Boycott Rules

Boycott Rules

There have been questions about how the Boycott works so I thought I would do a quick post on the Boycott Rules.

It’s simple and you don’t have to give up your daily diamonds!

  • We are formally starting a no spending money on Sunday, March 11, 2018. To make this clear this is NOT PURCHASING anything you need real money for.
    • DO NOT BUY: These items require money
    • OK to Purchase: Only if you already have the diamonds or coins. Don’t buy Diamonds or Coins from the Bank to purchase. You can still do your Guild Events and play the game.
  • DO NOT go online on Tuesday March 13 and Wednesday March 14.
    • To collect your daily diamonds go into your iPad settings and turn off your WiFi. You can do this by turning it off or going to Airplane Mode. Then go into the game and collect your daily diamonds.
      • When you’re done Quit the game and turn your WiFi back on.
    • We want to send a message to GI! If you can’t go 2 days without playing the game they will not believe you will give it up and go somewhere else! Please support the other players in sending this message.
  • How Long will we not spend? Until GI starts to make changes! We need to see updates, better support, less expensive quest strings and rooms!

Share with Friends!

Please pass this message around to your friends and get them to participate. Thank you!

I have been posting the following messages on players walls that do not have the 🚫💰 symbols up. Sorry it I send it to you more than once, just trying to get the word out.

Support the 🚫💰boycott to improve the game. See for details.

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Jennifer Kocal

I am starting to look for a replacement game as a backup plan. I love Myster Manyor. The quests are so glitchy I’m starting to give up on them. I have fun sending gifts. Being part of a guild . I do appreciate the game just frustrated with lock places that need quests that aren’t offered. As long as I know that we aren’t forgotten I’m patient and can wait for updates.


Anyone consider how this boycott is doing more to hurt lower level players than anything else?
Mystery Manor is a game, not a political party.
You want more stuff, but did any of you ask about how you can help improve the game?
I spoke to a contact at GI, and learned they have been going through a lot of employee turnover, especially in the MM group.
I’m sure they can drop the game and cut their losses pretty quickly, if they can’t make any money at it.


    I have a contact at GI. I have never been told they have a lot of turnover. However, it is not the players responsibility if they do have a high turnover. While you were getting this inside information on employee turnover did you get any information on the status of the game?

    How exactly is a spending boycott hurting the lower level players? If GI is not doing anything but leaving a game with no changes out there then they are using a minimal staff.

    It is up to you if you want to pay 1 diamond for every key, if you need 6 or 8 of something to banish every roamer and the quest string requires you to banish 20 of them to move on. The list of ways things have gotten very expensive in the game is long. There hasn’t been a weekend go by where the Guild Events are all posted correctly. By the experienced players speaking out it helps the players just starting have a chance of getting through the quests instead of being frustrated.

    We just want GI to listen to what the players are saying and make things better. Players have been asking on their Facebook page without any real answers. And in case you haven’t been paying attention I have sent lists of things to help make the game better.

Добрый вечер,мы продолжили бойкот и не будем платить,до выпуска обновлений.
Так же вы можете вернуть деньги,которые заплатили в Тацную усадьбу,позвонив поддержку Яблока и объяснив специалистам,что вас не устраивает качество приложения.
Я в марте,совершила покупки и в Феврале ,мне все вернули обратного вернулись на мою карту,а специалист Яблока,отправил официальную жалобу разработчикам.
Используйте эту возможность,чтобы вернуть деньги обратно и быть услышанными,все купленные вещи,останутся с вами.
И ваши слова недовольства попадут прямо в уши разработчикам Тайной Усадьбы.
Все иметь отличное настроение.
Виллоу,спасибо тебе за поддержку и прекрасный сайт!

для тех ,кто платил в игру ,Вы можете совершенно не напрягаясь вернуть деньги за последние 60 дней обратно!Достаточно позвонить в Поддержку Apple
🍏8–800–333–51–73 и 8-800-555-67-34
Это телефоны Яблока в России,но там все говорят по английски,вы можете звонить в Яблоко в своей стране или использовать поддержку в России.

Translated: Good evening, we continued the boycott and will not pay until the release of updates.
Join now.
You can also return the money that was paid to the Tatsnoy Manor by calling Apple’s support and explaining to the experts that you are not satisfied with the quality of the application.
I went shopping in March, and in February, I was all returned back to my card, and Yabloko specialist sent an official complaint to the developers.
Use this opportunity to return money back and be heard, all purchased items will remain with you.
And your words of discontent will fall directly into the ears of the developers of the Secret Estate.
All have a great mood.
Willow, thank you for your support and wonderful site!

for those who paid into the game, you can absolutely not straining to return money for the last 60 days back! It is enough to call Apple Support
🍏8-800-333-51-73 and 8-800-555-67-34
These are Apple phones in Russia, but everyone there speaks English, you can call Apple in your country or use support in Russia.


