Nov 20

Mystery Manor 3.3.0 Update for Thanksgiving


In the US we celebrate Thanksgiving and Mystery Manor likes to help us by giving us tasks to do in between our families coming in town and cooking huge turkey dinners. This update came in the middle of the night for me, earlier than they usually release it.

2015-11-20 08.44.36.png.jpg

Update Version 3.3.0 States:

Thanksgiving is coming, and Mystery Manor is in a mess! Elsa is locked up in her room waiting for her frienemy Hilda. Katherine has almost burnt down the kitchen trying to cook pies, and Benny’s trying to add his favorite drink to the cranberry sauce. It’s time to take matter into your own hands and save the day!

  • A NEW LOCATION — the Restaurant! Who said that Thanksgiving dinners need to be homemade? Open the Restaurant,which will be able to compete with the best gourmet establishments in the world!
    • Thanksgiving for us is Thursday, November 26. If you push the page up the Restaurant is between the 1st and 2nd birthday cakes. For those of you that don’t have them yet it’s below the African Room.
  • NEW QUESTS! Complete holiday quests and find out if it’s possible for Hilda and Elsa to become friends again!
  • NEW COLLECTIONS! Assemble them all and get a chest full of useful resources and a unique piece of furniture!
    • I see 6 new collections. The Collections Table has been updated. I added the word (Phenomena) next to all the ones I could find as a reward for charging so if you need any to summon searching on this will bring the list of all of them.

And that’s not all!

  • Take part in new contests, make your way to the top and win stunning prizes.
  • Adorn Mystery Manor with new pieces of furniture to create an unmatched interior!

As usual if you have quest strings I would love to have them to post. I will add a page as soon as I get the quests to show up!


  • I notice that the problem with being charged the 5 Diamonds to change your name has been fixed!
  • If anyone has a zodiac room that uses the old keys instead of Shatters to Explore let us know if it’s been fixed.
  • I don’t currently have any sign of a new contest.


  • One player reports that when you select a Boss Room when a battle finishes your clock to finish the room immediately. Previously you could open that window and select okay to accept your prize chest and explore the room. Has anyone else noticed this?


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Nov 19

The Return of Keys for First Floor Zodiac Rooms

General Stuff

We have a lot of comments on the web pages and Facebook pages regarding the need for keys for rooms like the Hunting Room and Hallway during Zodiac Mode instead of Shatters of Zodiac.

Of course after a point these keys have no longer been needed by players and there is no way to get them. So if you don’t have them you’re stuck until you get a Phenomena.

Don’t Panic! Players that have submitted a ticket to GI have been told that it will be fixed in an upcoming release. Let’s hope that release is soon because it messed with many of us during the Halloween Event.

Oct 30

Mystery Manor iPad Update 3.2.0 Includes Halloween Event

Event , Full Moon , Update

Happy Halloween!

In Todays Update for Mystery Manor 3.2.0 we are promised:

  • Rudolf’s new hobby has left Mystery Manor unprotected during the Full Moon, but the younger generation is happy to help our: meet Van Helsing’s nephew.
  • Strange things are happening in the Manor prior to Halloween. Everyone is busy with all the preparations, so you’re the only one who can look into the unusual activity. This adventure promises to be special and… terrifying.
  • New sets of furniture will make the rooms even cozier.
  • Opening chests is now easier and more fun.

Of course the order of the Collections Table has changed and we now have 452 Collections. So, 12 New Collection’s. Perhaps we will discover what the 6 Collections are for that were added to the previous update. There are not any Collection items in these new ones that you can purchase with Coins or Diamonds but Fearless Warrior Cannot be placed on your gift list. It looks like it may be certificates that come from the Full Moon Quests. It uses the same chargers. The other 11 Collections all take the same charger and for now I’m going to put them as Halloween 2015 until we find the Room they belong to.

I do not currently have a new room, boss, or quest. I’m guessing we are going to do something with the chests we opened by sending to friends on previous events since it says they will be easier and more fun!

As usual, please let us know what you find new! I have added a page for Halloween 2015 to post information regarding the events. There is an existing page for the Full Moon Events which we can add the new Full Moon information on.


