I Did Not Quit! Yet!

I Did Not Quit! Yet!

Last week I opened a ticket with GI for an issue with Helpers in my Manor. Suddenly, when they finally “fixed” it I have NO FRIENDS! Except Katherine who is useless! I Did Not Quit! Yet! But I’m ready to after this.

I was busy searching rooms for the Chasing Chests Event last week and you received 10 points for using a Helper when searching rooms. I kept having to find friends to wake my Helpers. Then I noticed they were disappearing and I only had 11 instead of 15. So I opened a ticket.

Believe it or not they could not do anything to fix my game without a screen shot of my Manor and a Friends Manor to show my reputation level. I asked what they could possibly tell from a screenshot! She didn’t answer. I told her never mind I was done with the game. I was pretty irritated at this point. Later I sent her the screen shots.

This morning I received this message telling me they fixed it.

I also had an email from a longtime friend asking me why I deleted her.

This afternoon when I came home from a day out I had another email! So I opened my game to see if she was still on my list and here’s what my friend list looks like. Over 500 Friends are gone! I didn’t delete you!


This is how GI “Fixes” a problem. Or maybe they’re mad because I pushed them too hard in the past week.

I’m sorry! We’ll see how long it takes them to fix this!

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I am also having problems with “helpers”. They keep dropping off, but I never have the chance to replace them. I’ve checked all rooms on all floors – nothing. At this point, I’m afraid to ask for help – given what happened to you.


    The helpers do not replace anymore, they stopped that feature I guess. Actually I deleted all my helpers, as the floaters got in my way. I still get a helper for every room. They are no longer needed, but nobody knows that, I found out by chance. In my opinion anyway, they are useless, only a bother.


      Your statement is confusing. How did you delete your helpers? And then you say you still get them for every room. Why would you say they are no longer needed? The helpers are the floaters. They give you extra coins, experience or chance to find an item when you search. They were just used to give an extra 10 points in every search in Chasing Chests to get rewards.


        When I realized that the helpers weren’t being replaced by the game anymore, I saw that as my chance to get rid of them all. I deleted the friends, that’s the only way. You can add back any friends that you want to stay with. Every time I open a room, I still get a random helper. Now, getting my daily diamonds is much easier.
        I always thot the helpers were in my way, that’s just me.


          So, if one of the friends you play with becomes a helper you just delete them? You can’t add them back for 30 days according to the game rules. Unless they’ve changed that. I have some really great friends. I wouldn’t just delete them because I don’t want helpers. It’s a bug that they’re not being replaced.


            I did this a while back, long before the boycott. Most of the helpers I had were people I didn’t even know. I really wasn’t playing much, and it didn’t matter to me, I only chat with a few people anyway. I lost one friend cuz she never sent me her friend code but that was ok.
            It worked out well for me, I like them not floating. And I’m still not playing much. I did forget about the 30 days to add back.


    If you open a ticket they want a picture of your manor, then they asked me for a sot of my friends window so they could see my republican. I sent them my inventory window. It shows everything.

    Then make sure you put a sentence in there asking them not to delete all your friends. I told them this was a problem, hoping they resolved it. I will send another message telling GI many people are having this same issue.


Had a busy couple days and missed all the drama. I always get mad when they ask for screenshots in those “canned” responses. Sometimes that’s impossible after the fact. I did have to ⭐️ you again. So many of us are on the verge of quitting. You and my guild friends keep me going.


I want to quit the game. Do you have any tips on doing so? I do not want to just pillow out and leave my friends wondering. Should I delete all Friends? I guess I’m asking what would be the most polite way to do this. The message area on my chat wall does not allow enough space for me to leave a decent message. Any advice appreciated!! 🌸🤹🏼‍♂️

I had wanted to wait for their new update, but it is taking so very long in coming.
Thank you!


    The best thing to do is delete all your friends. You can message the ones you chat with the most. Then you have a choice between deleting the game from your iPad or keeping it there in case you feel you may want to come back. Leaving it on your iPad will keep everything you have If you decide to come back. Then you just have to add friends. If you delete it everything is gone and you’d have to start at Level 1.


That really sucks. Especially after all you do to promote the game . Where is there loyalty. You still show up in my friends list. So apparently you can’t see us, but we can see you.

