Mystery Manor iPad Boycott

Mystery Manor iPad Boycott

At the request of many game players I am posting notice of a Mystery Manor iPad Boycott. We will begin on Sunday, March 11, 2018 and continue until GI starts to answer questions and make game changes.

Don’t Spend Money in Game! 🚫💰! 

How to Boycott

  • Do not buy anything in the game you have to spend money on
    • No Furniture offers
    • No Coins or Diamonds
    • No Chests that require a monetary outlay
    • No Diamond Dragon
  • Also, it would be great if you would not open your games on Tuesday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 14 in your time zone.
    • The hope is that GI will notice a period of time when there are no, or very few, players.
  • Pass the word around. Tell all your friends. Post it on your wall. Put the 🚫💰emojis in your name bar. The more players that participate the more effective we will be.
  • Go Rate the Game and give an honest statement in the App Store.

Goals of the Boycott

  • GI needs to communicate the status of Mystery Manor iPad to us.
    • There has not been an update to the game since October 13, 2017 when the Zodiac Fortress room was released. We used to see new rooms, events and quest strings every month or two.
    • Instead of new events for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter, the events are repeated, cut down versions of previous years.
    • No Anniversary Event is being released.
    • Chests with keys for searching rooms were no longer offered in the shop for rooms released after May 2017 making rooms with keys very expensive to search.
    • Chest to purchase keys for the Zodiac Fortress were sold without telling players they would no longer need keys to search 7 days after the room was opened. Many players felt this was deceptive. Due to the lack of chests available in the shop, players purchased many chests of keys in advance from the special Sale offering. GI needs to trade those keys 1 for 1 for keys for another room.
      • I personally spent 450 diamonds and have over 2,000 Chivalric Codes to search the room that are no longer needed.
  • Server issues have continued for over a year during Guild Events with GI blaming it on the players internet connections instead of fixing the problem on their end.
  • A support person and developer needs to be available at the start of Guild Events to resolve issues.
    • Guild Events are released with bugs and incorrect data making some events impossible to complete and nothing is done until the next week.
    • If this occurs GI should compensate with the players with the contents of the chest they would have won.
    • GI should also be prepared to put up a Facebook post immediately to inform players of the problem.

Thank You All

I want to thank every player and loyal subscriber of my web page. I could not do it without you. If we stand together we can make changes happen.

Please include your comments below. I’m sure I haven’t covered everything.

Back Up Your iPad

Please everyone, back up your iPad so you can restore your game if you lose it or get a new iPad.

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It appears to me that the descriptions of rewards on the newest Chasing Chest Event are incomplete. I accepted my rewards and noticed that I received some bombs and pointers. Maybe not a useless as first thought. It will be interesting to see what the reward actually are for the final chest.


    I was told this morning that they put a new dev on these things and he made a mistake. He also pushed it to the players instead of just the test environment. Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes. It’s a good sign they are hiring developers.😀


Boycott did nothing. New event today has reduced rewards by about 95%. Even if your in top ten you only get a dinner. This is their way of showing us they do not care.


    This does not mean the Boycott did nothing. We have had feedback from GI that they are implementing changes. You know you can’t develop and program big changes overnight. We have been told the reason there are no Updates is that all developers are working on new stuff. I think they put someone on these releases today of the chasing chests and send a gift to a friend that did not know how to do it!

    Let’s be patient and stick to our promise not to spend money. If this is too much and you are unhappy you can always quit!


I have just quit the game after being addicted for 5 years. There was nothing to keep me hooked anymore, I will only miss the players, and annons you battle or try to beat in the daily challenges but not enough to keep me. 😈Tigerjoebob



    Miss you!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


So how is the boycott going? They’re doing today’s guild event to try to get us to spend diamonds.


So much for the boycott having any effect. I have been playing the guild event today and got credit for 26 rooms. After that I played at least another 20 rooms, used 200 💎, opened 8 chests and did not get credit for those last rooms. I then tried to send a ticket to GI only to get message that the site was down for routine maintenance. This is not only not fair to me but to the rest of my guild as I won’t be able to do my share. Things seem to be getting worse, not better.


    Were they the same rooms?

Jo cookie monster

Such a shame, after the boycott to find so many gift requests over the down days from players with the symbols next their names! Plus the huge amount of them that also played the daily contests. What a waste of time on those of us that genuinely followed the boycott. Shame on them.


So what happens now? I joined the 24 hr boycott, but being in Australia meant most players from other countries were still in the boycott when the 15th came around. I will continue to not spend money but unless the majority of players continue to hit the source of GI’s cash flow, my worry is they will just see this as a hiccup in their business. Did any of the tech or gaming sites report on this as was done in 2012? As this publicity would add to GI’s problems in the public forum

Well done to this site for all the great info provided😄😄


    I did send an email to the company that wrote about the first boycott. In 2012 GI did not have the number of games they have now so it was a bigger hit. They may well do nothing and it’s up,to you if you want to continue to spend money in the game.

Pamela Sunderland

What is going to happen next
Today is the 15th. What happens now
Will their be an Easter event


    Yes, Easter Event is a repeat and starts on the 17th. The dates are in the right side column of the web page and I’ll get the post up as soon as I see how much they are going to give us. It will appear in our manors and there won’t be an update to start it!

    I say we hold out on spending real money until they start giving us updates and a break in the prices of things.


      If I recall correctly, there were bugs and problems with last years Easter event. If so, I hope they are corrected before it begins.