    Before you call Apple, use your country’s phone number, and ask for a refund consider this:

    If you say you are not satisfied with the quality of the application after 6 years does that mean you will quit playing because it is bad?

    Have you felt you were never satisfied or that you didn’t receive what you paid for in your last 60 days Purchases? Was there NO benefit from those purchases? Were those purchases different than other purchases in the past (did you not get what you expected)?

    Do you return a book after you have read it because you didn’t like the way it ended? Do you ask for your money back after sitting through the entire movie?

    I think we can have more impact by saying NO more PURCHASES. And sticking to it.

Jennifer Kocal

I have been asking for years to install a slide bar we could use to scroll through gifts and our collection page to make it easier to send exactly what you want to friends. They need to appreciate their loyal players.
Jeni Lee


Any news from Gi since the boycott? Are they trying to change things at least or is still too soon to tell


    Nothing yet! I have been told they are working on a new release but it needs to be approved and finalized. I think they keep making changes! That could be better than getting a pile of bugs and I hope they are considering what players are saying about the costs. I’ll send them a report tomorrow from the survey.


Mystery manor cat slot machine.
Has anyone noticed that GI added every charger, and room keys, etc. So odds of winning are slim to nothing. Used to be fun to see cat show up. Now it’s not


Looks like MM if giving EVERYONE a Dragon if we come back…last’s 24 Hours


    I went to the MM Facebook site to see if this was true…nothing listed…looked at messenger..nothing. All I can say is I found this when I pulled my black page down that listed messages, mail, etc and saw the notice but can’t find it anywhere now. 🤔


    There is no Free Diamond Dragon if you go in online! I checked!

    I did see a post on the MM community page which is the Facebook version. It says the Dragon is giving out diamonds but you have to buy that dragon. I also noticed they still have to go in every 4 hours to collect it. At least ours went to daily!


To collect daily diamonds without wifi I found I have turn wifi off on my phone as well as my iPad which are both Apple, as they share wifi. Have to collect dragons diamonds with wifi on.


    Your iPad must be connecting to the hotspot on your phone. If you use Airplane mode it won’t connect. But you do need it for the Diamond Dragon. And I don’t want anyone to miss out on the diamonds they’ve paid for!


So when can we go back to checking in to game normally, as we’ are
all in different time zones.
Would that be on March 14th that we go back, or on March 15th?
Thank you


    On the 15th in your time zone!


      We’re changing time zones every day or so on our trip. When we crossed the International Date Line, I was warned about cheating. This makes it hard to know what day it is in the MM world


        😆 I never know what day it is. I think if I didn’t do guild events I would completely lose track of them!


I purchased the diamond dragon in February. I’m afraid that I will lose my diamonds if I don’t get on to collect them. I saw that I don’t have to give them up so I can get on to collect them? Please let me know.


    Yes, go in and collect them! No one should lose what they paid for. Then if you want to play turn your WiFi off!


Sorry to sound thick but if I play the game offline, will this be ok? Does this mean that MM do not know I’m playing and think I am boycotting? I know offline play is limited as to what you can do which is fine by me.

Pat Hilliard

Just so everyone knows, if you put your iPad in airplane mode, you cannot collect diamonds from the dragon. It cuts off your WiFi. And diamonds do not drop unless you have an internet connection.


    That’s very strange. Mine are there!


Are we collecting our daily guild points


    Oh, the 5 points for checking in everyday? I didn’t even think about them. You would lose 10 points per player if you didn’t check in every day.


      That’s what I’m thinking it’s a lot of points to lose – but will go with what everyone thinks is best

Linda Greene

Can we check in with guild friends because that requires WiFi.
Sorry so many questions but want to make sure I do this boycott right


    If none of your guild is playing why will you need to check in? It’s 2 days where there is no event.


I just tried to collect my diamond dragon stuff today without wifi, and it didn’t work. Room diamonds did, but not the dragon. Since I paid for the dragon, I’ll go in with wifi just long enough to collect that, but no wifi otherwise.


    That makes perfect sense!


    I also have the dragen and needed to do tape same as you. Quick in and out🙃

Wayward Son

Sorry. I will not spend money for three days to support the boycott, but I’m not sure I’ll stay out of manor. I don’t see the benefit as I don’t intend to leave it. I’ll stick with MM until GI pulls the plug. I’ve not found a game yet that allows the interactions with friends and works with my schedule. I can do as much or as little as I want. I’ve been at it for 6 years through ups and downs. I’ve been on the receiving end of bad glitches. But I still see no alternative. Where will you go?


    We are not asking you to leave the game. We are asking you to not spend money until things in the game improve! We are trying to get 2 days of not playing the game to send a message that we are serious!

      Wayward Son

      I’m just reading your comments in the article above “…they will not believe you will give it up and go someplace else” and “…continue boycott until they give answers”. Hope GI is quick to respond and you receive answers you seek.


