing Seeker Notes. Both have a wiki site so information is readily available. It is such a shame GI changed hands and was so greedy, I miss MM friends, spent money, but it is only entertainment. Thank you again. Roverout


    I also play Secret Society. I don’t often go to the FB page though.


The old game you could play for hours on end. Chat with friends. Help your neighbors and get help in return. You could fill an entire day if you wanted to! 15 minutes a day is not worth the commitment or the money. I would love to see the keys drop for the room key chests like the old game. Even make keys 1 diamond each. I have a hard time buying the keys because they are so expensive. Everything is. I bought a dragon. I patiently collected my diamonds every day. I spent m diamonds in a day. Just too much. This game had such great potential. They have squandered it. I think everyone is so far over it, unless they stop with the greedy prices and such, and give us obtainable quests, I think this community is done. I am at my wits end. I think I. Am hanging on simply because I want it to be good. In reality, it sucks! No more money from me… I have only spent $8. I agree that it’s time to walk away. It’s hard to understand how a company could do this to such a loyal community. They have so many people who just want what we had. Willing to spend! Blows my mind…


    Everything you said Lanah. You know how bad it is when Sharon, an avid supporter and champion of Original MM all is ready to ditch it. I have no doubt that a lot of people persevered with Original MM thanks to Sharon and this website, me included. GI have shot themselves in the foot with the NMM, there is nothing much to like about it compared to the original. Yes, they might draw in a lot of new players but I can’t see that many will have staying power. It’s slow and unwieldy to advance and the Guild thing is a joke. 5 minutes to renew 1 point of energy, as I said, a joke.

Linda Greene

Do not like the new game at all. Played for awhile but gave up. To expensive and slow to get anywhere.
Still playing the old game with my guild and old friends just because and it’s a way to keep in touch


I started playing at the start, found the constant pop-ups which suggested buying items I needed irritating and stopped.

Went back a few weeks ago and started playing, got put into a random guild and tried to play an event, but saw no reward.

Have the boring video to help with energy but have stopped playing again as find it difficult to get items to fulfill quests. I got to level 25…I think!
I am still playing the original MM but if it wasn’t for my guild and friends, I wouldn’t play that anymore.


I am giving it another month to see if it improves. Then will call it quits. I too have purchased dragon.


Guys it’s simple DO NOT purchase anything by way of using your own money – if this doesn’t change the mindset of GI then goodbye, sayonara, ciao and ce lest vie!


Have not and will not load the new game!
Decided to stay with old game, but cannot contact GI to let them know link to weekend gift does not work.
Every time I hit GI button, game freezes.
Any suggestions?


    You have to use the game insight website for support. They disabled to G! But of course can’t update the game to remove or fix it.


I agree with you also. I can not get anywhere because I get booted out every time I attempt to do anything in this game. I do not know how anyone would even think about purchasing anything. I will never pay a single penny on this version or the other.


I agree with everything you said. I’m only at level 23; but I can’t see playing this game anything more than casually (if I even bother to stick with it) because of how ridiculously long it takes for energy to recharge and how incredibly expensive everything is. I’ve already told my guild I’m not sure how much longer I’m hanging in there. And speaking of guilds, I’m annoyed that GI never gave us a choice about joining one, as I would’ve opted out precisely because I knew I might not be sticking with this version of the game. For now, I’m still playing the old MM far more regularly, mostly because of friends — but it definitely helps that energy recharges so much faster there! To me, this version of MM just seems to be a glorified money pit — which is a real shame, because if GI hadn’t been so greedy, they might’ve gotten a lot more older MM players moving over (maybe even exclusively) to this version and attracted a whole new generation of loyal players to the game. However, I can’t imagine that happening, given how expensive the game is and how quickly energy runs out.


I am playing out my diamonds and deleting the game. Do not see any purpose in staying with a game where you can explore only a few rooms before your energy wears out.