        They will not be corrected. That would require an update and there will be NO updates.


I too was a bit dismayed when I booted up the game this morning to see that people had made wall requests over the last 2 days. But after thinking about it, while the boycott sent a message to GI, what is really going to hurt them is if people remain true to not spending any $$$$$$. Let’s face it, playing or not playing does hurt or help them, it is spending $$$$$ that helps them. So I think we have to keep the pressure on and perhaps direct some of our game friends who haven’t made the commitment to understand why it is important.


    A reply to my reply…..I do have to say the majority of my friends didn’t play the two days. And you also have to factor in time changes, while it may look like they played, they may have been at the beginning or end of the two day boycott.


Thank you so much for keeping this page going. It is only way we can get information about the game since GI appears to have their lips sealed. 🤐 Is there any news from them and do you think the boycott helped at all? I am going to continue to not make purchases for as long as I can. Diane


I see that the Easter event from last year will return. I don’t see that event listed in your Events category. I have a written version of it that I saved if you feel that it is needed.


    Thanks! I have it turned to a private page for now and will make it public again when the event starts. We will only get a partial of this event and I want to edit it some as soon as I know what it is. I have March 17 as the start date.

    I never really delete anything! I have screen shots of so many quest strings I’ve started clearing them out and keeping just the important bits!


Most of my gift requests during the boycott were from my Russian friends who have very high levels in the game. Sad we couldn’t get more support from our players.


    I am thinking it is time to just stop playing for a while. I am more angry now than disappointed. I may just fade away for a few weeks. Thank you for all of your help! You have been great!

      Sue Ellen

      I was also disapointed in the number of players who didnt join in the 2 day boycott and had the same high level players requesting items. I have considered just deleting them from my friends list since many have thousands of friends and dont need me, surely they cant fill all of their wall requests with so many friends!


        I think as long as we get players to stop buying the expensive stuff! It just goes to show how well this game does, even when the players don’t like things about it they will still go in and play. And some are just obsessed with answering every wall request and playing in every contest.


      Put a Break up in your name bar so your true friends don’t worry about you or delete you when you go to sleep.


    I’m currently in the south China Sea where our time is out of synch with the rest of the playing public (Guild events for me start at 2:00 am). Our wifi access is wretched and spotty at best. It’s so bad, that I cannot visit anyone but must play only in my own manor. Sometimes, I can grant wall gifts and some times I can’t. However, I did my best to grant wall gifts to all those showing the boycott symbols. I play when I can which isn’t often enough. I can’t believe that my Guild hasn’t dropped me yet. So please don’t get too angry about me asking for wall gifts, since most of the time, it is so difficult. I’ve been traveling for 3 months and still have about 2 more months to go.


      I have been more concerned with players not spending money that adhering to the no play for 2 days. Some didn’t understand, some need Mystery Manor AA and some just didn’t read the whole post.

Trailer Trash

Have just logged back into the game after the 2day boycott. Was disappointed to see so many wall requests from people, supposedly, in support of the boycott. I did not grant them their request!!! Keep up the pressure on GI


    I too was disappointed on log in today to see so many wall requests from people with the boycott sign, however I couldn’t respond to their requests if even I wanted to as anything that was more than 11 hours old (and going back to my stopping 2 days ago) was greyed out and so I can’t gift in any case! I’ve been on holiday in the past and been able to respond to requests many days old but on this occasion I appear to have been overruled 🧐


      I think sometimes this happens unintentionally. I’ve noticed over time that you can receive a wall gift days after you have changed you wall requests. I think the server processing of back and forth gifts can be delayed at times.
      I logged on this afternoon for the first time in 48 hours (I’m in Australia 🇦🇺) and for the most part, the people with 🚫💰 etc were being true to the support. And I’ve been wrapped that so many in my friends list supported this.

      Thank you by the way, for what you do on this site mmipadfunpage, it’s very much appreciated.


      The inability to gift requests more than 24 hours old started happening several months ago.

Carol George

I love your page and appreciate all of the effort put into it. You and other supporters have explained so much! I think I missed something, though…is GI considering dropping the game for iPad users? Other than phones, which I find difficut to use for games like this, how are others playing?
Also, I’ve supported the boycott and went on just to collect the diamonds from the special furniture in rooms. The first day, I received them; the second day, no diamonds. Is GI punishing or is this a glitch?

Jan Johnson

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this page. I played this game when it first came out for over two years and then my game was deleted accidentally by one of my children (we shared). I was heart broken at having to start over. So I didn’t. Then this past year I decided to reinstall. I really missed playing. There was, as you know, a lot more going on with more rooms, floors, collections ect then my first download. Needless to say it was a bit overwhelming. Your page has become an ASSET to my game play. Then the symbols appeared and I knew instantly where to go to find out what was going on (your page)! My heart is breaking again to think I won’t have my iPad game to play anymore. I am not what you’d call a “gamer” but this version is by far my most favorite game to play on my down time. More so now then my first download because of your page. Navigating through the quests, getting important game information and especially the ability to “search” the collections has made all the difference. Again, thank you for giving us playing Mystery Manor iPad version a place to get our questions answered. You’re Amazing!


    🤗 Thank you!

Jody Reed

I have been playing game for over a year. Never heard about your page until 🚫💰symbols started appearing. Thank you for arranging was needed. My biggest issue is Zodiac Fortress. According to your page I should have access if I have access to rooms in Zodiac mode. But I was afraid to contact GI about it as they had that Hugh glitch around that time where several people lost their games and progress. Thought it would resolve if they updated. But no updates!


