Frustration of Mystery Manor 2018

Frustration of Mystery Manor 2018

So far this year on Mystery Manor iPad has been filled with Frustration. I’m just going to list what I know and don’t know.

Easter Event 2018

  • The Easter Event started today.
  • It’s a Repeat though they do seem to have fixed the Rabbit Roamer.
  • As of this point there are 2 missing Roamers. I have notified GI but it may be Monday before they are fixed.
  • There are no chests for room search keys. They are 1 Diamond Each.

Boycott News

  • We have no idea how the Boycott is working because this all happens inside GI and there is no way to tell if they’ve noticed a difference.
  • It could be some time before the numbers of players not paying actually makes an impression.
  • Diamond Dragon went on Sale today.
  • Chasing Chests started today.
  • Lucky Leprechaun will 3x your purchases in the bank.
  • It is up to you if you want to spend or not.

Other Issues

  • Guild Event does not list rooms to search and they are Bosses.
  • Use the Show button to make sure you are searching the Correct Boss Room is you are doing the Event.
  • My Guild is taking the weekend off!
  • There is no word on the Status of the Game. There are comments posted on the official GI Facebook page saying they are supporting the game.
  • The Game Support link from inside the Game is down. It says for Maintenance but has been down several days. I have reported this to GI.

Survey Results

Below are the Survey results. So far we have had 710 responses. We had over 900 views of the Survey so over 200 did not respond once they got there.

Purchase Survery

Website News

  • We moved the website to a new server. It should make things faster.
  • I turned off the ability to be a Super Sleuths Member waiting for some kind of word about the future of the game.
  • I appreciate all of you have have supported the page by becoming Members in the past. It is a huge job to keep up with the daily stuff.
  • I am going to take a step back and a break. It is a busy time of year for me with my Charity work.
  • I will leave the website up. Players, please help each other by answering questions posted in the comments.
  • Please read the comments on a web page before you ask a question. The answer might already be there.
  • Help the New players through those tough quests.

Thank you Everyone!

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Marilyn Rodger

Thanks for all your help. This page is invaluable.
My beef is that tokens for mini games are hard to get sometimes, they only drop about 1-10 some days, and it takes time to collect tools


    Try the Turtle of fortune instead of Turtle of luck. It sounds odd, but I get more tokens with Turtle of Fortune. I’ve tested it several times over the last few months. With Fortune, I can max out tokens in a couple of hours. With Turtle of Luck, it can take all day, or worse. Strange, but it has worked for me.


      Do you use an artifact at the same time? Are you getting the same number of collection items when you search?


        I use the Time Control and Toy Manor artifacts. Haven’t tracked collection item results, but it always looks like I’m getting them. Mini game weeks I use Turtle of Fortune as my primary goal is tokens. When I’m done with tokens, I’ll use Turtle of luck for gifting and quests if I have them.


    Best way to get tokens is to run the gold turtle and search rooms with phenom and curses. They drop every 2-3 searches. Some people prefer 1st floor, some basement. I have best results on 1st.


Does anyone else find that when they use a Golden Phoenix to restore energy that some times it restores very little? I used one, went out for a while, came back and my energy barely went up at all, maybe just over 100. It’s not the first time it has happened either.


    I always felt it restored faster during actual play than if I closed the ga,e and went away. Try adding a butterfly from artifact 1. If he’s one that speeds it up it will work really fast.


      Thank you, will give that a try and thanks for all your help. I would have given up without your site, it’s a fantastic resource.


    If you don’t return BEFORE the GP expires, you don’t get the full benefit. While you’re gone, your energy will only restore at the snail’s pace of using no GP at all. I remember reading about this little fact someplace long ago.


    You have to have the game running for many artifacts to work. The Phoenix will only work while you are playing the game.

