Hidden Secret of Zodiac Fortress

Hidden Secret of Zodiac Fortress

Thanks to a player who asked questions of friends and contact GI support we know there’s a Hidden Secret of Zodiac Fortress.  I confirmed it with GI this morning even though I often think the players know more about this game than they do.

After you open the Zodiac Fortress the first time a timer goes off somewhere in your game that shows how many days it’s been. After 7 days have passed you will no longer need the Civalric Code keys to search the room.

You will still need to battle that boss to search the room. Zodiac mode will still appear.

I feel it was a bad secret to keep, or just poor information on how this room will behave. I personally have 1800 keys in my inventory because I used diamonds to buy chests when they were on sale. I did discuss this with GI.

This is how the Hunting Room, Japanese Garden, Library and Hallway deal with keys when you are a new player. You only need those keys to search for the first 7 days after the room was opened.

Thank you Karen for sharing this information with me so I could get the word out to all players. Friends, when you discover these odd things in the game please let me know so I can share it!

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Cynthia Burns

How do I get into the fortress to begin with?


    You have to have completed the zodiac quests. Then follow the quests for the Zodiac Fortress.


This is so great! I thought I was going crazy when I did not need the Civalric Code Keys to enter the room. Finished the quest string and am happy, happy, happy!


Thanks for the info!


I also bought a ton of keys last week thinking this would be my only chance to get them. I’m very upset I spent all those diamonds for nothing! I’m really getting frustrated with GI.


Where’s the timer that goes off to let you know you no longer need the Civalric Code keys? Like several others, I purchased chests when they finally had them for sale as a Bonus option. Then I finally was able to search the Zodiac Fortress, but Used up all my keys at that time & don’t know if it’s been 7 days yet, since I don’t always search immediately after winning a boss battle.


    I don’t know how they keep track of the days. They have done it since the beginning of the game for other rooms so it’s something programmed in with the game. I know I battled last weekend for the weakened boss and the room was open 95 hours. I think I searched on Monday so I will try again later this week since it will be more than 7 days. Again, patience is one of the key things in this game.


I also spent diamonds on fortress keys when they were on sale as I thought this might be our sole opportunity!! Grrrr…


I also bought over a thousand keys with diamonds.


    Me too🙁


I’m pretty upset by this. I also bought thousands of the keys with diamonds too.


In contrast It goes into Zodiac mode more frequent for some.spent a ton of diamonds on shatters!


    Yes. This week if you banish gypsies with turtles running not only will you get Shatters it will count towards the Chasing Chests event.

    Plus, if you get Zodiac in 3 rooms of your main Manor it will no go into the Zodiac Fortress.


      I still got the Zodiac mode in the Zodiac Fortress even though I had 3 rooms in Zodiac mode.


        Oh that’s good to know. I didn’t when I played it last week.


          I’m pretty sure if there’s 3 rooms already in Zodiac, you won’t get Zodiac Mode I the dark fortress. I’ve played a couple of hours with 3 other rooms in Zodiac mode, and the dark fortress remained Zodiac free. Once I did not have 3 rooms in Zodiac, then Zodiac was able to appear in dark fortress.

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