        They have already stated there will be no 6th Anniversary Event. We’ve had nothing but repeat events since October and skipped Thanksgiving Event completely. Chests for new rooms are non-existent, and if you are trying to get to,the Expert level in rooms with keys it takes more keys to go up each level than it previously did. Each new Roamer that is introduced takes even more weapons to banish. I wouldn’t want to be a new player in this game, it would be impossible to get anywhere or to even complete an event. Plus the contests are impossible to place in because they compete with the high level players that have every advantage.

        They will read the players comments. We want them to know it’s not just a few players that feel this way but a huge number. I’m not saying everything should be free. They have to make money to stay in business.

Linda Greene

We can play, gift, etc. tomorrow?


    Yes, as long as tomorrow isn’t the 13th for you! Just don’t buy anything with real money!

Linda Greene

What days do we not play ? Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday? Confused


    Tuesday and Wednesday! March 13 and 14!

      Linda Greene

      Thanks. Your help is phenomenal


I’m finding it impossible to identify some gifts that friends who have the boycott emoji’s 🚫💎💰 at the beginning of their username are sending. I’ve altered my username so that they appear at the end to make this easier for others. I hate not being able to return gifts but if people don’t leave a note there is no way to work out who sent them.


    I have NEVER been able to read the names from senders in my incoming gift box. Even on my large 12″ iPad. So, if you leave a gift please take a moment to put a message on the wall!


I don’t get daily diamonds as a regular thing?????


    I think the daily diamonds are maybe the ones you receive from the plants(furniture pieces) that can be purchased in some rooms.


      Yes, only from the Furniture unless you have a Diamond Dragon that you paid for.


        I should receive diamonds from my dragon every day, but every since I stopped playing the gamer daily and added the anti-moneybag symbols in from of my name, the dragon has completely disappeared. I find this aggravating since I paid for the dragon and the diamonds. Do you have any advice/suggestions? Or are am I just being jipped???

        Many thanks!


          gah, typos!!



          Thanks again!!



          Did you not collect for those 2 days? Did you turn your WiFi on and off? How many days did you have remaining to collect? Try rebooting your iPad and then opening the game. If that doesn’t work send a ticket to GI.


I never receive daily diamonds I’m boycotting


I support the boycott, but I will not spend the money for the symbols. Any suggestion to what to amend my name to?


    No, just put it in your wall message. When you get to a higher VIP level it is free to change your name.


      I think you can now change you name free at all levels.


        There is actually a Level 0 in VIP points where you have to pay. I can’t tell how much it takes to get to a Level 1 VIP. But it you are getting a message to pay Diamonds to change your name from Level 1 VIP and higher open a ticket with GI and hope they don’t mess up your game!


I have tried to collect diamonds without wifi before and it seems your getting them but when you go back to game you find they are back on screen and not in diamond count


    Hmmm…. I’ll give it a try today.


    I put my iPad in airplane mode tonight and collected my daily diamonds, collected from my anniversary gifts and selected to buy the 51 friend visits. I then shut down my game and went back in. I still had my diamonds and did not get anything to collect them again.

Sue Smoothy

I am supporting the boycott but am worried about any friends who send me wall requests that I can’t return. Some of my friends don’t know about the boycott and will still request gifts. Apart from putting a note on my wall how are others going to deal with them?


    I have been posting messages to them by using the reply button on the wall requests. If the don’t have a 🚫💰 sign I message them. I think everyone that requests a charger can survive 2 days without getting it! This is how we show we can quit the game if things don’t improve.


When I tried to open the email then website about the boycott in Outlook, I got a message that Outlook blocked it as it dangerous! Interesting!


    Wow! Was that only the one time? That’s a Windows machine right? I have an all Mac house and only ever open Safari or Chrome.

    I did have the wall in MM tell me to rephrase multiple times yesterday when I was posting notices.


Got it!

Trailer Trash

I have 280 friends and 70 of them have the emojis supporting this boycott. Hopefully, there will be a lot more by Sunday!


    I have about half of mine, so 250 of 500. It increases every day.


Got your back!


Thanks for info about how to collect diamonds. Really hated giving up my diamonds over the 2 days.

Also, thanks for organizing boycott and helping get the word out.


So simple, thank you!

1. Boycott on purchases begins Sunday but playing is okay, and playing with game scrip (Play money + diamonds okay if previously purchased.
2. NO PLAY Monday & Tuesday-keep Wifi off to collect diamond “salary” but then close APP.

Thank you again for all you are doing. It takes an Organizer to Lead!


    Pretty sure it’s Tuesday and Wednesday. Depending on where you are you could be doing a guild event Monday morning in your time zone. I tried to pick the least played day for better participation.


Thanks for adding these details … I did not know that part of the game would still work while in airplane mode.

You are so correct that we need to stand together and send a message.

You have my support.


I was wondering about collecting my daily 💎’S. Thank you for clarifying that. I hope the word is spreading about the boycott.


    I have noticed many more 🚫💰 in the last day or so! Hopefully we will make an impact!

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