Madness of Top 10 in Chasing Chests!

Madness of Top 10 in Chasing Chests!

Let’s face it, the huge thing for me in this game is tracking numbers and compiling research. I’d be bored otherwise. I will tell you I started this post on the Madness of Top 10 in Chasing Chests over a year ago.

So, now that I have a few minutes I’ll share what I’ve been collecting.

First, let me say that the Challenge has taken over my life for an entire week at a time when I decide perhaps I could make it to the top 10 in Chasing Chests. I study the list of what we need to do to gain points. I try each one of the items and write down how many points completing it gives. Then I do really crazy things to calculate how many points I could gain by wiping out entire stashes of weapons or phenomena summoners and banishers.

How Does Chasing Chests Work

The Chasing Chests Event runs for 8 days most of the time. It used to run for 7. I think I saw 9 days on a recent event. You will see an icon on the right side of your Manor and generally get a pop-up window when you enter the game announcing Chasing Chests has started.

Chasing Chests Main

There’s a little green in the upper right hand corner. If you tap on that i you will get the list of tasks that give points for the current Chasing Chests event. Here is the current one. You must have a stable internet connection in order to get points because these points are tracked on the GI Server, not on your iPad.

Chasing Chests Tasks

Each one of these tasks give a different amount of points. Here are some examples:

  • Adding Friends – 30 points
    • I know all my readers aren’t my friends in the game so go add me, Mswillow cf1daa
    • You can put your Friend Code and get Friend Codes from the Friend Codes page.
  • Enlisting the help of a friend to explore rooms – 10 points
    • Keeping your helpers awake to do a lot of searches can be a challenge. I often go to my wall requests for chargers and send a message “Please Wake my Helpers” to players that just requested chargers from me. Then you know they are playing and in their manor because they just sent requests for chargers.
    • If you use a friend and your exploration fails then you still get the 10 points.
  • Banish gypsy – 10 points
    • Horseshoes are easy to come by but you must banish those gypsies in your friends manors or they will not reappear in your manor. This is true with most Roamers. Check the Collections Table for which Collections to charge to get horseshoes. Use a Turtle of Luck or Fortune when you banish. This is also where you get all the Zodiac Shatters for searching in Zodiac Mode. If you’re lucky there will be a Daily Contest to banish a certain Gypsy when this is a Chasing Chests goal. Then you can banish him in your manor all day. So much faster and easier!
  • Sending gifts – 3 points
    • Gifts that count are collections and chargers. But not the chargers you send from a wall request. However, when you send a Thank you gift from the gifts you get from others that is considered a sent gift.
  • Banish Basement monsters – 13 points, not all count but you have to figure that out on your own.
  • Winning Guild Events – 75 points when you collect the guild reward
  • Completing Quests – 3 points
    • I think this is a pitifully small number of points as it’s harder to complete a quest than anything else.
  • Battle Monsters in the Basement – 21 points
  • Search Rooms in the yard – 15 points
  • Search Basement Center room – 18
  • Search Basement Boss – 15
  • Summon and banish phenomena – 15 points for each one

This is just an example.

There are 2 rows of chests to get as rewards for the Chasing Chests Challenge. The bottom row you collect as you go along during the challenge. You can tap on each chest to see what you will get for obtaining the points.

Chasing Chests Victor

The top row is for your ranking at the end of the challenge period. That Golden Chest of the Victor for the Top 10 has a really tempting reward. The Chest of the Basement Explorer contains 250 keys to enter battle with each of the basement bosses and 500 keys to search each of the basement rooms. That’s a lot of keys! I have seen a piece of furniture listed a few but do not know where it goes or what it gives.

Chasing Chests Top 10

I often try to play so I at least get in the top 1,000. Usually the top 100. Magic Dice of Magda allow you to change the mode of the room but it’s random. You don’t get to select what mode it goes to.

How Crazy is the Competition

From the time it starts I see people with thousands of points in the first 30 minutes. How is that?

I have made top 10 three or four times and it takes my entire life over. At the end of the week I feel like I should just stop trying but there’s something that drives me.

One week I banished gypsies for a minimum of 10 hours a day switching back and forth between 2 players that each had 3 gypsies. Did I get anything done during that week? Well, I watched learning videos on the TV, did nothing else! It’s good that Ken cooks and feeds me. And he’s very understanding even if he doesn’t get my compulsion to do this.