Donna Jeffers

I took time off from playing Mystery Manor I felt it was getting to be a money pit I played about 3yrs ago and found other games. Then last month I went back on and I had to start from the beginning I just found out about this site and I didn’t know about players not paying I wish I did because it would of saved me some money $. I’m getting where I am seeing many of the same concerns I had on this game before only many more rooms to spend the money on and even when you want to explore you have to buy keys most of the new rooms are open until the keys expire and it starts all over again trying to collect them all.. Very few are given so if you want to play you have to pay. I know why now why I left the game and moved on. Thanks for listening


    I have played this game for 6 years without spending any money. I have completed all my quests on right side and left except during events. It can be done with patience and the help of great friends.


      Almost the same here. Played for about five years and only spent about $15 total. It does take some patience (and a little frustration) and also help from friends, which I think is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game.
      Right now my biggest complaint I hope GI addresses is the server and technical problems and also the vague or misleading guild descriptions. And now finding out how our Russian friends version of the game seems to have less problem is a little frustrating as well.
      This is why I will no longer spend even a dime on the 99c pop up key offers that happen. Even if only a few do that it will make a difference. But moreso if the players who have been willing to pay a lot to play will join our boycott.

      The help and knowledge you have provided on this site has been amazing and has certainly made it more fun. I’ve especially appreciated the collections chart and the quest strings (the alchemist is crazy complicated and your info is priceless) .
      Thank you so much for what you have done here.


        You’re welcome. I would have quit long ago without the collections table. I’m visually challenged and cannot read everything on it. Once I made the spreadsheet Ken worked his magic and made it so much better for us!


          Very very much appreciated both you and Ken🤓👍🙏


Hi E1
Help please? I am in a guild and was doing the Sunday event (battle Hansel). I joined my fourth one and was surprisingly allowed in when it had around 10k points already on and the invite friends sign was unlit. I went to do some damage and it immediately went to completed so I wasn’t included as hadn’t taken part.
I opened a ticket with GI but they are saying there was nothing wrong!!
My query is how did I get in at that stage? Particularly if they are saying there’s no glitch? I asked for explanation of at what level the cut off is and was directed to read the instructions! Not impressed.


    Someone probably finished the battle before you got to use your first weapon to get points. I think lots of players have plenty of weapons for the gingerbread house and they just hit as fast as they can. Quite a while ago GI fixed the battles so that people that joined and never used weapons didn’t get any credit. It used to be a big problem. You’d enter a battle and there would be 1 or 2 players that never did anything. They would still get battle credit. Not fair to others.


    This happens to me too often. My connection is so slow and my ipad so old, that a battle I managed to join is over before my first weapon hit registers. For this reason, I sometimes begin my own battle and ensure that I have made points before opening it up to others.


      Oh, I have done that. And on battle days for the Guild it is so difficult to enter an ongoing battle without getting the battle over message that I start my own. I then use my timed weapons and send out invites. Sometimes, people enter the battle and finish it off before I’ve finished inviting.


Just read on MM FB comments that “the whole team” is working on an update and something about a MM universe… ? I took a screen shot but not sure if I can share on this page… ?
I hope they do something soon. Mostly Un attainable guild events and pointless game play is getting old fast. I used to love this game.


    This is what I’ve been told since November. Hopefully they will finish soon but I think about 2 months minimum. I did a copy and paste:

    Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure Dear player, we are supporting the game, but we can’t provide you with the dates of update release, as the whole team is dealing with the Mystery Manor universe developing.


      Thank you so much! I also left a polite but direct question/complaint on their FB page. I hope if more and more players will do this and also continue to not spend ANY actual money on the game we will hopefully get better answers and a better game, keeping my fingers crossed 👍🤷‍♀️


        I agree. I we start spending money because they say they are making an update there is no pressure on them to actually get it done.


Just an FYI. I noticed the Easter bunny & hare-Ible villain in my manor when I opened this AM. I know their absence has been a complaint since the event began. I visited 30+ friends and all had both in their manors, so I suspect the issue of their absence has been fixed.


    I have all 3 too! My game did tell me I had to reload it when I opened it this morning so they must have fixed it.

