Getting Helpers Returned

11 months ago

Getting Helpers Returned

Many players are noticing that their Helpers are disappearing and new ones are not being locked in new rooms to be rescued. I chatted with GI and here is what to do to get your helpers returned.

I know, it’s a scary thing because others (Me) have lost all their friends in the attempt to do this and no one wants that nightmare.

Open a ticket. In the first sentence of the ticket write that this needs to be sent to Andrew Su. Here’s an example of what to say if you just want to copy and paste.

  • Please send this ticket to Andrew Su. My helpers are disappearing from my manor. There are no new helpers locked in rooms for me to rescue. Please fix this problem and make sure I still have all my friends when the problem is fixed.
  • Once they fix your game you will have to rescue the Helpers from your rooms one at a time.
  • They did ask me for screen shots so take a picture of your First Floor Manor and a picture of your Inventory Window and send it to them as soon as you get the email back that says you opened a ticket.Inventory Window First Floor Manor

I did get all my friends returned but I had to go through my GI contact. Because of this I discussed the best way to handle it. In my discussions I learned that our Support team are not GI employees. They are contracted to an outside company somewhere else in Russia. I’m guessing this means they know nothing about actually playing the game.

Other Housekeeping Tasks

  • Please move your 🚫💰 symbols to after your name. Many players use their incoming gift list to see who to return gifts to and cannot make out the names with it in front. We are still not spending money in the game. We’re looking for results and if todays Chasing Chests and Send a Gift to a Friend offers are any sign of things to come it’s not good.
  • Easter Event ends April 24th and there are still no offers to buy chests with the Plates to search the Spring Cafe. This is very disappointing.
  • The Obama Chocolate Mousse in Collection 8, Imperial Dessets has been renamed to Mousse “Cheiftain”. It’s a shame, it was a nice salute to a great man! I’ll get it changed in the Collections Table when I have my laptop open.Mousse Cheiftain
  • If anyone notices any other little changes please let me know.


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Bev Zang

Followed your suggestion but lost all my friends


    Luckily I wrote down codes I could in advance, and can re add my guild, but lost about 400 others, Merry Christmas 😢🎄


      Got all my friends back 😃😃😃😃😃 thanks GI, losing them is temporary apparently


Followed your advice and lost all my friends. Friends list was restored but the number of helpers was reduced from 12 to 6 which according to Andrew is due to “server dynamics”. Not sure how to get these back.


    You should have them to rescue from searching fist floor rooms.


      After the first 6, no more friends appeared locked in rooms. GI said it’s a server issue.


Thanks for this info. I was nervous to open a ticket like MAD49 but I’ll give it a try and hope for the best. The tips provided while fix is pending is helpful.


I had them fix it once, but the problem soon returned. I am reluctant to have them mess with my game again. I’d rather do without the helpers…


    I know! Until the update this is our only option. I was down to 10 and losing 1 every day when I asked.


A player reported to me this morning that once you open a ticket the fix can happen very quickly. She said she was accepting gifts when her friends disappeared. She got her friends back and was left at 2 helpers instead of the 14 she had prior to the fix. She recommends staying outside of the game when they do the fix. They did the process again and says now things are ok.

    Pat Hilliard

    Based on the prizes for the chasing chests event, I would have to agree. I just wish they would be honest. Someone in my guild says there are issues if you download the new iOS update? Do you have any info on this?


      There was a Facebook post and a message to me from GI that their bonus links aren’t working in Safari on iOS 11.3. They have asked you to use a different browser until they figure out what the problem is. I also have Chrome on my iPad so I will use it instead of Safari. Otherwise there have been no other reported issues.

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