    Have you completed all of the Zodiac Quests? There are about 95 and while they used to be marked with the Zodiac icon that disappeared when the Fortress came out. Sometimes I don’t know how the break existing things but they did change the Zodiac quest string names at that time.


I did go on today to pick up my daily diamonds & used the method you advised: turned off WiFi in settings, opened game app for quick p/u but couldn’t help but notice the number of players still making wall requests. Surely this is playing?!? Several friends had the boycott emojis next to their name so I felt disappointment. Trying not to judge…..Anyway, I closed app and switched my WiFi back on in my iPad settings. Are making wall requests still observing the boycott?


    They may be supporting the no spending but not the no playing. It seemed many didn’t understand how that part worked.


    When I went in to retrieve my diamonds, I wasn’t even able to look at requests without the internet. I don’t know why you could.


      I know!! But I double-checked & it was off!
      My sympathies your weather made the boycott tougher…we have rain & I’m homebound recuperating with minor surgery. I love to read but need a break from that sometimes.


        Could it be your MM app was running in the background on your ipad? (ie: didn’t shut it down fully) then it would look like you are online and collect messages and gifts. When wifi is off and the app has remained closed fully then it doesn’t connect for any external stuff to the be seen in the game when you open it.


          I discovered what happened. You need to go to the app in your iPad settings & turn off the Wifi to that app. Turning off the general app won’t do it alone. Bingo.


            Go to airplane mode!


Tough day for a boycot with being stuck inside during a blizzard in New England, but I’m standing strong LOL. Thanks for all your efforts.


    Go bake something warm and yummy! Here’s some inspiration Lemon shortbread squares. You can do this with real maple syrup too. There’s a link in the Lemon recipe!


Thank you for your help. It’s time also to have support service who speaks also in the langage of the players! Russian, English… with the money they make with us, they must invest in French, Spanish, German… to be fair with us. I’m fade up with the game from several weeks, I could stop as some of MM friends used to do recently.

Caroline Marquardt

Hi I’m totally in on the boycott! I’m in South Africa at the moment. Are we concerned about different time zones or are we each just not going to play for the two days where we are? In other words are we ALL not going to play at the same time or are we staggering play due to different time zones? I


    By doing 2 days there will be a 24 hour period in the middle where not as many players are on. There will be players that ignore it or don’t know about it but I’m hoping we’ve got the most active.


For the last two weeks I have went on the official page to get my chest of diamonds, and it will not let me get them. Can you please help me?


    For your Friday diamond chest? When you click from inside the page to go to the Facebook page the chest will be in your rewards.

    Sometimes, I go to their Facebook page and visit from the link inside but before I go back to the game I do other things. By time I go back to the game I have to find the link on the right hand side and click on it. Then my chest is there. I don’t know what happens if you forget to go back to that reward link but I’m guessing you don’t get it.


      I have tried several times trying to get that chest of diamonds. I didn’t forget to click on it.


        What! No reply?


          Did I miss a question?

Joan Leonard

I’ve probably spent at least $4K in the last 5-6 years I’ve been playing. 😱


I was wondering how people gave multiple gifts, I’m the recipient of some of those gifts and feel bad when I can’t repay. How do some players fill their collections so quickly? I can barely get the first few items by the time the event ends but I see some of my friends’ collections are full after a couple of days. How do they do that?

Deb Helterbridle

Joining the Boycott! Not spending another cent until they improve this game. I’ve been playing for a few years & trying to get Futrak tunes for 6-8 months. Nothing! Still stuck on 1st floor. Hope this boycott works as I don’t know how long I can continue to play room after room on the 1st floor!!!!


How do we do a back up please?


    See the Backing Up Post.


Please, I keep seeing comments about how unfair it is that some players can gift 3-4 items at a time but others can’t. I can gift 2,3,4 gift request items at one time and it is certainly not because GI has shown me some favoritism. When I first started playing many, many years ago I noticed a friend sending me 2-3 requested items at one time. I asked her how she could do it. And she told me “when I tap on the “send gift” button I just tap like crazy and keep tapping until the whole request disappears” so I tried it and what do you know it worked for me too.
So everyone try it yourselves – when you tap on the “send gift” button, and the “please wait” box appears, dont stop! Keep tapping like crazy! Until the whole request disappears.
Now that the word is out watch GI find some way to stop us from doing it. Too bad everyone didnt just ask their friends how they did it…


    This has been known for years and I’m sure that GI knows about it. This is because there is a delay from when you tap until the GI server gets the message and says you sent a gift. You can also tap really fast when tipping and it will leave more than one in the room.

    The older your iPad is or the slower your internet connection the more charger/wall request gifts you can send by tapping fast.

    However, I have been given multiple collection items from a player in succession. My assumption was she was resetting to give a lot of collection gifts and she’s very generous with me. I have never asked and I thank her and gift her anytime I have something on her wish list.


Knew you would figure out away for us to get our diamonds . thank you


Thank you for your dedication and leadership.


I am glad to see that there are players trying to get the message out about these online game apps being a rip off. I wish l had this group of people voicing concerns with another GI app, Airport City.
You all would have been horrified if you played this app. They kept modifying the game so that it would nickel and dime you to the bank to the point there was not any enjoyment in playing. You could not complete any of their special events because no matter how long you played the necessary items would not turn up unless you paid for them. I asked for technical support several times and waited weeks for things to improve but they never did.

