The New Mystery Manor Version 2.10.1

The New Mystery Manor Version 2.10.1

The New Mystery Manor Version 2.10.1 was released to fix some critical bugs and game crashes. I have also been working on updates to the web pages, including some YouTube Videos to help you see game play.

What GI Tells Us About Version 2.10.1

There were issues with some players games crashing. They worked on fixing that. I hope you are not having the crashing problems. If you are still crashing it would be great to know which device you are playing on iOS or Android and what version it is.

Also, many players had trouble with the Match Three mini-game. My game didn’t crash but when I got to the On the Rainbow quest I had trouble coloring the dress. You can see my notes on it on the The New Mystery Manor Starting Quests page. It’s number 141 on my list.

New Things I Found in the Game

Joshua the Cat can be purchased in the App Store on my iPad. He is $14.99 US. There is no description except that he gives a reward every 8 hours. Here’s what I have:

    • You can only find him to purchase in the App Store, not sure if the Android players can see him to purchase or not.
    • Once purchased he appears on the pedestal outside your Guild building in the lower right corner.
    • He is only active for 30 days. You can see how many days you have left in a small box for the Charms on the right column. It shows up at the bottom for me.
    • He gives a gift every 8 hours but you have to go in the game to tap on him. I use an App called Alarmed and I set that to remind me. I already have one set for every 4 hours for the Welcome sign so they are in sync now except when I wake up in the middle of the night and do the Welcome sign. But I have managed to collect from Joshua the every 8 hours.
    • Gifts he gives – So far I have received 1 Diamond every time and usually 3 keys for one of the rooms. I also received 1 Cryptex instead of keys once.

Charms Box when using multiple charms – When you have multiple charms running a Box appears at the top right column of your manor. When you open this box you will see which charms are going and how much time you have left.

Snatchin Scrooge – He is also listed as an item to purchase when you view Then New Mystery Manor App in the App Store but he is not working so no need to bother with him right now. He was $9.99 and some kind of creature wandering but that’s all I know on him. Don’t waste your money.

Page Improvements

I’ve changed the Main Menu for The New Mystery Manor around a little bit as I’ve come to a quest string for the Ocularis Spiritus. Now I’m starting to break them out into quest strings. I still need to do some clean up on these pages.

I’ve been working on YouTube videos to help players with aspects of the game. If you go to the First Floor Rooms of the Main Manor page you can see the ones I’ve completed. Just click on the video on that page to see them. For those of you having trouble finding items or wanting to figure out how to get more points these could be helpful.

I have not yet figured out what makes me get more energy or more items to drop. I need to study all the videos some more.

I have also tried to incorporate the use of the tools in the room so you can see how they work. I personally don’t care for the compass.

I’m thinking of making a list of all the items you will need to find when you get to 5 star mastery level so you have an idea of what’s out there.

The TNMM Achievements table is filling in nicely. When Ken gets a little time I’ll have him format it with the colors for each level to make it easier to read like we have on the Original MM Achievements Table.

I still have to format PDF downloads for all these tables for the Super Sleuths but once I get going on them they should go up fast.

I’ve working on the Creatures Wandering Mystery Manor table with all the ones I have right now.

I think that catches you up with what I’ve been working on the last few days. It’s been frantic because I feel so behind but keeps me occupied on something nice! Thank you all for your patience and help!

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Loretta (DoofUS)

Do you know if the need for keys for hunting, garden, African and library rooms will ever be dropped like in the original game? I’ve just made it to level 21 and am disappointed at still needing so many keys. I don’t see how anyone can afford their prices. Most likely once my dragon expires I will be dropping this version since energy recharge is achingly slow, and I’ve had to buy so many of my chargers I can’t buy the energy recharge items. It also seems a bit ridiculous to be awarded coins when there isn’t a single thing you can buy with them. Sorry for such a long post but not sure where else to find info and leave feedback even though you are not GI.


    This was a good spot to leave it. It doesn’t seem that the need for keys will end. I was hoping it would be after 7 days like the original game. I just hit Level 25 and I have accumulated 340 points of Energy. When I am empty I can go 28 hours before I am full again. And that 340 points of energy will only do a few of the library, etc. I am sure you are not the only player that will quit. I am not giving them all my money either. Things will get updated on the web pages as I get through them or others send me quest strings.


I do not have an update for the game. Where should I look ? I tried the App Store and nothing is there.


    Go to the Update window of the App Store. pull down from the top until you get the spinning wheel. It will bring in any apps that need updated thwart you’re not seeing.

