Mastery Star Progress Revamped

Mastery Star Progress Revamped

Since The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS update to version 2.12.0 we have all noticed some huge changes in our Mastery Star Progress. I’ve been chatting with Support at GI and will share what I know.

So this is how my morning starts. I get a cup of coffee and open my iPad. I read all my messages and all the comments from overnight. I’m in southern California so I’m one of the last awake people and I see things like updates later than you do. Then I try to pile up all my questions and screen shots and send them to GI before they go home for the day. It’s like a mad rush for me to not have to wait for the next day. Many times I send a list of questions and remarks before I go to bed so they start their day with them and can answer them for me to read when I wake up!

Unfortunately my regular GI contact is on vacation for 3 weeks. Horrible timing I know. However, I have asked and received answers to many of the questions and problems players are reporting.

Mastery Star Changes

  • Suddenly after the update we notice that rooms we have filled our 5th Mastery Star in are now down in the low percentage of the 4th Star.
  • When we search a room we have a 0% increase in our Mastery Star Progress.
  • When you go to the rooms that required keys suddenly you are at 3 Mastery Stars and need to use 30 keys to search instead of the 10 or 20 you previously needed.
  • I personally did 19 searches in the Living Room this morning and my Mastery Star percentage in the 5th Star only increased a total of 3%.
  • The points you are receiving after a search are only a fraction of what you were receiving prior to the update. While this all seemed inconsequential because there is no reward for your ranking shown in the list it is extremely important.

What GI tells us about the Mastery Star Changes

  • This is being sold to us as a benefit because we are supposed to be able to earn our way faster to the next mastery star.
    • It only took 2 searches to complete 1 star and a few searches to complete 2. My progress in the 3rd star varied between 9% and 11% for each search.
  • Those points you have been earning are how your Mastery Star increases now. It is no longer based on the number of searches. I don’t have the exact numbers to tell you how this works but it stinks!
    • The possible points you could earn were decreased dramatically.
    • GI took all the points you’d earned so far in the game and adjusted your Mastery Star to what it would be in the new calculations. Yes, they went back to the beginning of your game.
    • Since the first and second star took less points to complete that increased your stars in the rooms you have to pay for so that now you need more keys.
      • I have requested a compensation of 100 keys per room for them increasing the number of keys we need. There are only 6 rooms in the Manor that don’t require keys.
  • This is the explanation from Support on the increase.
    • You may get less than 1% in this case rating will not be immediately increased but points still will be recorded. As soon as you accumulated the amount of points sufficient to raise the Mastery % will be increased.
  • I told GI if they were going to increase Mastery Stars based on those points that big window that shows our score needs to show how many points are needed to reach the next star. If it’s accumulated points we need to see this. It’s a waste just to give us a huge window that says we earned this many points and our new Mastery Star amount is what percentage. He has forwarded this suggestion to developers.Mastery Star Progess End Score
  • GI says it’s not very clear right now how these points work and they will add it to the FAQs. I quite clearly told him this was some crazy statistics calculations and the players would be very unhappy. I was ready to say I QUIT! I’ve heard of some fool ideas but this one takes the cake.

Issues with Bedrooms Not Starting at Zero Mastery Star

I know GI Support has told many players that there were no problems found with the Mastery Stars when the Bedroom opened after Version 2.12.0 when everyone should have had Zero. I personally was at 4 and I took a screen shot. After I sent that screen shot this morning I had their attention. I also sent screen shots of some of the website comments regarding this and told them many players had this issue.

This information will be forwarded to developers. Not only did the players that had 4 stars waste energy I suspect they also weren’t earning points to the next Mastery Star.

Guild Rewards

The first Guild Event to search the Bedroom over the weekend was a confusing mess. Many players had searches not count. Then the rewards did not show properly and guilds did not receive a reward. GI is working on a solution to that and say they have all the numbers to provide the proper reward when they get it fixed.