Linda Greene

I’ll add you as a friend. My code is ab9e21


Just in case you haven’t got all friends back yet.. Mog 6b6403. So sorry to hear of all your issues and I do hope they get fixed soon, thank you for everything you do!!


This is terrible! Can I add you as a friend? McCoy


Oh no! How could they do that to YOU! There would not be any players without all the help you have done for this game!


this was nothing compared to my reset i went through, took months to get close to my level i was at and then i lost all collections and chests. They did compensate with diamonds but it took a lot of patience and the backing of the Guild members not to quit.

Jp cookie monster

Sorry this has happened to you of all people.
Let me know and I will reinstate your friendship ASAP.
This game would be terrible without You and all the effort you have gone to on our behalf


This game became very frustrating let a lone getting more and more difficult, the same thing happened to me and it took them 3 weeks to restore my game and they could NOT restore it to the same point where it stopped working, so i ended up losing around 3 months of daily work to finish quests series, explore new spots and rooms, advancing in levels, gaining diamond and cash…etc u cant imagine how disappointed i was, i lost around 2 million cash, around 50 diamonds and approximately 40 levels back, now I,m still stuck in this zodiac quest series, and just opened the pirates few weeks back after losing it and having to do all the quest series again from the start…. I am really losing my interest in this game I dont find it as entertaining as it used to.

    Mary Jansen

    Please add me as a friend, e24009 more than happy to help. Also Renna add me also maybe I can help with your Zodiac quest. Keep us posted.
    And as always your help has been our best and most accurate support. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I’m not spending anymore money 💰 till GI gives us some straight forward answers. Already they lost 200 I would have used in the last 2 days. Get it together GI at least be honest and tell your customers what the plans are.
    Thank you again!


GI send a quick response to keep you quiet, I feel. I have sent tickets and the response has beeen, “ SOON”.
I have now given myself a target of level 500. I am on 498 and then it’s game over, I quit.
Most of my high scoring friends have left the game or “taking a break”.
It has become mundane and the excitement has gone, not to mention the ridiculously hard to obtain quest.


    How do you plan to leave? Can we delete game? I want to
    Leave also just not sure how to go about it.


Just another typical week with GI!
I’m beginning to think that they have had enough of this game and are running it down. It’s a long time since the last new quest string.
I don’t do anything on the rest week from mini games as it’s just so boring. However I love my friends and still visit them. Without that, the game would be nothing.

Nancy Cramer

This happen to me it took about 3 weeks before I got everyone. Back. I was able to play with my guild . Hope it works out for you.


Seriously? They must not know who they’re dealing with here….


If you go, there are a whole lot of people who will follow. I don’t understand why they are doing this. The iPad crowd is established and spend money. It makes no sense to me. Even after all the shenanigans, the vibe I get from the comments are that if they fix this and do some new updates, we will stick around. We are invested in our friends and our guilds. This page proves that there is a large community of dedicated players. People who spend time and money to play, even when it gets tedious and boring. I just don’t get it…


When I tried to thank you for a wall request charger today, it said you were not my friend. Glad you’re still out there. Good luck!


Just checked my friends and yes, you’re gone. Hope they fix it for you soon. I’m sure everyone would add you back into their list but, I guess we’ll have to see first if GI can sort it out. 😩


Sharon you can bet your boots that if MM doesn’t fix this, hundreds of people will circulate your friend code and you will have us all back in no time!
Sorry for your trouble, so frustrating!


Oh, wow! I just saw I had one less friend and spent time going one by one thru my paper friend list to try to figure out who deleted me, then had to stop halfway through to start dinner and saw this. Sorry you are having this problem. I still have a wall message from you and visited you and it says you have 521 friends. Hope they fix it soon.


Wow … I guess I have been lucky to have only minor issues. Oh my goodness … so stressing … and to think, “it’s just a game!” Don’t they realize how invested we are with our time, $$ and friends?


    They have never gotten a penny from me! And this is exactly why.


Ms. Willow, is that your post above? I couldn’t not tell. This happened to you! Oh my goodness. Don’t quit before we see their update.


    Yes, I’m the only one that posts. Others help with pages.


Thank goodness, please do not quit! Your input is invaluable including the Ifunpage. Thanks again
Plus you have been a longtime friend, and I could not gift a charger, so I that is why I emailed. I was worried you were so upset with GL.


    I wouldn’t take it out on my friends! And I’d tell you instead of just deleting you! I believe in communication!

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