Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.2.0

a couple of weeks ago

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.2.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.2.0 was released today with a new First Floor look and a new Basement Room.

What GI Tells Us

  • Check out the update map: it’s even more beautiful now!
  • Meet Alan Stark! This young and ambitious director will tell you all about the secrets of cinematography!
  • Construct a cozy and comfortable movie theater for the inhabitants of Mystery Manor!
  • Reach new heights: test yourself and get awesome rewards for unlocking new achievements!
  • Keys to the Mirror Garden can now be found in Mystical Chests, as well as in chests that are given for guild event participation.
  • Keys from rooms now drop a little more often.
  • Fixes in the leagues: now all players’ scores will reset correctly at the start of a new rating week.

New First Floor Map

It’s true, they rearranged the First Floor yet again. Make sure you visit all of your Anniversary houses to get your daily rewards. They are no longer all next to each other.

New First Floor Layout

New Collections

There are 6 new collections for the Cinephile Room. They have been added at the top of the Collections list inside the game. I will get the Collections Table updated.

Cinephile Room

The new Cinephile Room is located in the Basement. It currently requires items you can request from your friends to open but it’s not as easy as that! Please see the page for all the information.


The Magic Lantern Collection, currently number 6 in the list, is what is needed to open the Cinephile Room. So, if you obtain one by banishing a roamer and you give it to a friend asking for it on your wall it will be deducted from your inventory.

If you do not have any in your inventory yet and you get a wall request you will NOT be able to give them.


GI promises us that we will get keys in our chests and that they will drop “a little more often”. Does this meaning during room searches? I have not had a single key drop today for any room. Has anyone else noticed any?

Fixes in the Leagues

Event though a  message was sent yesterday that said the week ended and you won, or not, in your Recreation Center Mini-Games this was not true. With the update today came the score you were at before the update.

There is now a time at the top of your game that states how much time is left in the rating week. This is a nice addition.

For New Players – Starting Over

a couple of weeks ago

For New Players – Starting Over

I’ve been playing this game for 4 years. However, I took over the iPad Fun Page about a year ago. The original author of this page did an awesome job creating, designing and posting here.  My very small team and I have worked hard over the past year bringing you quest strings and game information.

At this point in time I have many holes in the early quest strings and pages that need updated. So, as a new iPad came into the house I turned the old iPad 3 to be just for this game and I started over. It is very, very slow. I feel for anyone that is on anything older than an iPad Air.

My new play name is Fun Page Willow. My game code to friend me is 8c4883. If you would like to help me get through quests by sending items on my wish list and being there for me to request chargers from please feel free to add me. I will warn you that because it’s an early game and the iPad is so slow I will not be doing a lot of visiting. When I get everything I need this game character will be deleted.

For those of you that have been long time friends I will be a little behind in my MsWillow visiting and gifting while I try to get enough Energy to leave the other one rest more than a few hours at a time. Please forgive me while I work on this.

I am getting great information already. I just need to start typing like crazy. Soon I will have enough information on all the old pages that doing the new ones will just be easy updates! HA! I am crazy!

New Quest Strings Coming

So, if you’re just starting out in this game and can’t find information you can ask other players and post questions. I will do my best to fill all those gaps!

Starting the game is slow but before long you’ll have friends all over the world and they will keep you going through all the tough times.

The Collections Table

The Collections Table was my big project. It took me over a year to get it all filled in and complete. It will be kept up to date. Next on the list is to create one that contains the hidden collections. Also, we will be making it a downloadable PDF for those of you that feel the need to print it. It is a complicated table to turn into one and we want it to come out well. Plus we have limited time to get it right because our fantastic support, Ken, has a full time job and many other things to do for our private businesses. Hopefully he will get to it in the next few months.

A Roamers Table

I do have another table planned just like the Collections Table. It will be a Roamers Table. It will list all the roamers, their weapons and the gifts they give. Yes, this one will be a bigger challenge than the Collections Table. But I will start posting it as soon as I get enough to start the table.

If there is anyone out there that likes to work on a spreadsheet I would love some help! We can even use 3 people, one for each floor of the manor. I can combine spreadsheets in the end. I will actually start the spreadsheet with all the columns for whoever wants to do it. It’s a commitment though and will take time away from game play!

Thank you!

Again, Thank you everyone for all your patience and understanding. This is an awesome website and we work very hard to keep it up to date. I love all the players. If it weren’t for you I would not play the game.

MsWillow – Sharon E. Russell

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.1.0

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.1.0 was released today.

GI Says:

  • Do you believe in luck? Seems that today fortune is smiling on you: the Maneki-Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat) has decided to stay with you a while. It’s rare opportunity, so don’t miss out.
  • Now you can play mini games whenever you want! Make your way to the top and claim a worthy reward. (GI FB Admin says they are not in our manors yet.)


  • Honest Mirrors Glitch has been fixed
  • I played a Native Idol that had been in my Manor and it was not the matching card game so I summoned a new one and it still wasn’t the card game. This does not seem to be fixed.

