Jun 29

There’s a New Boss in Town

General Stuff , Update

2015-06-29 14.04.54.png.jpg

Todays update 2.26.0 of Mystery Manor iPad brings us the Gingerbread House in the yard. Could this sweet temptation be evil and take away all our keys?

We also hear that there will be an Independence Day Event. That’s the 4th of July for the U.S. so it should appear in our manors soon.

On website related news I was on time and updated the Collections Table today with the latest collections for the Gingerbread House.

I have 3 great people helping post updates to the website; RF Gatt, also playing as MMIPADFUN in the game to get new player info and she’s doing an awesome task in keeping the Facebook page updated with all the latest freebies, Vix in the game is learning how the whole process of posting to Word Press works and is currently working on updating the Guilds page, and Rebecca has started cleaning up pages and recently update the Weekend Diamonds page.

It is awesome to have their help!

Other great contributors that have sent me quest strings and information are Bill, PegWalt and q3 Honeybadger! I want to Thank them and all my friends in the game that send me bits and pieces to add to the pages!

I have been doing some organizational stuff on all of the pages in general. If you see a page without a Quest String you can post a comment and I’ll email you to get it.


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Jun 28

An Easy Way to Get Phenomena Summoners


I don’t always notice all the little things that pop up on the right side of my manor. Perhaps it’s because I still have so many of the 5 of each collection quests to complete. However, I was looking at them the other day because I was working on website updates and I opened the little Event box. I’ve seen this box before but the list of items to get any benefits was never as good as this one. Or maybe I didn’t read it as well. I will admit the most I’ve ever gotten from one of these things is a tiny reward for participation.

The prize that jumped out at me was the Phenomena Summoners. There are 5 in there to summon the UFO. Those are hard to come by. I have not looked up what all of them do yet because I wanted to get this out there for everyone to do.

I got most of my points for giving gifts. Find a charger you are out of on your list and request it from every friend. When you thank them by clicking on it you will get points towards this goal. Use a helper every time you search a room.

I only ever looked at this yesterday morning and I finished it this morning. I still haven’t gone up in my placing on the top row of gifts but I think the chests on the bottom are awesome!


Jun 22

Looking for Volunteers to Update Website

General Stuff

2015-04-12 18.32.00.jpg

This is how I feel! I would love some help with the website. It can be edited on the iPad using Safari or the Word Press app. I can teach you how using iMessage or email.

I find I do not even have time to play the game and do not know most of the new stuff to post updates. Everyone that is sending me emails and messages for updates has been so great.

We all have to give Keri (urbankatgirl) huge kudos for the massive amount of work she did in 3 years. It was a full-time, unpaid, job for her.

And Mary Ann (MAD) did an awesome job keeping up with the Facebook page.

I’d like both pages to continue to be as awesome as they made it!

I have new pages that need to be written and old pages that need to be updated and after spending hours on it every time I look at it just trying to keep up I have to admit I want to curl up by Jade and go to sleep.

Doesn’t Jade look like she doesn’t have a care in the world?

Jun 19

Update Brings Unexpected Gifts

General Stuff

Good News for Players! Not only has GI been very generous in recent days by giving us links for keys on their Facebook page on update 2.25.0 released on June, 15, 2015 they gave us a bonus of gifting Collection Items.

This is Space! These two collections are out of order in the world of them almost always putting new collections at the end. However, they are in with the old space Collections. Currently Lunar Treats is number 155 and Zoo Among the Stars is 225. They give some good gifts to help move forward in Space.

To take advantage of the ability to fill these collections all you have to do is open your Gift List or view your friends Wish List and give away. They will count towards your 50 gifts a day and will NOT reduce your collection gifts. Who knows how long this will last so take advantage now and send these instead of the chargers we can all ask for anytime.

Also, I've updated the Collections List. They did fix the sporadic ordering from the last update and we are now up to 420 Collections.​

And last but not least, let's all give RF Gatt and huge Thank you for keeping on top of the freebies on the GI Facebook page and getting them posted to the MM Facebook page!​

Jun 11

Diamond Hoarding or Strategic Playing?

