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Please remember this site is done completely by volunteers, we are players only, GI does not give us any information or benefits from doing this page. I really appreciate all the help and input from other players. I know it takes time to write up all the quests as you play through them!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 — the 2015 – Easter Event started. there are no new collections and I’ve posted what I have on the quests.

Monday, January 23, 2015 — thank you divediva for providing me the lists of quests for The Saloon. I’ve posted a page with them out there for everyone to use.

Saturday, January 21, 2015 I’m doing some catchup on posting new items.

The latest update brought us The Valentine’s Event and the 3rd Anniversary Party Room. These are available thanks to a fellow player. If you would like to contribute and take on a room to give me the quests for that would be great. Just post a comment here and I’ll contact you with my private email.

I have also added searchable pages for the Collections. Artifacts and Phenomena. It will make game play much easier.

Monday, September 22nd, just published a new page for the Beach Party:  Beach Party Event.

Friday, September 19th, we have a lot to talk about today:

  1. Boss fights are temporarily unavailable.  We have been told they will be working again but no word yet on how soon.
  2. A new Guild Event started this morning.  Guilds must collectively banish 250 First Floor Snatchins.  Reward is a chest of gold and phenomena banishers.
  3. Full Moon and Beach Party events are simultaneously going on
  4. The best news is a super player has taken the time to create a great new resource for all players – a searchable table with names, numbers, rewards, and gifts for every collection:  MMHA IPad Searchable Collections Table.

Tuesday, September 15th, another new update already???  WOW!!!  Post your comments about the update here:  MMHA Update 2.14.1 and post your comments about the new room in the basement here:  The Thief Room.

Friday, September 5th, we’ve added a page for the new room here, Academy Basalt Tower, and you can post your thoughts about the newest update here:  Mystery MMHA Update 2.13.

Thursday, August 14th, Finally, the update to fix our gifting issue is in the App Store:  MMHA Update 2.12.1.

Tuesday, July 29th, Check out our new post:  The Guild — What We Know Thus Far.

Monday, July 28th, We have a new update in the App Store this morning, players!  Mystery Manor Update 2.12.

Tuesday, May 20th, New contest to win an entire FM collection or a basement collection item is running on our Facebook page: Mystery Manor iPad FUN Page

Wednesday, May 7th, we have a new update today and a new room, the Bathhouse in the basement:  Mystery Manor Update 2.10.

Tuesday, April 22nd, Trivia Tuesday Contest is running on our Facebook page: Mystery Manor iPad FUN Page

Monday, April 21st, finally we have completed our page about The Pool.  Thanks to all the players that helped us with this and we apologize for the delay in completing this note:  The Pool.

Friday, April 18th, confused about the Oriental Fair?  This post by Mary Anne Dorman may help:  Oriental Tent Fair.

Wednesday, April 9th:    We have a Tape Measure Trading Post running on our FB page and are randomly selecting players & sending them measuring tape :D :  Mystery Manor iPad FUN Page .

Friday, March 28th:  Hi Players, today we have created a new page for you for the new room in the Basement:  The Laundry Room.  And all quests have been added to our Gym page! — The Gym.

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425 thoughts on “Welcome to Mystery Manor Hidden Adventure iPad FUN Page for the Web :)

  1. Avi

    Thank you for the updates. Those are very helpfull!
    Now the only quest string missing is the one that came at the same time with the Salon string (needing among other things items to be found onli in the cuddy)…

  2. Semik

    Thank you for the searchable collections, artefacts and phenomena pages!!! I was considering creating them for my guild but you have beat me to it! You help make this game more fun!

  3. Angel

    Where can I find the quests for the bathhouse? I’m stuck on finding the ouroboros in the pool. Trying to decide how many diamonds to use on it before completely losing my mind.

    1. Smelly

      Hi Angel, the ourobouros is found in silhouette mode in the pool. Try summoning and banishing phenomena to get the mode to change without having to use keys. Good luck

  4. Sunshine

    How do you get the ” tree of life ” in the sauna? It is part of the Alchemist Quests. It doesn’t show up as a findable item. Did the room 15 times, nothing. I must be missing something

    1. Priscilla

      I am also stuck on this quest, is there a list of how many more quests are after this one? Just wondering if I should spend diamonds to get though it

  5. Juliee

    Hi, I use iPad 1 which can no longer be updated so it does not support the new updates. As a result I can no longer visit friends. Does anyone know if there is an alternative way to gift the robots from the ‘mechanical helpers’. Thanks

    1. Robert Chee


      Have you updated your ipad to iOS8? If you have not, please do so & you will be able to update your MM. It happened to me until I updated to iOS8. Goodluck!