New Items

Japanese Lucky Cat

  • The Japanese Lucky Cat can be found in the lower right hand side of your Manor’s First Floor. He’s a slot machine and the first spin is Free.
  • You get 4 coins to start the game. My next spin says 3 Oriental Coins, they look like they have a little paw on them.
  • You can purchase 2 for 10 Diamonds. I’m not quite sure where you earn/win those coins yet but we will see as we play. The GI Facebook Admin is saying the only way to get the coins is to buy them.
  • This cat will be here for 14 days based on the small News Item in the list of right side information.

New Coins

Players are reporting receiving new coins when exploring rooms but we’re not sure what they’re for. All these coins in the game are getting hard to tell apart. How about some rubies or sapphires?

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.0.0

a couple of months ago

Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.0.0 arrived in our Manor yesterday and it is filled with problems!

GI says:

  • Draw back the veil on the Event that shook the Manor to its foundations. Exciting adventures and a new room await

New Items

  • There are 10 new Collections.
  • There is a new room in the Basement called the Mirror Garden. It is the room just below the Pool.
  • The space around the First Floor has been rearranged to place the Guild and Arena icons at the bottom next to the Birthday icons and the Flying Saucer has been moved up under the Secret Living room icon.
  • New Creatures in the Basement are the Fanged Griffen and the Frumious Griffen. They each take 3 Honest Mirrors and Energy or Strength to Banish. They give Collection items from the Dual Nature Collection.
  • There are 3 new Fairies in the Basement to banish which take Rose Petals. This is a Heart Shaped Rose Petal Item, not the named Rose Petals you may already have in your inventory. I feel like I’ve seen this same icon before though. Looks like they give some of the new Collection items and the Caduceus for exploring the ever elusive Alchemist’s Laboratory.
    • Tulip Fairy – 2 Rose Petals
    • Exquisite Flower Fairy – 3 Rose Petals
    • Spring Flowers Fairy – 3 Rose Petals

Known Problems

  • The Will-o’-the-Wisp and Native Idol Phenomena on the First Floor are not showing in their Pipe and Card modes. There are notes on the official FB page that GI is working on this.
  • There seems to be a problem with the Honest Mirrors dropping from the Basement rooms. Again GI says they are looking into this.
  • On the right hand side, the Easter Bunny event to charge 5 chocolate eggs to an Easter chest has returned.

I am working on the page and quest string for the Mirror Garden. Also will get the Collections table updated!

Please post your comments and questions here for the Update and on the Mirror Garden page for that quest string.

Collections Table and Page Improvements

a couple of months ago

Collections Table and Page Improvements have been ongoing for the past several months.

Collections Table

The Collections Table is now mostly complete with the following information.

  • Collection Number
  • Collection Name
  • Room – I’ve tried to list which room, creature, or event the collection items can be found
  • Collection Items – this includes a (c) or (D) for those that can be purchased
  • Reward – There is a notation for the ones that give Phenomena
  • Collection Gift
  • Chargers

Please if you have additional information post it on the Collections Table page so I can update the table.

We are working on downloadable pdfs for the Collections Table and one that includes the Hidden Collections.

Support the Site

As many of you know we do this on our own time and with our own money. We currently have a page up to Support the Site using a US Amazon Link. There is also a pop-up that will appear every 14 days on a page to remind you that you can do this. If you’re a regular Amazon shopper like I am using this link helps us cover our server and domain name expenses. It does not cost you any more money for your Amazon purchase.

We will be working in the future to add a link for our UK and Canadian shoppers.

We are making every effort not to give you ads on every page or on every visit. If you experience any difficulties with these messages, please post a comment so we can investigate and fix the problem.

Page Header

I think our Page Header is dismal! I would love to see an image up there that portrays the page. I have been racking my brain for ages for the right thing. I need an image with the same words but some nice colors, maybe a couple little images. Something fun!

If you have any ideas or happen to be a graphic artist I could use help with this one!

A Few Tips

  • When you need help with something try going to the page about the room or event and looking there.
  • If you have a quest you don’t know where it goes use the Search window on the right and type the name in there. Be sure to use quotation marks for more than one word.
  • When asking a question about something try to get it on the page for the Room, Boss or other thing you’re looking for.

Gift Giving Tips

Below is a Gift box and Wish List from a Friends Manor page. Notice that the Apple and ID have a little number up in the corner. These are chargers. It just means you have some in your inventory.

This friend wants those chargers but they are NOT in my Choose a gift section. This is okay. As long as you are a high enough level to give the gift you just need to tap on the gift above to send it. It will NOT remove the charger from your inventory.

For other tips on Gifting please see our Great Tips! Section. I will be working on updating those pages in the future.

Gifting Chargers.jpg

Easter Update 3.8.0

a few months ago

The Easter Update 3.8.0 has arrived to Mystery Manor for the iPad in the middle of the St. Patrick’s Day Event.

Find the Easter Event 2016 on our pages.

Will this make it harder to get our weapons to banish the St. Patrick’s Roamers? Will it cause a problem getting your 60 Snatchin Mode searches done?

Don’t forget to collect your Friday bonus by visiting the official Mystery Manor Facebook Page.

