Update on No Updates

Update on No Updates

This sounds like a good post title. I’m here to give you an Update on the No Updates to the game! I think I’m beginning to get snarky now. See, I haven’t lost my sense of humor!

I chatted with GI about when we will see new stuff in the game. Apparently they are going to miss their last week in February that was planned and there is nothing positive or definitive for me to report.

I can tell you there will be a REPEAT Easter Event from March 17 to April 22. Yes, it’s a Repeat. I will get the Event page posted when the event starts and we see how much of the Event we get. This one brings the Spring Cafe to search. I requested GI to be generous and make chests with keys available right away.

No St. Patrick’s Day Event. NOTHING NEW!

One of our players sent a question to support asking about the status of the game. This was the reply from them and it’s not very reassuring. Pretty much they say the Messenger Version does not replace the iPad Version but they cannot tell us anything about the iPad version.

No Updates

Missing Friends Replaced

My missing friends were replaced quickly in my game because I have a GI contact that took care of it. Oddly, this morning, 24 hours after they took my friends away and said they fixed my game they send me a response to my ticket saying they had to remove them to fix the problem with my helpers but they’ve put them back now. I replied and asked why if they knew they removed them they didn’t replace them immediately!

Now, all my friends are there but out of order and I need to find the time to find all my favorites and 🌟 them again. Look on the bright side, I now show up first in your Friend’s List next to Katherine so I’m easy to find. I’ve had a busy week walking on the beach and visiting the baby cheetahs at the Safari Park! I’m in no hurry to play since there is nothing to work on. I’m just going to hang out to see what happens with the game.

I will do my wall requests everyday and try to get some visits in so please be patient with me. The easiest friends to find are the ones that don’t use fancy fonts in their name.

I will keep you updated on anything I hear about the game. I have posted the dates for the Easter Event in the right column on the website.

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There is a new update in the app store. Has anyone tried to update? I’ve heard horror stories about those who have. Please let us know!!!!


    My game says I need to update but can’t so now I can’t gift or visit. When I try to contact GI it says no internet connection when I quite clearly have one!!!

Linda ball

I am confused …..is this game finishing


    There have been no updates since October. We are asking for updates and less expensive rooms, bosses, etc. The game is getting over priced.


GI has a history of doing the opposite of what we would like. For example, some of us will remember the pole asking about our least favorite rooms? The result was the majority said night & comparison and what modes do we now get most frequently?
The fact is things aren’t working and haven’t been for the last couple of years. There are many iissues, one of mine is continuity. My friend across country & I start a quest string at the same time. This friend searches 1/4 the rooms than I search and finishes the string weeks to months before I do.. I use charms, they show they’re in force. With a turtle of luck I get on average of 4-8 rewards. I use a golden Phoenix which should get me 85% faster energy restoration for 90 minutes, I may get an additional 200 or 2000 units of energy, it may last 90 minutes or 10. I never know which way it will go.
More of a concern: coinciding with GI’s announcement of the conversion to messenger, I started receiving dozens of daily emails, many quite explicit. Content made me suspect FB as the source, so I completely closed my FB account. The result was an immediate reduction to normal. Second, the info in the upper left corner of my iPad indicating my internet is connected shows Mystery manor for several seconds before switching to the ISP info. I’ve turned off all auto updates, so how is this getting bypassed? I am close to exceeding my data limit with a week to go. Due to my locale, my internet options are very limited. If this continues, I no choice but to delete the game.
I will participate in a boycott, but after seeing GI at work over the last 6 years, I really don’t think they care one way or the other. PT Barnum said something like, there’s a sucker born every minute and GI might as well use it as their motto.


    I think you will need to turn off the WiFi signal to your iPad to get the game to not always be going out to the internet to get your wall requests and messages, gifts, etc. You can play off line if all you’re going to do is search your quest strings. I just looked through my iPad settings and do not see a way to turn off just for Mystery Manor. Perhaps it would be a good suggestion to have a setting inside the game to play off-line.

    I am sorry you have so many problems.