Regardless of the issues they started a new Guild Event to search the Dressing Room right away. This one was only 2 days. Our guild complete 84 searches, nothing like the effort we put into the Bedroom searches. We received the proper window to collect our reward this morning and they were all combined. It was possible to tap on each of those chests and get a Claim Reward Button endlessly. I see we gained the Guild Points but am not sure about the other prizes because when I went to my inventory windows there were no numbers to indicate an increase in items. Next time I will check those numbers ahead of collecting a reward. The Event window became blank after I went to the Chat window and returned.

Guild Reward

We received:

  • 65 Guild points – 25 for 40 searches, 40 for 80 searches
  • Firecracker – 40 searches
  • Hammer – 40 searches
  • Bomb – 80 searches
  • 2 pointers – 80 searches

Guild Reward Prizes

If your Guild did 150 searches you would receive an additional:

  • 100 Guild Points
  • 5 Diamonds
  • Cup of Coffee
  • Pop gun

Thank you everyone for all your patience. I collect all questions and gather answers for as much as I can. There are many posts with questions and answers about the changes in the game. Please read through those posts and their comments to help you find answers.

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I am only on level 22. To get open the African room open I need level 4 in Kitchen to get the key, I have 18% in kitchen so at current rate I need to search at least 164 times at 45 energy each time. So I can search 6 times with full energy so nearly a month just to do that 1 quest. Then the Lab is next? I also searched over last 2 days the hallway for the Zodiac quest and got nothing, it’s seems when I use a charm I get less items for searching. Probably will not carry on much with game and be a bit player


    I was lucky enough to have opened the room before the Mastery Star change but have not explored because I have no keys.


I am not a dedicated player of this new version of MM and never intended to be because I didn’t want to start the same game over again. I was curious, though, and installed it. Then found out there are no friends so no way to request items to be able to complete collections. Then a few days in ALL my quests were to complete collections. Of course, I could buy them with in-game currency that I need to buy with real money. The third day I opened the game, multiple windows popped up with things I could buy. That sealed the deal for me. GI only wants our money, period.

These changes only highlight that. They don’t care about the people who play the game (why don’t we get to choose our guild mates?!), only those who will spend, spend, spend to make progress in the game. I’m done with this version of the game. I’ll play the original MM until I can’t. Good luck to all of you as you continue forward with this money pit of a game.


The Underwater Adventure event is back. I already can’t get past the 2nd level, lol. I can’t tell that I got anything for the first guild event and I didn’t get a chance to help with the second so I guess I won’t get anything at all for the guild. At least my guild gets points from me when I check in each day. The point system for room searches sounds just too complicated for simple ol’ me. I just want to play and not worry about details. Is that too much to ask for in a game? It’s supposed to be fun, not work. I just spent another $5 on a dragon so I’ll stick around until it expires. Thank you, Miss Willow, as always.


    There has been no reward given for the first event yet. I am still pressuring GI to fix this and send a reward.


When I opened the game this morning I received 30 diamonds, 10 pointers, 3 chocolates, 5 bombs and a few other things. There was a message about technical problems. Is this supposed to be the missing reward for the first guild event? I had another guild member who did roughly the same as what I did in that guild event and she said she got a third of what i got.


    This cannot be the guild event reward. There are no guild points awarded. I asked where that was and have not received an answer.


      I was told this was in lieu of the guild event reward.


        This compensation was to make up for the Guild Reward, the problems people had with their new Bedroms starting at 4 stars and the changes in the Mastery Levels.


First, Has anybody been able to assemble the items for the laboratory? I don’t see any rooms or creatures that have these items.

Second, has anybody having troubling completing the the empire cake collection? I need the “mikado sweet roll” and i see no rooms and no creatures that have it. I sent a note to GI and I am waiting for them to get back to me.


    Items for lab are in rooms with the 3 phenomenon (Mist, Idol, and W-O-W), the television robot has the battery and the Match 3 mini-game has the duct tape.


      Thank you! I will check it out.


        I did look and the television robot does not have the battery and the match three mini game does not have the duct tape.


          Mine do. You have to get to the quest Drill a Hole in the Wall before you see the items available to find. The quests for this are listed on the Laboratory Page if we have them.