Pat Hilliard

Totally agree with everything you said Sharon. I think the thing that infuriates me is they have made the play unfair for everyone. It is not right for some players to get free energy from watching a video. I have only spent about $20 on the game. I purchased a dragon for $2.99 and recently a second dragon. But I will not spend another penny on the game. I am playing out my diamonds and then I will close out the game. I had to play the bathroom once this weekend with a phenomenon in an adjacent room and it cost 71 energy. What a crock of manure! I am not real impressed with my guild members but at least most of them are contributing. I am not seeing this game sticking around for the long time.


I have deleted the new manor. Greedy Gi, I could see where it was heading.

Lisa Ritchie

I agree with the 15min game play and nothing really dropping when you search we are all stuck unless we spend money which I will not do.
The one thing they need to do is add friends immediately and let us trade chargers like we did in the old game. This was we can progress a little.

I will not play the new guild game. We had 3 people only do searches. How do you get any where when 7 are incognito.
We need to revamp this and let us choose our guild members so we know these are active players and not just somebody who downloaded and hated and doesn’t play.

Sorry didn’t mean to rant. Seekers notes huh?????


    I agree. I had a big rant too! We all have to let it out somehow.


I have pretty much given up already. GI are far to greedy. The whole game is far too frustrating.

Rose Strain

I already bailed out. The game is no longer fun and lacks a personality. The community is dwindling. And, there are many other fun games that are not so costly of time, effort, money.

I hated to end it after so many years. Farewell to all. YourMIL


You forgot to mention the Achievements. A few, such as the Robot and Green Man don’t count. A few, such as the Demon don’t exist.

The rewards are minuscule, by comparison to the old MM.

There are also collection items which belong to collections we can’t access.

I am at level 37 and just got the Dragon which is the most reasonable purchase item. I will not go through hoops to open the 6 rooms I can’t get to.

I’m not sure how many inmates are running the GI asylum but it surely seems they are on drugs. I do have some empathy for the support staff as they are pretty responsive even with the canned responses.


    Yes, Andrew is doing a great job with the support. Unfortunately he is my source of information while my regular contact is on vacation and he caught the brunt of my anger last night. It was after midnight my time, I’m not usually up so late. I did make sure and tell him I don’t blame him for any of the issues and his response has been great. He passed on my comments as I requested.

    I have had such a hard time completing achievements that I did forget about them. I do,have a few to update in the table and will try to get to that tomorrow.


    I feel the same way. I like the game. It’s hard. I’m at 34. I spend some, but only on energy to play.

    I’ve actually noticed the weapons for the library, hunting and fortune telling rooms roamers falling a bit more frequently with the update. I’ve also completed a bunch of old quests since the update. I have accumulated about 7 of each item for the lab and I’m all over the board getting to zodiac 2 of one 7 of another.

    My point is, while I was incredibly frustrated at first with the update, I’m seeing now after playing a bit that it wasn’t all bad. I’m looking at it as a Marathon.


I have started playing and am 2 weeks in on level 14. I refuse to spend any money so its slow going. I was put into a guild. No one seems to communicate. Only had one reply to one of my questions. some people are not playing. and hardly anyone bothers with guild events. It takes so long to get any stars so doubt I will ever get many rooms open. Not nearly as interesting as the old Mystery Manor for Ipad. Will stick it for a while longer but probably give up.


I too am frustrated. I am at level 35 and have 3 rooms in zodiac mode and only 3 shatters. I sent a message this morning because the rooms in zodiac mode are the living room, hall and bedroom. This means I can’t participate in today’s contest because that requires searching the living room. I complained that I can’t search these rooms and shatters are only obtaining from banishing 2 knights for which I can’t get the weapons to drop, plus they require 30 and 10 energy respectively once you have the weapons. I have 4 rooms I can’t open plus the Orb, the Island and the ship. Basically I am stuck. The said they will try to improve this with further updates. I refuse to spend 85 diamonds for 50 shatters, which is what is required to enter the room. I want to know how people are able to search rooms in the contest over 100 times; that would cost someone today to explore the living room 3,500 energy. How are people doing that? That was my biggest frustration with the old game is that the playing field isn’t the same for everyone, and I had hoped this game would be different. I can’t and won’t spend that kind of money. Don’t even get me started on the Guild events. I wasn’t every successful and the old game because it required so much time; clearly I will be even worse in this one. Feeling sad because had they done this right and not been so greedy this could have been a great game. I am left feeling undecided. Playing the old game is boring because nothing is going on and it doesn’t seem that anyone is really playing. Wish I could transfer all my diamonds from the old game to this one. At least it would keep me going for a bit.