Oct 19

Mystery Manor iPad 3.1.1 Update


I have not even had time to play the game I’m so busy with Halloween Costume Making but I was notified there was an update today.

It says Improved Game Stability!

If anyone has noticed any benefits please let us know! Hopefully they returned some of the things they took away last time. I’m especially noticing the pain of not getting keys for visiting my friends anymore and it’s very discouraging. 😠

And if you go the the official Game Insight Facebook page there’s a post with a bonus buried for the game along with all their other games.

Oct 10

Mystery Manor iPad Update 3.0.1 – A Decrease in Rewards!

General Stuff

Yesterday, October 9, 2015 gave us Mystery Manor iPad Update 3.0.1.

The immediate thing to notice after getting past the huge change in the Guild Event was that there were 6 new Collections. I updated the Collections Table and see that the Treasury Collections that were at the top have been moved to the bottom. They are just before the Leprechaun Collections which for some odd reason GI chooses to leave as the very last ones. The 6 new Collections were placed at the top of the Collections List. This seems to be the pattern making it difficult to remember collection numbers.

We are now at 440 Collections. It would be nice if there was a Search Feature inside the game. Thank Goodness Ken made this list easy for me to update and upload to the web site.

I have not seen any sign of a Room or Boss to go with the new collections but am wondering if this is going to be one like uncovering the Island and Pirate Brig or not getting the Saloon Quests until the Wine Cellar Quests were completed. If anyone notices something these belong to please comment here.

Then as I had time to make my 51 Daily Visits to my Friends and collect the keys I get I noticed something else. I was using a Turtle like I always do and on the first friend I received 1 key. Previously when I visited friends I received Runestones and another room key such as a Battery, Container, Wine Goblet, Iron and Duck. The reward for visiting friends has taken a drastic decrease. On every Friend I only received 1 key. I was so startled I went back to my home manor and made sure the Turtle was actually running.

Then at the end of the night I went into the Mystic Arena. I have been trying to figure out the strategy this past week. Suddenly my character was jumping around on the list of my team. So, now it seems that you will move on the list based on how much Profit you have during the Battle. It does make it a little harder to keep track of where everyone is on the opposing team since they jump around but the one you were attacking or healing stays highlighted for you to continue with them.

Anyone else notice anything new with this update? Thanks for all your help and contacts.

Sep 18

Update 3.0.1 Returns Our Friends to Us!


After nearly 2 weeks of not being able to visit Friends GI has released version 3.0.1 with a statement that there are Game Stability Improvements.

The usual Friday bonus of a chest containing 5 diamonds for visiting Facebook arrived on time.

A Facebook Bonus of 20 Oil Cans, 50 Shatters of Zodiac, 5 Cowboy Lasso’s and 5 Cowboy Belt Buckles was the Reward for clicking on their link on their Facebook page today.

It is nice to see my helpers awake and tips in my manor rooms again. It will also be nice to visit other manor’s and have other monsters and snatchin’s available to banish. I heard that the Ear Twisting Snatchin cannot be found. If you have a way to get him to show up please share it here.

I have seen no other changes to the game. It is interesting how this miraculous ability to visit friends again has coincided with the new IOS 9 update.

It is also interesting that the daily number of visitors to this page dropped from about 2500 per day to 1500 per day. Perhaps a statement on how many players didn’t, or couldn’t, play during this time. I hope you are all up and running. I wonder how many will have quit completely.

Sep 08

Using Coins – Don’t Hate the Bankers!


I’m a Banker! Okay, take that frown off your face! When I first started to play this game I had a lot of Friends in the game tell me not to tip their rooms! They didn’t want coins. Eventually I just quit tipping everyone. I would only wake Sleepers. Then I accumulated Real Friends in the game and they would ask me for tips.

Using Coins to your advantage can help you level up and gain useful items!

Eventually I got really analytical in playing the game because everything took keys and it took Diamonds to buy keys! I will be honest with you, this game has frustrated me many times and twice I “quit”. I would come on every day and chat with the friends I had left. I deleted the hundreds that never talked to me because I wasn’t playing. I gave away my maximum chargers and collection items every day. I helped out whoever I could.