I often feel this event is only for high level players. For example, this week a task is to summon and banish phenomena. If you have them in your inventory you can get 30 points just for doing those 2 things. But you have to be able to charge a lot of collections to get the summoners and banishers. You can search the Collections Table for phenomena to find which collections give them. But for the banishers you will have to search based on the banisher name. You can find the name of each Summoner or Banisher in the Phenomena Table.

For the last Chasing Chests Challenge we had the summon and banish task. I went into the last tab of my inventory and made a spreadsheet of how many of each item I had to summon and banish. (I have asked GI to make a separate tab for them.) Then I figured out the maximum I could do. For example I have 300 Mirror Magnets to summon for the Mirror Phenomena in the Basement, but I only have 56 Magic Hammers to banish them so the maximum I could do without searching to banish the phenomena was 56.

Then I tallied up those maximums and multiplied them by 30 to see how many points I would end up with. I added them to my existing points the night before the event ended to decide if I should blow all those summoners and banishers and would I make it to the top 10.

I have to do all this stuff at least 12 hours before the event ends, and most events in the game, because I’m in California and they end around 7-9 am for me. I even considered setting an alarm to get up and see if it would place me in the top 10.

What Have I Determined from all this Insanity

Lower level players need a chance to get top 10 too. The challenge should be designed based on group levels, like Mini games so everyone has a chance. I have badgered GI about this for over a year.

Yes, at the end of each one of these challenges I say I’m not going to go crazy trying to get in that top 10 anymore. I have thought about pleading with the top level players that win consistently to let others have a chance. Like that would work!

Now for What You Really Want to Know – Game Status

I don’t have an answer. I know they were very close. They had a meeting and requested some changes. Then the lead developer was killed. Such a tragedy. They were supposed to have a meeting today (yesterday?) but I have not heard the results. I will let everyone know as soon as I do.

I have been holding off on web page updates because I feel like anything I do will be a waste of time because things will change. But I’m still here every day! I will not abandon you!

Oh! Please Wake My Helpers!

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How do you get your chest in the top 1000 if chasing chest is gone?


Thanks for the r the great post. I sent a friend request “Amy zzs mom”
I’m not super high level but I try to be helpful.

Guy Morin

Keep the faith 😉 we stand united behind you 😘😘😘🌹❤️


You are the best, Thanks for all your help!


You are amazing! Thank you for all that you do, it’s most appreciated.


Good piece. While I always participate in these opportunities, I lose interest after I reach the 2000 point level. Just isn’t worth it to try a crack the top 1000 or 100 for a few items I already have dozens of.


This was excellent! Thank you so much for your hard work and keeping us informed. Looks like it will be a while before I make it to top 10.

Mary Jansen

Kudos MsWillow, nicely done outline on Chests. I’m sure this will allow more players to give it a try. Different level’s like cards or pipes makes perfect sense to me also, makes you wonder why they did chests differently. I’ve been only in the top 100 a few times, more often top 1000. I also felt that it should include guild points just like pipes etc.
So happy I’ve became a super sluth, your such a help in every way. Many Thanks my friend. Enjoy your day 🌺

RoseMary Tuck

As always, your efforts are GREATLY APPRECIATED!! 😘 This is really a help, I missed the “banishing phenomena” in my quick read – Thanks friend


Thx for the info. And for being a persistent advocate for the players.


For calling and banishing phenomena, I prefer Native Idol with the multi phase tambourine. The collections that drop for that phenomena give tambourines. It’s self refilling, and takes the least resources away.


    Thanks for that detail. It’s one I hadn’t really noticed yet and good to know for all phenomena quests. When you’re a new player it can be difficult to get those summoners.

Richard Dawson

Thank you for letting us know what is required in the Chasing Chests events. I try to get into the top 1000 but have no hope to get into the top 10. Appreciate all your work. Let’s hope they are working on new things for iPad, I’ve noticed they are doing a lot of new things on the pc version.


    The other versions are done by different dev centers. So our team is only working on the iPad version.


      There’s a new app today for iOS called mystery manor hidden object. So far I am not impressed and I hope they are not replacing hidden adventure with this


        I will work on a post for this today. I have some information.


Wow …. this is what it takes to figure things out?! It truly is insanity! I now understand why my upper level friends request some of the chargers that they do. I have not attempted these challenges … thank goodness!

Thanks for your continued efforts.


    I’m just a strategy person. I hate the searching but love figuring out everything else. And the friends are the best!

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