  6. Dawn

    Does anyone have any information on the Wine Cellar? I can’t find anything about it and I am stuck on the Depths of the Wine Maker’s Soul quest. Thanks! :)

  7. divediva

    For Quests 11-18 of Hunting Lyceum:

    11. Shine Your Pretty Light – Find Hunters Matches in Basement rooms in night mode. This took a while to drop but you can also try to put on your WL.

    12. Excavate the Hunting Lyceum – or something like that as it quickly cleared for me. At this point, i was done digging and collecting the 4 collections 3x.

    13. Rudolph’s Fears – Explore basement rooms to charge Defense is always near ( this is actually the Best offense is a good offense that gives Mask of Red Gold). The items can be found in following rooms:
    Seer’s Axe – Cuddy
    Unsportsmanlike Bat – Gym
    Texas Chainsaw – Garage
    Anti-Vampire Panacea – Wine Cellar
    Cup of Water – Bathhouse ( i couldn’t get this to drop but fortunately i already had 1 from an earlier quest)

    14. Have We Met – Trade with 10 Mr. Huckleberry ( this is another difficult task as you need 5 cameos to trade 1 time. I had some already and opened 2 more basement boss rooms to get more. I finally gave up and bought 2 Hunting Lyceum backpacks which helped me trade/banish the last 4.

    15. Hunters Credentials – Guardian of the Hunting Lyceum ( again this cleared quickly for me so i think it was completing the 4 collections 3x in stage 2 of digging the Lyceum in the basement)

    16. Collect 45 keys from Basement rooms in Night mode – this doesn’t drop from every basement night mode so I gave up and bought 2 more of the cheapest Hunting Lyceum backpacks which gave me total of 50 keys. I already had 50 keys rom earlier purchases but previous items dont count. But buying the backpacks was cheaper than buying basement room keys.

    17. Hope for a D student – Trade with Young Incubi to find Cheat Sheets for Violin: a) Clue in a Sheath b) Bracelet with Cheat sheet
    The bracelet dropped right away but I couldn’t get Clue in a Sheath so i just bought it as it was only 18,000 coins.

    18. Judging a Book by its cover – Explore rooms of Basement with Mirror phenomenon to charge Playing with Fire Collection. This is very hard as some rooms took a long time to drop item and I ran out of mirror summoner and basement keys:
    Skirt – Laundry Room
    Shirt – Bathhouse
    Black Stockings – Boiler room
    Sandals – Pool ( i ran out of keys)
    Tie – ? I ran out of mirror summoners but it is not in thief room or gym. So its either cuddy, garage or wine cellar. Will try out cuddy or garage now but I don’t have keys for wine cellar anymore.

    1. divediva

      Forgot to give update that the tie was in the cuddy. I’m still stuck in this quest as I have summoned mirror phenom to pool 12 times, yes 12 times and still no sandals. That is with a golden turtle, cornucopia, emerald heart, butterfly and helper already. Booo! Drop rate should be improved. Its worse than penny in the pool in night mode.

    2. divediva

      Finally finished quest 18 last week after summoning mirror to the pool 15 times. Yikes! Anyway, here are Quests 19-26:

      19. An Inexperienced Tutor – Get Violin ready for exam – this just means battle using Violin with weapons from collection 351 (Examination Arsenal)

      20. Fount of Knowledge – Hunting Lyceum 3 times

      21. The Prom and Clever Mage –
      a) Graduation gown – Laundry room in silhouette (bought it for coins as its cheaper than keys)
      b) Graduating ribbon – Cuddy in Words mode (tried to explore because you need diamonds to buy but i used up 800 keys and still didn’t get it. Tried to trade to get it but I ran out of posters. Ended up buying with diamonds anyway)

      22. Cinderella: Monster Hunter – Get Yasmin ready for the ball (battle using Yasmin with different weapons. If you can get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, it may help you with Quest 25 but don’t open till you get quest 25)

      23. Mask of Memory – Explore basement bosses to charge collection 349 Armed to the Teeth (i didn’t want to try and battle all basement bosses so i just explored Lyceum since it was already open from quest 22. I got first 3 items and I already had the last 2 from previous quests)

      24. Presents and Returns – Find Hunting Knife from Basement room with Myopia curse (or put on WL, its from coll 344)

      25. Fast to Adapt –
      a. Cologne with Pheremones – trade with Mr. Huckleberry (I already had it so i sent it to a friend and had her send it back)
      b. Pumps – from opening chests (this was a confusing and extremely difficult quest. It meant win the battle with Janina and get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and you MAY get it in the winners chest. I didn’t get top 3, so my chest didn’t contain a single thing from that collection. If a very helpful and generous friend of mine hadn’t gifted it, I might have been stuck on this forever.)