    For mikado sweet roll…if it is a quest it should tell you where to find it. Otherwise, it is in the kitchen and it will be on list of items to find at 5th Star level.


      It is a quest but it doesn’t tell me where to find it. However, I am not at the 5th star level. I will keep checking. Thank you for your help.


        If it is for the quest “Unrequited Love” then you can find it in the Hunting Room.

Detective V

Is there a Friday bonus available somewhere for the NMM?


    No, they are not giving those.


Has anyone had difficulty trying to play the Contest today? I have played but keep getting Phenomenon in the Bathroom 4 at least one right After the other that are eating up my energy. I have only earned 1 reward where I have been getting all 3. This is just making everyone frustrated and wanting to say forget this. I tried to send a message and screenshot to GI and keep getting the message “this is inappropriate…please reword you message!!

Which makes me feel more frustrated. What the HAY are they trying to achieve? Not this I hope!


This is very disappointing. At the end of the day there were a lot of disappointed and upset people the GI decided not to updated the old version and now to change and manipulate the new game to make it hard and more expensive (for those spending money). I don’t think they realize how many of us enjoyed playing the game and putting up with all the issues of the old game near the end because of friends etc. Why put out a new version if it doesn’t work and is not fully functional. I don’t believe any other game would do that and expect new people to play. It’s because Mystery Manor players loved the game and are willing to be frustrated with the lack of GI’s concern for their fan base. I think it might be time to leave and come back at a later date when this game is actual complete and functional


My game continues to crash after every 1-2 searches. I got where I could open the Africa room and used my key to do so and crashed. When I opened the game again the room wasn’t open but the key was gone. But their pop up ads seem to work just fine!


    My game is also crashing at the worst possible time. [Heavy sigh]


I was trying to give this game a chance. So I have been playing since it rolled out. But now I think I will pack it in.
We only get to play for about 15-20 a day and then we need a whole day for the energy to replenish. I only have 290 an it goes really fast. We were thrown into Guild without choosing and we have one member who has done 1 search total. Probably someone who doesn’t play anymore and now we are stuck.

Don’t get me started on the star progress. I was only at one star in the Library now I am up to 3. I have about 4 quests to explore the library but now I need 30 keys instead of the 10. Trying to get keys is almost an impossibility. The items needed to trade with the snatchins just don’t drop. It is like they are forcing us to buy and spend diamonds to continue in this game and i WILL NOT PLAY THAT GAME.

    Detective V

    Well, I hadn’t searched the library at all before the update and although it is now open it needs 75 energy and 25 keys to do my first search, weird .


At this point, it doesn’t seem worth it. Thanks for what you do but the other games is by far more sophisticated. This one is a joke!


Pearl’s Perils fills their stars with points, so I understand the rationale. They don’t let you know how many points are needed either (just show you the partially filled star), but it would be helpful. If Gi had started with points, it would be less frustrating. The idea of 100 Keys would be a bit of a salve, they should consider it. I love getting keys for guild events like in old MM. Our guild event(s) worked out in the end, I think we got both quests included in chest/points totals. Thank you for all you do!


I concur on all points and right now am fighting with them for a full refund of all money spent in the game. My argument is I only spend diamonds on energy and they basically negated the bulk of my searches by lowering all of my level 5 rooms to 4 without exception and raised all my keyed rooms to three. Since they can’t explain how they came to the levels it obviously was arbitrary. I told them I would gladly take game currency. I’ll keep you all updated.

I would recommend anyone that has purchased energy go ahead and make the same argument with them and make the same request of Apple. When I first told GI I wanted a refund, they referred me back to Apple, who sent me back to the developer. I’m a bit of a bulldog, so I’ll gladly harass them twice a day until I get board. It’s the pricnciple of the thing. i want credit for my searches!


    You go!! I agree with you 100% and stand behind you. If you spent money on energy to obtain the Level 5 you should be there. This is a side I hadn’t considered. I refuse to give them money.