I realized l had an older model iPad but that is not fair to blame everything on my end. I stopped purchasing cash for in game items and finally l got so frustrated with the game constantly crashing and losing items l deleted it.

The reality is GI games are out to make $$ so you just have to decide if it’s worth playing them and set a limit or just quit it if you have had enough and don’t enjoy it any more. I will support the boycott because there is strength in numbers.


👋, I’ve seen a bit of confusion on a couple of friends’ walls, saying the plan includes boycotting Sunday’s Guild event. I thought we were still playing the event, unless I it necessitates buying anything with coins or diamonds. Could you possibly clarify this, as guilds will need to discuss it before Sunday. I bet I’m not the only one looking forward to getting some real-life stuff done next week!
If we didn’t care so much about the game, & our friends within it, we wouldn’t be boycotting, we’d just leave it quietly & for good (as many already have). So I hope GI can find a positive side to our actions, & work towards an outcome to restore the game to its former glory!
Good luck all, & thanks for all that you do.


    You are right. We are only boycotting making purchases with real money. We can spend what we have. We want GI to get the message that we will not give them money until they start to respect the players and make things better.

    I will put up a Rules of the Boycott post.


Thanks for your work on this page. I’ve played for 5 years and the only reason I stay is because of the nice people I’ve met.


Je suis d’accord pour le boycott je ne jouerai pas le 13 et 14 Mars . Comment peut on faire pour sauvegarder le jeu avec de mon iPad qui commence a vieillr merci .

Translated: I agree to the boycott I will not play on March 13th and 14th. How can I save the game with my iPad that starts to age thank you.


Also they haven’t updated the game since October 14th!


The game launched in Dec of 2011. A protest occurred in 2012. Info on the protest can still be found online.


We all need to get on board with this botcott. It will send a clear message. My guild is onboard. 🐶👍🏻


I have just read this “ESforce Holding has announced a partnership with game developer Game Insight. The partnership will aim to create an esports ecosystem based on the mobile shooter Guns of Boom.”. The article was dated 17th December 2017 so it may well be their focus is elsewhere.


    There are different GI offices that work on different games. The employees in the office that works on Mystery Manor only work on Mystery Manor.this is what I’ve been told. Hope has been to their office she would know more.


I used to love playing the game, but now I’m bored! No updates, no new quests, and very expensive to buy items. It’s hard getting collection items to drop. I’m on an awesome guild but it seems like it’s the same quest every other week. It’s like they have writers block or just don’t care anymore. I will not play all next week.


Admin ? Following you to the end , been a great resources 😘😘😘 but being a person who 🤔🤔🤔 out of the box . Rather then just block them , why not collect are daily 💎💎💎, gifts etc …. but just not play ? Hurting them more as they are now building our bankroll 😉 in and out in under 2 minutes 😉 just a thought but , guaranteed backing your decision 😉


    We are currently collecting our daily gifts and doing all the free stuff. However, if we want to send a clear message I think a game of no activity for a 24 hour period is a huge message. By going for,the full 2 days it covers all time zones to make 24 hours dark.


I am on board with the boycott. I think we can make a difference, if enough of us let GI know how we feel. 🐶👍🏻


I hope enough of us will participate to make a difference!


    Well, GI has seen this post. I hope they take the time to look through the comments!


      How do you know MM has read this? Have they said something ?


        Yes, I had feedback from my contact. If


I too,support not playing on March 13-14. It is not fair to,us older players when it used to be able to get in a new room and play just by playing and getting needed keys in explorations. Now it’s buy, buy buy. Also there are items that are givien to certain players and not others. Such as some Players can give 2, 3 or 4 collections items at a time. MM needs to be fair with all players.

I have added 🚫💎 🚫💰to my name and will post on my wall.


    Can those players actually give that many items to one player at a time or are they resetting with diamonds to do it?

    It is also not fair to the newer players and the players that work full-time jobs and cannot play all day in many of the contests. The Daily Contest is for the players that play ALL the time. Think about being level 100 and competing with Level 1,000. Same with the Chasing Chests. I have asked GI to do Levels for this like they do with the Mini-Games. Those players might spend money to buy needed items for contests if they stood a chance against others. They refuse.

    This game needs to be for all Levels, not just top levels.


      I think their new profound generosity is meant to sway people who are going to boycott. I am not swayed. I think that they either need to improve the game or discontinue the game. The playing field is clearly not equal. I purposefully don’t belong to a guild because I don’t have the resources to make a difference, and while I enjoy playing the game, I do have other responsibilities and a “real” life outside Mystery Manor.

      I agree that this game needs to be for all levels. I am very lucky to have very generous friends. However, I do have a friend who can give as many as 5 gifts, (a Russian player) and I don’t believe she pays diamonds to reset, unless she somehow gets diamonds for free. Many Russian players seem to be way ahead of us, and have many more advantages than we do, and clearly are able to interact with our ipad game from a different platform.

      I am very happy they are willing to stand in solidarity with us, and I hope that we can affect some kind of change in the game. If they are able to provide the Russian players with so much more than they should be able to do the same for us. I feel badly for people just starting out in this game, because they almost don’t stand a chance in getting very far.