      26. The Light Side of A Strange Planet – Hunting Lyceum at Night mode (still battling right now)

      Good luck everyone! This has been the hardest boss room so far.

        1. divediva

          You are very welcome. Your site has helped me tremendously in this game and so have other players posting quests for the newer rooms. I will post more once I get a few more quests finished. Good luck

    3. divediva

      Sorry, got distracted by Halloween and Thaksgiving quests. Here are Quests 27-30 for the Lyceum.

      27. Back to First Grade – (I used current collection numbers with thanksgiving collections on top)
      A. Top Student – Charge this collection (currently 355) by getting items from exploring the Lyceum. I used up all my magic chalks doing this and didnt get all the items. You can put it on your WL like i did and generous friends helped me finish it.
      B. Toy Machine Gun – Charge collection (currently 348) by getting items from banishing Basement minions. See items & corresponding minions below:
      Slingshot – scarecrow
      Water pistol – naga
      Spitball – madam horrible
      Plastic sword – desperate parrot
      Bow & arrows – hermit

      28. An Incubus Pride – get the incubus blade by helping friends (easy)

      29. Armed, Jealous & Very Dangerous – explore Lyceum (again) in:
      A. silhouette mode
      B. Words mode

      30. Did Anyone See the Fat Lady Sing? – Find the items to charge Mask of Yellow Gold (currently collection 351) by exploring basement rooms in various curse modes.
      Iitems werent listed as findable in mirror, myopia, or stone hash curse modes so I just finished my chalk sticks exploring the Lyceum that was already open from previous quest to get most of the items rather than wasting basement keys. The last 2 items were gifted to me when I put it on my WL.

      THE END – Finally! Just one note: There is one item, the medal, that you can’t get by exploring room or banishing creatures, only by buying it for 20 diamonds. It won’t matter if you are not trying to finish right hand 5x quest. But if you are, it will cost you 100 diamonds to complete it. Good luck everyone.

      1. divediva

        Just a correction. Collection 349 that includes the elusive gold medal is not part of the required 5x collections in the right side quests. It is a battle weapon collection like 354. At least that is good news.

  8. DebT

    Mystery manor – Can someone help me please, in the new chain of quests one of the items says ” you can find Pumps by opening chests for helping Yanina….” I’m not sure what chests they are talking about, any help would be great

  9. divediva

    There is a new update that has the following changes:
    1. A new boss room called the Hunting Lyceum. We need to ask for items from friends but they are not the same digging tools we used for other boss rooms. There is a new quest string associated with that room i will get to later. And of course, there are new collections associated with it.

    2. When there is a phenomenon in the room, there is sometimes an option of doing a mini puzzle instead of exploring the room. I have done 3 so far and they are all like rearranging the tubes so that steam? goes from one side to the other. I enjoy puzzles so its a welcome change. I think if you fail, you can just explore the room like we normally do.

    3. They rearranged collection numbers so thief room is now at the end before the new hunting Lyceum collections.

    4. Minor technical changes like charging collections look prettier. I personally think they should improve functionality of games and make game more attractive to all levels like more basement keys from visiting friends, mystical living room chests, and from charging collections. They should also make the guild more worthwhile. The prize for winning the quild event should be more attractive than coins and phenomenon banishers. We need summoners, not more of the basic 4 banishers we have hundreds of.

    1. divediva

      Now for the 1st 10 quests for the Hunting Lyceum boss room:

      1. Memory Games – a. Find 40 lbs of Magic Salt from Cuddy
      b. Explore Fortune Telling room in words mode

      2. Vortex of the Past – a. Find Cup of Water from the Pool
      b. Find Moon on a String from the Werewolfs Lair at night

      3. May the Phantom Help You – explore hallway in a. Mist and b. Zodiac

      4. All Isn’t Simple Under the Moon – a. Lunar Calendar – library in silhouette
      b. Find Zodiac in Fortune Telling Room ( this is from collection 30 that we all have a lot of, so have your friend pingpong it back to you or put on WL)

