New iPad? Keep Your Game

New iPad? Keep Your Game

Merry Christmas! Were you lucky enough to get a new iPad for Christmas? You can keep your game! Did you know you were getting a new iPad for Christmas? Was it a big surprise? Was the box disguised by putting it in a bigger, more deceiving box? This was the normal way to wrap presents in my house growing up. We had as much fun wrapping as opening.

You do not need to contact Mystery Manor Support to transfer your old game to your new iPad. That is time consuming and can cause you to lose game progress.

I know, you’re excited to see what all your favorite apps do on this new, faster iPad. I recently received the new 12.9” one and I love everything about it.

First, back up your old iPad? Now, before you give it away or sell it let’s set up the new iPad.

Make sure you follow the steps on the Apple website for backing up and then to restore. When you are all done you will have everything on your new iPad exactly how you had it on that old slow one! You will be able to keep your game and play right where you left off.

If you are new to using web pages there are links where you see the text in a different color. See where the text is green on the word Apple in the paragraph above. Click it and it will take you to the Apple website.

Now before you get rid of that old iPad wipe it clean so none of your stuff is on it. Go into your settings and do a factory  Reset reset. Before doing this make sure your new iPad is functioning correctly and the Backup and Restore worked. Go to Settings in your iPad, select the General tab and scroll down. The reset is all the way at the bottom. When you go into Reset you have the option of what kind of reset to do. Select to Erase All Content and Settings.

Reset ipad

Clear all Reset

From our home to yours, Ken and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

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If /when I get new iPad do I have to back up to a computer? I haven’t got one only iPad. Thank you and merry Christmas.


    You can back up ti the cloud. The Apple link tells you how.make sure you back up your entire iPad.

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