May 23

Holiday Weekend for U.S.

General Stuff

Hi Everyone! After a wild and crazy day at Disneyland for their 60th Anniversary Celebration I am back to my desktop.

But not really full-time for a few days. This is Memorial Day Weekend for the U.S. and my husband has some time off. This time I’m using it to finishing painting walls in my home.

So, not much will happen on the web page until the end of next week.

This morning I posted a page for the Frigate. It’s pretty empty but if you have the quest string, please put it in the comments and I’ll grab it from there.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine!

May 21

Helping with the Future

General Stuff

Today brings a couple of updates.

There’s a Menu Item for the Mystic Arena and a pretty much blank page. I put this here for everyone to be able to post comments and help each other out. I have a Guild that is working on compiling information for me to post.

There is also a mostly blank page for the Swamp Crypt aka Aquarius Stucked. I have been able to locate a quest string anywhere for it so if you have it please put it in the comments and I will copy and paste it into the page.

I’ve added a button to the pdf downloads available on the Collections Table page.

We will continue to add pages and organize the web site.

Thank you players for all your patience and support! I couldn’t do this without you!

May 20

Initial Web Page Changes

General Stuff

New MMipad cover photo

You will notice that the Welcome :) page now contains blog posts that will keep you updated on what’s going on in the game and on the web site.

The first thing you will notice is that the entire menu has changed. We’ve added Menu items for The Rooms, The Bosses, Space, Collections and Guilds.

Some of those pages are not completed but they’re a start.

The Events page is missing some of the old Events. However, I have not deleted them because I want to go through all the comments.

I updated The Alchemist Quest String this morning with everything I had. Thank you very much to all the players that contributed to this.

I have one player that says the collections table is no longer completely visible on her iPad. I’ve been working on the issue and hopefully my wonderful husband will be able to help me solve the problem. I see the whole table of both Safari and Chrome on my iPad Air. If you have a problem seeing it please tell me which iPad you have.

Hopefully in the next week I’ll have a place on the Contact Us page for those of you that create those wonderful quests string documents to send them to me so I can put them in a page.

We have had a request for the Swamp Crypt if anyone has it.

Rena has started a new game to get some of the early stuff that new players go through. Her name is MMIPADFUN :) and her game code is 2a60f0. Those are zeros. It would be great to help her out with these early quests.

And by all means keep the suggestions coming. Just remember I’m only one person. Rena is helping me but she needs to get up to speed on posting to the website.

May 18

The MM iPad Fun Page Takeover

General Stuff

Space Aliens

Don’t worry, it’s not the space aliens taking over the page! After 3 years of very hard work and exceptional writing Keri, urbankatgirl, is going to enjoy real life. I am hoping to be able to fill her shoes. I am MsWillow in the game, cf1daa if you want to add me as a friend.

Thank you Keri for all your hard work on this website. I hope I can do it justice.

There will be some reorganizing and cleaning up of all the pages. I need to check all the links to make sure they work, fix image connections and get rid of some of the bulk.

Here are your most noticeable changes today:

  • The Collections table is being moved under it’s own Menu item so you may need to bookmark the location again.
  • The pages for Mirrors of Albion have been deleted.
  • The Welcome page has been changed to a blog posting page so you have the dates of all the changes and anything else we might want to update you on.
  • Some comments will be deleted to help pages load faster. The first one that we will do this on is the Friend’s Codes. I am going to remove all codes posted prior to March 1, 2015 so feel free to repost your friend code if you’re still playing.

I welcome any help with quest strings and images. I will get the Contact Us page updated so you can send them to me using that page.

The Latest Release of the Game was on Friday, May 15, 2015.

What’s New in Version 2.24.0

• A mysterious alien who looks like a mirror image of O’Olle has been seen in Mystery Manor. Who could it be?
• Maybe the arrival of alien guests to the Manor has something to do with your new ability to explore outer space.
• Fight the phenomena! Banishing them is now easier. Their locations have changed as well, and now each of them lives on their own floor.


Aug 14

MMHA Update to Fix Gifting Issue

General Stuff , Update


The update to fix the gifting issue is now in the App Store, players. I did notice gifts had been restored in my gifts tab. I am going to start visiting friends, gifting gifts, requesting chargers, and will let you know what happens. Also, don’t forget to back up your game prior to updating. Let us know what is happening in your games and if it appears all your gifts were restored. I haven’t noticed any other form of compensation yet other than gifts have appeared in my gifts tab.

Jun 06

Mystery Manor Update 2.11

General Stuff

Fellow players, yes there is a new updated offering a new room outside the manor, will it be a fight room? And the very first quest is no walk in the park. I have provided pics of the text of the update as well as the first quest, We would love to you hear your thoughts!

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