      5. And the Secret Shall Become…. a. Carbuncle of War from portal to Hyperion
      b. Seal of Jupiter from Room 51 (both a and b are zodiac items from collection 183. Either put on WL or pingpong back and forth with friend)
      c. Van Helsing’s Pistol from Club 69 – new collection item

    2. divediva

      6. A Scientific Approach – Explore Lab to speak with Prof.

      7. Aliens from Tentura – Battle 10 mnemophages with slingshots you will find from exploring basement rooms (good news: right now, you can also find them from elevator and 1st floor rooms)

      8. From the Depths of Memory – Find Jackhammer in Garage in gravel mode which is after granite golem phenomenon (think mine said stone hash mode but anyway, it took me 3 times to get this)

      9. Electrification Forever – a. Catch Ball Lightning from Basement rooms 5x (it says ball lightning is moody and not always trapped. I realized it meant that it doesn’t count every time you explore with Ball lightning phenomenon. I had to summon 8 times to complete the 5x quest and ran out of summoners)

      10. Mostly Harmless – Trade with 10 Young Incubi with posters you will find from exploring Basement rooms (This is very difficult and where I’m stuck right now because you will need 4 posters to banish 1 young incubus, so a total of 40 posters are required. Also, not every exploration in basement rooms will give you a poster in spite of using turtle, emerald heart, butterfly and helper. So this will take me a while given how low i am on basement keys after previous quests. The good news is that it dropped when I was exploring a 1st floor room, but I think i explored over 20 times the 1st floor room before it dropped. The basement rooms have a better drop rate if you are lucky enough to have enough keys or diamonds to buy them)

      Good luck everyone!

      1. divediva

        Oops, i left out 9b. Find Satchel Generator from Boiler room (this is from collection 200 so i just sent it out to a friend and asked her to send it back. I finished quite a few quests with the “regifting” strategy. Thanks to all my helpful and generous friends❤️)

          1. Aimee

            I don’t have a quest string yet. Do we know whether you have to finish other ones first? I only have thieves room and academy strings left…

            1. divediva

              You are welcome Kimi. Glad it helped.
              Aimee, you have to finish all academy quests first. It looks like a trend now. I had to finish all frigate quests before academy quests popped up. Good luck!

      2. DebT

        Can someone help me please, in the new chain of quests one of the items says ” you can find Pumps by opening chests for helping Yanina….” I’m not sure what chests they are talking about, any help would be great

      3. divediva

        I finally finished Quest #10 a few days ago. I was exploring the pirate brig for a thief room quest and realized that it also gave posters. So, i explored 3 other basement boss rooms to complete the quest. However, in hindsight, I should have just bought some of the posters. DO NOT buy the posters at 45 diamonds for 10, buy the Hunting Lyceum backpack instead. Its cheaper at only 25 diamonds and it also gives you 25 keys and 10 cameos that you will need for later quest. I bought 2 backpacks anyway to finish Quest 14 so i could have used the posters for quest 10 too.

  10. Jody

    Hello, I just wanted to say, don’t stop trying to start boss battles. Go in there, try to start a new battle, or try to join another battle from the wall of bosses. Do this as much as possible. If you do this, there will be boss chests randomly left in your inventory, one of the messages says something about the snatchins will deliver it, but you don’t even have to banish any snatchins to get the chests.

  11. Q3debbie

    Has anyone ever changed their player name? Did it cause you or your friends a major headache? I want to add my country flag to it but am afraid MM will blow up on me

    1. Gigi

      Have changed it many Times with no problem. Some People add “on break” or “on vacation”, etc. to let friends know, or add icons. But if you change it a lot put a message on your wall so they know it’s you.

        1. jj

          It shouldn’t. I play on an iPad as well. I believe you will get some type of reward if you participate in the event but not sure. Click on the Event tab at the top of your Guild window (other tabs are chat, shop,…) and if it says you have won an award then look to the bottom of that window. There should be a “Take Reward” button that will let you claim your prize. I missed out of getting my reward on an earlier event because I never saw the button. Found it on the more recent event. I came in first in my guild and wanted to make sure I received my reward.

          Hope this helps.


  12. Jasmine Posey

    Be very careful when sending wall requests. Don’t double tap. I got locked out earlier today. Message said I had to wait one day before gifting. Went back in after a couple of hours and was able to gift.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, Stacee, I was out of it for 6 months because my little brother became ill, we thought got well, went home & 6 weeks later, unexpectedly died. Then a month later my Mom had a stroke & heart attack. This is an independent site which I pay for just for love of the game. I started it because it was so hard to find the info you need on the FB sites. I feel bad about the lack of attention I have been able to give in the last months. Things are getting better now and I look forward to having a few days when I can get everything updated.

