Christmas is for the Young!

Christmas is for the Young!

I’m not saying I agree that Christmas is for the Young! Basically if you’ve never done a Christmas event before you will start at quest 1. If you were part way through you may start in the middle of the quest string.

I’ve had word back from GI. They have all their development team working on a new and exciting Mystery Manor. I hope they finish soon.

The Christmas Event this year is a repeat of last years Santa Claus’ House. Oddly there were 3 new quests for those of us that finished that string last year. Apparently a glitch because we should have received them last year. If you finished then you will not get anything new.

Keys to battle and search Santa Claus’ House come from banishing the Gnomes in the Yard. Sorry, no sign of any Chests to purchase.

I have updated the Santa Claus’ House quest string. I don’t have any right side events listed on that page because I’m not sure what will come with it so I left the links for the quest strings from previous years listed on the Event’s page.

Has anyone seen Christmas Mode in their Manor?

Happy Holidays! I’m here for questions!

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Barb Rossi

GI sent me a quest string to get the Santa Claus house started, starts with snowfall for Katherine


I have. Christmas chests which require geld keys. I believe these quests and collections are obsolete. I though GI was going to remove them from our inventory. Any confirmation of this?

I put my Christmas Tree on the Hallway which is suppose to give you 10% chance of getting Christmas mode. Have not seen it


    I would be ecstatic to have that Xmas key removed from my inventory if I can’t do anything with it. Good comments here.
    The holiday events are not fun like they used to be are they? They just seem to want ipus to pay pay pay.


I want to make sure I am understanding you. If we finished the Christmas quests last year there is NOTHING this year other than the three small quests received yesterday?

Hmmmmm. Beyond their control prevented Thanksgiving, glitch takes away Christmas. No problem asking for hard earned cash to buy marvelous and useful items though.

Sad. Simply sad.


I had two events pop up with Xmas tree. I completed both and that was it. So I had two event strings with only one event to complete them both. SAD.

Diane Farley

I was hoping MM would make it possible for us to get Gelid Keys again so that i can open the remainder of my Christmas Chests from two years ago.


    You can buy them in the shop tab right now, but they are not cheap.


    I see them in the Shop. The first tab but 33 diamonds for 25 keys may not make it worth what you get. I think the offer was 2 diamonds each last year. Thanks Robin. I missed them yesterday. You will not get the roamers to banish to earn them.

      Diane Farley

      That is disappointing. I am trying very hard not to get bored with this game and quit. I am already not playing as much as I used to. If I were not the leader of my Guild, I would have given up by now. I have not had a new quest in quite a while to keep my interest up (I am not counting the rehashed quests…been there, done that.) I lay hope in your encouraging words that there is new adventures on the horizon. Thanks for all you do on this sight. Diane

Julie Harris

I haven’t seen a Christmas mode yet.

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