Would You Start Over?

Would You Start Over?

There was a recent announcement on the Offical Mystery Manor Facebook page about a new Mystery Manor game that you can play through Facebook Messenger. This has prompted a lot of questions regarding the version we are currently playing on our iPads. Would You Start Over?

As I read through the many comments and answers by our GI moderator a few things stand out.

  • There will be no 6th Anniversary Event
  • Questions asked about this game ending are not answered
  • This new Messenger game is completely different and unrelated to our iPad game
    • I loaded that new game in my Messenger App. I didn’t like it. You cannot create an Avatar or a Nickname. And you cannot see the whole room at once, you have to scroll around. However the graphics are very nice. I didn’t have enough interest to play it very long.

So, what do I think and what do I know? I know that GI says they have been working on a beautiful manor with more rooms and more collections. I’ve been told we still have Guilds and all new Quests. Mini-games will still be available.

I have been told the last week in February so that’s next week.

Will this be an all new game we have to start over? Will the game we are playing go away? Read the questions and responses on their Facebook page and ask you own questions. Be Nice! Remember the Facebook Moderator is just an employee for the company and doesn’t make the decisions.

Would YOU start over? Let me know in the Comments!

Super Sleuths

I don’t know what’s going to happen so I’ve closed the page to new subscribers. I could not accept payment with all the ambiguity. If you are a Monthly Subscriber you could wait it out or go into your account and cancel your subscription or put it on hold. Then when we know the details we can decide what we’re going to do.

I feel that things for this page could change drastically and much of the information could be obsolete! I don’t know if I have the heart to start over.

I will always tell my readers as much as I can and keep you up to date. I was going to hold off until next week for this update but I felt I needed to put out something with the newest postings and comments on Facebook. Sorry for the lack of real answers!

Russian Page for Feedback


I almost forgot… there is a group of Russian players that have been communicating with the Heads of the company to implement changes. You can go to their Feedback Page and enter your feedback and they will take it to their meeting. There is an English translator button on the top of the page.

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Marilyn Rodger

My iPad broke I was level 400 with over 1900 friends. Can I get my game restored


    Did you get your game back? We’re you backing your iPad up to the cloud or a computer? You should be able to do a restore of your entire iPad and get everything back.


I would NOT start over. Been playing since 2012. The only thing keeping me in are the friends. Basically collecting daily diamonds and doing wall requests. Game has become dull. Thank you for keeping this site alive and for your efforts. Time to take up a new hobby!

Terry Sherlin

Every time I try to play mystery manor it takes me to mystery manor hidden haunts not mystery manor I got logged off facebook & can’t remeber my password so I’m having to start over I was on 351 I beleive see I had brain surgery & got logged off fb & can’t remeber my password can you help me?


    No. We are Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure. An app on the iPad. You can try sending a message to the moderator on the Mystery Manor Community Facebook Page. There’s a column on the right to send a message. They may be able to help you.


I will NOT start over. I have 2 other games by G5e that are still being regularly updated that I will switch to in the event that this one is discontinued.


Done with Mystery Manor. Would not play any GI game.


No, I seriously doubt I’d start over on a new games. GI would have to let me keep all my diamonds & such, plus make it very enticing. I’d needlots of my friends to come with me as I’ve been playing since the game started and my friends are the best part. Sharing the challenges and excitement of new quests without my long time partners would be a real drag.


No. I won’t start over on a Facebook/ Messenger platform. I have ” issues” with the way Facebook profiles & markets to users. I like my iPad. Nevertheless, considering going dark.


No, I would never in a million years start over. In fact if I were to ever lose my game for whatever reason and couldn’t get it back I would never start over in that situation either.


With all the conflict, I got on Facebook through my computer. Logged into Mystery Manor which was my first place to play. They have made marvelous improvements to that platform, several rooms we don’t have! It made me so sad. I only have one friend who plays this game which I haven’t logged on in 3 years. Why can’t they make those improvements to iPad version? Ok rant over.


Привет,Виллоу ,можно спросить почему ты удалила меня из друзей ,я тебя чем-то обидела?
Если это досадное недоразумение,добавь меня ,пожалуйста,в друзья.
Я очень благодарна тебе за твой сайт и помощь игрокам Загадочного Дома .

