Mystery Manor iPad In-Game Purchases

Mystery Manor iPad In-Game Purchases

Today begins the official beginning of not spending any money for purchases in Mystery Manor iPad. I thought it would be interesting to see how many people make in-game purchases and how much money is spent.

Answering the survey using the Purchases Survey link, the big green print below, is completely anonymous. I created the survey based on US Dollars so please make your best estimate for whatever currency you use.

Tap Here for Purchases Survey

I will tell you that I have never purchased anything in the game. Though I spend money to keep this website running and I appreciate all of you who have contributed to that.

I appreciate all the help and feedback from players. This is your website too!

Remember to Back Up Your iPad!

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Answered “other” on survey. In 5+ years of play I made one $100 purchase of diamonds (with leprechaun and chests.) Minigames and daily room diamonds keep me going.

Lily Zane

Why would GI tell me on Facebook that they are only continuing to support the game and not deny there are no updates planned and yet tell you they are designing new rooms and quests? It’s very confusing. Can you please double check?


    Where did they tell you this on Facebook?


      Here’s the conversation, keep in mind for legal reasons they can’t lie but at the same time they will not want people to abandon the game when it’s still playable…

      ‪Lily Zane: I’m confused. Why would we setup notifications for a game you’re no longer updating? I thought you are ending Mystery Manor. You certainly haven’t denied it.‬

      ‪Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure But we are supporting the game…‬

      ‪Lily Zane So no more updates or enhancements but you’ll continue to support the game. I guess that’s nice for the lower level players but all of us old timers are out of luck. So sad‬☹️


        I think they have their hands full with the Guns of Boom app that was launched in the fall. It looks like it’s been highly successful. Maybe they look at MM as a neverending job. I always thought how many rooms and levels are they going to need to come up with in order to keep us old players happy? It would be a job that never ends and a game that takes a lot of memory and resources to play. Plus, all of the bugs and issues they have with the game. I say they give us our money back and call it a day. I’ve been playing the game for six years now and the last two days I had a lot of time on my hands! The game has become a chore.


        I think that’s a very vague answer. I don’t want to get too involved with what they are or aren’t doing.

        I have been told they are working on new stuff. I don’t know what is true anymore.

Claudia Anderson

Are we seeing/hearing any results from boycott? I haven’t played all week and wondering about guild events tomorrow.


    I have not had any feedback but at the moment there is no special sale of buying diamonds, no furniture for sale or anything else. Plus we have not had a full weekend of Guild Events. I think it will take time for an effect on the GI end to show. Players need to just not spend real money to buy anything. Beg your friends with help if you need something in the game. Anyone can send me a wall request that wants to.

    My guild is taking the weekend off. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. I have 2 charity events and would rather not stress about being there to do my part. I’ll be busy saving animals from extinction!


      I’m not sure what “effect on the GI end” you’re waiting to see. Last boycott they responded even before boycott went into effect. This time they’ve essentially ignored the whole thing. Revenue from this game has dropped to the point that it is no longer profitable. If you’re hoping to change their mind and convince them to update and enhance the game I hardly think making it even less profitable is going to work. Plus, if they plan on updating and enhancing why would they sit back and ignore the boycott? Wouldn’t they want to ensure our playing and spending by promising us new stuff? Also, I’m sure they don’t want to discourage any future spending by announcing the game has reached its end. New and lower level players can still proceed through quests. Contests, events and holiday specials are still there for people to play. As I understand it there are just no future updates or enhancements planned. Though maybe I misunderstood….except there haven’t been any for 5 months.


        I was hoping to get them to make chests available for rooms, quit increasing the cost of searching, banishing and furniture.

        The holiday events are only a portion of what they’ve previously released because they have to do an update to give us the entire event. I don’t see that as supporting the game.

        Everyone has a choice to pay or not to play.


I have had several messages to say that GI are closing down the game. Do you know anything about this?


    Who is sending you these messages? I know GI is working on new rooms, new quests, etc. I asked in January because I wanted to know if I should shut down the web page. I asked if I was wasting my time!

