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Hi Players :)   Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 22nd, Trivia Tuesday Contest is running on our Facebook page: Mystery Manor iPad FUN Page

Monday, April 21st, finally we have completed our page about The Pool.  Thanks to all the players that helped us with this and we apologize for the delay in completing this note:  The Pool.

Friday, April 18th, confused about the Oriental Fair?  This post by Mary Anne Dorman may help:  Oriental Tent Fair.

Wednesday, April 9th:    We have a Tape Measure Trading Post running on our FB page and are randomly selecting players & sending them measuring tape :D :  Mystery Manor iPad FUN Page .

Friday, March 28th:  Hi Players, today we have created a new page for you for the new room in the Basement:  The Laundry Room.  And all quests have been added to our Gym page! – The Gym.

We have updated the following pages:  Mysterious Little House aka Mysterious Oriental Tent aka Second Anniversary Celebration and The Gym.  We’ve added a page for The Pool but don’t have the quests yet :(  For those of you that do have the quests, please share your info.  And thanks to all of you who have shared info about the Second Anniversary Celebration and the Gym!

Thursday, 3/13/14, dear players, I wanted to share with you this very interesting information regarding the Snatchin Designer and the Measuring Tape posted today on our Facebook page by Mary Anne: 2nd Anniversary Cautionary Notes.  And WOW, there is another MMHA update already with a new room and, oh no, another phenomenon:  MMHA Update 2.6.

Players, here are some tips on how to use this page effectively.  You can easily find the information you are searching for in a variety of ways:

  • Use our search engine to search the site, posts, and pages.  The search engine is located at the right side of the page under the menu.  Type in anything you are searching for!
  • Use the menu buttons that appear near the top of our page.  The menu buttons include:  Welcome, Add Friends, The Events, The Rooms, Our FB Page, Hot Topics, Great Tips, Contact Us, etcetera..  Double click on the buttons and you will see a variety of links to help you find the info you need!
  • Scroll through recent posts and comments running down the right side of the page!
  • Use the categories drop down box to find all pages/posts that fall under a particular category!

We just installed new anti-spam software to keep the spammers off the page, as well. When you post on our page, you will see a place to put your name and e-mail.  Don’t worry; we do not keep any e-mail addresses!!!  This is a safety feature to ensure that no one else can post using your name :)

312 thoughts on “Welcome to Mystery Manor Hidden Adventure iPad FUN Page for the Web :)

  1. Avi b9bffd

    New room – Fair
    takes 100 energy to activate
    you can buy some charms or 3 items to open a string of quest (each) for 50 diamonds (each) not much of quests and no big prize at the end (done 2 so far)

      1. Gill

        I would love to finish the 1st Anniversary quest but since the new phenomena have appeared I have not had any of the old ones come into the rooms since! Anyone else have this problem? I don’t want to have to use 100s of diamonds to summon them.

  2. Janne

    Well, nice quests! I got a quest for 30 torn boots. And what do you think? After exploring rooms all evening, not one boot dropped, while the boot shows in the price list. Guess there is something wrong with the update. Pretty annoying though!

  3. Isay

    So i wrote to gi about me not getting quests for the swimming pool…and they replied that i have to finish the quests that i currently have, in general terms, in order to get new quest because that is a game feature…so frustrating as the quests i have is the 2nd anniversary and the lair

    1. Laurie

      I got the same reply. Then I finished a couple more quest and guest what pop up afterward? The swimming pool quest.


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