Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.9.0

a few days ago

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.9.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.9.0 was a small update with no new rooms or collections.

What GI Tells Us about Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.9.0

  • New bonuses in mini-games! Special Game tokens will allow you to get more points while playing the slot machine. (The slot machine is the cat, not the mini-games so someone make a mistake in this write-up.
  • There is no such thing as too many answers! We’ve expanded and upgraded the social game features section of the FAQ. (I could not find this)
  • There’s always a choice! Use the Options menu to delete requests from your Wall either automatically or manually.

What We’ve Found in Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.9.0

  • The Setting Panel has a new Option. I’ll just list what all of them do here.
    • Notification is where you can select if you want them to send you banners or messages for things in the game such as gifts from friends, your daily gift is ready or your energy is restored.
    • Sound is where you can elect to hear the pings from finding things.
    • Music is the constant background music. I keep that off, it drives me crazy.
    • Phenomena effects – if you turn this off when you have phenomena like Heavy Rain and Ball Lightening you will see them in Night Mode instead of their regular mode. If I remember correctly you cannot use the Flare when in this mode to light the room.
    • Clear Notifications – turn this On if you want your wall request for a charger to automatically delete. Turn it off is you decide you want to take the time to manually delete those notifications. This was a good call for GI to give the user a choice. They had a lot of feedback both positive and negative about this feature. It would be good if you find the Facebook post on their Official Facebook page and tell them you like being given a choice.

2016-09-27 11.12.46.png

  • Special Tokens in the Mini Games
    • Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Did they get rid of the cheaters or method of how they cheated only to give them another way?

2016-09-27 11.13.09.png

2016-09-27 11.15.00.pngGood Start Token – This token allows you to perform better and score higher in mini-games. Use it, and you will start the mini-game with your score multiplier at Maximum. Buy for 10 Diamonds.


2016-09-27 11.15.05.pngLicense to Err – This token allows you to perform better and score higher in mini-games. Use it, and your first mistake won’t reset your score multiplier. Buy for 5 Diamonds.


2016-09-27 11.15.10.pngMagic Freeze – This token allows you to perform better and score higher in mini-games. Use it, and your score multiplier won’t decrease for as long as you don’t make a mistake. Buy for 20 Diamonds.


I will get this information transferred to the Mini-Games aka Recreation Center page but it needs a new write-up so will take me a little time.

Harvest Moon Brings Anubis’ Tomb to Life

a couple of weeks ago

Harvest Moon Brings Anubis’ Tomb to Life

This month is a Harvest Moon. They are really beautiful showing a bright orange when first appearing in the night.

For Mystery Manor iPad Anubis’ Tomb will appear in our yards. We have yet to see what awaits inside this tomb and will be working on the page with all the information.

It will be interesting to see if this new Boss Room will vanish back into the sand, only to be seen during the full moon, or stay available all month. I’m thinking we will only see it during the full moon cycle.

Those new Collections that appeared with the last update will now be able to be filled.

I will get that page updated as soon as I have more information. Currently I have a migraine so it may not be much today.

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.8.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.8.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.8.0 was released today with some game enhancements and a new full moon adventure.

What GI Tells Us about Update 4.8.0

  • New adventures during the full moon! Find the mysterious tomb (in the yard) and take on an accent deity!
  • Improved tool navigation! We’ve changed the order of items on the right panel
  • Keeping track of tokens! Now you can see your tokens in the inventory on the information panel.
  • Polished graphics! We have made the images of phenomena and curses much prettier.
  • Increased comfort! No need to delete notifications of fulfilled friend requests. They now go away automatically.

What We See in Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.8.0

  • There are 7 new Collections, 2 of them are weapons and can be purchased.  I’m thinking they are for the new Full Moon Adventure. I’ll get the Collections Table Updated.
    • We will have to wait for the Full Moon to see the quests that come with it and create the page.
    • The new Boss is in the yard and says you can’t dig him up until the event.
    • We will probably have new Roamers with it.
  • Now that you’ve gotten used to where your tools are while searching a room they’ve changed the order.
  • The Tokens for the Recreation Center, aka Mini Games, are listed in your information panel with the Coins and Diamonds.2016-09-07 08.28.07.png.jpg
  • I have not seen the new graphics yet but I’m guessing for those of you on older iPads this could slow your game down.
  • When you tap to send the gift to a friend on your wall it automatically deletes. This one was a little disconcerting for me but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I don’t know if they will delete after 24 hours since you can’t give them anymore. I’ll give it a test with one of them to find out.

The Mysterious Time Control Artifact

The Mysterious Time Control Artifact

The Mysterious Time Control Artifact In Mysery Manor iPad is also known as Artifact 15. Artifacts are the second tab in the Collection that are often forgotten about unless we have a quest.

This Time Control Artifact has the power to give you collection items that seem impossible to get anywhere else. There are currently 5 collections that can be found searching any rooms when you use this artifact. The Time Control Artifact lasts for 2 hours and can be used with any other charm or artifact.

Collection items for the Time Control artifact can be found by searching rooms in phenomena or banishing them.

Time control artifact

Time Control Artifact Collections

As of the date of this post these are the collections you can find while using the artifact. To check current collections use the Collections table and search the word Artifact. They will be listed in the Room column of the table.

  • Book of Verses – 363
  • Mushroom Basket – 365
  • Garden Fresh – 368
  • Knowledge is Power -440
  • Save Our Science – 443


For  those of you working on the current Back To School Event the last 2 of those collections are part of what needs to be collected.

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.7.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.7.0

GI released Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.7.0 with update only features today. Some of these updates are a little cryptic to me so let me know what you know about them.