    Another way is to go to the App Store and search on the name of the app. Just using Mystery Manor works for me. Then tap on the app to Update.


Any idea how to collect necessary items to open the lab? Do we just have to wait until you can ask friends?
Also, the achievement for catching tv robots doesn’t count. I have banished 3 and my achievement counter still says 0.
This game is frustratingly slow when you are used to playing with charms and almost limitless energy😕
Thanks for all the posts and updates! You do a great job. Much appreciation 😊


    I’m working on the answers. I have a page set up for the Laboratory.


New thing i found: you can see the droprates for every item in a “room”.
Noticed the small i in front of findable items when you open a search?


My update version says 2.10.2.
I updated on iPad and phone.
iPad is fine but my phone starts to load it and freezes on the purple The New Mystery Manor screen with version 2.10.1 in upper right corner and will not proceed. I shut phone off and tried again and the same thing happens. What is causing that?


    I see there was a new update today! Sorry, will look at it tomorrow. It will be a bug fix update. New features are done by increasing the second number. So 10. The third number the .2 means it was a bug fix update.

    Unless there are big bug fixes in an update I will not rush to write up a special post. They may do this too many times a week for now.

    Can you play it on your iPad? Open a ticket with GI.I don’t even know how players can see to play this game on a phone!


      Yes, I can play on iPad right now. Since it’s frozen on the start up page, how can I put in a ticket thru my phone? Orcan I put a ticket for it thru my iPad support for the game. I don’t play it too much on the phone anyway.


        I’ve sent a message to GI but open a ticket on your iPad game. Since they’re supposed to be connected it shouldn’t matter.


          I put in ticket. I told them I cannot send a picture of it since it’s on the phone. Is there a way to attach a photo on phone to an iPad message?


            You could share that photo to your iPad. I message mine or air drop them back and forth all the time.


              I put in that ticket on Saturday, I think, and I have not received acknowledgment of it from MM, no ticket number, nothing! But today my phone showed another update for 2.10.2 with date of 7/13/18 on it. Doesn’t that seem odd? Do you think my ticket prompted them to send the update to my phone again and that if I update again, it will fix my problem?


                2.10.2 is a fix to,the Match three mini-games. You will not get an email if you opened a ticket inside the game. When they answer you will have a number up in your setting box to,show,they did. They answer right inside that chat window.


                  Ok, thanks for that info. I just noticed that on the Settings. So it appears that is why they sent me the update again in the App Store! I will update again and hopefully that fixes my problem!


                    That update fixed my problem!


Just wanted to say thank you so very much for all you do!!


Simple question. Any idea on why so many players are called detective or the cyrillic equivalent of that?


    Detective was the default name. Either they didn’t change it or they added their player name on the end. Maybe they don’t want us to know they are secretly playing TNMM! 🤪 Like eating ice cream in the middle of the night when you say you’re not eating sweets.


      Thank you. That makes sence.


To find Joshua the cat I went to my updates , tapped on info and scrolled down where you will see him .
In Australia he costs $22.00.


Hard time doing Match three. Finally got to the level of crates and can’t figure it out. Don’t play other games like this so not to adept at it. Any help appreciated. I wish GI would lower prices of chargers and keys, sent in ticket, hope others will too. You are working way over the top! Hang in there😊


    Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe a good idea is to download another Match three game and practice. They will tutorial you,through it. I will do some videos of it. I play Match three in Frozen, Bejeweled was good for learning and I think others play Candy Crush. I’m not sure how to explain it and will have to do some voice overs in the video. Or maybe I can take my screen shots if I write comments and arrows, that might be better.

    You are not the only one having issues. I do find that some of the items can be found in other room searches. Unfortunately not all of them and there are quests you need to get past.


    I found Match three difficult (and frustrating)’in places and I am almost level 1000 in Candy Crush! Given you need to pass some levels for quests they could have made it easier, especially in the lower levels. As you say, not everyone plays Match three games. The higher the level the more energy it takes 😐. That is the one thing I really don’t like about the game, the slow energy regeneration.

    Thank you Sharon for everything you do, no-one expects you to be working on any of the MM’s right now, you have enough going on. I’m glad you are finding it a nice distraction though, that you do need.

Marla Merz

I do not see Joshua the Cat app in the App Store. Can you tell me where to find it?


    When you go to the page with the details on about the game scroll down. He’s below the description.


      I just checked and I still can’t find the Joshua statue. I’m on iOS 9, which the game is compatible with. Is that the problem? Do I need to upgrade to find him? (Not that I haven’t tried, but upgrading on this iPad seems to have problems of its own)

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