The Issues with Friends

The Issues with Friends

Well, it’s been a crazy two days with the Issues with Friends in the game. There are 3 things going on so I thought I’d give a quick update.

I sent an email blast out earlier asking for people with problems so I could ask them to test while GI attempts to fix things. If you are willing to have me contact you via email to test because you are a regular player please let me know by replying to the email from this post or posting a comment. I will keep your email addresses private, you don’t need to put them in the comments.

Problems that Need Fixed

  1. Ongoing Inability to Visit Friends – In the last update players on certain iPads, all the older ones, have been unable to visit their friends without some special maneuvering and lots of crashing. GI has been working on this problem since it happened. They are trying to keep the game going for these versions of iPads. This problem has thus far been unresolved. If you comment that this is your problem, please put which iPad you have in your comment.
  2. Disappearing Friends – Suddenly, Friday morning for me, when players opened their games they could not see their friends on their friends list. It looks like they were gone. I think these are the same players that said some came back without stars and in a different order. This is what we were testing for today. Yeah, my GI contact has returned from vacation!
  3. No More Helpers – Some players just don’t have helpers anymore from this most recent problem. My helpers are gone except for the one locked in the Lab that I need to rescue. I have not done any searching today to rescue him. I’m thinking when they fix this problem we may have to go through the process of rescuing all of them again to get back to 14. Has anyone done this yet?

Always before testing to see if a fix has worked shut down all the apps on your iPad and completely reboot it. GI will ask you to do this for any ticket so you might as well do it first.

When commenting about an issue please provide your level and iPad version! It may be useful information.

What GI is Doing

I can promise you in my experience that some bugs are hard to fix. If you don’t track your code just perfect you’ve messed something up that is hard to back out.  GI is working on fixing this problem. They have posted on their Facebook page that there will be a compensation when the problem is solved. It’s good that they’re waiting, then they can base it on how long we’ve been inconvenienced!

I know it’s frustrating but let’s remember it’s just a game and there is no huge winner of millions of dollars in the game, unless I’m missing something big. Enjoy what you can and have fun.

I’ll do what I can to keep the communication going without driving you crazy with emails!

Thank you all for your efforts!

When commenting about an issue please provide your level and iPad version! It may be useful information.

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Vicki Angel

I have 2 friends that say I have disappeared from the game. However they are both on mine and I can visit them. How can we fix this?


    So, you can see them but they can’t see you? Did you ask for a fix with your Helpers? Send a ticket to GI with both of their game names. Take a screen shot of them in your friends list because I’m sure they will ask for something.

    Are you communicating with them on Facebook? How do you know they can’t see you?

    If you have a wall message inside the game from them can you send them a reply.

      Vicki Angel

      Yes I communicate with them. They told me I have disappeared from their list. What is a “fix from my helpers?”


        This is when your Helpers that float around on the fisrt floor disappear and you don’t have them anymore.


I am having issues visiting friends. When I click on it it says that my game is out of date and I cannot visit friends. This has been since I downloaded v2.9.6. I am running this app on an iPhone 7 with up to date software.


    This page is for iPad players only. I’m sorry I don’t know anything about the iPhone version.


I have a new weird friend called Katherine lvl 50 in my manor. I cannot look at her collections or achievements, she cannot be deleted. Looks very sus. Any idea what is going on with that? Is she a GI spy? Any help from anyone id really appreciate it, thanks Kezza

    Shirley Helen

    This is Katherine from the game I believe? Not quite sure why they’ve done this but you get a gift each time you visit her so maybe that’s why?


    Notes are here!


I have a newer iPad Pro and had all of the above problems. Currently, I have had to manually add all of favorite friends and this has remained in place so far. Today, all of my helper friends were locked in various rooms and I have successfully gotten them all back. The only oddity is that the order is friends list has been shuffled which is not such a big deal. It looks like the issues from the Friday massacre have been fixed. The only remaining issue is the connectivity and server response that is always an issue during guild events

Ronald simpson (coolron)


Since lat update i cant visit friends as i keep getting kicked off the game it us so annoying


Lost my friends on Friday for a short period of time. They came back in different order and I had to rescue all my helpers. Most in Zodiac mode.


