Super Sleuths Subscription Pages Invaluable Resource

Super Sleuths Subscription Pages Invaluable Resource

The Super Sleuths pages are a combination of helpful pages and downloadable PDFs that can help players through the game. It has taken endless hours of tracking and counting to make all of these pages an invaluable resource when playing Mystery Manor iPad.

As a reminder this website is not an official GI page. We do not work for the company and they do not provide us any information or resources. Everything was created by the players for the players.

As a Super Sleuths Subscriber you can help keep this invaluable resource up and running. I don’t fill it with ads and we spend a lot of time keeping the information up to date. As a subscriber you are paying a small amount for a monthly or annual subscription to cover the costs of hosting a website.

For your payment I have taken the time to create special helpful pages to get you through the quests and battles. You can also download PDFs of some of the tables if you would like to work with a copy offline or even print it for reference.

I make every attempt to keep up with the current status of the game. I am a daily player, I have a contact at GI who will answer questions and work with me.

If you are a newer player to the game, these pages will help you through some of the tough quests. If you are thinking of joining a Guild I have put together details about what kinds of events Guilds have to do. Many of the Super Sleuths pages will help you through these events.

While GI is not currently updating the game they are supporting it and answering our tickets and questions. I know they are working on a huge change and it is consuming all of their developers to get it done and tested before sending it to us. I believe after the Boycott of not spending money in the game went into effect they took a serious look at what the players were asking for and incorporated many of those changes into what they’re doing behind the scenes right now.

The reason we all stick with this game is not only because it’s a little addicting but because we all have friends in the game. We don’t want to give up those great friends. Let’s just keep going and hope for a new and improved Mystery Manor soon! I will of course let you know as soon as I know something.

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Another way you can support the site is to use our Amazon link when you make your purchases. This is available in several countries. It does not cost you money. Because you go to Amazon from the link on our page we get a very small amount from them for each purchase you make. You will find the Amazon website link on the right side of each web page or on the Support the Site link under the Welcome menu. Every purchase no matter how small helps.

Thank you Everyone! Enjoy the Game!

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I’m so glad Super Sleuth is available! I am an annual member and am so grateful for all you do. I’m excited about possible new updates. Thank you!!

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