      As for us long time players, I notice less and less of my friends play and interact by visiting manors. They seem to only answer wall requests, play mini games , daily contests, and guild events. An important part of this game is also helping each other. Those more fortunate can helps those less fortunate; I am always happy to help where and when I can. I don’t need more than a couple of each collection item.

      As others have said, it used to be that you could accomplish quests and events within a reasonable amount of time. At this point I can’t even get through some holiday events that began several years ago. Not to mention, that I will never be able to complete quests that restart each time there is a full moon event; so I guess I will never get Anubis’s Tomb string done. I am certainly okay with a bit of a challenge, but I had to search the thief’s room for a year just to get an item and that is bull dinky wink. Or that the Alchemist Lab has droned on and on and I am only on #12 of the second part because they change the names of the items and you can’t ask friends for help. Phew…..I could go on and on……….Enough said I am sure I have made my point and then some…….

      Let’s hope they make some changes. Really appreciate all that you do to keep us informed.


I have just finished reading through everything and totally agree with all comments. I am completely gobsmacked that the Russian players have so many more rooms, collections, in fact better everything and all of it much less expensive too. I used to spend a lot of money on the game but very little nowadays as everything has jumped up in price so much and we don’t get value for our cash now. In fact, for a while I used to get more enjoyment from collecting the furniture than playing the actual game but when GI have the right side offers on now for so many items of furniture and you “supposedly” get one “free” the prices are absolutely extortionate. In my view they are pricing themselves out of business. I also don’t do guilds, I used to be in one at the beginning but left and although had requests to join others would never be part of one again. When I read about all the issues players have not to mention the amount of time you all spend trying to get chests I couldn’t possibly justify spending that amount of time on a game. I’ve also read the information on the no new updates position and the fact GI will not give any information on when the game is likely to be updated. Surely if the Russian players have all these additional rooms, collections etc etc already in their games it shouldn’t be too difficult to add them to ours? All GI seems to want is our money! Also, it’s going to be a repeat of last year’s Easter event – that’s all we need, another set of repeat quests! I have so many players on my list who have not played the game for such a long time and more stopping playing every week. I for one will definitely support the boycott and have already added 🚫💰 to my username in the game.


    The game that the Russians have so many more rooms and collections in is their social network game that would compare to our Facebook game.

Dixie Hunt

Finally, something interesting for the game😊

Trailer Trash

I’m in! The game bores me right now. I check in each day to get my free diamonds and wall requests. And that is it. So a boycott is a brilliant idea. I remember the last one one in 2012. Eventually got the answer and the game moving


Прошу прощения , российская социальная сеть не ФБ , а ВК. СОЦСЕТЬ ВК

Translated: I’m sorry, the Russian social network is not FB, but VC. COSSET VC


всем привет ! Присоединяюсь к бойкоту , мои иностранные друзья 👻 . Российские игроки солидарны с вами и многие присоединяются к бойкоту ! Вместе мы сила !
Но у вас , к сожалению мало требований и пожеланий . Игра может быть лучше , гораздо лучше ! Нас обманывают !!! В Российской социальной сети ( ФБ ) есть такая же игра , но там комнат гораздо больше , этажей больше , квестов больше , акций больше , снэтчинов больше , обновлений больше ! Все красивое ! Комнаты , природа ! Всё это должно быть и у нас , на айпаде ! Нам дали не всё , что есть для этой игры ! Нужно требовать чтобы это все отдали нам ! Это часть нашей игры и нам её не дают (
Бойкот должен обеспечить всё это нашей игре на айпаде !

Translated: Hello ! I join the boycott, my foreign friends. Russian players are in solidarity with you and many join the boycott! Together – we are force !
But you, unfortunately, have few requirements and wishes. The game can be better, much better! We are deceived !!! The Russian social network (FB) has the same game, but there are many more rooms, more floors, more quests, more shares, more snacks, more updates! Everything is beautiful! Rooms, nature! All this should be and we, on the iPad! We were not given everything that is for this game! We need to demand that all of this is given to us! This is part of our game and we are not given it (
Boycott should provide all this to our game on the iPad!


    I agree we should have more rooms and quests in the game! We cannot expect 100 new rooms to appear overnight. One at a time will work! But we can ask for regular updates, better support and better testing. We can ask for better communication!

    We can ask for fairness in pricing so that the game could be played for a reasonable amount of money every month!


      I’d love to see more rooms. But, please don’t make them near impossible to open! I still have no idea how to get into that Zodiac room! I’m no dummy, but somethings just don’t make sense to me. I didn’t mind paying for some things, but I’m not spending money on going nowhere.


        You must have completed all of the original Zodiac Quests.


    Are there 2 versions of the game available in Russia or does the same game we are playing have more rooms and floors available in Russia. If more is available on same game in Russia why is GI not providing the same things to the rest of the world.


      The Russians have their own version of Facebook and the game they are referring to is played on it.

      Can anyone tell me what year that game started? It looks like Game Insight was founded in 2010. Perhaps this was one of their first games. I have not searched long enough to find the details. There is not much public information on the company.


        GI stole the game from a small gaming company, if I remember correctly, called 7 diamonds. Around 2007. Something like that. I use to have a friend who was friends with a disgruntled GI employee named Igor. I would get the scoop on new rooms coming out. I have some items in my gift box that most players will never see.


          Oh that’s interesting. Was the founder of GI an employee of the other company? I’ll have to see what I can find.


            I’m not sure about the founder.


    I agree we should have the same as our Russian friends. We need to ask for more. It isn’t too much.