Then I heard the website and Facebook page were going to be shut down. Everyone was so disappointed. Up until then I really only copied quest strings into it and made the Collections Table. So I asked the owner that was shutting it down if I could take it over. She was kind enough to transfer it to me.

Now I had to think of a strategy to play this game. I have never spend a penny on it and I spend more time on this web page and chatting with my friends in this game than actually searching rooms. I find the searching tedious. I have bad vision. My method is to tap like crazy and use charms. So, now if I was going to keep playing I had to collect diamonds to buy things.

And I had to figure out how to make use of the millions of coins. After analyzing everything I figure out how to turn Coins into Diamonds.

So for all you players that think Banker tips are bad, I’m here to change your mind!

Sep 02

The Designer’s Manor Update


2015-09-02 08.19.51.jpgToday GI release update 3.0.0. We’ll call this the Designer’s Manor! The First Floor of the Manor has been transformed and you now how the opportunity to furnish your rooms with Bonus items such as an increase in Experience. Also, the names of the rooms no longer appear until you click to open the room. For those of us playing it’s not a problem but our new players may have to look a little more for the room they’d like to search.

When you open your manor after updating it will take you through a tutorial to put a fancy TV in your bedroom.  And then you must purchase items for your rooms after that.

But where do you get the “Money” to purchase items. You can spend diamonds on some and Treasury Currency on others from what I’ve seen so far.

There is a new Treasury in the Basement outside of the Manor. The 6 new collections are at the beginning of the Collections table so all your memorization of where your favorite collections are has changed. However, as in the past I believe GI will move these to the end of the Collections Table on their next update.

Oh! And someone just pointed me to another new change. When you write on a wall, or reply to a wall message there’s a little Smiley Face in the left of your entry window. Click on it! That sends the Emoji image to your Friend if you don’t write anything!

Anyone else see any other changes?

I’ll get updates to the pages as soon as I can! Have fun! Enjoy your new occupation as an Interior Designer! But Beware of the Cost!

Aug 06

Collections and All Their Crazy Information

Page Improvements

Collections 4

The Collections are the biggest and one of the most time consuming parts of the game when you want to find something. If you want to add a collection item to your wish list scrolling through hundreds of rows is terrible. When you want to find a collection that gives you keys, experience, charms or weapons it can be a challenge.

After much work on our part we have improved the Collections Table on the web site to make it easier for you to search and sort. And you can see it on your iPhone now.

So, when you want to search for something go to the Collections Table on this site. It is not inside the game.

Here is an example of a search on the iPhone. Notice there is a + sign to expand it and see the details.

Collections on iPhone

Collections on iPhone

Here is an example of a search on the iPad. The same + sign is available if you are in a narrower screen. It disappears when the screen is wide enough to show all the information.

Collections Table iPad

Collections Table iPad

As a reminder, this web site is paid for and run by volunteers who play the game.  We are not affiliated with Game Insight in any way. They do not provide us any information or compensation.

Please give me any questions or feedback so I can improve the instructions or the table.

And give my husband a huge Thank you for all his work on a game he has no interest in! He put a lot of hours into writing the code to make this possible.

Aug 03

Getting your Updated Wish List Seen by Friends


2015-05-21 14.16.26.png

You’re working on a quest or trying to finish some collections to get the rewards so you put the collection items on your Wish List. Then you’re off to do something else in the game or quit playing for the day. But oddly for the next 2 days you get things you’ve removed from your wish list!

So, how do you get your current Wish List seen by your friends. I’ve asked a few people and here’s what I have so far.

  • After you update your list, charge a collection, use one of those early ones you have so many of. Then exit the game and completely quit it on your iPad. This is a method I’ve been using and it seems to work most of the time. Opening and closing the game sends some kind of message through the system.
  • Search 3 rooms. This is good but sometimes I check my gifts and update my list because I’ve received one when I’m not playing the rooms. So I just want to get my list updated.
  • Check your place in the Rankings.

Maybe some long-time players have a tried and true method that works for them.

I do think in this game that it’s a good thing to completely close the game from your iPad whenever you’re done playing. Perhaps in order for you to see someone else’s update Wish List you need to get the game to send a restart code.

Please post your thoughts and tips to help out other players! We have some time! As you notice there’s been no update since June 30th!

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