Getting Helpers Returned

Getting Helpers Returned Many players are noticing that their Helpers are disappearing and new ones are not being locked in new rooms to be rescued. I chatted with GI and here is what to do to get your helpers returned. I know, it’s a scary thing because others (Me) have lost all their friends in […]

Update on No Updates

I’m here to give you an Update on the No Updates to the game! I think I’m beginning to get snarky now. I chatted with GI about when we will see new stuff in the game. Apparently they are going to miss their last week in February that was planned and there was nothing positive for me to report.

I Did Not Quit! Yet!

I Did Not Quit! Yet! Last week I opened a ticket with GI for an issue with Helpers in my Manor. Suddenly, when they finally “fixed” it I have NO FRIENDS! Except Katherine who is useless! I Did Not Quit! Yet! But I’m ready to after this. I was busy searching rooms for the Chasing Chests […]

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