GI Tells Us

  • Meet the newest inhabitant of Mystery Manor – Monsieur Omelettier. He really knows how to whip up some eggs.
  • Help the Easter Bunny in the search for lost eggs and to prepare new exquisite dishes with Monsieur Omelettier.
  • Start renovating: we’ve added some beautiful new furniture for Easter!


There is only one new Collection so perhaps we will have the opportunity to fill in some of the older Collections. The table has been updated.


Please let us know what you find so we can share it with others

Other Changes

People are commenting that when you collect your gifts they disappear too fast now. However, I notice that the Collection box in the center top drops down for every item you collect.

St. Patrick’s Day Update 3.7.0

a few months ago

The St. Patrick’s Day Update 3.7.0  of  Mystery Manor iPad has finally arrived. I thought we might not see it since we are closing in on Easter.

GI Tells Us:

  • The leprechauns have decided to share their magic posts of gold! Add some rainbows to the rooms of the Manor.
  • Banish new creatures to explore rooms in Snatchins Mode!
  • Experience the great legends of Ireland on St. Patricks Day along with the inhabitants of Mystery Manor!
  • Soon you’ll be able to take part in the new Triumphant Competition!

We have 5 new Collections for the St. Patrick’s Day Event. It also seems that GI has become fond of the special mode in rooms for an event so I’m sure we will see quests for those.

I’m curious to see what the Triumphant Competition is. How do you feel about these competitions? Do you participate or ignore them. I worked really hard last month on the Chasing Chests to see if I could get in the top 3 but ended at 5th place. I’ll tell you I did nothing but banish gypsies for days on end.  The people ahead of me were really ahead of me. I wanted to see if the reward was better for the top 3 than just the top 10. If you know let us know.

The event page is posted. I will add to it as things occur and friends send me information! I hope everyone finds a Pot of Gold and not Impossibility.


Web Page Updates

Web Page Updates

Thank you everyone for your patience and support. I have been very busy working on general updates to the entire site.

Have you noticed the new look? The overall theme is a little different and the fonts have changed.

The Collections Table is a work in progress. A new colum has been added with chargers and I’m slowly working my way through to add chargers and rooms to all the collections. It’s a slow process, many of the collections I have to search for where they come from.

Also, when I update the table I go into each web page and add additional information about the collections.

The Phenomena Table has been updated to include which floor they occur on. It should be complete now. Future plans are to add images of each phenomenon.

I still need to find a good image for the Fun Page Title, it’s pretty sad at the moment. Ken is going to make a few other cosmetic changes such as making the collections table rows alternate color so,they’re easier to read.

Please let me know any suggestions or corrections.

Valentine’s 2016 Update 3.6.0

a few months ago

2016-02-09 10.03.31.pngIt seems we are just going to have one event after another this year. No sooner did we finish Christmas and the Anniversary Quests arrived. But I’m guessing many of you powered right through those anniversary quests and are happy to see the Valentine’s 2016 update arrive so you have some quests to work on.

Update 3.6.0 released on February 9, 2016:

  • In the run-up to spring, you’ll have to return the magic of the senses to our world! Cupid General Valentine will be the first to help you with this challenging task.
  • Prove the theorem of deep and passionate feelings with the great professor Gaugin. Make the citizens of Mystery Manor happy with the new Eye for Love Mode.
  • What can help you melt the ice of the fading winter? A romantic dinner over candles and some new furniture for your bedroom, of course!

There’s a new pop-up when you open the game to tell you what the update is about. That’s a nice addition so we don’t have to go to the update dialog in iTunes to look it up.

The snow is gone and the grass is green!

There are 14 new Collections, bringing us to 492 total! Aren’t we lucky that Ken made the fantastic, searchable Collections Table for us. I had a hard time when there were only 200. As I was adding the new Collections I noticed that the 4th Anniversary Collection number 475 Dessert Master and currently has a Russian name and Russian Rewards! It’s good we have it translated already. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed.

I’ve added the Valentine’s Event Page. As usual, any information is appreciated. I’m working on adding information to the Collections table that tells the room or event a collection goes with and if possible where some of the collection items come from. For example the 4th Anniversary Snatchin’s give collection items. It will take time but if you have a list of any of that and could post if for me that would be great!


4th Anniversary Update 3.5.0 Arrives to Mystery Manor iPad

a few months ago

4th Anniversary

The 4th Anniversary Update 3.5.0 has arrived. The only thing we see thus far is the 5 new Collections. None of these collections require coins or diamonds to buy so we know we won’t have a Boss.

GI tells us What’s New:

  • Help the inhabitants of Mystery Manor set the festive table to celebrate the game’s fourth birthday. Uncle Perchill and team Golden Snatchin will give you a hand preparing lots of different dishes.
    • I glanced at the new Collections and they are are Food Related!
  • Add some festive flavor to the rooms by furnishing them with new objects.
    • If you see what’s new and exciting and helpful in the new furniture let us know.

The Collections Table is updated!

I have Added a page for the 4th Anniversary and taken comments from here to post there so don’t be alarmed if your comment isn’t showing anymore. I take them away when they’ve been incorporated in the page. Thank you everyone for submitting all the information!

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