Someone Lost the Christmas 2017 Event!

Someone Lost the Christmas 2017 Event!

Okay, I don’t really know if Someone Lost the Christmas 2017 Event but I’m beginning to feel like there’s a Grinch in the Manor!

Players that have not done the Christmas Event previously received the first quest in the Santa Claus’ House series. Those of us that finished this quest string received 3 new quests on the left side of our Manor and then they stopped.

There will not be an update to your game. We are going to work on filling collections from previous years. When you open your game you will just see quests on the left for now.

Christmas 2017 These quests are identified by this symbol.

The Santa Claus House is in the lower right hand corner of your yard.

It’s a repeat, I know that much for sure. I hear developers are busy working on some special updates that we should see in the new year.

This is all I know for now. I have a message in to GI but as you know they always start these new things at the end of their work day and we have to wait for an answer!

I will of course update as soon as I know!

Remember the Grinch is a nice guy in the end so let’s be like Cindy Lou and be nice to everyone. Enjoy your Holiday Season.

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Expensive room!


You really need to update this comment… if you contact GI with this problem they will send you a fix, starts Santa Claus house at first quest.


    What do I need to update? I posted what was true at the time and I have posted in many places that you will get the string for the Santa Claus House.


      What you posted is great. We are on the Santa Claus house page so it applies to Santa Claus house. We really appreciate your help!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I learned from a friend you can post your friend code on the MM Facebook page and ask for last year’s Christmas event and they will send it to you. You have to click “show” in the quest to see what things to banish, etc. as they don’t always match the description. But if you want to do it again you can request!


    You can also send a ticket and support will send you the quest string.


      Thank you for the wonderful site! I love the Sleuth membership!


Всем привет))
Чтобы получить всю цепочку квестов,надо написать в Поддержку и квесты выдадут в каждый дом.
Эта информация для тех,кто получил 3 квеста.
Всем хорошего настроения))
Надеюсь,я понятно написала,потому что мой английский совсем плох.

Translation: Hello))
To get the whole chain of quests, you need to write in Support and quests will be given to each house.
This information is for those who have received 3 quests.
Good mood to you all))
I hope I wrote it clearly, because my English is completely bad.


    Really? They told me it was just Santa Claus house when I asked.


      It is just the Santa Claus house. Many players have gotten it.


I am so disappointed. Blah Thanksgiving and now no Christmas. Getting to that point of being totally bored. Hope something changes fast and is good to all the players.


I have a Christmas chest, it says I don’t have enough keys to open it, but I don’t know how to get the keys. I think I need gehlid keys??
How do I get those or are they still available?


    You can buy them in the Shop but 33 diamonds for 25 keys is high.


I don’t have any of the Christmas stuff you describe. Is there something I should have done to get the quests and Santa’s house? I have gotten some of the quests. Do they have to be completed to see the santa house?

Carol Hemingway

No Thanksgiving event and no Christmas event – the game is fast becoming boring… what was the point of 3 silly quests

Diane Farley

Would MM consider making it possible for us to cash in old Christmas Chests for gehlid Keys?


    They did last year for some ridiculous amount of diamonds.


Just completed the Christmas masquerade quest requiring me to search the Santa Claus house in silhouette mode 1 time. The quest didn’t update and I did not get credit for the search.

What gives???


    I’m working on finding out but you should open a ticket and report this.


Thank you mich for posting this info!


I for one am happy if the Xmas events allow us to fill and build on previous collections that have just been sitting all year!! That works for me. It’s the only time I can get the items.

Those silly events they make where we pay and wait to get a prize are nothing but stupid and do not help previous collections. It looks somewhat like a slot machine and I’m really hoping they don’t have one this time around.

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