Мы объединились и собираем отзывы пользователей для изменений в Загадочном доме.Каждый отзыв отнесём прямо в офис руководству Загадочного Дома 🏠,,чтобы внести позитивные изменения в игровой процесс.
Будем тебе очень благодарны,если ты присоединишься к нам и оставишь своё мнение о Загадочном доме,чтобы могли показать его руководству Загадочного Дома ,чтобы и твои пожелания были услышаны.
На форуме есть Google translate .

Мы должны держаться вместе,чтобы Дом получил возможность меняться на благо всех пользователей.
Хорошего настроения и спасибо за все.

Translated: Hello, Willow, can I ask why you deleted me from your friends, did I offend you?
If this is an annoying misunderstanding, please add me to friends.
I am very grateful to you for your website and help to the players of the Mysterious House.

We have teamed up and collect user feedback for changes in the Mystery House. Each review will be taken directly to the office of the Mystery House Management 🏠, to make positive changes to the gameplay.
We will be very grateful to you if you join us and leave your opinion about the Mysterious House so that you can show it to the leadership of the Mysterious House so that your wishes can be heard.
The forum has Google translate.
We must stay together, so that the House can change for the benefit of all users.
Good mood and thank you for everything.


    Sorry Hope! It wasn’t you! Stupid GI!


    I have repeatedly tried to join your group but I can’t get it to go through. I want to thank you for getting this together and talking to GI. I am so frustrated that they are not responding to players questions or concerns. I like this game and the friends I have made, and have invested a lot into it, but I would not start over on another game. Diane

Joan Smith

No I would not start over and I will also go back and try to collect all the money I have spent on this game which is a lot. I current have 9k diamonds that I have been saving for new events and rooms. I have played from the beginning and have many friends from around the world, I would hate to lose those friendships. I hope they have been working on updates for us because it has really gotten old and stale for the past few months to the point that while I check in daily I don’t hardly play.


I wrote to GI on FB Messenger and they responded: ME: Hi, we need an answer. Will GI no longer be updating the iPad game? GI: Unfortunately at the moment, we can’t provide any details about upcoming updates. We are working on it.


No, I would not start over. I have been around since almost the very beginning and have enjoyed my friends and my experiences greatly. If GI chooses to discontinue supporting our game, that is their choice, and, I think, their loss. I’m sure those of us who want to continue this kind of experience will be able to find other options, and the companies creating those options may well be more communicative, responsive, and innovative. My thanks go out to my friends and the efforts of those involved in the Mystery Manor iPad Fun Page. To those at GI who understand and support my sentiments, thanks for your part in creating a game that has been fun for lots of us!


No, I would not start over. I have played for 5+ years. I would have quit last year, but I am our Guild leader. I love talking to my guild and game friends around the world. That is the BEST part of Mystery Manor.

Linda Greene

We want new rooms, quests and events. This game is very important to us as we have put our hearts and souls into supporting this game for six years. We have developed friendship near and far, don’t take that from us, PLEASE


I also have played since the beginning for six years. NO I absolutely would not start over. Like many others I have played regularly and spent lots of money in this game, It is my stress reliever and I do look forward to playing and chatting with the many friends I have made around the world. It is so very disappointing that GI Had been letting this game go. The lack of new events makes for a boring game.
Thanks so much Sharon for all you do to keep this site updated and informative. I pray that GI listens to all of its loyal customers.


Absolutely not. I’ve spent almost 6 years & $$ to get to the level I’m at. I would dump Mystey Manor and every other GI game I play before that. Working for the government, I must limit any social media presence. Recently, I’ve started getting emails from proported friends that I’ve traced back to Facebook, given the breaches to my identity already, I’m not PT going to make myself a bigger target for a dumb game. There’s plenty other options in the App Store.
GI has played fast & loose, unchecked for the last few years, it’s time to draw the line. I will quit, east choice.

Jasmine Posey

I have been playing since the beginning. I would not start over. I have made many friends, but if the iPad version goes away so will I.


    Would you start again on a new iPad version?

