The Holiday Season is Upon Us – Game Plans

The Holiday Season is Upon Us – Game Plans

We all look forward to the events that come around and especially during the Holiday Season. Many of us were very deflated and let down when the Thanksgiving event did not happen this year.

I did receive notification that the Christmas season event will go from mid-December to mid-January and Valentine’s event is planned from the end of January until the end of February.

I have no idea if these events will be new or if we will have some of the same bosses to battle or rooms to search. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

New Devices as Holiday Gifts

This is the time of year when many of us get new iPads and iPhones and then we worry about how to transfer all our data from the old one, especially the game we’ve put so much time and effort into. I’ll refer you back to my post on Backing Up: A New iPad Doesn’t Mean You Have to Start Over.

I recently switched over to the new 12.9” iPad Pro. Wow! 😮 I can see things in this game I could never see before! Plus it’s faster when I do my friend visits leaving me time to play. It was a very quick and simple process. I backed up my old iPad, I use a laptop for this, and then I did a restore to my new iPad. I was all set and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.

Back Up Always!

As we learned from the last disaster where the GI servers crashed the best way to get your complete game restored is to have a backup on a computer or the cloud. I make sure I back up on a regular basis and I make an effort to do it after I’ve spent one of those days really working on getting through things in the game.

What to do during non-event times

So, what do you do during this lull in the game for events? Some of you that have played for 5 plus years are done with your quests on the right and the left. Here are some suggestions.

  • Scroll through the quests on the Left side of your Manor and see which ones you can complete. Put items on your wish list from the Collections and get friends to help you out.
  • Look through the Items in your Event box on the Right side of your Manor and check to see if you can get those Collections charged and get your reward.
  • See if there are any Achievements you can complete while you’re searching to get that reward.
  • For those with no quests check your keys and see if you can explore a room because you have plenty.
  • Everyone, remember searching with a turtle and other charms gives you keys and chests for the Mystical Box in your chests inventory. Once you collect these, open your chests to gain valuable room keys and Mystical Living Room Emblems for the Snatchin Dealer who we see a lot of these days.
    • You must have 10,000 keys in your inventory for the Dealer to appear.
  • Check your collections to charge to gain Runestones for the Snatchin Dealer. Usually need 10,000 but there are some gypsy collections that give them.
  • Request chargers from your friends so you’re ready to charge those collections.


I hear there are big things coming to the game in the new year and I know the Mystery Manor development team is working on some cool stuff. I can’t wait to see what it all is and when it gets released.

On my end I have plans for web updates.

  • I have worked slowly on the quest string in my Fun Page Willow game that need to be updated and will get them posted as soon as possible.
  • I’m working on a table for the Super Sleuths Members page that will list all the chests available for purchase in the shop to make a quick reference.
  • I’d like to create a way to deliver a Daily Tip to help new players, remind old players and just in general point out some helpful things in the game.
  • and the list goes on……

Supporting the Site

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Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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Is there any way to trade or get rid of small quantity items you no longer need like keys to first floor rooms that are now free or excess items received from friends to open up outlying areas? Also, why aren’t there chests for Hanako and the Blossom Pond?


    No, sorry. That clutter would be nice to make disappear.

    GI quit making chests available for new rooms. Now you have to watch for the chest sales and stock up on keys when they have them.


Have you found out anything about the Anniversary #6 Event on when it might begin?


    No idea. Currently GI is working on some big changes to the game. We just need to be patient.


Спасибо конечно за новый сайт, но как бы сделать русскую версию сайта действительно русской, а не с каким то грузинским переводом. Иногда читаешь и не понимаешь о чем речь идёт

Translation. Thank you of course for the new site, but how to make the Russian version of the site really Russian, and not with some kind of Georgian translation. Sometimes you read and do not understand what it is about.


    I have the language set to translate into Russian by Google translate. I don’t have anyone that speaks Russian to help me with it but if you could give me some examples maybe I could look at how I’m wording things to make it translate better. Or is there a different language I should selecte.i will look up my options.


It will be interesting to see what they do with the next update. I do hope they will make chests available for purchase for rooms that don’t have them. Like toy workshop, bakery and my friends tell me there are others.

I also hope that any Xmas events will give us the opportunity to collect items for Sam’s collections we already have, but can only get items during Xmas.
All of the events this year were new and different and involved buying stuff to open little prizes, I did not like any of those events. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about? It was just pay and get a mystery gift, not challenging, not fun.
I’m sorry if I sound gloomy, I’d just like to see them make some changes that are important.
A search bar for collections by number!! Would be a great Xmas present for many!! Def me, I have very bad vision.


Where do I find the Amazon links … I support a local charity but would be happy to switch.


    Just click on the little Amazon link in the post or over on the right is an Amazon Ad that oddly still says to shop for Mother’s Day!


I appreciate all your hard work and help. Thanks for all you do.

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