Mystery Manor iPad: The Events

Click on the link to the Mystery Manor event you would like to know more about:

Spring and Flower Festival

The Christmas Event

Da Vinci Manuscripts, Ocularis Spiritus, and Zodiac Mode

The Independence Day Event

The Easter Event: What We Know and What We Don’t Know


St. Patrick’s Day Event

Valentine’s Day Event

The “We Are One Year” Cake

The Olympics Event

The Full Moon Event

The Swimming Season Event

36 thoughts on “Mystery Manor iPad: The Events

  1. Paigie

    The Halloween Event…so far for me.
    • 9 new collections
    • 4 new chargers
    at least 2 new monsters – Scarecrow and witch

    Here are the first 6 quests:
    1: Grown with Love: Explore the Japanese Garden at Night (it took 10 searches, 2 in Zodiac for me to complete this one)

    2. Plants in Motion: Explore the rooms of the manor to find the missing pumpkin – Jolly Joe. (This took me three searches – I found him on the Island)

    3. Living Vegetables: Explore the Kitchen in Silhouette mode to find the Tricky Phil Pumpkin. (It took 5 searches to get to Silhouette mode, but once there he dropped in the first Silhouette search for me)

    4. Nightmares from the Garden: Look for the Spooky Eugene in the Living Room. He should be there somewhere. (This took me 18 searches of the living room)

    5. Carnivorous Food: Explore the Kitchen with the Curse of the Stone-tongue to find the Insidious Bo pumpkin. (I had to search through the cursed kitchen 6 times, in all 12 searches)

    6. Scary Omen: a) Explore the bedroom to find the Ferocious Ben pumpkin, and b) then charge the Demonic Pumpkins collection (took me 5 searches of the bedroom and I requested the chargers from friends)

    1. Soulsea

      Why doesn’t everyone have this event? I have the collections and am finished with all other quests. I rebooted, but still do not see this event.

      1. Nancy Elder

        Me too! I updated, but no Halloween event. I do get requests for gifts that I assume for the event that others have. Why do some have it and some don’t? I’m on iPad 2.

      2. jj

        Mine popped up about an hour ago. Try rebooting again and then exploring a room. I explored a room and then the first quest appeared. The Witch’s Athaneaum is located just above the Pirate’s Brig.

        1. Megs

          I had the room and the quest last night, but didn’t start anything. When I went to play tonight, the room and the quest and the books you banish were gone. I did get a box that popped up say something but accidentally closed it before I read it. I also received a few charms and some zodiac crystals. Tried rebooting and searching a room with no luck. I don’t know if there’s technical difficulties and they are rewarding me like when the boss fights didn’t work, but I’ve got nothing now.

  2. divediva

    Will there be a Thanksgiving event? I see it in my collections.
    I dont see any Halloween, but then everyday is Halloween with all the monsters roaming around. :)
    And why didnt they give us the Swimming Season event this year? I wasn’t playing yet last year. Summer season is already over. Well….unless you are from Australia or another country with 4 seasons in the Southern Hemisphere.

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t know why they didn’t do the Swimming Event this year — I liked it. I do believe we will have a Thansgiving Event though.

  3. Stacey

    what is songs of ancestors quest. I have these paper clues for a quest and no idea what place they are talking aboutor where to go.

      1. Stacey

        It is a quest, not a room called Sip of the Desert. but said need clue from Songs of Ancestors quest, I have paper clues but no idea what they mean.

        1. admin Post author

          Stacey, what level are you? I think it might be one of the African Room quests. The paper clues are meaningless.

  4. Commander Kinnison

    I’ve finished building the tree and have completed the Christmas event. Getting a free collection item every 6 hours is nice, but the quests weren’t very creative. Frankly, they were kind of tedious at times. I really resent having to go find things like runestones when I have, literally, tens of thousands on hand. Some of the quests were blatantly repetitive. There were a couple of new characters to deal with and a couple of new food items for minor energy renewal, but overall,… Meh.

    The big prize at the end: anti-climatic.

    One good feature: I have items to trade.

    The lesson I keep learning over and over again is to NOT charge a collection until the game asks you to do so.

    Commander Kinnison

      1. Commander Kinnison

        Minor tip:
        One quest asks you to collect cheese; another quest asks you to collect gingerbread cookies. The only way to get them is through the “ask a friend” button in then quest. Each can be “eaten” for energy. Each price of cheese counts for 30, each cookie for 8.

        So, if you want to stockpile them, make sure you make all the request you intend to make before accepting the one that will complete the quest. The option disappears at at point.

        Okay, one other tip:
        If you are going to spend diamonds on collection items, buy the bag, not the sock or the box. It’s a better value. Do the math. :)

        And, really, the prize for charging all 8 collections 3 times each, so not orth it. Keep the loot instead.

        Commander Kinnison

        1. admin Post author

          Thanks again for your tips, Commander! I didn’t get a screen capture of the “ask for cheese” so didn’t put it in the Notes.

          1. Anne

            Commander, I’d already charged the Christmas chest since it appeared as a quest string. When I got the reward, I was like, weh, seriously, that’s it? But anyway, I’m still getting snowflakes, so at least I can still trade with the elves. Although I seem to have lost my ear twitchin and snowdoll snatchins, my main source of the Christmas collection items, at the manor. Did that happen to you, too?

    1. Commander Kinnison

      NSRs are irritating, but a blessing in disguise if you know how to work it to your advantage accepting gifts. :)

  5. Cheryl

    Do you know if collecting boards and nails are quests for getting into a room? I swear I have done these two quests before and completed them. Just curious.


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