Important Apple Security Update!

Important Apple Security Update!

Security is important for all of our devices and we like to keep your devices secure also. There is an Important Apple Security Update 11.2.2. If you have not updated your iPads and iPhones please take the time to do it NOW!

If you’d like to read more information on the Apple Security Update here are 2 links to help you out.

Apple Releases iOS 11.2.2

About Security Content of iOS 11.2.2

Other Website Updates

I’ve been organizing and updating various quest strings on the website.

  • If you are a Super Sleuths member you can now see a list of Chests Available for Purchase in the Shop. You can also download a pdf if you prefer to work off of them.
  • I have updated posts for the Island on the First Floor. I am still working my way through the quests but I hope these updates help you.
  • I am updating the Zodiac Quest string. Please note that at this time they are not identified by an icon so you will not see them as easily in your list. But I promise you that most of them require searching in Zodiac Mode so you’ll probably know which ones they are. Quest names have changed from the original quest string so please see my notes at the beginning of the quest string.
  • We are working on an Alphabetical Listing of all Quest Strings under the menu header of Quest Strings. This was formerly called Searching but Ken pointed out to me that since this is the only part of the website that lists quest strings we should change it. The listing is not up yet as that takes special programming code that we need our super whiz Ken to put in place. I hope to show all the quest icons next to the quest string names to help you identify them.
  • I am also working on updating the Full Moon Quests. I have so much information on how these things cycle and I need to sort it and organize it so everyone doesn’t get confused. I have hundreds of screen shots and just about the time I think I have them all sorted some other thing shows up and I have to figure out how it fits in.

Questions or a Plea for Help!

This is an odd assortment of things I don’t know that I’m hoping players can provide information on.

  • If you charge the 3 Full Moon Collections; Banisher of Monsters, Unsurpassed Hunter and Bane of the Undead before you get the quests on the right telling you to charge them what happens when it comes time to charge them for the quest? Does it auto complete? Has anyone else done this?
    • If you search the Collections Table for Full Moon you will see all collections for the Full Moon Events.
  • I want to add a note in all of the collections that you can only get from Battle Chests so that players can see this. I get a lot of questions asking me where these items come from.
    • Currently if you search on the Collections Table for Battle Chest you will see that I have 9 listed. Since there are 24 of these Bosses, not counting the Events, I have a lot to add. If you know which ones they are please let me know.
  • Remember that not ALL collection items come from Rooms or Boss Chests. Some come from banishing the Roamers. They are all listed in the Roamers Table.

Well, now that I put this all in a post I can see that I could work non-stop on these web pages and probably still be behind! I hope you all are having a great 2018! I know the game seems a little slow for long time players right now but we will have new updates from GI. They are working on some amazing things.

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