What’s Up With Guild Rewards!

What’s Up With Guild Rewards!

Now that many of us spent our weekend searching the Bedroom to achieve the maximum searches and chests we could we wake to find the Guild Rewards are all messed up. I have been talking to GI about them and they are working on the problem.


Before you post a question read all the comments. Many players have already asked and answered questions!

The Guild Rewards had a scale of 40 and up. Here is what I noted about the rewards:

  1. 40 searches
    • 25 Guild Points
    • Firecracker
    • Inflatable Hammer
  2. 80 searches
    • 40 Guild Points
    • Bomb for Match Three mini-game
    • 2 Pointers
  3. 150 searches
    • 100 Guild Points
    • 5 Diamonds
    • Cup of Coffee
    • Suction Cup Gun
    • Horn
  4. 200 Searches
    • Now here’s where it gets messy! once we reached the 80 searches chest and I looked at the rewards the 3 listed repeated what was I have listed for the first 3 from left to right. So I figured this was a display bug and opened a ticket.
    • This morning the message I woke up to, it’s hard being 10 or 11 hours behind in time zones, was that they know there was a problem with the Guild Rewards and they are working on it.  I sent them more screen shots and explanations.
  5. 280 Searches
  6. 380 Searches

I have requested a list of what should be in all 24 chests. GI will see if they can get that for me so I can post it.

Many players reported their searches in the Bedroom not counting toward the Event. I notice someone posted that they had to check into the Guild Event Window after leaving the game and coming back in order for the search to count. I have asked about this.

Some players report having an option under the Event Tab to Claim the Reward for the Bedroom Event. If someone has a screen shot please email it to me so I have it for reference. I didn’t have this option. We can’t even see how many chests we completed.

Then there is an Event listed for 2 days to search the Dressing Room.

I feel like there’s a massive jump in the required searches for each chest and they should be evenly earned. 70 between 2 & 3? 50 between 3 & 4? 100 searches between 5 & 6?

There is an actual section in the Help on Guilds. I didn’t notice it the other day because you need to scroll down. You will also notice in the upper right corner Contact Us. This is how you open a ticket.Help Categories

There is also a Guild Information Page on the Game Insight website. This looks to be the same information as we have inside the game.

Other Bugs in the 2.12.0 Release

We have a new Bedroom. It should have started at zero stars for the Mastery Level. Many players started at 4 or where they were previously . In order to get back to zero stars so you only had to search for a few items at a time you had to reboot your game.

Those items are crazy small. I took some screen shots. I’ll place more and try to get a video on the First Floor Rooms of the Manor page.

The first one here is the Bedroom in Normal search. The second one is Zoomed in. I have the 12″ iPad. There is a spoon in the Dolls hand. Even zoomed I can barely see it.

Along with the Mastery level for stars being off for the Bedroom my rooms that I had filled all 5 stars in the Mastery dropped down to partially 4 stars. My rooms that needed keys; Hunting, Fortune-Telling, Library and Japanese Garden suddenly show I have 3 stars and need 30 keys to search.

The Collections and Artifacts table have lost their numbers. This does not make the table on the website useless it still provides collections names, items and rewards. I’m sure they’ll get the numbering fixed.

Questions and Answers

In the original Mystery Manor for the iPad the Hunting Room, Japanese Garden, Library and African Room became free to search 7 days after you opened them. This will not happen in The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS.

Super Sleuths

Remember keeping this page going costs money! It is also a huge amount of work. GI does a great job at giving me a contact and gathering information I ask for but they do not pay me or money for the page. The players that subscribe to be a Super Sleuths Member keep this page going.

If I place those annoying ads on the page to pay for it they will make the experience horrible. Can you imagine a collections table with ads popping up while you’re trying to search for something?! YUCK!

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Mary Jansen

Played the new mm from the start, scores for the rooms changed when they began the guild. I’ve been in the top five in my open rooms, now the highest is about 32,000. The cost is ridiculous, I’ve tried the guild the rewards are a joke. I have the dragon, playing till he’s gone then I am also. The only reason I play the old version is for my friends, guild and the card game. Otherwise I would have been gone long ago. It’s been a fun 5.5- 6yrs but you lose. I’ll spend my money on G5 hidden adventure which seems to play fare. If you change your attitude drop me a line GI.
Please assure me you have nothing to do with G5!

Sara J Stephens

I was getting 76, when playing the kitchen…now only getting 26,000 today!

