The Path to the Flying Saucer Room!!!


Hi Page Friends!  Here is  a preview of things to come for those of you not quite there yet!

When you get the quest from Professor Gaugin called “Unappreciated Genius”  you are on your way to opening the 16th Room, the Flying Saucer Room.

Here are the beginning quests:

Quest 1:  Unappreciated Genius.  Get 35 batteries from the robots and explore the Laboratory at Night five times.  When I did this quest, the batteries I already had in my inventory counted toward the quest.  I hope this is still the case for the newer players.

Quest 2:  Years Supply of Donuts.  Set a trap for the mysterious thief by exploring the Kitchen in Silhouette Mode and the Living Room in Night Mode.

Quest 3:  Button Trail.  Explore the Dressing Room while the Mist Phenomenon is present and explore the Japanese Garden in Night Mode.

Quest 4:  Crumbs on Books.  Explore the Library with the Will-o’-the-Wisp Phenomenon and the Mist Phenomenon.  We need to calm Joanna down.

Quest 5:  Sudden Loss of Consciousness.  Explore the Living Room with the Will-o’-the-Wisp Phenomenon to find out what scared Katherine.  Also, explore the Bedroom in Night Mode.

Quest 6:  Professor’s Laboratory:  Find the laboratory on the map, click on it to get inside, and explore it to complete the quest

Quest 7:  The Professor’s Amnesia:  Explore the Laboratory in Night Mode.

Quest 8:  Mysterious Voice Recorder:  Explore the Hunting Room.

Quest 9:  Preparing for Work:  You have to obtain 10 Laser Swords, 10 Blasters, and 10 Plasma Rifles either by exploring rooms or buying them (haha).

Quest 10:  Collecting Parts:  Collect 15 Super Adhesive Tape, 15 Supersensitive Antenna, and 15 Quantam Accelerator.   The quest states in caps:  THESE ARE NOT THE USUAL PARTS; YOU HAVE NOT COLLECTED THEM BEFORE.   I think they say this because they do look like parts we collected before, e.g., the Super Adhesive Tape looks just like the Duct Tape, lol.  You can collect these from the Vacuum, Television, and Musical Robots or you can purchase them for 1 diamond a piece.

Quest 11:  Jack of All Trades:  Collect 15 Drunken Joe Whiskey, 15 Pliers,, and 15 Tool Set.  The quests states that you can find these by exploring the Fortune Telling Room, the Japanese Garden, and the Laboratory.  But remember, these the whiskey can normally be found in the Hunting Room and the pliers and tool sets in the bathroom so look there as well.  In addition, all these items can be put on your wishlist.

Quest 12:  A Strange Recording:  This quest requires you to banish 10 Musical Robots, 10 Television Robots, and 10 Vacuum Robots.  Many of us gave up in desperation and paid diamonds to purchase oil cans to kill the robots.  Here is a photo of this quest:


Quest 13:  A Fresh Look at the Map: Find the U/V Lamp somewhere in the Laboratory to complete the quest.

Quest 14:  Room 51:  Explore the Secret Room, also known as Room 51, to complete the quest.

Quest 15:  Agent Fox:  Explore Room 51 to complete the quest

Quest 16:  The Case of the Mysterious Crop Circles:  Explore Room 51 at night to find the meteorite that’s hidden there.  (The meteorite is called the Tunguska Monolith).

Quest 17:  Unfair Exchange.  Obtain the Roswell Skull and Eternal Windmill.  you must charge the Perpetual Motion collection to obtain the Eternal Windmill.

Quest 18:  Guests from Faraway Planets: Explore the Hunting Room in night mode.  You might find the Totem there.  The revolver will be taken when the quest is completed.  (The revolver can be found in Room 51 fyi).  Here is a photo of this quest:

Quest 19:  Proof on a Stone:  You have to find the Bas-Relief.  I already had this item, so I immediately got the reward.  We will try to find out what the quest actually said and update this note for you all.

Quest 20: Cosmic Wisdom: Try to find the pyramid by exploring the Fortune Telling room in silhouettes mode.  You will also need to have 5 Books of Merlin to fulfill this quest!  The books will be taken when the quest is completed.  Here is a photo of this quest:


After you complete this quest, you will suddenly see a photograph of crop circles at the bottom of your screen (photo below) and you will receive 8 new quests for different crop circles.  Here is a pic of the crop circle photo that will appear and a list of the 8 crop circle quests:


Crop Circle Quest 1:  Among Friends: You will find the Peruvian Crop Circle  for building a UFO landing area by helping your friends.  Here is a photo of the first crop circle quest.  You will notice in the photo that you have the option of spending 6 diamonds to purchase the crop circle.  You will have this option for each of the 8 crop circle quests.

Crop Circle Quest 2:  Unidentified Spiritism: Try to find the Arizona Crop Circle by exploring the Hall with the Mist phenomenon.

Crop Circle Quest 3:  Snatchin Intelligence Network: In exchange for one container, the Snatchin Agent might give us the Mesopotamian Crop Circle.  Look for the snatchins on the manor map.  (FYI, when they say “containers,” they mean the secret containers that we use to enter the lab, so be careful with this one!)

Crop Circle Quest 4:  We’re Off to Scout!:  Explore and banish the Flying Saucer by any method to try finding the Roswell Crop Circle.

Crop Circle Quest 5:  Experimental Silhouettes:  Explore the Laboratory in Silhouette mode and you might find the Egyptian Crop Circle.

Crop Circle Quest 6:  On Fox’ Trail:  Explore Room 51.  The Amazon Crop Circle is most likely found there.

Crop Circle Quest 7:  Catch the Robot: Catch the professor’s robots.  There is a chance that one of them has the Nazca Crop Circle.

Crop Circle Quest 8:  Time to Make Contact: Banish the aliens and you probably find the Tunguska Crop Circle.

After you complete the crop circle quests, you will receive the next quest:

Quest #21:  Trip to the Stars: Assemble the first part of the landing area.  To open up access to it, find a photograph of crop circles on the map, click on it and assemble the needed objects.

Here is a pic that of the screen that will appear when you click on the crop circles photograph at the bottom of your manor:


Now, you should click on the “upgrade” button shown in the photo above.  When you click on “upgrade,” you will see this tiny little screen:

After I did the above, I received a screen saying I had completed the UFO quest although I never got a UFO quest per se!

Quest 22:  Intergalactic Beacon:  Click on the image of the crop circles on the map to assemble the beacon components.  (Here is a photo showing what the crop circles at the bottom of your manor will look like now:)

After you click on the crop circles per the Intergalactic Beacon quest, the following screen will appear:

Please note the following

1.  You can request these items from your friends by pressing the “ask friends” buttons.

2.  If you do request the items from your friends, take note of the different levels required for the items:

  • Duct Tape — Cannot be gifted.  Must be purchased or obtained from a vacuum robot.
  • Camera Tripod – Can be gifted from friends at Level 30 or above.
  • Megaphone — Can be gifted from friends at Level 65 or above.
  • Projector – Can be gifted from friends at Level 199 or above. I bought these – 1 diamond each.
  • Extension Cord – Can be gifted from friends at Level 44 or above.

3.  You can purchase these items for 1 diamond each.

4.  You may find these items by exploring the manor or banishing robots and aliens (allegedly!).

Once you have obtained all of the required items, you will receive a new quest from the professor and you will notice that the crop circles beneath your manor have morphed into a flying saucer!  Look at the following 2 photos:

Now you can finally enter the flying saucer!!!

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