The Underground Animatorium


A new Frankensteinien type room is now waiting to be dug up in the Yard in our manors. 

As usual, we have to assemble the room by asking our friends for various materials.  These are the same materials we used to “dig up” the other boss fight rooms, so hopefully, you already have a few leftovers in your inventory.  This room is available for Levels 14 and higher. To begin the digging up process, go to the Yard in your manor.  There will be a new “pile” to the left of the screen.  Click on it and the following screen appears: Underground Animatorium Screen Click on the green “Upgrade” button and the following info will appear: Animatorium Tools Message Click on the hole or pile once again, and a new screen will appear with a list of tools and quantities that you need. To gather these materials, click on the orange “Ask Friends” button beneath each tool. Pay attention to the level a friend needs to be in order to gift the tool or material to you! I am sorry but my screen capture of this did not come out clearly enough to publish. However, once you have received everything from your friends, there will be another green “Upgrade” button. When you click on it this time, the Underground Anitorium will appear: Animatorium Upgraded We need 15 keys to enter into the battle to enter the room. Keys can be obtained by trading pitchforks and torches with Minions Igor and Model Eurydice. Igor and Eurydice should appear in the yard of your manor at some point as you continue to solve quests. Torches and pitchforks can be found by exploring rooms in your manor. As with the other boss fight rooms, there are a series of quests which accompany the opening and exploring of the room.


Quest 1: “Artificial Horror.” Explore the Living Room and Kitchen in Night mode.

Quest 2: “Promenade with a Chainsaw.” Banish 2 Sly Homunculi with Chainsaws in the Yard. You can find Chainsaws by exploring the rooms of the manor.

Quest 3: “Spark of Life.” Find 20 batteries in the rooms of the manor. You can also charge a collection with batteries as a reward to complete the quest.

Quest 4: “Talented Reanimator.” Explore the Library in the Night and Silhouettes mode.

Quest 5: “Impulse of Spy.” Explore both the Hunting Room and the Kitchen while the Mist phenomenon is present. Have no Prospero’s Books to summon the Mist in my inventory. They are available in the shop and are part of the reward for charging the Constellation of Capricorn collection. (Remember, you will also need to charge this collection potentially to finish one of the Zodiac quests.)

Quest 6:  “Unpleasant Neighborhood.”  Explore 5 rooms with the Curse of the Evil Eye (occurs after you explore a room with the Mist phenomenon) and explore 5 rooms with Curse of the Witch (occurs after you explore a room with the Will-o-the-Wisp phenomenon).  Make sure you don’t banish the phenomena or you won’t get the curses you need!

Quest 7:  “From What Our Men Are Made?”  Gather and charge the A Good Catch collection.  You can find the items in the following rooms in Words mode only:

  • Source of Courage – Dressing Room
  • Sport Trainer – Bathroom
  • Source of Knowledge – Hunting Room
  • Healthy Diet – Living Room
  • Impeccable Style – Bedroom

Quest 8:  “Militia.”  Collect Pitchforks and Torches by exploring the rooms of the manor.  The items are not taken upon completion of the quest.

Quest 9:  “Invasion of the Minions.”  Banish 10 Minion Igor using Pitchforks to complete the quest.  Minion Igor will be found in the Yard.

Quest 10:  “Beauty Conquers the World.”  Collect and charge the items of the Femininity Wins collection to complete the quest.  The items will be found in the following rooms of the manor in Silhouettes mode only:

  • Mysterious Smile – Living Room
  • Queen of Egypt – Bedroom
  • Woman Power – Hunting Room
  • Bust of Goddess – Bathroom
  • Lady Love – Library

Quest 11:  “Sword Bearer Kneels.”  Banish the Model Eurydice 10 times to complete the quest.  You will find the Model Eurydice in the Yard.

Quest 12:  “Galatea Comes to Life.”  Charge the  “Fiancée Couldn’t Be Better” collection by exploring the following rooms in Night mode:

  • Culinary Talent – Kitchen
  • Motherly Care – Bedroom
  • Women’s Secret – Fortune Telling Room
  • Guarantor of Fidelity – Hunting Room
  • Reasonable Economy – Living Room

Quest 13:  “Dangerous Sign.”  Explore any 5 rooms with the Native Idol phenomenon  (don’t banish!).

Quest 14:  “Checkmate.”  Defeat Viktor Von Schwarzwald in the Animatorium

You will need keys to enter the fight with the Evil Genius:

Evil Genius

When you hit the blue “Buy All” button, click on the Animatorium again.  You will see the options you have to enter alone, join any battle, or join a friend who has sent you a battle request.

Choose the Fight

In this photo, I didn’t have any friends to join so I opted to join any battle and ended up alone.:

Animatorium Fight

Quest 15:  “Find and Appropriate.”  Explore the Animatorium 3 times.

Quest 16:   “Sewing Things.”  Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouette and Words mode

Quest 17:  “Figure as Pretty as Picture.”  Find the Dummy in the Dressing Room with Native Idol phenomenon.  Don’t banish it. You’ll not get the item on the first try.

Quest 18:  “Sew, little needle sew.” Find Sewing Needles by exploring the Fortune Telling rooms in Night mode or spend 15 diamonds to get pass the quest. Sewing Needles will be taken after the quest is completed. Our fellow player, Vivid, reports It took 6 to 7 tries for the Sewing Needle to drop.

Quest 19:  “Dressmaking Course.”  Find Programmer by exploring Fortune Telling room in Silhouettes mode or spend 20 diamonds to get past the quest. Programmer will be taken upon completing the quest.

Quest 20:  “Applied tailoring.”   Find books with Pattern in Library with the Mist phenomenon . Don’t banish the phenomenon. The item will not be found at once. Books with Pattern will be taken after completion of quest.

Quest 21:  ”Gifts of Silk Road.”  Find the Silk Cloth in the Bedroom in Silhouettes mode.  The Silk Cloth won’t be found at once and will be taken upon completion of the quest.

Quest 22:  “Measure Trice.”   Find the Sartorial Meter Stick in the Japanese Room.  The Meter Stick will not be found at once and will be taken upon completion of the quest.

Quest 23:  ”An Unexpected Obstacle.”   Banish 5 Ear Twistin’ Snatchins.

Quest 24: ”My Tailoring Story.”  Explore the Library and the Dressing Room while the Mist phenomenon is present. The Mist cannot be banished

Quest 25:  “Gauge of Fate.”  Collect 20 Gauges by exploring the rooms of the manor.

Quest 26:  “Gift to Everyone and Let No One Leave…”  Trade Gauges with 10 Snatchin Tailors who can be found in the Yard.

Quest 27:  “Wisdom of Elders.”  Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Silhouettes mode and Words mode to complete the quest.

Quest 28:  “Home Fashion Parade.”  Explore the Living Room while the Will-o-the-Wisp phenomenon is present.  Do not banish it!



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