If there is a boycott it would be the most effective, in my opinion when the Guild quests are going. I certainly spend more diamonds then. Just a thought. Also would allow word to get out.


    My Russian friend said not on weekend and not during a mini games week because she feels the players won’t participate. I’ll work on dates and a post. Ken says he can make it show on every web page and we can all pass it around. In the meantime could we send friends to the website to sign up for the email list if they haven’t. Then we’ll reach more players.


      I am a Guild leader please let me know when the boycott takes place so I can inform my members. We all love the game but we are tired of having the same events weekend after weekend. Nothing for thanksgiving and now nothing for St Patty’s Day? It stinks!

      Peggy McGinn

      What email address do you want listed to get them to the page to sign up for email? I’ll put it on my wall.


        There’s an email sign up on every page of the site. It is when you get the free player aid like phenomena sheet or mystic battles sheet.

Linda Greene

I’m up for boycotting. Just let me know when and for how long. Thanks for all your help.


I am all for a boycotting if it will help. Just let us know what day and for how long. Diane

Pat H.

Just a heads up, the event is screwed up again. It says banish night vision phenomena any way you can. I just explored a room and it did not count. Exploring does not count. I am beyond aggravated!


    Yes, you must banish it with the Magnesium Flash. I sent a message right away. How much time could it take to test this? 3 minutes. Open event, search room does it count? Banish phenomena, does it count?


For those of us that have been around for 6 years, remember our boycott in 2012? Perhaps we need to do this again. We boycotted, GI responded favorably. For those of us that have spent (I know I have foolishly) spent hundreds of dollars on this game, we deserve answers. Does GI have a board of directors? Perhaps we need to rattle their chain. All we need is one little answer – yes or no – to the question if they will be updating this game.


    It’s a good idea! I don’t think I have enough readers to make it happen. There are a group of players in Russia, right where GI offices are. About 2 weeks ago I went looking for information about GI and Mystery Manor specifically. Lots of changes in the company and turmoil along with news right up until about the middle of 2015. Then I can’t find anything. They do list a founder and head of the company.

    I’d like to see everyone quit buying. It would be great to get everyone to not even open their games for a few days. That would really send a message. Even I’m not getting real answers anymore. My contact is a great guy but there’s just nothing he can tell me.


      We should just set a boycott date and do it. I can put this information on our guild wall and my personal wall in the game. Place the date on the MM FB wall and watch it spread like wildfire. That’s what happened in 2012. The 2012 boycott story is on the WWW if you want to google it. The boycott did work!


        I second that!! How about this Monday?


          I think tomorrow would be too soon to get the word out. How about a week from Monday?


            Yes, you are right….I agree. Let’s do it!


      I will respect the boycott absolutely. I haven’t paid money in months and I barely play. Count me in!
      Amd I’ll help spread the word to friends. I couldn’t read your entire boycott message tho, I clicked on “see more” and it seemed to have gone away. No worries, I got the point of it.


        Just go to the Boycott post


Is anyone else losing quests before they complete them? Also I haven’t had my new quests in a while. Just wondered if it’s me or something general.


    Are you thinking of the valentines quest string that just finished? Otherwise if you’ve finished all your quests we are only getting event quests and you would have gotten the annoying, repeating one that comes with the full moon every month.


Thank you so much for all you do Sharon. We are very grateful for you!

Diane Farley

Please add me as a friend. My code is: 408 e4e. McCoy


Thank you for the update on your game. Glad to hear your friends are back! But on a brighter note I think walking the beach and visiting the safari park are great ways to spend your day than the frustrations that come with the game support team. Continue to enjoy your real life adventures! (No apologizes or explanations needed!)


So sad that GI can’t keep their promise or give us a really good explaination. The focus on customer service is so lacking. When will they understand their player base? How can you crate new content when you never ask your customers what they want?


Thanks so much Sharon (Ms Willow). You have done so much to help this game, we appreciate all you do. Please do not worry about your friends list and favourites! Take your time, we all more than understand you need a life without MM fallacies.

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