Underwater Treasures Event in TNMM

Underwater Treasures Event in TNMM

The Underwater Treasures Event appeared on the right side of The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS yesterday.  You must be Level 21 in the Match Three mini-game to participate in the Event. There was also an update to Version 2.11.1. You MUST update to Version 2.11.1 to get this event.

At first I was very baffled by this screen that appeared as there is nothing that describes how it work. It really need a more info button. I played a few rounds and this is what I’ve discovered.

  • The initial Underwater Treasures Event window doesn’t tell you anything. I found from looking at the right column where they sell everything and put your charms up that I had 4 days and 13 hours remaining.
  • I, of course, hit the Play button thinking this would take me to some explanation of the event. It took me right into playing the Match Three mini-game, not even giving me the option to say yes or no to playing.
  • So, now that I had my 65 Energy Invested I played through the mini-game. When I completed the round I received a Level Complete message. Seems I was awarded a Sea Key and Fish Feed.Underwater Treasures Sea Key
  • Now I returned to the Underwater Treasures Event window and could see more information. In the lower right corner of the window there is a Requirements for 6 Fish Feed.Underwater Treasures Fish Feed
  • If you tap on each of the Chests you will see what the award in for obtaining the required number of Sea Keys.
    • 2 Keys – 5 Diamonds, 2 Pointers, 2 Mines
    • 6 Keys – 10 Diamonds, 1 Copper Sun, 2 Rainbow Lightning, 2 Compass
    • 10 Keys – 25 Diamonds, 2 Bomb, 2 Chocolate, 1 Silver Owl of Wisdom, 1 Hammer (the one that breaks tiles in the mini-game
  • You can still play the mini-game if you don’t have the required 6 Fish Feed but you will not receive a Sea Key. Fish Feed can be found by searching the rooms or playing the mini-game.
    • You can see how many you have in the last tab of your Inventory window.
    • I also noticed when I was in there that all the Phenomena summoners and banishers are first in the list and grouped together. I hope this stays this way.
  • I have so far collected 3 Sea Keys. I spent quite a few diamond to finish one of the levels because I hate to waste energy but then determined I was wasting the diamonds and it would negate the reward in the end.

If you play the Event I wish you the best of luck getting through those rounds. The Match Three mini-game is difficult and requires a lot of energy. I will ask if this is going to be a regular event.

Energy Saver

This just popped up on the right side of my screen so keep your eyes open for these offers. Doesn’t last very long. Mine says 18 minutes left to do.

  • My energy was almost full when this appeared so I slammed out 20 Living Room searches in the 30 minutes. I collected a lot of Fish Feed for those searches. They drop 2-3 at a time.
  • I had a second one this morning for the same offer. I used it in the Match Three Event.
  • Other players report getting an offer of 30 Energy for watching a Video.

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Christine Rodgers

My game keeps crashing on the underwater treasure event so annoying.


    What iPad are you on? Try rebooting it. Close all your apps first.


I am at level 34 nad have opened up the ocular is spiritus which gets you into zodiac mode. I have 5 shatters of zodiac and no idea how to get more. Anyone have any ideas? I refuse to buy them. I now have 3 rooms in zodiac mode but no keys to open them.


    I only know of getting them from Ophiuchus Knight-magic crossbow/10 energy and Thunderbolt Knight-steel scorpion/30 energy-both give 3 shatters

Eri Curran

Willow,I just reached level 23 and have access to the labarotory,to get in you need a diamond drill,I cant see how to get assembly parts like duct tape,battery etc,any idea how to get these?


    They will come from searching rooms in phenom and the mini games until we have friends. They don’t drop often.


    I’ve been at 23 (and 24) for some time now and these have not dropped at all.
    At this point, I refuse to worry about it. I’m certainly not going to buy them.
    I will simply wait until we are able to have friends. There really is no hurry.


      I know, I see that they are findable when I do a search in a phenomena but have only had 2 items drop so far.


        I never see these as findable….not with phenomena or anywhere else.


          I think you have to hit a certain quest for them to be findable. Maybe Drill a Hole in the Wall. That’s the quest I’m on right now.


I can’t participate in the Underwater Event because I’m not at the required level yet but I did get the offer to watch video for 50% less energy to search rooms which was nice. But it isn’t nice that the timer on it counts down immediately. What if I really don’t have time to play at that moment? It also started up when I logged into game and I lost out on that one entirely because all I signed on for was to get the free gift. It would be nice if they could set that up that we can choose when we want the timer to start.


    I thought about that. It would be nice if they would give it as a charm instead of immediately. Unfortunately all games I play do those offer the same.