    However, if everything new becomes more ridiculously hard and expensive I think we need to take a stand!


When I first started playing about five years ago, have probably spent $500 dollars on the game. Haven’t spent “real” money in over a year, just wasn’t worth it, the latest quests and collection items are so paltry!! I have furniture that gives me a total of eight diamonds daily, I have about 35 weekly Friday bonus chests that contain diamonds, I’ve gotten tired of the new (repeat!) quests so see no need to even use my diamonds except for guild events. I’d like to see the corner room on first floor open up! Or something on second floor, not these silly yard/basement/space rooms that require battles to open! Not to mention the ridiculous number and cost of the weapons! Getting bored……


    Several years ago, I was messaging with (supposedly) the head of Gi. He said at that time, that the 1st floor corner room would be occupied very soon and that we would be so surprised. Well, I’m not surprised that this has never happened.


I n the past I bought the dragon to get some diamonds but have not done so for ages. Everything is too expensive and asi know that friends have lost their game for no reason and only been partially compensated I only use diamonds etc that I earn.


I stopped looking at the furniture months ago, after seeing prices go up to ridiculous. I have thought the prices were high for a long time, but so much worse now. I totally agree with what everyone is saying.


Hi, I rarely spend anything in the game, & haven’t spent anything at all so far this year as I’ve been so fed up with the way the game has stagnated. I have sometimes bought the 99p chests (but was cross to find out they are 99c for US players, which is less!).

The point I would like to make is that I think many people would spend more if purchases were actually cheaper, don’t you? If I could buy a piece of furniture for 99p then I’d probably buy quite a few of them; with the current pricing, I never do! Many things within the game seem overpriced, too; I’d probably buy extra turns on the kitty slot machine if it were only 1 diamond a pop, for instance. And I’m completely baffled by how the top players get the daily gold chests, the numbers achieved are eye-watering. Recent events aren’t possible to finish without spending, so it’s frustrating to even try. I do so spend quite a bit of time playing, so it ought to be possible for me to complete events, but it just isn’t now. And the best event for me, since I started playing in Feb 2017, was the St Patricks, but they just skipped that one altogether this year, grr.


    I have been saying exactly what you’re saying about the pricing for over a year. And the prices continue to go up. I would buy some of the stuff it it was less too.


    To becthurgood

    I can’t speak for anyone else except myself, but I am nearly always at the top of a LOT of these lists, and I can tell you that I don’t even manage to get on to MM every day! I’ve been missing a lot of Wall Requests lately, and I have NEVER belonged on ANY of those lists. I’ve been ‘on break’ for about a year now. I feel bad for the people who belong at the top of these lists, but I have no control over whatever calculations are getting screwed up, 😕😞


When I started to play I would not spend any money. then my husband explained that the developers deserve to get paid, so if I like a game and get entertainment from it, then it’s ok to spend some money on it. Now this is within reason. I spend maybe $5.00 a month. But if GI is finding that it isn’t worth their while to continue to upgtade it…well that’s their prerogative. The problem is they shouldn’t continue to collect money on a game they plan on discontinuing. That’s what I would like to know, their intentions.


I wanted to let you know that I can no longer access your website on my iPad. It states: Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access … on this server. Do you have any information about this? Has GI done something to block me? I was able to access it until this evening, right before the boycott. Coincidence? I think not.


    Same thing happened to me! I cleared my history and website data, Reset my iPad, and was able to reach the site again.


    Someone else had that the other day. Ken looked and didn’t see a problem but he is working on some background stuff. He had to renew security certificates so that could be filtering through.I’ll have him look at it today or ask him why that would happen. It looks like you were able to get on for this, are you on a different device.

    GI could not block this website from anyone. It is ours and we had solid security from outsiders.


      Thank you to Apryll for the post. I did what you said and it worked! Yes, I posted the first comment from my iPhone, which was not affected.