      Mary Jansen

      I have been playing since about 6 months after the game began. I put lots of 💵 into this game as do so many others, I’m talking about thousands per yr with me. I will not restart unlsss that means re-starting with a very similar value of products. If you can’t see how much this will damage your company-good luck.
      I play other games clash of clans etc. It seems to me they keep coming up with new ideas 💡 they even started new villages across water so they added to the format can’t understand why that can’t be achieved with GI. And yes, I would never play your product again nor my family, I sure would bad mouth ur actions.
      Why would you rip off your customers, whatever format, no one will trust you again.
      Thank you for keeping us in the loop, and listening to our fury. 🤯🤬🤑


        You know I am not the game company!

      Jasmine Posey

      Would only start on new iPad version if I could keep all my current resources. Diamonds, coins, collections, and inventory.


      If I was credited all my diamonds and items…maybe. It would just be so unfair for them to take our money and expect us to start from scratch. That’s criminal.


According to their reply to some posters regarding the messenger version of MM, it will not be a replacement for the iPad version. Quoted from the app page – “Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure It’s just a game in the universe of the mystery house. It is not intended to replace the current version of the game”. Hopefully they stand by this.


    Yes but the questions about our game are not being answered and there is no 6th anniversary. I have been told lots of new stuff as I stated above. I’m not saying we’re going away but events have been weak repeats. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s and now no anniversary. If they made a version for Messenger to replace the Facebook version and those players have to start over are they doing this to iPad? Will they transfer our stuff?

    I would certainly want to keep all my diamonds, coins and charms. I don’t mind doing rooms again but only if they are going to go back to chests for keys. Plus, it now takes more keys for each mastery level so a lot of keys to reach the top level.

    Then there’s the Weakened Boss winners chest. If you’re 1st place you don’t get a first place chest. Everyone gets the lowest level chest. That’s not a benefit at all.


      I only started playing again not so long ago. I did play years ago but lost my progress when I changed my iPad last time. I think I would call it a day if they decided to focus on the Messenger version. It’s awful, you hardly see any of the room, I hated it and I am now using the 12.9 iPad so maximum sceeen size.


        I love the big screen. I can actually see some of the objects in the room!

      Mary Jansen

      Hi MM Admin, I think the messenger and Facebook transfer maybe something different from pad etc. users. But maybe not. I think because they are doing such an extensive update of equipment and gaming structure that’s why we haven’t had much change up in the current edition, why waste time with that. So they kept quiet 🤫 money to be made, once players find out and the rumors are out and about. We 🛑 spending so much, damn uncertainty. I suggest GI come out, come out, and tell the players just what’s happening. So we the player can decide from here. Better to leave on better terms than to have angry feelings.


        I know. I wish they would answer questions and provide honest information on their Facebook page. I regularly ask them to use it to inform the players of glitches and what is being done to fix them. An informed player may not be happy about the glitch but is is better than being kept in the dark.


I too have played this game a long time, spent way too much money, restarted a new game, plus finally saved up a cache of diamonds from the bushes and mini games, BUT I would not start over again. I also am a Guild Leader and would have quit a year ago, but I love the friends that I have met with this game, and that is what is keeping me playing. I really appreciate the work you have put in the MMfun page Sharon. I am a Super Sleuth member, paid up for a year from Oct 2017. Does it automatically renew? Your work with the other volunteers have been so invaluable to me.
Thank you so much.


No, I will not start over. Playing less all the time. Think it’s time to quit.


Definitely would not start over. At the point of leaving Game. I have played too many years and honestly not much fun. Events are impossible because keys don’t drop. No new events, very boring


    Very good point! It isn’t so much fun anymore, especially for those of us who are high level and have run out of quests. It has become a chore!


    I am si frustrated with quests because you never get keys and the needed room modes never show up. It’s insane.

Lyna M Gunderson

No, I will not start over. I’ve only been playing lately because I’ve found wonderful friends who have supported me through my Father’s illness and death. I too have spent too much money and hoped for better service. I will not support any GI games and I will leave negative reviews everywhere possible. I think they are a greedy company that got in over its head. To hell with them .


I WOULD NOT START OVER. I’ve been playing this game since the beginning. GI makes it so hard to complete some quests; lack of getting keys as rewards from exploring; I can’t find collections that offer keys for the two planets; it takes so many chargers just to exchange with floating creepers on all floors. I only continue to play because I have made friends from all the world.


