Update 4.19.3 Plus Game News

Update 4.19.3 Plus Game News A small update 4.19.3 was released today to fix some issues with offers. This is all they did so nothing to get excited about! Unless of course you were having trouble buying something! Maneki-Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat) There are some problems with the Lucky Cat and GI admits it will take […]

Let’s Talk Boss Battles!

Let’s Talk Boss Battles! I’m working on the Full Moon Events where you have to charge collections 9 times each and you only get the items from Boss Battles Chests. So Let’s Talk Boss Battles! Collections from Boss Battles There is one collection from every boss room that you can only get the items for by […]

Wall Message Feedback Desired

a couple of weeks ago

Wall Message Feedback Desired GI has asked me to obtain Wall Message Feedback from the players. I have often thought about better ways to handle the wall messages and have not formulated a great alternative. One thing I would love to see is the part of your gifts received have a way to tap and […]

Mystery Manor 4.19.2 Update

a couple of weeks ago

Mystery Manor 4.19.2 Update Mystery Manor 4.19.2 Update was released today and I know it has the same description on it as 4.19.1 but those are not the changes. This update is to fix a problem with the game crashing when a player was purchasing diamonds. That’s it! I did have feedback from my GI […]

Golden Orb Unearthed

a couple of weeks ago

Golden Orb Unearthed I get quite a few comments on various pages looking for the Golden Orb quest. No one really seems to know the proper place to put their questions about this mysterious Golden Orb.Here’s a big HINT. Find the page the quest belongs to. Read the page and the comments! From the comments […]

Input on New User Interface 4.19.1

Input on New User Interface 4.19.1 Ok, I’ve been using this a couple days. Really, I haven’t played except a few room searches and guild events but here are my thoughts. I’ve got photos to help with my explanations. Bottom Menu Key   Many players feel the bottom bar is too big! I agree, it […]

Mystery Manor Update 4.19.1

Mystery Manor Update 4.19.1 Mystery Manor Update 4.19.1 contains changes to the user interface. We are hoping that GI has made it less redundant and taken away all the boxes that block our view. I gave a lot of input on this since I have a background in web design and hate all those pop […]

The Mysterious Josh Vinson

The Mysterious Josh Vinson I had a message from one of my players this morning that suddenly everyone has a new friend in their Friends List. The Mysterious Josh Vinson is showing a level 25 with 15 friends if you go visit his page. Here are some other interesting things I noted while checking out this […]

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