      I badger my contact at GI on a regular basis for changes. I point out the problem with every new offer, contest or poorly posted guild event. Between Hope and me I bet GI is tired of us! I send lists and lists! Many of them look just like Hopes. We cannot back down.


I’m in. Totally fed up with the lack of support for the game and quite cross at the response to my ticket over the guild event last weekend and the misinformation on how to play it. 5 potions gifted today does not make up for diamonds spent at the time when their instructions on how to play the event were wrong!! And this is only one of my gripes…….


Please everyone back up your IPad. This is how you save game progress. It can be restored if something happens.


    Comment faut il faire Merci de ton aide.

    Translated: How to do it Thank you for your help.


Count me in! I’ve been a loyal player since day one of MM. I’m spreading the message on my wall and in my guild! Thank you for this site also!! 💜

Melanie Thomas

Maps used to update with every new boss so we could win rewards on the map page, I’ve won none for years. Every time we complain they send an identical response indicating they are never listening but just sending a generated reply. I’ve noticed that all of the new collections have rewards which are ridiculous in comparison to older ones, they’re not worth charging to be honest and when they make right side quests to charge collections 9 times eg and the reward is then a charm which reduces energy etc, how can they be so greedy and give such pathetic rewards

Susan Brasel

Would also like to know, for those of us who started the game in 3rd or 4th year, why are there so many collections that are unattainable. And why we can not get chargers for the Mystical Living Room Collections without spending tons of money.


    Susan, believe it or not, some of us that have been around for 6 years haven’t gotten some of those collections either. My opinion is it has to do with the order the quests are released to players, mine were scrambled. For example, my anniversary collections came out in this order: 3, 4, after several tickets & much begging and pleading I got the 2nd and by the time I got the 1st anniversary, the 5th was coming out. There are some “special collections” that are only available by using the Time Machine artifact, I have always used it with a turtle of luck. I afraid I can’t recall exactly which ones, I think mushroom basket and garden fresh are 2 of them. I’m sure it’s on funpage somewhere.


      Yes, if you search the Collections Table for Time Control Artifact you will see which collections come from using it. There are still many collections that have no way filling.


I just opened up my game was compensated 5 Fear of the dark potion


I will join the boycott. I too have spent so much money. I suggest everyone take a picture of their last game with the amount of diamonds and coins they have, just to be on the safe side. I for one will not play either.


I have suggested numerous times to allow for the option for players who are a higher level and only have a few right sided quests to be able to restart all quests strings. I was banned from commenting on Facebook because I was too “negative”! It’s about time for something to happen! I myself have boycotted buying diamonds and I am a VIP 9 so that tells you how much I WAS buying!


How do you register with the Russian forum.


    Hello.Click on sign up and hit FB, Registration will take place automatically.


I’ve had the feeling for Avery long time that GI really want to get rid of the long standing players with high rankings, we don’t spend the money like we used to, so it would be more profitable for them to get rid of us and get in new players, unfair as that may be, I believe it to be so


I’m in and have added 🚫💎💰 to my name. I only came back a few months ago from scratch as I lost my game when I changed iPads. Why can’t they solve this issue by allowing us to put in our security key when we re-download, like other games do, or give us the option to start from the point we left off? It is the only game I play that doesn’t have this feature. I also object to buying diamonds (although I have grudgingly done so) as they cost far more in the U.K. than they do elsewhere. I’m on vacation from next Monday for a week so I wouldn’t be logging in anyway as we will have little or no net connection in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.


    They do have that option. I lost my game at level 150 a few years ago. After much going back and forth, they admitted there was a way to retrieve the game. What they do is send a few dates to you to choose which game you wanted to retrieve (well, the latest one of course, duh!). They were even able to send a Halloween event to my iPad when it crashed and I lost the event.


      Not quite as simple as downloading the App and it asking if you want to start from the beginning or from where you left off without the hassle of contacting support. They could and should make it much easier to retrieve your game without loss of progress.


You can return payments for the last 60 days through Apple Care support ,it is done by phone , free call,international phone . Call 8-800-333-51-73 and 8-800-555-67-34 on any of these phones,you can return your money,which paid in the Mysterious house.


    You would need to look up this phone number in your country.