      I did find that when I had one in the middle of the night (yes, I opened my game to collect from my Welcome sign) 😜 that I had one again when I was actually awake. Usually I sit and drink my coffee before putting in my contact lenses and doing any serious game stuff but this energy saver has been getting me up and moving and making sure I can see to take advantage.


PS – I’m still terrible at this game. But I’m struggling on….thanks for all the great info from you as well as our fellow players!


Try searching different rooms for fish feed. I had the hunting room drop 10 fish feeds in one search. Or was I just incredibly lucky?


    I got 9 & 10 Fish Feed in the Library but only 3 in the Hall so I think it has to do with how much energy you spend to play.


He ya’ll I just noticed something and thought I’d share.

I was reading the reviews for TNMM in the App Store. I noticed that early on, the developer response to the lack of energy was: “In future updates we are going to add a lot of opportunities to get free energy in the game”

Then, in early July it changed to “situation with the energy and keys MAY (my emphasis added) be added in future updates”

I find this troubling on a few different levels. First, the obvious, no energy. But more important, at least to me, is the way they got us playing with promises of things to come, only to back peddle a month later.


I hate the match three game and have quit even trying to play it. I refuse to buy diamonds. Their kindle game cheated so many of us out of diamonds we had purchased. GI will never get another dime. This “new mystery manor “ is the ladt version I will ever play.


I got the event today w update. I’m getting 4 fish food per room explore. Also, I noticed when you press play for event, I am playing the mini game without spending energy, wow! I’m at level 59, which costs 70 energy, so that is great! ~Comsarge

Annie Chong

No event window on my MM 😔but I did get the energy saver which is very good since I can do more room search with the same amount of energy.


I tried the new mini game and got nothing…no feeds, no keys.


    Did you go in from the event window? Was this your first try? I think it gives you enough to play it once and give you the first key. Then you have to get the Fish Feed.

    I did find today when I had that 50% less energy charm that I would get 2 or 3 Fish Feed to drop on my Living Room searches. Now I see I have about 60 of them in my inventory. I’m just not sure I want to spend my energy on the mini-game.

      Annie Chong

      I did not have any event window. 😔 I did get the energy saver a couple of times but they pop up randomly.


        Have you done the update? It appeared for me after I updated showing 3 days 5 hours of the event left.

          Annie Chong

          Just checked & updated. The event appeared. Thanks for
          the info.


      Doing the right side event minigame did not require energy, only fish feed. Upon completing the event, my excess fish feed and keys could be traded for energy I got 99 energy out of it which was a pleasant surprise.


        Oh, I did t even notice that. Thanks for pointing it out.


      If you complete the event you get to trade in your extra fish food and the keys for energy. If I’d known I definitely would have collected more food! Also, I had 2 items that required playing the game which cost me 70 energy fall while playing th event, so that saved me a bunch too!!

      I crush a lot of candy, so I find the game pretty easy…


        Oh, that is good news. I’ll add all these little things to the post and if this becomes a regular event I’ll turn it into a page. It would be nice if it would repeat because newer players that have not reached level 21 yet need a chance to play.


        Even after you told me this I did the last round on the event. And then as soon as I finished and the pop up came up I told myself how stupid I was for not collecting mor Fish Feed before I did the last round. After all I had a few days!


      When you play the match 3 from the event window it does not use energy, just fish food. Also, the boards are different from your current match 3 level. I am stuck on level 49 in the actual match 3 game. The event starts out with some easier boards and gets more difficult. I am trying to earn that final chest and it now takes 8 cans of fish food per search. For not having to use energy…the rewards are nice. Even better, some items dropped while playing the event that I needed from match 3 but I couldn’t get due to being stuck on level 49. Only plays from the event window count toward the event rewards and only plays from the event window are energy free.


        Remember any Fish Feed left when you get the 10th key will convert to energy.

        Thanks for pointing out they were different levels. I wanted to get the post up and didn’t take the time to notice all the little things. That’s why I love when all the players help. I wish I had taken a screen shot of every level.

Annie Chong

I just check my MM game. I don’t have it.


I just tried this new event game. I did not have any energy so I was surprised & pleased I could still play the game. Seems the first go is free but costs energy after that. Received 2 keys & 4 feeds. Will try my luck next time I have energy as the prizes make it worthwhile.


Playing also adds to your Match Three count towards achievement. You don’t have to win, just play.


I had quit playing this mini game because I was so bad at it and it was so expensive energy wise.
Heavy Sigh!

Thanks for all this info – it will keep me from making more expensive mistakes.

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