Let’s Talk Boss Battles!

a couple of years ago

Let’s Talk Boss Battles!

I’m working on the Full Moon Events where you have to charge collections 9 times each and you only get the items from Boss Battles Chests. So Let’s Talk Boss Battles!

Collections from Boss Battles

There is one collection from every boss room that you can only get the items for by participating in Boss Battles. The higher your ranking in the battle the more chance you have of getting those collection items. I’m working on marking all the collections this affects in the Collections Table.

Starting or Joining Boss Battles

There’s information on the Bosses page about starting or joining a battle. Each page for the Boss has a link and we’ve added the Collection information on each of those pages that tells how many hits, how many points and which collections are the weapons.

Player Etiquette!

All battles have a limited number of players. Now I want to discuss a sensitive subject about player etiquette:

  • If you don’t know what the weapons are go to the page and look before you enter a battle so you know if you can contribute. If you don’t have weapons, and I hope that’s why so many of you join and use only 1 weapon, then don’t join the battle. There are a limited number of players allowed in a battle and it’s not fair to take up the space of someone that is willing to contribute. This is brutal during a Guild Event so be willing to buy weapons.
  • If you are low on the high hitting weapons and can only use the ones with timers on come back and use some more of those timed weapons. I have been in battles that have gone for hours and players come in and do a couple of timed weapons and NEVER return.
  • There is also a point where once so many points are are used no one else can join. Here are some tips:
    • If you start the battle, use some of your points and open the battle to everyone or invite your friends. If you use as many as you can you may find that no one else can join and you can’t win the battle by yourself because you don’t have enough hits.
    • If you join a battle that someone else has invited you to don’t rush in there and use so many points it keeps other players from joining. I’ll admit that 3 times this week I started a battle. While I was inviting friends one of the friends I invited came on and hit 8,000+ of the 12,000 points blocking anyone else from joining. So, it was a 2 person battle! Not only that, there was no reason whatsoever for me to want to contribute anything more to the battle. What if I wouldn’t have had enough weapons to finish? I would have been forced into spending diamonds to buy weapons or just let the keys I spent to get into battle go to waste!Boss Battles
    • Many times the person that starts the battle wants to get the winning chest. Otherwise they may have just joined an existing battle.
  • I don’t know exactly what the tipping point is in each battle for when others can’t join but here’s my thought. If you want to take first place in a battle and not let anyone else join then you start the battle.
  • It’s okay if a battle takes more than 30 seconds! Really, I know some of you want to go as fast as you can, that’s why GI puts those timers on the weapons.


The point here is you are not the only one in the game and your friends need your help just like you need theirs. We have a wall to send messages to each other so communicate! Think before you enter a battle. Take a few minutes to make sure you’re prepared to contribute to a battle.

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it Would be a big help if a battle that is full or has it’s percentage filled, removed. Instead you try to join and go thru a long wait to be told the battle is over


The battles close to new players exactly at 70% complete for every battle. So for the Crypt (which requires 10,000 damage to complete) the battle will be cut off to new participants once you get down to 3,000 left. So unless you are prepared to finish the battle on your own once it closed (i.e. you have enough weapons and hits left) you should pause and not close the battle to new players until others join. I have tried to take notes on the limit to participants for each room, but it’s not complete yet.


    I am making a spreadsheet. Could you email me the ones you have. I have some but not all. I will add the cutoff for new players to join to the sheet.


Totally agree with all that was said. I wish there was a way to communicate with players during a battle; perhaps you could add that to GI’s wish list. I think that it would be helpful, sometimes you are in a battle because it is part of a quest string, and other times you are in it to win it. It just would be nice to communicate intentions.


It would be nice to be able to communicate with people in your room. Most times they are strangers.


It seems like when 70% to 75% of the battle is finished, it closes to others joining. So do the math, and stop if you want to allow others to have a chance of joining!


Agree with all you are saying. Another thing that annoys me about boss battles: I like to fill up all spaces. When I have enough keys and weapons will play just to get a chest and hopefully get an item I need to fill some blank spaces. Even when winning a battle you do not get even ONE of the required collection items. A little unfair as it is the only way to win these items. Putting them on wish list doesn’t help as everyone finds these collection items rather scarce.


Thank you got the great info!


Is there a maximum number of players? If so how many? It took me a while to realize that after so many points accrued no one else could enter the battle, that still can give problems. Several times I’ve been stuck in a game and tried to invite my friends ( the bar still looked green to me) only find they weren’t able to join anymore. I wish I knew how many points it took for that to happen.


    I’m working on that but sometimes the battles go so fast it’s hard to see what the tipping point is. I have also been tracking how many players are allowed in a battle. It varies. Some rooms allow 20. Many only allow 10.


    The tipping point seems to me to be about 2/3 to 3/4 of the total points. That’s about when it locks out new players from joining in. The most I’ve seen on any one team is 20. But that was on some of the most expensive rooms (weapons wise).


      I’ve got a spreadsheet I’m working on that I will add it when I know. We need to be in battles with people we can communicate with and go slower on the weapons until we hit it. Then we can add it. I got side tracked in creating the table because I would see a boss page that needed updated and go work on that!

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