Download a PDF of the Egg Hunt

11 months ago

Download a PDF of the Egg Hunt

I’ve created a PDF with the list of the Egg Hunt quests. Just click on the words Egg Hunt below. It will open on your iPad and you can save it to wherever you want. Or print it if that’s easier!

Egg Hunt


I don’t know why I didn’t do this from the very beginning. Or even last year but suddenly I thought players might like to have it instead of always going to the web page. I’m even a little surprised none of my regular readers asked for it.

Other Things

While I have you:

  • Many players have a dwindling Helper population. They disappear and none reappear to be rescued from rooms. I know everyone is afraid to open a ticket because I had so many problems when I did. I have asked my GI contact to help me with Support and the Dev team that has to fix it so I can tell you what to say and do when you open a ticket to get it fixed quickly and without problems. I’ll keep you posted.
  • GI made a statement on their Facebook page that the entire Dev team is working on updates/new stuff for the game. I think it will be a couple months. I say we stick to the no spending until we see proof.
  • I’m in and out of the game so if you need anything just ask me on my wall. I’m not doing Easter Quests so if I have a collection item you need let me know. (MsWillow)

Everyone have a great Easter!

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I had all my helpers bar Ms Katherine disappear for 2 months after the great October 2017 debacle where they were never able to restore my game and I had to restore from a 2 month old backup 😜 (regular backing up occurring since that time) – hope this doesn’t happen again as they had no idea why it happened or what eventually fixed itself after 2 months


This is what I sent to Mystery Manor Contact through Messenger – along with pics pertaining to showing all of what I was referring to…..
Where does the Bright Colors Bouquet install in the Living Room when it is purchased? I ask because I purchased the Eva Couch a couple of months ago and it went where my White Piano was…needless to say they both gave 1 💎 each and it was a waste of money that I will NEVER do again. I also have the Hovea plant to the left of the Piano which also gives 1 💎 and I don’t want a repeat of the couch…If it installs somewhere else in the room I will consider purchasing it. Thank you.
This is what I received this morning…
Bouquet is placed to the same slot as Hovea.
They are giving you a duplicate of what you already have in place…frankly I don’t care what it looks like..I already have a 💎
I dint know how to attach the pics so you can see. But people need to know how to ask before they end up like I did.
They did answer this time…maybe they’re not all bad…lol


    Thanks for the notice. I haven’t figured out how to attach a picture in a comment either but I’ll ask Ken. He can probably make it work for us.

    I did make a suggestion that they give the catalog page numbers so they could tell us where it goes in the room. I’ll keep on them about it.

Barb Rossi

Ms.Willow, what is your friend code? Mine is 6CA555


Happy Easter

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