      I had some Apple gift cards we had accumulated. I truly don’t mind how challenging the game is. The only thing I will “buy” is energy to play. I think early on I may have purchased a few pointers with the diamonds they gave us to start. There may have been one or two things in the Match three when I was frustrated on a level, but really, I’d say 90-95% of what I used was to purchase energy (cheese cakes 🙂 for game play.


      Here is my reply to their stunning gift this morning:

      Those gifts are not going to compensate me for what I lost vs what I spent…5 diamonds and 50 energy??? I don’t think so. You need to come up with something more equitable for people that spent money on energy. Off the top of my head I purchased 2 dragons, the $50 diamond at 1.3x and a great deal on diamonds at $19.99…maybe 850? To end up with every other player and only 8 failed rooms total (4 of those the new bedroom because I started at 4 stars there too). Is ridiculous. There is obviously something wrong with your proprietary algorithm.


        This is from GI.

        All players now should receive compensation for both issues together.
        Compensation contains:
        Bomb x 5
        Pointer x 10
        Chocolate x 3
        Diamonds x 30


Thank you Sharon for the hard work you are putting into NMM for our benefit. My guild got no rewards for the chests we reached in the Bedroom challenge, knock on effect is no-one tried very hard in the Dressing Room challenge, including me. We did get the reward for that event though. There are only a couple of active players in my guild anyway so that is enough to stop me making a concerted effort.

Trying to use chat is incredibly infuriating. I raised a ticket with a screen shot of what I was trying to post (no matter how I worded it, it was deemed inappropriate). They got back to me and said to were trying to (and had) improve the chat function, well it didn’t work, same issue exists.

Since the update my Library room keys have gone from 10 to 30, ridiculous and it’s impossible to find them. I have already moaned to you about the object list – it’s spaced too far apart and doesn’t refresh fast enough.

The amount of energy required for the match 3 is beyond ridiculous given how little we have and the slow rate it generates. I had a quest to find an object in Match 3, I needed 90 energetic and it took me more than one try to find the dratted thing. Some coins and a measly increase in experience for completing a level is pathetic when you have used so much energy to access the thing.

All that is just off the top of my head, I’m sure I have a few more moans I can’t recall right now. I’m just not feeling the NMM. Thanks for reading if you got this far!


    Yes there is lots of player frustration with changes , glitches, energy, lack of keys, reduction in rewards … as someone said on another page, it seems as though GI are trying to drive players away. Thank you Ms Willow for getting us some answers from them.


Oh dear… I feel like the only consistency in this game right now is you MsWillow. It certainly appears you know way more about this game than the developers. Do they not appreciate if they are to keep players they must settle on a process soon? It feels like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.
Sending appreciation and gratitude for your commitment. We’d be lost without it.


You would think after all the things they went through with the original mystery manor, that would have done a better job rolling out some of this new stuff and tested it so that it wouldn;t be the shit show that it is. (pardon my language)


    I’ll let the language slide in this case…..

Pat Hilliard

Thank you so much for spearheading this for us, Sharon. The sad thing is I actually liked playing the new game but with all of this “crap”, I am beginning to think it is a total waste of time again. They need to make the level ups easy to understand and stick with what they decide. No one likes to be jerked around or to feel their time invested is not important to the developers.
The bedroom search totally infuriated me because I searched 5 times and got no credit for the searches. Then someone in my guild said you had to access it from the view button for it to count. I put in a ticket but got no confirmation or email they had received it or were working on it. But I did notice I got 5 extra guild points but still no credit in the events page. Totally not fair. I hope they get things cleaned up soon or they are going to lose players who are trying to give the newMM a chance. I do know at this point, I am not spending any more money until I can see that they are hearing our concerns and giving us clear, easy to understand answers. None of this algorithm stuff. The first star increases with each search by this much, the second star increases with each search by this much, etc.
At least with old game you knew how many searches were required to level up.

    Pat Hilliard

    Got a response back from GZi today. They blamed the lack of searches counting to my internet connection, which works quite well all of the time. They said they could not give me credit for previous searches for an event. That is a lot of BULL. Not very happy.


I think I have had enough! I do quit!

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