Well, boycotting is a really great idea. But I don’t understand why you’re asking so few things. The keys chest to the store? Correct writing assignments in the Guild? Update for the holidays? AND ALL? We should demand updates,updates in every room,to all rooms from the first to the last was Sunny and bright in VK (Russian social network) game mystery manor has 133 rooms,1,350 collections, 233 character more than we have in our version,we should require that our game also got the update. The link to a video that shows all the characters and rooms of a Mystery Manor version –
They have to fix the blinking of the screen,  Pensil Apple has to work in the game, the prices –  must be as in  version for VK – Russian social network (where the prices for diamonds  cheaper 4 times more than we have!
Your requirements are wonderful, but will not change anything in the game!!! Require updates of each room in the Space! in VK version there were 9 planets to floor 2, where an additional 30 rooms are new, bright,Sunny,demand that and we had a Pond on the ground floor.
They have to stop deceive us!  (how many times they posted in  FB that the update will be in late February???) now March, and there is no renewal, we were deceived!!!Game insight believes that it is possible and proper to officially cheat their customers?And You are silent?This is unacceptable in relation to our customers!I pay for the game every month from $ 50 to$100,and they think it’s possible to trick us into promising something they don’t?Why Russian version of the game in the social network VK,better and brighter than ours,if they’re paying 4 less!! we?Why are you silent about this?Don’t you need 133 rooms and 6 floors?You don’t need the price 4 times less?What discounts do they offer us ?16600% off?This does not exist, they are Game Insight, officially tells you ,you do not know how to count, because Game insight can deceive us by putting on sale discounts of 900% or more?Why aren’t you protesting this?You and your friends game in October, lost progress, none of them received compensation for the inconvenience!Do you think that’s normal?Game insight can destroy your game with impunity and not even apologize?Why don’t you protest against this attitude towards our clients?And those who did not return the game, what compensation was given?WHAT!chests with objects, energy and not even apologized!It’s wrong!If the game was destroyed and there is no possibility at podderzki to restore it,the player must receive adequate support,horosco compensation and an apology from the company for the inconvenience and imperfection of the system.Remember in October how much we’ve lost friends through the fault of Game insight ?I still have friends on level 2 who haven’t been restored and who quit the game.It’s wrong!We are Russian-speaking,support You and boycott the payment,but we offer the boycott not payment for a couple of days,and until will not be updated home to in our version was 133 rooms,1,350 collections,233 character more so that every room has been modernized so that all keys sold by the chests in the shop to was adequate the job of the Guild to pencil the Apple worked in the game to have 6 floors to our customers,learned to apologize,to make up for players insurance against loss of game progress that the sales were with real discounts,and not misled, and to diamonds cost at least twice as less as in all the other games of the casual type. We have to Boycott payments to change the house completely! We all together – great power.  And what you demand,they will do,without any boycotts.


    If the Russian version has so many more rooms and the diamonds are cheaper, it is no wonder that they advance to such high levels. How they accomplished that was always a mystery to me. Now it makes sense. It is not a level playing field.


    We need to boycott everything, no buying, AND no playing! And yes, I want more rooms and floors, I want what the other game has. We do need to stand together as a group, all nations all levels should STOP NOW!


    Thank you Hope! You are very correct, we should want more, we should want it ALL! We should be as mad as you are about the huge differences in the game, it should be equal. We need to focus on those things, not the wording in a guild event. I’m sorry players, if you havent learned over the past weeks to TRY an event before you spend then you’re doing something wrong! Let’s FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on the items that mean something, not the trivial!!!


    Hope, if you put a link in your comment it will not auto post. It has to wait for me to approve. This is how we catch the spam posters.


    I understand what you are saying about wanting so many new rooms but the point is they have come to a standstill on the game. Regular updates would get us to the number of rooms they have in other versions.

    I did not try the Apple pen until this morning and I see that it does not work.

    It is not that I am demanding so little of the boycott. I left space for the players to put up their comments so GI knows it is not just me asking for changes. I gave them a list over a year ago. Some things improved. But the prices of things in the game have skyrocketed in the last year.

    I try to compare it to someone that reads instead of playing. Or even purchases a TV subscription to watch TV. Netflix in the US is $11 a month. 2 books a month would be at the most $30. Amazon Prime for TV viewing is $120 a year, add channels like HBO and it is an additional $10 a month.

    It seems to me that GI puts up offers for players to spend in excess of $100 a month in the game. Many players are retired and their incomes are very low. Many players are disabled or ill and this is something for them to be able to have a social life and enjoy a game. But not if they have to pay, pay, pay for everything!

    And they need to quit blaming the game problems on the players!


      Agree. Forcing players to summon phenomena 10+ times to complete one check in a quest string is ridiculous. Why aren’t boss keys and room keys included in every chest you win? That’s so yo7 will have to buy more. Have spent all I’m going to.


      Добавлять в нашу версию игры ,можно бесконечное количество комнат,без увеличения размера приложения,все данные приложения,можно сжать до точки опознавания,а сам Таинсвенный дом сделать только он-лайн .тогда размер игры не будет увеличиваться,всякий раз посещая комнату,мы будем получать пакет данных с этой комнатой,а не хранить все данные о доме на планшете.
      Game Insight ,этого не делает.не хочет делать ,оправдывает это тем,что это невозможно.Это возможно.нам как всегда врут.
      Я с вами в бойкоте против действий game Insight🚫💰💎и в моем нике есть эти знаки ,Спасибо Вам за ваш протест!♥️

      Translated: Hey.
      Add to our version of the game, you can endless number of rooms, without increasing the size of the application, all application data, you can compress to the point of identification, and make the Tainted House only on-line. Then the size of the game will not increase, every time you visit the room, we will receive a data packet with this room, rather than store all the data on the house on the tablet.
      Game Insight, this does not. It does not want to do, justifies it by the fact that it’s impossible. It’s possible. As always, they lie.
      I’m with you in a boycott against the actions of the game Insight and in my nickname there are these signs, Thank you for your protest! ♥ ️


    I think I love you, 😍😘💞(😂😂😉👍😘💞)


Well, what a debacle. My guild are supporting this. We are fed up with no new quests, no new events. GI are robbers. They only want the money and do not care about the players. Long high ranking players are totally cheesed off with the game – so many not playing these days. I haven’t spent any money in game since last year. We hate mini games and now dread the onslaught and the time it takes to keep our guild in the top 10. No longer. We have stopped from this week. There is no point. I would have given up long since if it wasn’t for the lovely friends I have made over the years. Some are very dear to my heart and now friends out of the game too.