General Stuff , Tips


It’s a bad thing to be a hoarder right? Look at all the reality TV that says so! I’ll admit I’m a Diamond Hoarder!

From the day I started playing this game about 3 years ago I saved every diamond I earned. I have never purchased a diamond. I just never used diamonds if I could earn what I needed. I don’t feel the need to rush through quests.
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May 30

There’s a New Glow in Some Manor Rooms

General Stuff

Has anyone noticed how some rooms have a more dimensional effect, almost like a glow?

I noticed it first in my dressing room and thought perhaps it was because I was in a curse mode. But it stays there no matter what mode you're in! For me this is a big plus, I have vision problems and this makes finding the items easier. See how that butterfly stands out? It's great. 

So far, I've only noticed it in the Dressing Room and Bedroom but have not been in all the middle rooms. Looks like they're changing the older rooms first. ​

Happy Hunting!

May 28

Updates to Collections Page

General Stuff

My time off is over and I spent a portion of my day working on the Collections Table page. They are small changes but hopefully will make it a little easier to maneuver.

First, the rows are closer together. And while this still makes it a long table to scroll through I’ve added a HINT that tells to use the Search Feature and how to get to the Comments at the bottom or the Menu at the top without scrolling forever!

It is still a little wide for the page view but if you are in landscape mode it is completely viewable when you hold your iPad in landscape mode. If you want to hold it in portrait mode you can use your fingers to slide it from side to side.  This is good for those of you that want to use your iPhone to search while you’re in the game! We are working on making it better.

We have optimized the website to get the best view on mobile devices. There are still a few tweaks!

May 23

Holiday Weekend for U.S.

General Stuff

Hi Everyone! After a wild and crazy day at Disneyland for their 60th Anniversary Celebration I am back to my desktop.

But not really full-time for a few days. This is Memorial Day Weekend for the U.S. and my husband has some time off. This time I’m using it to finishing painting walls in my home.

So, not much will happen on the web page until the end of next week.

This morning I posted a page for the Frigate. It’s pretty empty but if you have the quest string, please put it in the comments and I’ll grab it from there.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine!

May 21

Helping with the Future

General Stuff

Today brings a couple of updates.

There’s a Menu Item for the Mystic Arena and a pretty much blank page. I put this here for everyone to be able to post comments and help each other out. I have a Guild that is working on compiling information for me to post.

There is also a mostly blank page for the Swamp Crypt aka Aquarius Stucked. I have been able to locate a quest string anywhere for it so if you have it please put it in the comments and I will copy and paste it into the page.

I’ve added a button to the pdf downloads available on the Collections Table page.

We will continue to add pages and organize the web site.

Thank you players for all your patience and support! I couldn’t do this without you!

May 20

Initial Web Page Changes

General Stuff

New MMipad cover photo

You will notice that the Welcome :) page now contains blog posts that will keep you updated on what’s going on in the game and on the web site.

The first thing you will notice is that the entire menu has changed. We’ve added Menu items for The Rooms, The Bosses, Space, Collections and Guilds.

Some of those pages are not completed but they’re a start.

The Events page is missing some of the old Events. However, I have not deleted them because I want to go through all the comments.

I updated The Alchemist Quest String this morning with everything I had. Thank you very much to all the players that contributed to this.

I have one player that says the collections table is no longer completely visible on her iPad. I’ve been working on the issue and hopefully my wonderful husband will be able to help me solve the problem. I see the whole table of both Safari and Chrome on my iPad Air. If you have a problem seeing it please tell me which iPad you have.

Hopefully in the next week I’ll have a place on the Contact Us page for those of you that create those wonderful quests string documents to send them to me so I can put them in a page.

We have had a request for the Swamp Crypt if anyone has it.

Rena has started a new game to get some of the early stuff that new players go through. Her name is MMIPADFUN :) and her game code is 2a60f0. Those are zeros. It would be great to help her out with these early quests.

And by all means keep the suggestions coming. Just remember I’m only one person. Rena is helping me but she needs to get up to speed on posting to the website.

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