Thanks, really appreciate your comments 💝🐸 I would not start over, I think game does need some spark!


No, l will not start over. That will be the end of me playing this game😔


I have been playing since the beginning and definitely would not start over. This is unbelievable!


I will wait around and see what happens and dabble in the new game but not make any purchases till I’m sure of what is going to happen.


I have had to rebuild my game from scratch once , before like heck after just getting back to where I should be , I would do it again . gI best rethink this and just fix the current problems


Well Christ almighty no. I have invested too much money in this game to start over. WTF. 😡


Appreciate this site and asking the question. Agree with the other responses. I will not start over again with the FB Instant MessagerMM version. I do not like this version and do not want to start over again. I have too much time and money invested in this game. Also, I like the guild and friends which is what makes this game special in the first place.

Pamela Sunderland

No I would not start over if I have to start over I will guit the game

Linda Greene

Do you think that MM is getting the message 🤯😡


    I think they are pretty much oblivious to our concerns and comments.
    If they cared, they would have taken care of the connection problems which have plagued many of us for months. We would also not have gone months without something new. I guess they figure if one of us leaves, a new person will start to play.


      I know it would be very difficult to start this website again. If they bring us a game with all the updates I have been told it would be a full time job. Do they know how many people stick with the game long enough to pay money because they have this site for reference? I would like to think so. I think I was told it would have extensive FAQs.

      Ken asks if my collections table would be obsolete if they put a search feature on the table inside the game. I find it hard to believe they will make one as extensive as mine. We might get a simple search for a collection items but what about the rewards and the ability to search for things like bombs and see just the collections that give them. That table was outr baby and we worked hard to perfect it.

      I just don’t get enough details. I requested to beta test the new game. No positive response about it. I am hoping that the team of dynamite ladies in Russia will share the outcome of their meeting on March 2 with me.


        I for one would not have played the game this long without your website, and I have been playing for six years. I really cannot say enough about how helpful the site has been and how much it helped keep the game enjoyable. I hope things turn out in a more positive note. I am very appreciative of all the work you have done. Saying thank you seems too little but it’s all I can do.


I will not restart the game. I’ll quit first.


I would definitely NOT start over. I too have played almost since the beginning . I myself do not have FB. I sign in to my daughters to get FB gifts. I have no desire to have FB whatsoever. If they do scrap the iPad game I will definitely boycott all GI games and urge everyone else to do the same. Can we get refunded for the diamonds etc we have bought which will be of no use. It’s a crazy idea to change after six years of playing. 😳

Joan Leonard

I am so over MM. I have greatly appreciated the work you e put I. To keeping us informed, your helpful charts and the Super Sleuths additions. However, after 4+ years and $$$ spent, I’m tired of being unable to get connected during guild events — especially true for the last 3 months. I’m tired of sending requests to Tech Support and their lack of timely response. So…I am deleting MM from my life. Thanks for the memories!


Absolutely not. I had a quick look at the ‘messenger’ MM and it took me all of two minutes to dismiss it as something I would not play. Didn’t like it at all.


Heck no, I wouldn’t restart this game! Are they nuts? They have made a ton of money off of those of us who spent a lot of money on this game. I’ve been playing for six years, nearly every day, spending too much time on the guild events on the weekends. And it is because of those of us who have heavily invested time and money into this game, who would definitely not start another one. This is ridiculous. I say HECK to the NO. A ton of extra time and money would be welcomed into my life.


    Totally agree with you!

Trailer Trash

Definitely would not start over. Why GI thinks this would be a good idea is beyond me. The very thought makes me baulk!


I too, have played the Mystery Manor from the beginning and it is the first and only online game I play. I am a Guild leader and I enjoy the friends I have made around the world. I have spent a lot of money and time on this game ( perhaps more than I should have) but it is my stress reliever and it is usually fun. I like the challenges it presents and the variety of games within it. I found the Facebook game they are presenting just a ploy to watch and purchase new games that I am not interested in.
Would I start over? No, I already invested too much money to get where I am at in this game. I would be more likely to pick up a good book 📖 or go enjoy the outdoors.
I do want to add that I really appreciate your page and all the advice you have given. It has been very helpful. Here’s hoping MM won’t force us into giving this game up. I can say that if this ends on a sour note, I will be careful not to play any games in the future that this company is involved with. Thanks again for your help. 𗀪 Diane


No I would not restart this game.