Lost all my friends Friday AM. Got them back by rebooting my iPad Pro. However the friends order changed and I had to redo stars. Also lost all helpers. No sign of their return,.


Hi, as of yesterday or early this morning I constantly get the “!” Rescue me. I release one and immediately another room has a recuse me. This does not seem normal for this game. Thought I’d share,.


    You will have to rescue your 14 helpers again. It is an after effect of the bug!


I can see my friend list but The order has changed and all the friends that I have starred are no longer in my star list. mD513/c is my iPad. Hope this helps.


I’m on an iPad mini and for almost 2 weeks I haven’t been able to visit friends. I’m level 643 in the game and already sent a ticket. I can just about manage to visit from the space floor and only one at a time. I have to return to my manor or it crashes! So far no issues with loss of friends, helpers or gifting.


    I visit through space . You have to go through that friends space floor to visit next person or go back to your manor which you are doing. Hope this helps.

Shirley Helen

I am on a new iPad Air, having transferred over a few weeks ago (which didn’t go smoothly and I lost items for quests which had taken ages to get to!). Level 260.
I lost all my friends and starred ones. Though I have them back they are all in a different order and had to restar.
I hadto rescue each helper, individually, as I rescued one another would appear. However i only got 10 not 14 altogether?


I have much the same problems as everyone else. I have an iPad 2. Couldn’t visit friends without crashing. It would come up please wait the wheel would go around for a while then crash. I find I can visit through space floor but have to carry on through that friends space floor to visit others etc. Friday I lost all my helpers. One minute they were there then gone. Also friends were all jumbled up and star friends unstarred. I am on level 319 after restarting. Lost level at 808 through an update. GI couldn’t restore me although I went back to my guild without losing anything which was odd.


Both my Mother and I have the older iPad 2. My game (Level 800+) crashes very frequently – can’t visit, can only do one Mystic Battle without rebooting, can only do about 10 minigames before rebooting, can only search about 20 times before rebooting, crashes everytime I level up, takes multiple tries to get the weekend chest of diamonds since this crashes the game every try, crash if I send a thank you gift when accepting a gift from the gift box…..and so forth.. Mother (level 90+) has similar issues but not as bad. Also, if we close our game too soon after accepting gifts, we lose them since the game doesn’t save at the point of closure. If the games crash, much more progress is lost and the daily games assume cheating and lock us out! Sometimes, if I crash trying to visit, the entire game is corrupted and won’t reload. I have to restore from the most recent back up!

E McCoy

I am level 317, playing on Apple iPad mini. I haven’t been able to regularly visit friends for weeks now. I put a ticket in and got a response that they were working on a solution. I did find that I could escape my manor and visit friends without crashing only by traveling through the Space floor. On top of that, now my helpers have vanished and I’m no longer showing my saved favorite friends.

Richard Dawson

I lost friends and then stars like you. All helpers gone. When I rescued people from rooms I got a helper back. Did 14 rescues in a row and have got all helpers back.

A Brooks

I have an iPad 2, I am on level 248, have not been able to visit for over 3 weeks – except very occasionally when I can 😏 (ticket was put in at the time) My friends vanished on Friday, most have appeared back but not all, I’m sure I had about 760+ friends, now only have about 740, no helpers in my manor & have got none locked in either.


Believe I have version one and I cannot visit friends. If I try, am booted from MM


    I have been experiencing the same problem. Found that if I use the space level while trying to visit I do not get booted. Good luck!

Kay McClain

I have problems 2 and 3. My friends are in a different order and I was used to gifting to the people that help me and gifts others so it takes me longer to find them. Also I have no helpers. I did put int a ticket and it would be nice if they just admitted that this not a unique problem.


    They have admitted it in their Facebook post when they say they are working on the problems and will provide a compensation when it is fixed!

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