What’s New in Version 4.7.0

  • The reward for daily contests is now given out in a new window.
    • I’ll have to see if I can get a screen shot of this.
  • We’ve fixed the bug with the Compass display in the Zodiac mode.
  • We dealt with the issue which allowed removing shadowing in some phenomena modes.
  • When the saved copy of the game is loaded, you can no longer gain additional points in the mini-game leagues.
    • This one especially puzzles me. Does this mean every time you leave Mystery Manor and go to another app on your iPad you will have to quit it completely in order to score more points in the mini-games?
  • You won’t see false notifications of guild events any longer.
  • The banner showing the number of items in the room will be off for quite some time.
  • We’ve reduced the size of the display of error you make while exploring the rooms.
    • Still, I wonder if they have some future plan for the game that will make those errors count against us.

That’s all I have for now. Please let us know if you find any glitches or great improvements in your game play.

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Up until this past weekend we only had a link for the Amazon Affiliate in the US. Now, Ken worked very hard to get links for Canada, Germany, France and the UK. You can get to all those links on the Support the Site page.

There is also a popup you should see every 14 days at the most as a gentle reminder to link to Amazon from our site so that we can get the tiny portion they give to us for advertising for them. If you see that popup every day then please let me know so we can work out the reason. I hate ads in my web pages and sometimes don’t go to sites because of them.

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The new tables are an awesome feature. I use them the most often during game play and our friends that have helped compile them are doing an awesome job. Every bit of stuff posted on this web page takes time out of someones game play!

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.6.0

GI Tells Us What’s New in Version 4.6.0

Did you know that deep within Mystery Manor there’s a room where Charles Louis, a well-known detective, is being held captive? Rescue Charles and find out who’s behind this crime. The new room is full of dark mysteries as well as useful items!

And that’s not all!

  • You can now send help requests to five players at a time.
  • If you’re exploring a room in a certain mode for the first time, special hints will help you figure everything out.
  • We’ve added a panel that shows how many items you need to find in order to successfully explore the room.
  • The window showing rewards for mini-games at the end of the week is now much prettier.
  • Mini-games are now protected from cheaters.
  • The video in the game’s intro has been updated.
  • We fixed the error with furniture attracting or scaring off phenomena in rooms where phenomena don’t appear.
  • The game FAQ has been updated.

Things of Note

  • The new room in the Detective’s Room. It is located in the Basement, next to the Pool and under the Cuddy. You will have to Assemble it and the items are from Collections so if you gift it from a wall request it will come out of your Collections Inventory.
  • The Detective’s Room page will be updated as soon as I have time to look at the game and gather information.
  • There are 6 new Collections.
  • There are a lot of little changes in this update so please post any comments; good or bad on how things are working.
  • The Ask a Friend is a nice feature. I tried it this morning and it eliminates the constant Please Wait on my old iPad2. I do wonder why they only allowed you to ask 5 at a time!2016-08-04 09.06.58.png
  • Along with Adding a Panel to show How Many Items you need to find in a room when you tap on an item that is not in the list a red X shows to tell you it’s a wrong item. It was hard to capture, took 2 of us, but you can see the Red X on the Flashlight in the image.

Roamers Have Arrived!

a couple of months ago

Roamers Have Arrived!

We have Roamers on the First Floor!

2016-07-28 08.36.26.png

We have Roamers in the Basement!

2016-07-28 08.38.40.png

We have Roamers in the Yard!

2016-07-28 08.39.05.png

We even have Roamers in Space!

And Now We Have Roamers on the Mystery Manor iPad Fun Page!

Thanks to a huge effort by fellow players and volunteers! This is so Awesome! I am thrilled! I used it last weekend for the Guild Event!

I place it with the Collections Tab because I think it’s a Collection of Mystery Manor Objects! You can view the Roamers of Mystery Manor table and search it just like the Collections Table!

Web Site Updates and Update 4.5.0

a couple of months ago

Web Site Updates

I have a great team of volunteers working on new informational pages for the website.

First Floor Furniture

Jolyn has worked tirelessly to get this table showing all options to purchase First Floor Furniture put together after GI announced they were going to remove unpurchased holiday Furniture. I’ve placed the page under the Great Tips heading. We will continue to update it so that it’s an easy place to see all your options for furniture in the rooms.

Other Web Page Updates in Progress

My fantastic volunteers are also working on creating a table that contains all the roamers, weapons to banish them and rewards given. It’s a large table and we are working out the best way to format it for display.

We also have a table in progress to show all the Achievements in case players want to see if there’s something they can work on to get special rewards.

And as my new player, Fun Page Willow, makes her way through the quests I am collecting information and going through every page for rooms and bosses and making updates. I am overwhelmed and I love all of you for helping me with gifts. I am also trying to complete events on my MsWillow player. When I have what I need for updating older web pages the Fun Page Willow account will go away.

Everyone in this game is so fantastic and helpful and I appreciate all of you even if I don’t have time to type you all return messages inside the game.

Game Play Changes

When GI took away the Hidden Collections and made them visible we added them to the Collections Table. These items are not giftable and cannot be purchased. Does anyone know how you obtain them now?

Now when you charge the Time Control Artifact you receive collection items for various other Collections that there has not been a way to get when an event ends.

One larger problem I see is the Completion of An Epochal Gift requirement for the 3rd Anniversary. Previously you got the prize saber by charging the Time Control Artifact and just searching for 2 hours. If anyone gets to this quest in the 3rd Anniversary quest string I’d love an update. Of course I will get there eventually with Fun Page Willow.

GI Releases Update 4.5.0

Today Game Insight released Update 4.5.0 which was listed as Game Stability Improvements. Hopefully this fixes problems some of you may be having.

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