I would not start over. I’ve spent too much time – and some money – to get to where I am in this game. I’d be sorry to see it go but I guess I’d have more time for other things if I wasn’t spending hours every day playing MM.


Definitely would not be willing to start over. I have been playing almost since day one on iPad and love the game, accumulated coins, diamonds, keys etc, yes I am afraid I do spend money but this is my hobby… Would be broken hearted if they take away the iPad mystery manor, seems an extreme reaction but is genuinely how I feel… Have tried various other games over the years and just keep coming back to this one! The fun page has been such a help, real time saver and also has maintained my sanity on many an occasion! Please let’s keep our game going…


I will not start over. I have been playing since year one. Facebook game is crap and because of Facebook being unwilling to address the many issues before it, I rarely even go to my page or MM page. I have enjoyed my time and my friends and play the game regularly, I would miss it if it goes away. Let us hope that Game Insight has a change of heart.


I have been with MM since almost the beginning. I am a Guild Leader and have made many wonderful friends thru MM which actually keep me in the game. I have spent money to buy diamonds and furniture. I have a nice bank of diamonds, gold coins, and room keys. I have many unopened chests and amulets that I can use when needed. I have worked hard to achieve gold level in both mini-games. I play the rooms faithfully, even though there has been nothing new in months.

Am I bored with the game? Oh yes! I just keep hoping GI will give its faithful customers something new to look forward to.
Do I get tired of “please wait”? Oh yes! I have nightmares, but I stay with the game.

Will I start over?

Jo cookie monster

I tried the new game and didn’t like it all.
I will NOT be starting all over again.
I have been loyal for years, but maybe I will try Angry Birds again,
or something totally different. MM is a game that has made me lots of friends,
but has taken a vast amount of my leisure time. Shame on them for
deserting us. We should have guessed, by the lack of new stuff for our game
over the last 5/6 months


No I wouldn’t lot of money and time playing this game


I agree with all the comments. I would not start over. I too have accumulated lots of diamonds and I enjoy the friendship of my guild. I have had a look at the Messenger version and although the graphics are nice, I really don’t like the small size of the screen and having to drag it around to play. No way do I want to start from zero again! If they do what is being inferred I will not be joining in.

Jenny k

No. Would not start over again. I agree with the comments already posted that I have spent a lot of time and money to play and enjoy the friends I have made. Very upsetting they might get rid of it😩


No I wouldn’t start again. I would be lost without my Manor and friends I have made over the many years of playing.

Have been disappointed the last 6 months with the developers as they have promised much and given nothing.

So sad to hear of the news our Manor May become a ghost city!


I wonder if they will reimburse me for the thousands of diamonds I bought last week to get through the last quest? I would rather that money go to you!


No way in heck would I start over. And has every game developer out there forgotten that NOT EVERYONE is on Facebook? Why is everyone pushing FB versions of games? Not at all happy with this news.


Thanks for all you do keeping us informed!

As others have stated, I wouldn’t start over, either. This game already takes far more time than I’d like — particularly some of the guild events, as well as the amount of time I have to spend playing during mini-game weeks, in order to earn enough tokens to maintain Gold status (which I’ve tried to do, so that I can earn enough Kronas to buy diamond-giving furniture where it’s available). Of course, all of that is for naught, if GI basically gives up on the iPad version of this game. Like others, I’d also be pretty unhappy to lose the sizable stash of diamonds I’ve managed to accumulate — not to mention, the money spent! At this point, it’s primarily my loyalty to my guild and the friendships I’ve made through the game that keep me playing, as the game, itself, has grown stale (at least, for me). I’d be quite sad about losing those relationships (and mad about the money spent and diamonds lost); but the time and money I’d save might actually be a good thing …

Kerry Anderson

I wouldn’t want to start over! I haven’t uploaded to my new iPad just for fear of losing the level where I currently am! Very disappointing, the game was finally working without too many glitches…


No way

Linda Greene

I definitely would not start over. I have worked to hard to get where I’m at, spent hour after hour playing, spent money, bought chest. I would lose almost 2000 diamonds. All of us have invested to much of ourselves to start over. Personally don’t care for Facebook game


I woild most definitely Not star over. That is ridiculous!