Rita Nordheden

I used to always buy the .99 keys. I used to buy diamonds when on sale but tried to limit myself to $10.00 per month. However I stopped doing so 6-8 months ago when they stopped proving new quests, collections etc. why would I pay to repeat activities that I already completed. I believe in financially supporting the development and upgrading of the game but only when they provide regular updates. I was waiting to see the new improvement promised but that turned out to be a new game format that is slow, basic and causes us to start over anew. Not fair to any of us.

Trailer Trash

I have just left a negative review on the app store. about the game. Is this something else we could do collectively?

Judy Evans

I used to buy keys, but because you need so many for each room, it makes it too expensive to be sustainable, so I rarely buy anything at all now. If a £0.99 chest appears, then I would purchase it, but these rarely come up for me.

I would buy more keys, if they were reasonably priced, but will not, until they come down in price and give good value for money.

The game also used to be a bit fairer, with the cycle of room types coming one after th other, now if you need a particular mode, it just misses it out of the cycle for ages and items do not drop in a realistic time frame, which shows players it’s just a way to get mor money as you need more and more keys.

This is a fun game, but could become a poorly valued and endless money pit

Statru72 ♍️

I wil buy the .99 chests when they pop up and I have enchanted the dragon once and once I bout the leprechaun diamonds because they were tripled. I try not to spend too much. Can’t afford it 😵


If I had to guess my average spent over several years of off and on playing it might be $2-$3 per month. In the last year or so it has been even less and only on the special $.99 room keys offers. I’m to the point I don’t much care if I ever finish my few outstanding search strings, mostly in basement rooms.

Jo cookie monster

I regularly bought diamonds when leprechauns showed up with triple on offer. But they used to be £10,then price increased to £15, so only bought in desperation. Now the price is £20 and never buy any. I found that prices were cheaper for other countries than the UK, given the exchange rates. Annoyed me greatly at the unfairness so refuse to give them any more money. £20 is around $28 for 528 diamonds when on offer with leprechaun


I stopped buying months ago, because it seemed excessive, except for the pop up snatchin dealer offering keys to a room cheaply.


I put other as well . In the first few years I did spend money , but in the last 2-3 years nothing . I am not going to spend just to get ahead in the game . If I was not in a guild I probably would have given up by now , I certainly don’t play as much as I used to .


I have spent a total of $.99. I bought a diamond dragon for $.99 for 700 diamonds. Then they raised it to $4.99 but decreased to 485 diamonds. I’ll never buy again. I wouldn’t mind spending a dollar for something. I find the value of what you receive against what you get ridiculous

Trailer Trash

In 5 or 6 years of playing, I have spent less than £25 on this game because it is so expensive. I don’t begrudge spending money on games (and do so on several other games) because I realise they have to raise revenue but I hate that feeling of being ripped off.


I am curious; GI must know about players frustrations and the boycott. Have they not responded to anyone to let the players know what is going on? Diane


    I heard from GI within a few hours of my first Boycott post being published. I told him I was just doing what the players asked and that I hoped they took the time to read the comments.

    This page ranks number 1 when you do a google search for Mystery Manor. It is not just current players but future players that will see everything we’ve compiled. I hope they will realize that!

    I am waiting for the status of what’s next in the ga,e.


Where is the survey? I am not seeing it..


    It is the Puchases Survey header about halfway down the post.


Well, my first .99 chest just showed up for the anniversary hall. Not even a dollar from me until we get answers!


There is no shame in purchasing from a game. I learned this in bingo from some very disabled individuals. The game was their joy! I figure that $100 buys 2800 diamonds- which lasts me three months at least. $100 is four movies with popcorn or a day at a Disney park. Just saying… 😉


    I think the shame is that GI! Has found a way to take many benefits away from us in little ways and raise the costs of playing in even bigger ways. If you bought a $50 set of furniture and found out the game was closing a week later how would you feel? Some players are obsessed with getter further faster and pay a lot because this personality traits are played upon.

    They have to make money to stay in business but more players will spend $20 a month than $100 if you make it a good value.