    I am deliberately not clicking that box on the right that will give me zodiac mode for the very purpose.

Lyna M Gunderson

I’m seriously contemplating leaving both games. I’m sick of the politics and greed of the developers. I will miss my friends terribly, but I need to move on to something that doesn’t make me angry every day. I play games to help with stress and depression. I lost my dad and my mom went into severe dementia. My MM friends helped me through some of this and are still helping, but the game is a joke.
Thank you for listening!


Even though I played the guild in the new game, I did not receive the prize. I clicked on claim, but nothing. I love the graphics but it really isn’t worth playing. I wish they would spend the money moving the original onto a newer interface so it could continue to be the active program.


Thank you—you are absolutely correct, this game has so many bad things about it. I have messaged GI about all you wrote. I also have complained about the use of “charms”—they barely work! I also asked about the purchasing of chests for keys and chargers. They actually answered me back with “we don’t know what you mean by chests”. I nearly died. The other thing is the Zodiac mode—the methods to get shards is ridiculous! I will play but I will not spend money on it. I’m on level 38 and have most of the rooms available to be opened but I can’t get through the quests. Sorry this rambles on—but I’m so angry.


I agree. GI has made it hopeless to progress in the game without paying a lot of money or waiting a year to complete a quest to charge a collection. It’s crazy and sad. I really enjoyed the original MM and the people I met thru the game, but am down to just the guild events. Given how they treated players in the original over the years, there is no way I’d give them money for the new one. I can only play for 15 min in the new one before running out of energy, which I guess is their goal. So, I guess it’s time to find another game. Any suggestions?


    I hear players like Seeker’s Notes that have left this game and that you can have friends there.


      Seeker’s Notes is a fun game. You can have friends, but you can’t communicate with them. Only go to their place and see what they have on their wish lists!


        I just joined Seekers Notes. Anyone who wants to be my friend my code is OBIOJE.

          Lisa Ritchie

          It says your code is invalid. Can you try mine


I totally agree with everything you have said. I want to love this game and it had so much potential but it seems the greed of GI has made the game unplayable.
I have the game on 3 devices as I was testing things out . On my main game which is an iPad I have not received one of the energy videos yet and I am not happy about this, especially as I spent real money on a dragon at the start of the game. My 2nd game is on my old iPad that is ios9- I do get the free energy videos on this but the game is so unstable on this device it constantly shuts down the game and I lose my energy-I don’t think the game should be available on ios9. My 3rd game is on an android device and I don’t get the energy videos on that but the game is stable.
I don’t understand why everyone isn’t getting the videos-those that have them have a huge advantage and this isn’t fair.
I really hope that they make some big changes to the game but I fear this is not to be.

Paul D

The only way to fix this is for everyone to stop playing the new game and stick with the old one. Send a message to them.


    They have posted that they cannot update the original game because of technology. What I don’t understand is why they had to exponentially increase the price of everything in the new game.

      Paul D

      That is just an excuse, the old technology is still there it hasn’t gone away, this is just a way of them making more money. It is frustrating because so many people enjoyed the old game


I agree. So frustrated with the little play I can do each day. I have no keys for the rooms that require keys. I won’t explore bedroom. I will give it a few more weeks of limited plays to see if a new update is added. I also have a guild where only 4 people play. We ar so far down we are off the guild chart. Love my guild with the original game.


My answer is yes.

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