      1. stacee

        I am so sorry for what has been happening to you, my question is so unimportant compared to what you are dealing with right now. I hope things are getting a little better for you.

  13. Helyg

    I am thinking of buying a newer iPad, has anyone successfully transferred MM data from one to the other? I am afraid of losing my level status and all data – any tips please?

    1. Soulsea

      I have done this more than once, with no issues. Save your game to iTunes. Upload it back to new iPad. No problems. Be sure to read, or Google how to transfer your iPad properly, and wipe your old one.

    1. divediva

      The Q, tap the link on this page to the mystery manor update 2.10 that is in the May 7. Player woody kindly put in all the quests for bathhouse in the comments section. Good luck!

  14. Montikia

    I’ve been trying to get “throwing from the hip” magazine for months, anyone able to help? Daily player 48ad2b

  15. Eve

    Just visited bank for first time since update. Whoa! Can’t believe prices for diamonds now! I won’t be buying anymore, its gotten so all they want is more money!

  16. 77justblessed

    What language other than English is posted. I would like to chat some of my faithful players but I don’t understand them. I wish there was some way to translate. Thank you.

  17. Jim

    Question about game glitches, it’s very frustrating when the game craps out and you lose your energy in the idle of a quest and even more so when charging a collection and the it craps out and you lose all the collection items as well as not getting credited for charging that collection. What makes it worse is that the creators don’t offer help or give back credits, it’s more like, ” oh, we don’t know what’s wrong, it must be something you did or you charged a collection and didn’t realize it, when I know that’s not the case. I really enjoy the game but frustrated at the lack of support and accountability for their product as well as how expensive things are made to try and make some progress. Just wondering other people’s thoughts.

  18. Jim

    Does anyone have any tips/clues on how to get items like: precise chronometer, master’s magnifier, complicated mechanism and jeweler’s eyeglass? I have dozens of the artifacts but not these items to charge the collections to get good items. These things seem impossible to get and I can’t shell out tons of cash to buy these items. I had another game going that I was at level 142 and could count on one hand how many of those items I had.

    1. Woody

      At some point I desided to use some of the many keys I had for the Mystical room and by exploring this room I got chargers for those collections. Might have been after I reached expert level, but really can’t remember.
      Hope you get lucky too :-)

  19. Ginny

    I’ve been playing this game on my iPad for a while, but there is one quest I have not been able to finish and that is the intergalactic council quest from o’lle the alien. Can someone please please help me! It’s very frustrating!

    1. JJ

      You must have the flying saucer room open before you can do this quest. This quest is tied to the astrolabe/ Selene room. Both will be found in the bottom right corner of your room map next to each other. You should be able to see the astrolabe but you won’t see the flying saucer until you finish the quest string for it.

      Click on the room link on this website and towards the bottom of the list you will find the flying saucer link. Click on it and the look at the listing of quests. Try and see where you are on the list (hopefully not far from finishing).

      You probably have 20+ quests going at any one time. To see what quest string a particular quest belongs to, click on the quest. You will then see an icon next to the word quest. Click on that and it will tell you the string it is associated with.

      Once I figured this out and started using this site I have made better progress. Focused on opening the flying saucer ( when crop circles appear you will be getting close to opening it) and moved through the quests fairly quickly. I am working on the pirate brig now and almost have all the pieces to build my ship (ship in a bottle quest).

      Also don’t banish anything or charge collections unless told to do so.

      Hope this helps.

  20. Linda

    Does anyone know what it means when the quest reads “find the woman’s hat in the closet bedroom, right next to the monster that is scaring Elsa at this time”? Something like that anyway…I’ve gone in the bedroom so many times and it doesn’t even show the woman’s hat as a prize you can win in the bedroom when you scroll across the pics of things you “might”get?? I’m confused!

    1. Jj

      Probably referring to the dressing room. Sometimes it is also called the cloakroom. When in doubt just scroll through the findable items in other rooms just to make sure something wasn’t lost in translation.

    2. Karen

      It can only be found in night mode. It takes forever to get the room in that mode, but I found it on the first try.

    3. Woody

      Hi Linda!
      It’s the bedroom in night mode. A bit tricky to figure out for me too.
      If you follo the link on top of thise page to the last update -the bathhouse- you will find the string of quests.
      Hope it help you!

  21. JJ

    Aquarius Quest String?