    I was a really poor person once and ever since I’ve been really frugal and logical,with my money. At the time I would have spent money in the game there were issues that went on for weeks and weeks and it kept me from spending. I never saw that behavior change. I’m still her because the players wanted the website to remain.


      Totally agree GI continues to take things away. Under achievements, you would get really great stuff as you reached certain levels. Then they stopped adding to that. You used to be able to buy chests, but then they stopped making chests for events. You used to have the Snatchin Merchant allow you to buy .99 chests for 300 room keys; they used to drop all the time, now it is random and rare. You used to be able to search a room once, perhaps twice and get the item you needed. Now sometimes I have had to search for a year in order to get the item. Items once upon a time could be gifted, now they change the name so it can’t. The daily contests are impossible to win. The arena battles used to have generous gifts for winning that has been diminished. You used to be able to buy furniture with coins, and gold tokens. Now you virtually have to buy the furniture with diamonds and be careful because it may interfere with something you have already purchased. With each successive change they have slowly taken things away from players, or upped the ante to buy them. This could be a really great game, if they leveled the playing field for all players. Make it possible to finish events, and quests, provide low budget options for all types of players.


        Simpson, you really echoed so many of the frustrations I have had with the game for well over a year. Chests so much more expensive, snatchin merchant pop up extremely rare. And quests! So much harder to complete. I also don’t care to even try anymore.
        Furniture always overlapping, a total waste of money.
        It’s too bad that it has come to this.
        I will wait until end of March for a decent update. If it doesn’t come by then, I am for sure quitting.


    I don’t go to 4 movies in a year or to a Disney park once a year much less every 3 months. I cannot afford to spend $400-$500 a year on an online game. I will spend $20 every so often but I’ve been playing since the beginning and don’t think I’ve spent $400 total.


I spend more money lately. Trying to get thru the frustrating, often impossible quest strings. No more! Why would any of us want to spend money on an obsolete game. If they can’t improve and update, why should we pay to complete their ridiculous tasks. Greed!


Have purchased especially dragon diamonds


I put other in the survey as none of the answers were close enough to my situation. I have bought the dragon 3 times in the 3-4 years I’ve been playing (£1:99 first time and £4:99 the next 2). Its the cheapest way to increase my diamonds (I think?) and as I don’t gamble generally I don’t mind the occasional purchase.


    Yes, I wasn’t sure what to put so I should have put an occasionally spent money. I’ll learn better questions.


I can’t see the link to do survey, is it on this page? I am sorry, I am blind in one eye.


    It is the large green heading that says Purchases Survey.


      I still cannot see the purchases survey.


        It’s the big Puchase Survey header in the middle of the post!

Rhonda Oestmann

Remember how coins in the daily chest could be used to by furniture for the rooms? Well, we still get coins, however, it has been a very long time since new furniture has been placed in buy with those coins. One can pay $ for the furniture, but then what reason for the coins?


    Yes, I used my coins to buy all the diamond giving furniture and lost interest in battling the Mystic Arena. There are things they just don’t get at GI! In trying to make more money they are keeping players from spending any.


Completed the survey. I wished I could have added something. So I will shamefully add it here. When I first started playing this game I didn’t keep track of how much i was spending. But in 2014 I realized I was spending more than I wanted to so I started to keep track in 2015. Shamefully, I spent over $2, 000, and I felt disgusted with myself. I spent all that $$$ so stupidly, and for what? ‘there was nothing to show at the end. So I decided that if I was going to continue to play I needed to not make GI rich at my expenses. I wish they had kept the .99 chest for room keys; they only occasionally show up now.
since 2015, I am pleased to say that I have spent about $150 a year. Not perfect but way better than over $2, 000 a year 🙈


    I understand. This was my first time doing a survey and I didn’t see a place to put anything else. I may try to learn more and do other surveys in the future.




Never spent money to play games

Lyna M Gunderson

I haven’t spent any money since December. But I spent probably $100+ per month before then, never again on any game.


    Did you click the link and fill out the survey?

      Lyna M Gunderson

      Yes, I did do the survey.


Do not spend any money on any game .


Not a dime

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