Уважаемые Пользователи Загадочный Дом ,я сегодня получила от руководства Game Insight 100%. Подтверждение о развитии Дома.🏡
Спасибо каждому из Вас,кто принимал участие в движении Бойкот-это очень помогло.
Совсем скоро,мы увидим Дом нашей мечты,где уважаемые разработчики ,воплотили в жизнь все наши просьбы.
Мы долго ждали,понимаю,пожалуйста,поверьте,на страничке FB написана правда,наш Дом не бросили, Домик ремонтируют ,и совсем скоро каждый из нас в этом убедится.
Спасибо Вам за спасение Дома 🏡 Вместе мы изменили ситуацию

Translated: Dear Mystery House Users, today I received 100% from the Game Insight management. Confirmation of the development of the House.
Thanks to each of you who participated in the Boycott movement-this helped a lot.
Very soon, we will see the House of Our Dream, where the esteemed developers have implemented all our requests.
We waited a long time, I understand, please, believe me, the truth is written on the FB page, our House was not abandoned, the House is being repaired, and very soon each of us will be convinced of this.
Thank you for saving the House 🏡 Together we changed the situation


    Where did you see this? I don’t see any mention on the facebook page.


      I won’t believe any of these announcements until I see something on the face book page. It could just be a bot trying to get us to keep playing and spending.

        Я не бот,а реальный человек,играю вместе с вами в игру уже более 6 лет.

        Translated: I’m not a bot, but a real person, I’ve been playing with you for more than 6 years.

      Меня пригласили в Game Insight и все показали,мои уста скреплены соглашением о не разглашении,потому рассказать ,что и как будет,я не могу,однако,могу 100% заверить вас ,что Загадочный Дом ,получил развитие и у нас у всех ,будет Домик Мечты!
      Спасибо ,Виллоу,за прекрасный сайт и огромную работу проделанную для пользователей.

      Translated: I was invited to the Game Insight and everything was shown, my lips are secured by an agreement on non-disclosure, therefore I can not tell how and what will be, but I can assure you 100% that the Mysterious House has been developed and we all have House of Dreams!
      Thanks, Willow, for the great site and great work done for the users.


Thank you enjoy your time off.


Thanks for all the hard work you do. It is very much appreciated! I visit the site frequently for help. I was a Super Sleuth until the boycott. Enjoy your break and hope you return to a better game.


    The Super Sleuth members still have access to those pages. I quit signing up Annual payers because I didn’t feel right taking money on a game that’s going nowhere!


Thank you for everything you do on this website, you do an amazing job. Enjoy your break. 😊


Thanks for all your help – this wonderful site has made playing the game much easier, but I agree with all the comments below. GI aren’t interested and this latest zodiac guild event is just a joke, puts us off more…they must be getting revenue from others because I haven’t spent anything much for some time – only on the pop up dealer offering keys for 99p (uk) and I will not be doing that again. I play to help friends more than myself and during the boycott that was all I missed, the gift exchanges and chats on the wall…I’m keeping the boycott symbols in my name and notice a few others doing the same.


Thanks for your work on this site. If it weren’t for this site, I would have probably quit several times . The boycott was needed although I feel GI doesn’t care.


You and you’re wonderful work on this site have been invaluable. Thank you so very much😘😘😘😘


Thank you for everything you do- what a job! Small reimbursement from Gi for all we spent in yesterday’s event…and then today with the shards! I agree with all comments below. I understand that this game needs to be supported, but Gi is becoming unreasonable!

Jane Grey

PATHETIC! PATHETIC! PATHETIC! Our boycott must’ve hurt worse than we think, my friends, because this zodiac event is a thinly veiled attempt to reclaim some lost revenue. SHAME on any of you who buy shards to complete this quest, and SHAME on MM for their greed and irresponsibility!


GI is really trying to entice us to spend money!
Offering a chest for $6.99 which brings 3 diamonds every 24 hours.
Hope everyone sticks with the boycott!!!


    It goes in the Hallway and will replace the Throne or Statue that give 3 every 24 I’m sure.


