Final Days of Christmas Event

Final Days of Christmas Event When the Christmas Event began nearly 40 days ago we listed an end date of January 18 because that was 40 days from the start date. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (I love that phrase!) the Giving Tree did not arrive with the Christmas quest strings, roamers and rooms. I […]

Season’s Greetings!

Happy Holidays! As we sit here on Christmas Eve in California Ken and I would like to wish all of our loyal players a very Happy Holiday Season. Wherever your are, whatever you celebrate may your season be filled with Love and Joy! Thank You! Thank you all for making this a great year for […]

Solving the Christmas Tree Mystery

Solving the Christmas Tree Mystery Now that our Christmas Tree has appeared we need to figure out how to actually complete the tasks and what the rewards are for doing so. I have started a page Christmas Tree Decorating 2016 that has all the little bits of things to do. Unfortunately I have no information […]

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.15.1 Bug Fixes

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.15.1 Bug Fixes Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.15.1 hopefully includes Bug Fixes. GI only lists the same features that were listed for 4.15.0 in the Update Window however when you open your game after the Update it says: The Inhabitants of the Manor are preparing for the Holidays! Help them decorate […]

Christmas 2016 Quests Posted

Christmas 2016 Quests Posted I had a some time this afternoon so I went through all the quests I had and the updated some web pages.  I still have work to do and I have not gone through comments yet to include anything in the quest string. However, the comments are all open on the pages […]

No Internet Connection Nightmare

No Internet Connection Nightmare The No Internet Connection Nightmare happens at the beginning of every guild event. This is a quick plea for action on the constant message when we have events start and the game comes to a standstill. Please when you try to play and you get that message open a ticket with GI. […]

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.14.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.14.0 There was a small Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.14.0 released today. These are always deceptive because they change things they don’t tell you about and break things. Usually, they have taken away a benefit in the rewards we receive. Please let us know if you see anything. What GI Tells Us […]

Black Friday Holiday Tips

Black Friday Holiday Tips With 19 days left in the Thanksgiving Event and I’m sure the Christmas Events will start soon here are some Black Friday Holiday Tips to help you make it through the game and holiday shopping. Supporting our Site with Holiday Shopping We all know holiday shopping can be a nightmare. People […]

Thanksgiving Update 4.13.0 Fixes Turtle

a couple of months ago

Thanksgiving Update 4.13.0 Fixes Turtle The Thanksgiving 2016 Event has started and we have 28 Days to complete it. So it will end on December 14, 2016. What GI Tells Us Thanksgiving Day feast is near! The famous Hilda von Stadt is inviting all of you to her luxurious restaurant. Plentiful seasonal decorations! Decorate the […]

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