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There is no camera icon in this little box that I type in.
I’m still trying to send a photo of a quest.
Positively, no camera icon. Another idea? An email address, I saw one posted here to admin…once, don’t know where it is now.
Can I get that address.? Thank you


FB mm page says we get a Xmas gift, yet there is nothing. Anyone find it?


There is no tree. I’m chugging along on all quests along with one that pops up all the time. 10 zodiacs and wreath in jaoenese room. So tired of the latter.

Just can’t see the. Christmas tree and I should have by now.


    I believe the 10 zodiacs & wreath are part of the newest FullMoon Anubis quests that will appear every FullMoon. You can just ignore it, but it will always appear each FullMoon.


      Yes, they are. I basically ignore them and if I get lucky and finish it then I move on to the next quest. But I don’t make an effort on any of the Full Moon Quests anymore. The 2015 set that requires charging collections 9 times each that you can only get the collection items from First place winners chests in a Boss battle finished me off. I can’t move on until I get them and I’m not spending diamonds to do it.


Where can i find the voldamor quest string?


    Search for the name of the quest by typing it in quotation marks in the search bar for the page.


Where can I find the pure silver of the left side string quest


Where is the Witch’s Athenaeum located?


    I can’t find it either and don’t know how to trigger it


      Update the game. Once I did it and opened it, there it was. Upper left hand corner if you finished the quest from last time. Lower right corner will have the other room


Why can’t I get the curse after banishing the will o wisp


    You have to search the room in the phenomena to get the curses that follow.


Anyone know where to find the tree of life branch? It say explore the Sauna which my guess was the bathhouse but after twenty attempt still no branch.


    The best way to get help with this is to go to the page with the quest string and see if it’s in the quest or comments. To find which quest string you can look at the quest in your game and tap on the small circle at the top. It will pop up with what room it belongs to.

    If you do not have an identifying icon then go to the search box on the right of this page and type in the quest name in quotation marks and search.


      Thanks I typed in tree of life branch its in the alchemy quest string that has no icon yet. Sauna with granite golem i dont see in the quest where it says that sometimes they are very vague Thanks for this site its a big help.


        You will get an icon about half way through the quest string. Otherwise they are very vague. I will check the quest and update it!


    Just keep trying. Took me forever too


I’m working on a quest “expanding the circle” it’s part of the string for the detectives room. It says to search some of the basement rooms with the mirroring curse. Does anyone know which rooms?


    Have you looked on this site’s detective’s room page? That is where you should try to find an answer to your question. Also, it’s the best place to post questions about the detectives room.


How do I find sages sponge cake?


This may be on here and I just don’t find it, if so apologies. Is there any way to obtain the Dragon’s Flute without actually purchasing it with real money?


    I’m afraid not! It’s one of those pay things.


What is the retro video chat ?


I have a quest for a gnome outfit that you get from the elevator . I have explored this room about 100 times without any luck. I find it ridiculous that they expect you to explore rooms even over 50 times before the quest can be completed . Has any one else completed this quest ?


    What is the quest name and what quest string are you working on?


how do you request the tree of life branch from your friends?


    You may not be able to request this. Search the Collections Table for the exact name of what you’re looking for. If it’s there, put it on your wish list. If it’s not you will have to keep searching.


Can you give tips on the Summer Event 2016


My daughter needs help info about Mysterious Past of Mr. A she said it’s a quest for the house on first floor between the table and the guild building. I think it’s the 2nd anniversary event. I got mine quite awhile ago but don’t remember what this is. Any help please?


    I found the quest I asked about. It’s the Festive Manor. Thank you anyway!


Need help! I am trying to get the pieces for the starships heart of iron. I go to room that are needed to get them but after I explore I do not receive the piece. I have entered the rooms MANY times and always the same reaction. Another problem is to enter these rooms you need graviton so batteries etc so I go to collections and try to scrape up these items. It is so frustrating. I have also charged collections that would give me 60% more chance I finding the item but I still do not. hELP,


Hello, I’m trying to complete the Treasury quest and now need wooden sabers to banish 10 Frostdummy Snatchins. Where do those drop? I don’t want to have to spend a ton of diamonds just to get 10. Thank you!


    In the comments section of The Treasury page there are answers how to get the sabers. It is always a good idea to check the page and comments for the quest string you’re working on.


Hello! Happy New year!

I’m doing the fire place grate quest and exploring the rooms in night mode in the yard.I just want to know which rooms to explore to get the items and complete the hot tools collection.

Thank you very much for your help! 😉


I got all the quests after contacting GI, found all the items, and charged the required collection (last quest). Then I got a quest to open the gift, and suddenly all the items I collected that were for the charged collection were gone! I have another contact in to GI, so we’ll see what happens. I want to open the gift, dang it!

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