Lynne Wood

No I wouldn’t start over again either! I have played since the beginning and like someone else has said I have no idea how people have gotten so far in the game. Lately I have not played as much as I’m a bit fed up with achieving nothing!
Such a shame.


This is awful. So much time and money wasted. I would never start over. I worked so hard to get where I am. I am already seeing my friends drop away. I would not want to do it again. I just want a new amazing update that gets everyone excited to play again.


Would not start over. It has taken too much time and too much money to get where I am. Thank you for the work you have done on this.


I am flabbergasted. I love this game and my friends too. I have almost 2,000 diamonds. I want to still play the iPad version. What is Messenger and how do you access it. Willow my heart breaks over all you have done to possibly be obsolete😢


    We can hope they will make the right decisions. I want them to see this feedback.

    If you go to the bottom of your Messenger window where your friends are listed there’s a little icon for games. Click on that. You might have to do a search but it was on my list because I clicked on it in the Facebook post.

    Perhaps I will build my own app!

      Joan Leonard

      Great idea!

Pat Hilliard

I would not start over. I would welcome getting my life back on the weekends and all the money I spend on the game.


I have played since very close to the beginning as well … and though some very tough times with the game. No, I would absolutely NOT begin again. I’m also a Guild leader, have tried both the iPhone and FB versions and don’t like them. I think we have all stuck in there through trying times. Many great points in the postings above. I really love the game even though it can be extremely frustrating!

Bill maca

No I would not same as Julie Harris below for comment

Julie Harris

I have been playing since I got my first iPad. I don’t have it in me to start over. I have spent both time and money on this game. I have quite a few diamonds that I could potentially lose if they scrap this game for a new one. I would miss my interaction with my guild, but to ask us to start over is too much.


I have been also playing this game for six years. I would NOT START OVER. This game is not fairly set up. How some players accomplish what they accomplish is beyond me. Weather it be the pipes/card games, the guilds events, or the daily contests; I have often wondered how some players get the scores that they do. Sometimes for giggles I break down how many collections they would have to charge, or how many times they would have to explore a room, or battle a boss, and I am sorry it has got to be rigged to some degree. It would be tough to be done after six years, but I am not starting all over again. I wish they would just fix this game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed; a lot of people have spend a lot of time in this game, and working on this support blog. 🙁


    I absolutely agree with everything ssimson1999 is saying and NO, I would never start over again.

    Mary Jansen

    Hi. My sister played before I started in the beginning something happened that players received lots of diamonds by some glitch. She was playing at that time, it was very helpful with lvl advancement. So their was a little bump in the beginning.


I will not start over. I’ve already lost 4 years playing and it is too much hard work to waste by beginning again..


I will not start over. The lack of improvements and lack of communication in the past couple of months is very telling if GIs motivation on keeping their members. I have also been playing for a few years and do not have the ambition to start over. You and your updates have been helpful. We only get updates from you which is very disheartening.


Do we know whatever happened to the big update they had said would happen in January, that we are all still waiting for?
Are we all still waiting, and perhaps that is what you are referring to here.


    As it says in the post The End of February. It’s been that date for awhile.


Dont like the FB version. I don’t have the energy to start over on another platform. I’ll wait to see if they do something with the iPad version before making any decisions.

They seem to have fixed the server issues, which helps a lot!


I would not start over. As much as I enjoy the friendships established from playing this game, my overall confidence in GI has dimished to the point of being non existant. I am a six year player and have seen improvements and efforts applied towards communication and customer service but alas those efforts have not become standard practice nor are they sustained. I have been on the verge of quitting several times but since I am Guild Leader I don’t want my actions to disrupt the game for other players. This fun oage has been a saving grace and I thank you very much for all the work and time you devote to helping the MM community get answers. 💕


    I agree with Sandi. I am also a guild leader and have been playing almost since the start of the game (within 2-3 months). Haven’t been able to see new game yet. Got a message “this feature isn’t available to everyone yet”.

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