    I have a quest called Problems with Sewage. It has Auqarius as the name of the quest string. You need to explore the Ocean room at night and has Aelita as the person posing the quest. Any ideas as to what larger string of quests this is from?

    1. JJ

      Just passed that quest and another popped up:

      Dirty Business–Explore the Hunting Room with the “Curse of the Witch” to find the High Boots of Jones. The Item will not be found at once.

      Are these just random quests or are they part of a larger string for a room or some other location?

  22. Stace

    Can the trivia contest be made available non FB players also? I play daily, grudgingly buy diamonds, help friends, and have same frustrating glitches as other players. It is only fair that I can play trivia even though I choose not to join FB.

      1. Sassysassnoek

        How do you get the free diamonds cause I’ve added loads of new friends since this info came out and I’ve had nothing any help would be appreciated.

          1. Sassysassnoek

            Ok coz the game is telling to tap for reward and I don’t get the reward from game insight doesn’t seem to be very clear when I am clearly adding new friends!!

  23. Rayne

    Hi! I’ m looking for some friends and some strategy advice. I understand it be hooves me to hang on to my diamonds as long as possible. I’ve joined the game only very recently. One of my quests is asking me to ” buy/purchase” entrance into a room. One of my other rooms indicate that an item to open a 2nd room might be in the kitchen as indicated by the object list linked with that room. However communication with the occupant of that kitchen says the object to unlock the door is in ANOTHER room I do not have the activity level to reach without paying more diamonds/spending more money. So at the moment I have 2more possible rooms to investigate but do not know how to best spend my diamonds wisely. I tried sending some friend request but have either been ignored or still in penned status. I apologize for this seemingly novice question but I do want to play the game without shelling out fist fulls of cash. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    My sincere condolences to Admin.

  24. Karen

    Thank you for this site! Will you have a quest string posted for the Boiler Room? I am stuck on “Dirty Business”… trying to find the high boots. :-)

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, Karen, we will. I am behind on getting the page updated because my little brother died a month ago. I hope to update things soon.

      1. JJ


        Been reading your site for a while but just started posting. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you and your family have been surrounded with love and support during this time.


      2. Karen

        I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Obviously, anything related to this game is trivial in comparison. Please accept my condolences and take your time to grieve. All the best to you and your family in this difficult situation.

        1. Anonymous

          Im so sorry to hear about your loss, i just lost my beloved sister too. I hope and pray you are being surrounded by family and friends to support and comfort you in this time of loss.

      3. Woody

        Read about your loss a while back, and felt so sorry for you.
        Figured it was my time to contribute to this wonderful site and have been posting the string of quests which came with the latest update. Didn’t know where to post, so just followed the link already made on the top of this page and got going. Will keep updating as I progress and hope it is helpful to you and all other MM players.

  25. Erica

    New to the game and love it. Got my friend to play as well. We both are in need of friends for our quests and would love to add you to our list. My code is EAAEA4 and my friends code is 23289C. Thanks.

  26. Woody

    Hi all MM players!
    If you follow the link to the update / bathhouse above you will find I have been trying to write all the quests :-)
    Not completed yet, but getting there….
    Happy hunting :-)

  27. zac

    Hi fellow players, does anyone know whether the “faithful heart” charm can be stack with other charms like turtle of luck or anniversary charm? Thanks in advance :)

  28. CheriAmore

    New to this game- level 36- could use more friends- having a blast so far & loving this site with ALL the info! Thank you & super glad I stumbled onto it! Here’s my friend code if anybody would like to add me :)

  29. Avi b9bffd

    New room – Fair
    takes 100 energy to activate
    you can buy some charms or 3 items to open a string of quest (each) for 50 diamonds (each) not much of quests and no big prize at the end (done 2 so far)

      1. Gill

        I would love to finish the 1st Anniversary quest but since the new phenomena have appeared I have not had any of the old ones come into the rooms since! Anyone else have this problem? I don’t want to have to use 100s of diamonds to summon them.

  30. Janne

    Well, nice quests! I got a quest for 30 torn boots. And what do you think? After exploring rooms all evening, not one boot dropped, while the boot shows in the price list. Guess there is something wrong with the update. Pretty annoying though!

  31. Isay

    So i wrote to gi about me not getting quests for the swimming pool…and they replied that i have to finish the quests that i currently have, in general terms, in order to get new quest because that is a game feature…so frustrating as the quests i have is the 2nd anniversary and the lair

    1. Laurie

      I got the same reply. Then I finished a couple more quest and guest what pop up afterward? The swimming pool quest.


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