    I just saw that, they are shameful. Intentional I am sure, but I will resist. In order for this to work we have to hit them in the proverbial pocketbook.


Zodiac mode x 300 would require 1500 shards each player. Certainly MM meant x 30?


I’ve always enjoyed playing this game , but it was more fun when I started. It didn’t cost loads of diamonds to search a room, and it was fun completing quests and getting collections.

Now 5 years on, it costs too much, and quests are the same as ones done previously……. I play guild quests, to get keys, to search rooms, to get tokens for mini games …..

I so hope GI take notice and make this a fun game again….. so I enjoy it again and stop feeling like I’m doing the same thing over and over again.

On a side note ….. I was upset when I checked in, to see how many people that had 🚫💰 by their name we’re playing, gifting and requesting.

Thanks to mmipadfunpage for everything you do… it’s a great site.


Well, I guess I’m out of the Easter events. There are two: The first one is to search the pyramid for an egg. Why would I waste 40 keys to find an egg?!? The second event is to collect Easter dyes in the rooms on the first floor with Night Vision phenomenon. Are you kidding me? No one has potions to summon Night Vision and if you do, not 10 of them! Boo to GI.


    Of you find the Easter bunny you can banish him to get them. Had to visit a lot of friends to find him.

Ro Ztoy

Thank you!


Thank you for all you’ve done over the years! Obviously, GI will choose whether or not to address our concerns. That’s up to them. I, personally, will choose, like you, to take a step back from the game. I will continue to support my friends and help them whenever I can. I probably will not support GI in any way financially until and if I feel that they have supported me. Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the camaraderie of our time together! Let’s just see what happens.


Thank you, so much, I no longer spend money on game, used to in the beginning, so all your help is what has got me through the game. Enjoy your break. I know we will all miss you so much.


Thank you very much for all your hard work and good luck with your charity work. I will miss your help very much and hope that someone else will be able to take over.


Thanks so much for your help. As for the boycott, many people on my list sent wall requests during those days.


Thank you for everything you do.
Good luck with your charity work.
Maybe when you return another boycott could be organised, I don’t think GI will do much after we do it again perhaps every couple of months or take out a full wee or how ever it takes for us all to get a pillow then GI would have to take action and communicate it.
Once again thank you so much for your hard work and comittment to your fellow player, the information and help you give us so valuable and very useful. Enjoy your beak xxx


Thank you so much for all you do on this website, enjoy a well earned break 😻😻😻


Thank you for all your hard work! You deserve a break for sure! Let us know when we can support you if the game changes are made and you continue with updates.


We play 😉we just don,t grab our wallets to pay 😏


Thank you so much for everything you do! You definitely deserve some time away from all this frustration.
Our guild has been together several years and were very disappointed with the guild event today so not participating. We all did not play during the 13-14 boycott and members have said they actually enjoyed the break from playing but missed the comroderie of our team during that time. Several of us are also friends on FB because of our connection thru this game.
I guess we are in a wait and see time. None of us are spending money and playing less and less. Hoping GI will do what is right and keeping in mind it is just a game.


I’m confused . I want to stand with you. Besides not buying, are we playing. I have not played since last Sunday . I would like some feedback.


    Hi Barbara,
    We stopped playing for Tuesday and Wednesday only. We stopped purchasing from last Saturday but it’s up to you wether you keep this up.
    Hope this helps.


      Okay. It’s kinda not fun anymore. But I do go in to see what my friends are asking from me and help them. So no response from the big guys yet? I wonder if they are really going to care< only if it hits them in the pocketbook for sure. Okay thanks again. If anyone needs any help just let me know. You have all been a big help to me over the years.


I am saddened that these things have happened. I have enjoyed many of my friends and especially my guild. I thank you for all the efforts you have made and your information and help. Please take care.


Today’s guild event is 400 Boss rooms same as last weekend! This is a TOTAL waste of time and resources for the reward!


That sucks!!
I will not buy anything until they get their act together!!

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