    Sara J Stephens


Sue Smoothy

My searches in the Guild rooms are not registering at all although my logging into the game is registering. I have contacted MM and their response is to check my internet connection. This is the first thing I checked, rebooted and double checked. Seems strange that my connection works fine when I want to purchase items or compete in the daily quests. Very frustrated with MM support at the moment.


    Make sure you check into the guild wall before searching anytime after entering the game.

      Sue Smoothy

      I constantly check the wall and always use the button to go to the designated room. It registers that I have logged in but never any progress in the game.


        I had a problem with the game not even letting me open the daily contest window a few weeks ago and I could do everything else in the game. It actually occurred in both my games. Then I went and used my hotspot connection and a connection at another location and did not have a problem. However, that problem went away when I returned home. I think there is a different server that tracks our events and numbers than the one we communicate with GI on and they are persistent in their belief the problem is always on the players end. I have used the App Speedtest and sent screen shots to prove my solid, very high speed internet connection.


          My daily contest doesn’t give me rewards. I must contact support to get my chest. Ever since I started playing this game I end up in 101 position even though I ranked in top 100. Frustrated is an understatement. Not sure I can wait out all the glitches. Today no points in guild registered when I checked in. Getting coins in game is a waste since you can’t spend them on anything. I refuse to spend cash money on any game. Time to move onto a new game.


    Amen, Sue. I have the same dialogue with GI. They are persistent in claiming this is an internet issue for which they have no responsibility.


      I will bring this up in tomorrow mornings list of issues. I’m going to do a post right now to catch everyone up on what I learned this morning!


The new bedroom was super frustrating at the beginning, because they initially started me at the top mastery level (where I’d been previously with the old room); but with all new items to find that were TINY (and some almost totally hidden), I did terribly & failed multiple times to complete the room, even after spending a bunch of 💎💎 on tools to help with searching. Finally, they shifted my level down, which made the room doable, if hard. However, having my Mastery level shifted down in other rooms that were unchanged has been frustrating, from the perspective of Mastery points earned when searching (as others have mentioned), & how long it now takes to go up a Mastery level. It’s only a 1% increase (at most — sometimes no %!!) per search. I sent in a ticket to GI. Apparently, the change in our levels is no fluke. They even said it’s now easier to move up in Mastery levels — which, of course, is totally ridiculous!! In the beginning, we’d gain several percentage points in Mastery per search. Very frustrating!! Seems like they’re doing all they can to turn off old-timers and/or loyal players …


I’ve noticed that when I’ve searched the dressing room in new mystery manor, my percentage is staying at 26. As I need to complete the fourth star to open another room this suggests it will never happen!


    Did you take a screen shot? Mine is at 28% but I wasn’t paying attention.


Did anyone else notice that the points for room searches went down dramatically? I used to get between 50,000 and 80,000 for a search now I’m getting 25,000 I don’t know if it makes a difference but it changed


    I haven’t noticed. I’ve been having so many issues finding the things in the new Bedroom I just figured my timing was off.


    I noticed. At first I thought it was just the bedroom and not being able to find things. Today in other rooms that I search quickly in and can usually score greater than 90,000, I can’t get higher than 30,000 or so. I’m not sure it’s important, but I did like to see if I beat my previous score. Looking for any way to make this boring game more exciting!


      I’ve also noticed this


    I did…I made it in the 26 thousands today…before it was 76,000….we are getting hosed on this and the Guild!


I did 5 rooms and got credit for only 3. What’s up


I also spent quite a bit of time searching the bedroom to earn guild points and rewards. so Sari I can’t tell that I actually received any rewards . I had earned at least 3 chests but it seemed that not all my room searches counted. LOts of annoying issues with this new version. The most annoying is how much it costs to play. I have 5 rooms I could open but can’t due to not having the required items to open the room of course I couldn’t pay to open them . Not sure how longI will last with this version it seems that the whole reason for it is so GI can make huge profits buy charging us for everything.😟


    Hi Khalisa. GI are working on the glitch that meant we didn’t get our rewards for the first guild event. Hopefully we will get them soon.


I’m happy to renew my super sleuth membership. I don’t know when or if it has expired. Sorry if I missed an email to renew. Thanks for the great effort. Ki


    Your renewal is on August 26. You should get an email soon telling you it’s coming up. Let me know if you don’t. Everyone should get one but we are rounding on our first year and I’m hoping it’s working as it should.


I was a super sleuth on the original Mystery Manor page. Should I rejoin here?


    You are still an active Super Sleuth. Your membership renews in October. Thank you for being a Member!

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