Q3honey badger

OH I’M FOR THE BOYCOTT ALRIGHT! The guild event this weekend said banish anyway possible. That normally means search or banish. I paid almost 100 diamonds for summoners and no searches counted. To do my part for the team, I had to spend another 100. I put in a support ticket and was told that they would change the verbiage to read banish only in the future but would not reimburse my 1st 100 diamonds because they did not consider it their fault that the instructions were not clear. I should have known better. Seriously? 😤😖🤢😡


    Yes, somehow it was the players fault that GI wrote it wrong. I’m guessing they wrote it correctly and set the event wrong. It’s not like they didn’t just make the same mistake a week or two earlier.

    The thing that angers me the most about how the players are treated is that GI blames everything on the players. They need to admit they are wrong and fix it. They need to test their product before releasing it. It’s shameful and their behavior is unethical.


    I also submitted a ticket and explained how their verbage was misleading and improper. They responded that it was not their problem and my diamonds would not be returned.


I rejoined the game in December after a break of 18 months without an iPad. In that short space of time I have become very frustrated over the amount of times I cannot connect to the server when my internet connection is actually very stable and I have no problems with other games. The game requires much more repetitive searching when ‘the item will not be found straight away’. I am struggling to complete room quests to get me back to where I was when I left the game, GI reinstated my old level but I did not get my access to all rooms back or the vast collections and artefacts I had built up. I enjoy the game but do not expect to have to make in house purchases for what is a free download.

Marcia Francis

Thank you for all you do..We wouldn’t have ANY information without your constant communication with G!..


Count me in. I’ll tell my friends.


Thank you so much for running this article! I participated in 2012 & the boycott had great impact that produced results although its success demanded compromise from both sides. We need to proceed with conviction and the strong sense of fairplay that leads us into this boycott with clear demands and fair resolution. I will support this 100% not because it is “” but because it is also well founded in the Accusations of abusive commerce. It would not be surprising to find further down the road that GI has been guilty of other questionable business tactics that don’t go well with international law. This is a time for solidarity amongst all of us who have mede good cyber friendships to show our collective strength.


How about the availability of chargers for Collections 217-222. We have tons of items but no real way to get the chargers but once in a blue 🌚


Time to find a new game 😠😠😠😠.
There’s enough drama in real life. I just to relax and enjoy a simple game without drama.

Richard Dawson

Well done, it’s about time we protested. I’ve been playing for more than 4 years and this is the worst the game has been. I would have left except for the really great people I’ve made friends with


Count me in, I have been playing since the beginning and wish they would make a number of changes to this game. It is sad because I want to continue to play, but I agree with a lot of previous comments made by others. How do we get the word out?


    Just wanted to add a few things. Getting a lot of sorry cannot connect to the internet lately, when I have no problem connecting with anything other than this game. Also, seeing this website getting posted on friends pages. When I ask friends say it is a Russian forum to post about the game does anyone one know anything about this? I have gone there but can’t seem to make much sense over it. Didn’t know if anyone knew anything about it.


      Yes, the Russian players have put it up and have a post about the boycott. You can translate it into English but it is difficult to understand even then. They would like you to register for the forum and put up a comment on the game. Hope says GI will only take complaints seriously and read the feedback from this site because it is in the town where the GI offices are located. I was told this after I said they could read my comments to see how players feel.


        Just curious, is the main office located in Russia? If so i get a queezy feeling thinking about what is going on in America.


        I tried to register on the Russian forum, but could not get it to work. I tried 4-5 times and gave up.


          I tried to register with their forum as well and couldn’t get it to work either. ☹️


      I complained about that and said it should say cannot connect to the server cause there is nothing wrong with my internet connection and for a while it did say that but it has gone back to can’t connect to the internet as if it is our fault instead of their server problems. I lost 2 months of my game and had to redo a heap of quests as I only had an older backup available and they couldn’t get it to restore – didn’t get much compensation and they even tried to imply I was wrong when I said even people who weren’t effected by the October crap got 3 chests – they wouldn’t know customer service if they fell over it 🤬


    Post it on your wall. Tell your friends! There will be a daily pop up in all the web pages to get the players attention.


Amen! I’m in!


I’m with you. Game is getting boring and far too expensive to advance.


Thank you so much!! WE could not do this without YOU. You are amazing. I will support the boycott and spread the word!


I started playing shortly after the game started. I have spent money many times to purchase diamonds in the past. I have been a very active player in the past, but now mainly play during the mini-games weeks and for guild events because it is tiring to play the same rooms over and over. I did not participate in the 2012 boycott because I did not know about it, but I will certainly be participating in this boycott. It has been a long time since I spent money in the game and sure do not intend to spend it now. I stay in the game mainly because of my friends. GI does not seem to care about those of us who have been around for years, so I do not guess we should care about them.

Richard Snyder

My guild is in too. Thanks!

Beth Begley

I have played for over 4 years now and frankly have become bored with the guild events and room searches. Usually it takes about 10 times or more of searching before an item drops. They have made few changes other than making it more expensive to play if you want to advance. I have spent a ton of money but now only buy when they offer a sale. I will participate in the boycott and will spread the word. Thank you for all you do. It’s so appreciated!


Thank you! My Guild will be participating!!!!

Carol George

I wasn’t aware of the 2012 boycott but will certainly participate this time. I appreciate the initiative you have taken, and most certainly appreciate all of your hard work.


I remember the 2012 boycott and how effective it was. I hope that this will be as successful. Thanks for sharing the news.

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